A. Title So 1:1

I.) The bride and Bridegroom in joyful communion [OR] Beloved [OR] The Young Shulammite Bride and Jerusalem's Daughters [OR] The church's love for Christ So 1:1

B. First Poem So 1:2-2:7

1. The Young Woman Arrives in Solomon's Palace So 1:2-8

A.) The Banquet [OR] Colloquy Of Bride And Friends So 1:2

B.) She Confesses Her Deformity So 1:5

C.) And Prays To Be Directed To His Flock So 1:7

D.) Lover [OR] Solomon, The Lover, Speaks [OR] Christ Directs Her To The Shepherds' Tents So 1:8

2. Solomon Searches for the Young Woman's Love So 1:9-2:7

A.) Colloquy Of Bridegroom, Friends, And Bride [OR] And Showing His Love To Her So 1:9

B.) Gives Her Gracious Promises So 1:11

C.) Beloved [OR] The Church And Christ Praise One Another So 1:12

D.) Lover So 1:15

E.) Beloved So 1:16

F.) Lover So 1:17

G.) Beloved [OR] The Bride's Admiration [OR] The Mutual Love Of Christ And His Church So 2:1

H.) Lover So 2:2

I.) Beloved So 2:3

C. Second Poem So 2:8-3:5

1. The Young Woman Remembers One Spring Day With Her Beloved So 2:8-17

I.) A lapse and restoration [OR] The Beloved's Request [OR] Springtime Rhapsody [OR] The hope So 2:8

A.) And Calling Of The Church So 2:10

B.) Lover [OR] Christ's Care Of The Church So 2:14

C.) Beloved [OR] The Profession Of The Church, Her Faith And Hope So 2:16

2. The Young Woman Dreams About Searching for Her Beloved So 3:1-5

A.) A Troubled Night [OR] The Bride's Troubled Dream [OR] Love's Dream [OR] The Fight And Victory Of The Church In Temptation So 3:1

D. Third Poem So 3:6-5:1

1. A Description of the Royal Procession So 3:6-11

I.) Happy communion So 3:6

A.) The Bride Speaks [OR] The Coming Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Wedding Day [OR] The Groom And His Party Approach [OR] The Church Glories In Christ So 3:6

2. Solomon Is Charmed by the Young Woman So 4:1-5:1

A.) The Bridegroom Speaks [OR] Lover [OR] Solomon's Love Expressed [OR] The Bride's Beauty Extolled [OR] Christ Sets Forth The Graces Of The Church So 4:1

1.) He Shows His Love To Her So 4:8

B.) The Bride Speaks [OR] Beloved [OR] The Church Prays To Be Made Fit For His Presence So 4:16

C.) The Bridegroom Replies [OR] Lover [OR] The Torment Of Separation [OR] Christ Awakens The Church By His Calling So 5:1

E. Fourth Poem [OR] The Young Woman Dreams of Marriage With Her Husband So 5:2-6:3

I.) A separation of interest So 5:2

A.) The Bride Speaks [OR] The Shulamite's Troubled Evening [OR] Beloved [OR] Another Dream [OR] The Church Tastes The Joy Of Christ's Love So 5:2

II.) The seeking bride So 5:6

A.) The Bride Speaks So 5:6

B.) The Daughters Of Jerusalem Speak [OR] Friends [OR] Colloquy Of Friends And Bride [OR] A Description Of Christ's Graces So 5:9

C.) The Bride Answers [OR] Beloved [OR] Admiration By The Bride So 5:10

D.) The Daughters Of Jerusalem Speak [OR] Friends [OR] Mutual Delight In Each Other [OR] The Church Professes Her Faith In Christ So 6:1

E.) The Bride Answers [OR] Beloved So 6:2

F. Solomon Desires the Young Woman More Than the Rest of His Wives [OR] Fifth Poem So 6:4-8:7

I.) Unbroken communion So 6:4

A.) The Bridegroom Speaks [OR] Praise Of The Shulamite's Beauty [OR] Lover [OR] The Bride's Matchless Beauty [OR] Christ Shows The Graces Of The Church So 6:4

1. The Young Woman's Home in Shulam So 6:10-7:5

A.) The Bride Speaks [OR] And His Love Toward Her So 6:10

1.) Friends So 6:13

2.) Expressions Of Praise [OR] Admiration By The Bridegroom [OR] Expressions Of Praise [OR] A Further Description Of The Church's Graces So 7:1

B.) The Bridegroom Speaks So 7:5

2. Solomon Longs for the Young Woman's Affection So 7:6-8:4

1.) Beloved So 7:9

2.) The Union Of Love [OR] The Church Professes Her Faith And Desire So 7:10

3.) The Lovers Speak [OR] The Love Of The Church For Christ So 8:1

3. The Young Woman's Love for Her Beloved So 8:5-7

1.) Love Renewed In Lebanon [OR] Friends [OR] Homecoming So 8:5

2.) The Strength Of Love So 8:6

G. The Young Woman With Her Family and Her Beloved [OR] Sixth Poem So 8:8-14

A.) The Bride Speaks [OR] Friends [OR] The Calling Of The Gentiles So 8:8

B.) The Bridegroom Speaks So 8:9

C.) The Bride Speaks [OR] Beloved So 8:10

1.) Lover So 8:13

2.) Beloved [OR] The Church Prays For Christ's Coming So 8:14