Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2




A. The Eight Visions of Zechariah Zec 1:1-6:15

1. Turn From Your Evil Ways Zec 1:1-6

I.) Symbolic visions in the light of the Messianic hope Zec 1:1

A.) The People Warned [OR] A Call To Repentance [OR] A Call To Return To The Lord [OR] Israel Urged To Repent [OR] Zechariah Exhorts The Jews To Repent Zec 1:1

2. The LORD Will Comfort Zion Zec 1:7-17

A.) The Ten Visions Zec 1:7

1.) The Rider On The Red Horse [OR] Vision Of The Horses [OR] The Man Among The Myrtle Trees [OR] Patrol Of The Earth [OR] First Vision: The Horsemen [OR] The Vision Of The Horses Zec 1:7

(I.) The First Vision Explained Zec 1:9

(II.) Jehovah Displeased With The Nations [OR] The Lord Will Comfort Zion [OR] At The Prayer Of The Angel, Comforting Promises Are Made To Jerusalem Zec 1:12

3. Punishment for the Nations That Scattered Judah Zec 1:18-21

1.) The Four Horns [OR] Vision Of The Horns [OR] Four Horns And Four Craftsmen [OR] Second Vision: The Horns And The Smiths [OR] The Vision Of The Four Horns And The Four Smiths Zec 1:18

2.) The Four Carpenters Zec 1:20

4. The LORD Will Choose Jerusalem Zec 2:1-13

1.) The Man With The Measuring Line [OR] Vision Of The Measuring Line [OR] A Man With A Measuring Line [OR] God's Favor To Zion [OR] Third Vision: The Man With A Measuring Line [OR] God, In His Care For Jerusalem, Sends A Man To Measure It Zec 2:1

(I.) Jerusalem In The Kingdom-age Zec 2:4

(A.) Future Joy of Zion and Many Nations [OR] Interlude: An Appeal to the Exiles [OR] The redemption of Zion Zec 2:6

(B.) The promise of God's presence Zec 2:10

5. The LORD Will Send His Servant, the Branch Zec 3:1-10

1.) Joshua The High Priest [OR] Vision Of The High Priest [OR] Clean Garments For The High Priest [OR] Joshua, The High Priest [OR] Fourth Vision: Joshua And Satan [OR] Under The Type Of Joshua, The Restoration Of Zion Is Foretold Zec 3:1

(I.) The Coming Branch Zec 3:6

2.) Jehovah's Servant The BRANCH [OR] The Branch [OR] Christ The Branch Is Promised Zec 3:8

6. The LORD'S House Will Be Rebuilt Zec 4:1-14

1.) The Golden Candlestick, And The Two Olive Trees [OR] Vision Of The Lampstand And Olive Trees [OR] The Gold Lampstand And The Two Olive Trees [OR] The Golden Lampstand And Olive Trees [OR] Fifth Vision: The Lampstand And Olive Trees [OR] By The Golden Candlestick Is Foreshown The Success Of Zerubbabel's Foundation Zec 4:1

(I.) Zerubbabel To Finish The Restoration Temple Zec 4:8

(II.) The Olive Trees Explained [OR] And By The Two Olive Trees, The Two Anointed Ones Zec 4:11

7. Sinners Will Be Separated From the LORD'S People Zec 5:1-4

1.) The Flying Roll [OR] Vision Of The Flying Scroll [OR] The Flying Scroll [OR] Sixth Vision: The Flying Scroll [OR] Visions Of A Flying Scroll Zec 5:1

8. Wickedness Will Be Removed From the Land Zec 5:5-11

1.) The Ephah [OR] Vision Of The Woman In A Basket [OR] The Woman In A Basket [OR] Seventh Vision: The Woman In A Basket [OR] And Of A Woman Sitting In A Bushel Measure Zec 5:5

9. The LORD'S Victory Throughout the Earth Zec 6:1-8

1.) The Four Chariots [OR] Vision Of The Four Chariots [OR] Four Chariots [OR] Eighth Vision: Four Chariots [OR] The Vision Of The Four Chariots Zec 6:1

10. Priest and King Zec 6:9-15

A.) The Symbolic Crowning Of Joshua [OR] The Command To Crown Joshua [OR] A Crown For Joshua [OR] The Coronation Of The Branch [OR] By The Double Crown Of Joshua Are Shown The Temple And Kingdom Of Christ The Branch Zec 6:9

1.) The Symbolic Crowns Zec 6:11

B. You Should Have Obeyed the LORD'S Prophets [OR] Justice and Mercy Instead of Fasting Zec 7:1-14

I.) The mission from Babylon Zec 7:1

A.) The Question Of The Fasts [OR] Obedience Better Than Fasting [OR] Justice And Mercy, Not Fasting [OR] Hearts Like Flint [OR] Hypocritical Fasting Condemned [OR] The Captives Inquire Concerning Fasting Zec 7:1

B.) The Answer Of Jehovah Zec 7:4

1.) Their Fast Was A Mere Form; They Should Have Heeded The Prophets [OR] Zechariah Reproves Their Fasting Zec 7:4

2.) Why Their Prayers Were Not Answered [OR] Disobedience Resulted In Captivity [OR] Punishment For Rejecting God's Demands [OR] The Cause Of Their Captivity Zec 7:8

C. Blessing Will Return to Jerusalem Zec 8:1-23

1. What the LORD Will Do for Zion Zec 8:1-17

1.) Jehovah's Unchanged Purpose To Bless Israel In The Kingdom [OR] Jerusalem, Holy City Of The Future [OR] The Lord Promises To Bless Jerusalem [OR] The Coming Peace And Prosperity Of Zion [OR] God's Promises To Zion [OR] The Restoration Of Jerusalem Zec 8:1

2.) The People To Heed The Restoration Prophets, I.E. Haggai And Zechariah [OR] The Jews Are Encouraged To Build Zec 8:9

2. Many Nations Will Come to the LORD'S People Zec 8:18-23

(I.) Joyful Fasting [OR] Joy And Enlargement Are Promised Zec 8:18

1.) Jerusalem Yet To Be The Religious Center Of The Earth [OR] Many Peoples Drawn To Jerusalem Zec 8:20

D. An Oracle by Jeremiah Zec 9:1-11:17

1. The LORD Protects His House Zec 9:1-8

I.) Burden upon cities surrounding Palestine [OR] Israel Defended Against Enemies [OR] Judgment on Israel's Enemies [OR] Prophecies against Neighboring Nations [OR] Judgment on Israel's Enemies [OR] An Oracle. [OR] God defends His church Zec 9:1

2. The LORD Sends His King Zec 9:9-17

A.) Presentation Of Christ As King At His First Advent [OR] The Coming King [OR] The Coming Of Zion's King [OR] The Coming Ruler Of God's People [OR] Zion Is Exhorted To Rejoice For The Coming Of Christ And His Peaceable Kingdom Zec 9:9

B.) The Future Deliverance Of Judah And Ephraim, And The World-Wide Kingdom Zec 9:10

1.) God Will Save His People [OR] Deliverance Of Judah And Ephraim Zec 9:11

2.) God's Promises Of Victory And Defense Zec 9:12

3.) The Lord Will Appear Zec 9:14

3. The LORD'S People Will Be Victorious Zec 10:1-12

A.) The Future Strengthening Of Judah And Ephraim [OR] Restoration Of Judah And Israel [OR] The Lord Will Care For Judah [OR] God Will Bless Judah And Ephraim [OR] God To Be Sought, And Not Idols Zec 10:1

1.) As He Punished His Flock For Sin, So Will He Save And Restore Them Zec 10:5

B.) The Dispersion And Regathering Of Israel In One View Zec 10:9

4. Zechariah Is Told to Take Care of the Sheep Zec 11:1-17

A.) The First Advent And Rejection Of Messiah, And The Result: The Wrath [OR] Desolation Of Israel [OR] The Doomed Flock [OR] The Destruction Of Jerusalem Zec 11:1

1.) The Elect Being Cared For, The Rest Are Rejected Zec 11:3

2.) Prophecy Of The Shepherds [OR] Two Shepherds [OR] Two Kinds Of Shepherds Zec 11:4

B.) The Cause Of The Wrath, The Rejection Of Messiah Zec 11:7

1.) The Staves Of Beauty And Bands Broken By The Rejection Of Christ Zec 11:10

C.) The Beast And His Judgment [OR] The Example And Curse Of A Foolish Shepherd Zec 11:15

E. An Oracle by an Unknown Prophet Zec 12:1-21

1. The LORD Will Save Jerusalem Zec 12:1-9

A.) The Siege Of Jerusalem By The Beast And His Armies [OR] The Coming Deliverance Of Judah [OR] Jerusalem's Enemies To Be Destroyed [OR] Jerusalem To Be Attacked [OR] Jerusalem's Victory [OR] An Oracle. [OR] The Figure Of A Cup Of Trembling Zec 12:1

1.) And A Burdensome Stone Zec 12:3

B.) The Siege: Judah Strengthened; The Lord's Deliverance Zec 12:4

1.) The Victorious Restoration Of Judah Zec 12:6

2.) The Repentance Of Jerusalem Zec 12:9

2. The People of Jerusalem Will Look at the One They Stabbed Zec 12:10-13:1

A.) The Spirit Poured Out: The Pierced One Revealed To The Delivered Remnant [OR] Mourning For The Pierced One [OR] Mourning For The One They Pierced Zec 12:10

B.) The Repentance Of The Remnant Zec 12:11

C.) The Repentant Remnant Pointed To The Cross [OR] Idolatry Cut Off [OR] Cleansing From Sin [OR] False Prophets Ashamed [OR] The Fountain Of Purging For Jerusalem Zec 13:1

3. False Prophets Will Be Judged Zec 13:2-6

A.) Idols And False Prophets Cease [OR] Idolatry Cut Off [OR] From Idolatry, And False Prophecy Zec 13:2

B.) The Preaching To Israel After The Return Of The Lord Zec 13:6

4. The Shepherd Struck, the Sheep Scattered Zec 13:7-9

1.) The Shepherd Savior [OR] The Shepherd Struck, The Sheep Scattered [OR] The Shepherd Struck, The Flock Scattered [OR] The Death Of Christ, And The Victorious Trial Of A Third Part Of The Land Zec 13:7

A.) Résumé: Result Of The Gentile Invasion Under The Beast Zec 13:8

5. The LORD Will Fight the Nations Zec 14:1-7

A.) Summary Of Events At The Return Of The Lord In Glory Zec 14:1

1.) Armageddon [OR] The Day Of The Lord [OR] The Lord Comes And Reigns [OR] God Will Battle Jerusalem's Foes [OR] Future Warfare And Final Victory [OR] The Destroyers For Jerusalem Will Be Destroyed Zec 14:1

2.) The Visible Return In Glory: Physical Changes In Palestine [OR] The Coming Of Christ, And The Graces Of His Kingdom Zec 14:4

6. Living Water From Jerusalem Zec 14:8-21

1.) The River Of The Sanctuary Zec 14:8

2.) The Kingdom Set Up On The Earth [OR] God Will Be King Over All Zec 14:9

(I.) The Plague Of Jerusalem's Enemies Zec 14:12

3.) The Worship And Spirituality Of The Kingdom [OR] The Nations Worship The King [OR] The Remnant Shall Turn To The Lord Zec 14:16

(I.) And Their Spoils Shall Be Holy Zec 14:20