Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2



A. Introduction Ro 1:1-17

I.) Introduction [OR] Greeting [OR] The Gospel Exalted [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul commends his calling to the Romans Ro 1:1

1. Paul's Prayer and Desire to Visit Rome Ro 1:8-17

A.) Desire To Visit Rome [OR] Paul's Longing To Visit Rome [OR] Prayer Of Thanksgiving Ro 1:8

B.) And Tells Of His Desire To Visit Them Ro 1:9

C.) Theme [OR] The Just Live By Faith [OR] The Power Of The Gospel [OR] His Gospel And Its Righteousness Ro 1:16

B. The World Ro 1:18-3:20

1. God's Anger Against Sinful Humanity Ro 1:18-32

I.) The guilty world Ro 1:18

A.) The Wrath Of God Revealed [OR] God's Wrath On Unrighteousness [OR] God's Wrath Against Mankind [OR] Unbelief And Its Consequences [OR] The Guilt Of Humankind [OR] God Is Angry With All Sin Ro 1:18

B.) The Universe A Revelation Of The Power And Deity Of God Ro 1:19

C.) The Seven Stages Of Gentile World Apostasy [OR] The Sins Of The Gentiles [OR] God's Righteous Judgment [OR] The Impartiality Of God [OR] The Righteous Judgment Of God [OR] Those Who Sin Cannot Excuse Themselves, Or Escape The Judgment Of God Ro 1:21

D.) The Result Of The Gentile World Apostasy Ro 1:24

2. God Will Judge Everyone Ro 2:1-13

A.) The Gentile Pagan Moralizers No Better Than Other Pagans Ro 2:1

1.) Whether They Be Jews Or Gentiles Ro 2:9

3. God Will Judge People Who Are Not Jewish Ro 2:14-16

4. God Will Judge Jewish People Ro 2:17-29

A.) The Jew, Knowing The Law, Is Condemned By The Law [OR] The Jews Guilty As The Gentiles [OR] The Jews And The Law [OR] The Jew Is Condemned By The Law Ro 2:17

1.) Circumcision Of No Avail [OR] Circumcision Will Not Profit The Jews If They Do Not Keep The Law Ro 2:25

5. Everyone Is a Sinner Ro 3:1-20

A.) The Advantage Of The Jew Works His Greater Condemnation [OR] God's Judgment Defended [OR] God's Faithfulness [OR] All The World Guilty [OR] Their Prior Rights Ro 3:1

1.) Which They Have Not Lost Ro 3:3

B.) The Final Verdict: The Whole World Guilty Before God [OR] All Have Sinned [OR] No One Is Righteous [OR] None Is Righteous [OR] Although The Law Convicts Them Also Ro 3:9

1.) No One Is Justified By The Law Ro 3:20

C. Justification Ro 3:21-5:21

1. God Gives Us His Approval as a Gift Ro 3:21-31

I.) Justification by faith in Christ crucified, the alone remedy for sins Ro 3:21

A.) Justification Defined [OR] God's Righteousness Through Faith [OR] Righteousness Through Faith [OR] Justification By Faith Ro 3:21

1.) Boasting Excluded Ro 3:27

2.) But All, Without Exception, By Faith Alone Ro 3:28

B.) Justification A Universal Remedy Ro 3:29

C.) Justification By Faith Honors The Law [OR] Yet The Law Is Not Abolished [OR] Abraham Justified By Faith [OR] Justification By Faith Evidenced In Old Testament [OR] The Example Of Abraham [OR] Abraham's Faith Was Credited To Him For Righteousness Ro 3:31

2. We Have God's Approval by Faith Ro 4:1-25

A.) Justification By Faith Illustrated Ro 4:1

B.) Justifying Faith Defined [OR] David Celebrates The Same Truth Ro 4:5

C.) Justification Is Apart From Ordinances [OR] Abraham Justified Before Circumcision Ro 4:9

1.) Before He Was Circumcised Ro 4:10

D.) Justification Is Apart From The Law [OR] The Promise Granted Through Faith [OR] God's Promise Realized Through Faith [OR] By Faith Alone He And His Seed Received The Promise Ro 4:13

1.) Abraham Is The Father Of All Who Believe Ro 4:16

2.) Our Faith Shall Also Be Credited To Us For Righteousness Ro 4:24

3. We Are at Peace With God Because of Christ Ro 5:1-11

A.) The Seven Results Of Justification [OR] Faith Triumphs In Trouble [OR] Peace And Joy [OR] Results Of Justification [OR] Being Justified By Faith, We Have Peace With God Ro 5:1

1.) And Joy In Our Hope Ro 5:2

2.) Christ In Our Place Ro 5:6

3.) That, Since We Were Reconciled By His Blood, When We Were Enemies Ro 5:8

4.) We Shall The More Readily Be Saved After Reconciliation Ro 5:10

4. A Comparison Between Adam and Christ Ro 5:12-21

I.) Sanctification: indwelling sin, and the Gospel remedy Ro 5:12

A.) Through Adam, Sin And Death [OR] Death In Adam, Life In Christ [OR] Death Through Adam, Life Through Christ [OR] Adam And Christ [OR] As Sin And Death Came By Adam Ro 5:12

B.) Through Christ, Righteousness And Life Ro 5:15

1.) So Much More Are Righteousness And Life Brought By Jesus Christ Ro 5:17

D. Sanctification Ro 6:1-8:39

1. No Longer Slaves to Sin, but God's Servants Ro 6:1-7:6

A.) Deliverance From The Power Of Indwelling Sin Ro 6:1

1.) By Union With Christ In Death And Resurrection [OR] Dead To Sin, Alive To God [OR] Dead To Sin, Alive In Christ [OR] Believers Are Dead To Sin, Alive To God [OR] Dying And Rising With Christ [OR] We Must Not Live In Sin Ro 6:1

(I.) For We Are Dead To It Ro 6:2

(II.) As Appears By Our Baptism Ro 6:3

2.) By Counting The Old Life To Be Dead, And By Yielding The New Life To God Ro 6:11

(I.) Let Sin Reign No More Ro 6:12

3.) By Deliverance From The Law Through Death, And By The Spirit Ro 6:14

(I.) From Slaves Of Sin To Slaves Of God [OR] Slaves To Righteousness [OR] Slaves Of Righteousness Ro 6:15

(II.) Because We Have Given Ourselves Completely To Righteous Service Ro 6:18

(III.) And Because Death Is The Wages Of Sin Ro 6:23

(IV.) Freed From The Law [OR] An Illustration From Marriage [OR] Believers United To Christ [OR] An Analogy From Marriage [OR] No Law Has Power Over A Man After His Death Ro 7:1

(V.) But We Are Dead To The Law Ro 7:4

2. Moses' Laws Show What Sin Is Ro 7:7-13

1.) The Believer Is Not Made Holy By The Law [OR] Sin's Advantage In The Law [OR] Struggling With Sin [OR] The Law And Sin [OR] Yet The Law Is Not Sin Ro 7:7

(I.) But Holy, Just, Good Ro 7:11

(II.) Law Cannot Save From Sin Ro 7:13

3. God's Standards Are at War With Sin's Standards Ro 7:14-25

(I.) The Conflict Of Two Natures [OR] The Inner Conflict Ro 7:14

1.) The Strife Of The Two Natures Under The Law Ro 7:15

(I.) As Paul Acknowledges, And Is Grieved Because He Cannot Keep It Ro 7:16

4. God's Spirit Makes Us His Children Ro 8:1-17

(I.) Free From Indwelling Sin [OR] Life Through The Spirit [OR] Deliverance From Bondage [OR] Life In The Spirit [OR] They That Are In Christ, And Live According To The Spirit, Are Free From Condemnation Ro 8:1

1.) The New Law Of The Spirit Delivers, Makes Righteous Ro 8:2

2.) Conflict Of The Spirit With The Flesh [OR] What Harm Comes From The Flesh And What Good From The Spirit Ro 8:5

(I.) Sonship Through The Spirit Ro 8:12

I.) Full result of the Gospel Ro 8:14

A.) The Believer A Son And Heir Ro 8:14

1.) Of Being God's Children Ro 8:16

5. God's Spirit Helps Us Ro 8:18-27

A.) The Creation, Delivered From Suffering And Death, Kept For The Sons Of God [OR] From Suffering To Glory [OR] Future Glory Ro 8:18

1.) All Things Long To Be Free From Bondage Ro 8:19

B.) The Spirit An Indwelling Intercessor [OR] Our Victory In Christ Ro 8:26

6. Nothing Can Separate Us From God's Love Ro 8:28-39

A.) The Unfailing Purpose Of God Through The Gospel [OR] More Than Conquerors Ro 8:28

1.) And Obtain The Liberty Decreed By God In Advance Ro 8:29

2.) God's Everlasting Love [OR] God's Love In Christ Jesus Ro 8:31

B.) The Believer Secure [OR] Nothing Can Separate Up From His Love Ro 8:35

E. Israel Ro 9:1-11:36

1. Paul's Concern for the Jewish People Ro 9:1-24

I.) Parenthetic. The Gospel does not set aside the covenants with Israel Ro 9:1

A.) The Apostolic Solicitude For Israel [OR] Israel's Rejection Of Christ [OR] God's Sovereign Choice [OR] Solicitude For Israel [OR] God's Election Of Israel [OR] Paul's Sorrow For The Jews Ro 9:1

B.) The Sevenfold Privilege Of Israel Ro 9:4

C.) The Distinction Between Jews Who Are Mere Natural Descendants From Abraham, And Jews Who Are Also Of His Spiritual Seed [OR] Israel's Rejection And God's Purpose [OR] All The Seed Of Abraham Were Not The Children Of The Promise Ro 9:6

1.) The Distinction Illustrated Ro 9:8

D.) God's Mercy Is Under His Sovereign Will [OR] Israel's Rejection And God's Justice Ro 9:14

1.) God's Mercy And Compassion Ro 9:15

2.) God's Wrath And Mercy Ro 9:19

3.) The Potter Has Power Over His Clay Ro 9:21

2. God Chose People Who Are Not Jewish Ro 9:25-33

A.) The Prophets Foretold The Blinding Of Israel, And Mercy To Gentiles [OR] The Calling Of The Gentiles Foretold Ro 9:25

1.) Present Condition Of Israel [OR] Israel's Unbelief Ro 9:30

2.) The Jews Sought Righteousness Through The Law Instead Of By Faith Ro 9:32

3. If You Believe You Will Be Saved Ro 10:1-21

A.) The Apparent Failure Of The Promises To Israel Explained By Their Unbelief [OR] Israel Needs The Gospel [OR] The Word Of Faith Brings Salvation [OR] Paul's Prayer Is For Israel's Salvation Ro 10:1

1.) Salvation Is For All [OR] The Scripture Shows The Difference Between The Righteousness Of The Law And That Of Faith Ro 10:5

2.) And That Neither Jew Nor Gentile Who Believes Will Be Destroyed Ro 10:11

3.) Israel Rejects The Gospel Ro 10:14

4.) And That The Gentiles Shall Receive The Word And Believe Ro 10:18

5.) Israel Was Not Ignorant Of These Things Ro 10:19

4. God's Continuing Love for Jewish People Ro 11:1-36

A.) But Spiritual Israel Is Finding Salvation [OR] Israel's Rejection Not Total [OR] The Remnant Of Israel [OR] Israel Is Not Cast Away [OR] Israel's Rejection Is Not Final [OR] God Has Not Cast Off All Israel, But Has Saved A Remnant Ro 11:1

1.) Some Are Chosen According To God's Grace Ro 11:5

B.) National Israel Is Judicially Blinded Ro 11:7

1.) Israel's Rejection Not Final [OR] Ingrafted Branches [OR] The Salvation Of The Gentiles Ro 11:11

C.) The Gentiles Warned Ro 11:13

1.) There Is Hope Of The Jews' Conversion Ro 11:16

2.) The Gentiles Should Not Become Proud [OR] All Israel Will Be Saved Ro 11:18

D.) Israel Is Yet To Be Saved Nationally [OR] For There Is A Promise Of The Jews' Salvation Ro 11:26

1.) Doxology [OR] God's Judgments Are Unsearchable Ro 11:33

F. Dedicate Your Lives to God Ro 12:1-21

G. The Practice of Righteousness Ro 12:1-15:13

I.) Christian life and service Ro 12:1

A.) Consecration [OR] Living Sacrifices To God [OR] Living Sacrifices [OR] Dedicated Service [OR] The New Life In Christ [OR] We Want To Please God Because Of His Mercies Ro 12:1

B.) Service [OR] Serve God With Spiritual Gifts [OR] We Should Not Think Too Highly Of Ourselves Ro 12:3

1.) But Should Pay Attention To The Calling For Which We Are Best Equipped Ro 12:6

C.) The Christian And Those Within [OR] Behave Like A Christian [OR] Love [OR] Marks Of The True Christian [OR] Love And Other Virtues Ro 12:9

D.) The Christian And Those Without Ro 12:17

1.) Overcome Evil With Good Ro 12:19

1. Obey the Government Ro 13:1-7

1.) Submit To Government [OR] Submission To The Authorities [OR] Be Subject To Government [OR] Being Subject To Authorities [OR] Subjection To Magistrates And Other Duties We Owe Them Ro 13:1

2. Love One Another Ro 13:8-14

A.) The Law Of Love Toward The Neighbor [OR] Love Your Neighbor [OR] Love, For The Day Is Near [OR] Love For One Another [OR] Love Is The Fulfilling Of The Law Ro 13:8

1.) Put On Christ [OR] An Urgent Appeal Ro 13:11

2.) Gluttony, Drunkenness, And Works Of Darkness Are Not In Keeping With The Gospel Ro 13:12

3. How to Treat Christians Who Are Weak in Faith Ro 14:1-15:3

A.) The Law Of Love Concerning Doubtful Things [OR] The Law Of Liberty [OR] The Weak And The Strong [OR] Principles Of Conscience [OR] Do Not Judge Another [OR] The Weak Brother Ro 14:1

1.) Men May Not Condemn One Another For Things On Which They Do Not Agree Ro 14:3

B.) Jewish And Gentile Believers Are One In Salvation Ro 14:4

1.) Do Not Make Another Stumble [OR] But Should See That They Give No Offense By Them Ro 14:13

C.) The Apostle Speaks Of His Ministry And Coming Journey [OR] The Law Of Love Ro 14:14

1.) The Apostle Proves Such Conduct Unlawful For Many Reasons Ro 14:15

2.) Bearing Others' Burdens [OR] Self-Denial On Behalf Of Others [OR] Please Others, Not Yourselves [OR] The Strong Must Bear With The Weak Ro 15:1

3.) We Should Not Seek To Please Ourselves Ro 15:2

4.) For Even Christ Did Not Do So Ro 15:3

4. God Gives Us Unity Ro 15:4-13

1.) Glorify God Together [OR] The Gospel For Jews And Gentiles Alike [OR] But We Should Receive One Another, As Christ Received Us All Ro 15:7

2.) Both The Jews Ro 15:8

3.) And The Gentiles Ro 15:9

G.  Paul's Desire to Tell the Good News to the World [OR] Conclusion Ro 15:14-16:27

1.) From Jerusalem To Illyricum [OR] Paul The Minister To The Gentiles [OR] Paul's Reason For Writing So Boldly Ro 15:14

2.) Paul's Reasons For Writing This Letter Ro 15:15

3.) Plan To Visit Rome Ro 15:22

4.) Paul's Plan To Visit Rome Ro 15:23

5.) He Tells Of His Visit To Jerusalem Ro 15:25

6.) Promises To See The Roman Christians Ro 15:28

7.) And Requests Their Prayers Ro 15:30

1. Farewell Ro 16:1-27

I.) The outflow of Christian love [OR] Sister Phoebe Commended [OR] Personal Greetings [OR] Greetings and Love Expressed [OR] Personal Greetings [OR] He introduces and commends Phebe Ro 16:1

A.) Greeting Roman Saints [OR] Asks The Brethren To Greet Many Fellow Workers Ro 16:3

B.) Avoid Divisive Persons [OR] Final Instructions [OR] Advises Them To Avoid Those Who Cause Dissension And Offenses Ro 16:17

C.) Greetings From Paul's Friends [OR] And, After Various Salutations, Ends With Praise And Thanks To God Ro 16:21

D.) Benediction [OR] Final Doxology Ro 16:25