A. Judgment on the "Earth" [OR] Zephaniah's Prophecy Zep 1:1-3

I.) The coming judgment on Judah a figure of the future day of the Lord [OR] Day of Judgment on Judah [OR] God's severe judgment against Judah Zep 1:1

1. The LORD Will Judge the Earth Zep 1:2-3

A.) The Great Day Of The Lord [OR] Warning Of Coming Destruction [OR] The Coming Judgment On Judah Zep 1:2

B. Judgment on Judah Zep 1:4-2:3

1. The LORD Will Judge Judah Zep 1:4-13

A.) Against Judah [OR] The Great Day Of The Lord Zep 1:4

2. The Day of the LORD Zep 1:14-18

3. A Call for Judah to Turn Away From Sin Zep 2:1-3

A.) The Call To The Remnant, In The Day Of Judgment On The Nations [OR] A Call To Repentance [OR] Judgments On Judah's Enemies [OR] Judgment On Israel's Enemies [OR] An Exhortation To Repentance Zep 2:1

C. The Day of Yahweh Zep 2:4-3:20

1. The LORD Will Judge His People's Enemies Zep 2:4-15

I.) Judgments on certain nations [OR] Judgment on Nations [OR] Against Philistia [OR] The judgment of the Philistines Zep 2:4

A.) Against Moab And Ammon [OR] Of Moab And Ammon Zep 2:8

B.) Against Cush [OR] Of Ethiopia And Assyria Zep 2:12

C.) Against Assyria Zep 2:13

2. Jerusalem Will Be Destroyed Zep 3:1-8

I.) The moral state of Jerusalem in the prophet's time [OR] The Wickedness of Jerusalem [OR] The Future of Jerusalem [OR] Woe to Jerusalem and the Nations [OR] The Wickedness of Jerusalem [OR] A sharp reproof of Jerusalem Zep 3:1

II.) The judgment of the nations and the kingdom blessing of Israel Zep 3:8

A.) The Judgment Of The Nations [OR] A Faithful Remnant [OR] Punishment And Conversion Of The Nations [OR] An Exhortation To Wait For Israel's Restoration Zep 3:8

3. Israel Will Turn Away From Sin Zep 3:9-13

1.) A Remnant Of Israel Zep 3:12

4. Israel's Joyful Song Zep 3:14-17

A.) The Kingdom Blessing Of Israel [OR] Joy In God's Faithfulness [OR] A Song Of Joy [OR] And To Rejoice At The People's Salvation Zep 3:14

5. Israel Will Return Home Zep 3:18-20