A. Salutation [OR] Greeting Tit 1:1-4

I.) The divine order for the local churches [OR] Greeting [OR] Salutation [OR] Why Titus was left in Crete Tit 1:1

B. Elders [OR] Guidelines for Leaders in the ChurchTit 1:5-9

A.) Qualified Elders [OR] Titus' Task On Crete [OR] Qualifications Of Elders [OR] Titus In Crete Tit 1:5

B.) The Qualifications Of Those Chosen As Ministers Tit 1:6

C. False Teachers [OR] Correct Whoever Teaches What Is WrongTit 1:10-16

A.) The Elders' Task [OR] Evil Teachers Are To Be Silenced Tit 1:10

B.) A Description Of Them Tit 1:12

1. Guidelines for Christian Living Tit 2:1-3:2

I.) The pastoral work of a true minister [OR] Qualities of a Sound Church [OR] What Must Be Taught to Various Groups [OR] Duties of the Older and Younger [OR] Teach Sound Doctrine [OR] Directions are given to Titus for his teachings and life Tit 2:1

A.) Trained By Saving Grace Tit 2:11

B.) We Look For That Blessed Hope Of Christ Appearing In Glory Tit 2:13

C.) Graces Of The Heirs Of Grace [OR] Doing What Is Good [OR] Godly Living [OR] Maintain Good Deeds [OR] Farther Directions As To The Things Titus Should And Should Not Teach Tit 3:1

2. What God Did for Us Tit 3:3-8

3. Advice for Titus Tit 3:9-11

A.) Avoid Dissension Tit 3:9

D. Conclusion [OR] Farewell Tit 3:12-15

A.) Final Messages [OR] Final Remarks [OR] Personal Concerns [OR] Final Messages And Benediction [OR] Paul Names The Time And Place Where Titus Is To Meet Him, And Concludes The Letter Tit 3:12

B.) Farewell Tit 3:15