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Bible Outline Compendium

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An Exhaustive Compendium Of Bible Events In Outline Form

Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2




A. Introduction Rev 1:1

1. Introduction Rev 1:1-8

I.) The things which thou hast seen Rev 1:1

A.) Introduction [OR] Introduction And Benediction [OR] Prologue [OR] The Revelation Of Jesus Christ [OR] Introduction And Salutation [OR] John Writes His Revelation From Christ To The Seven Churches Rev 1:1

B.) Salutation [OR] Greeting The Seven Churches [OR] Greetings And Doxology [OR] Message To The Seven Churches Rev 1:4

1.) The Coming Of Christ Rev 1:7

B. Seven Letters Rev 1:9-3:22

A.) The Patmos Vision [OR] Vision Of The Son Of Man [OR] One Like A Son Of Man [OR] A Vision Of Christ Rev 1:9

1.) His Glorious Power And Majesty Rev 1:12

B.) The Command To Write Rev 1:19

1. A Letter to the Church in Ephesus Rev 2:1-7

I.) The things which are: the seven churches Rev 2:1

A.) The Message To Ephesus. The Church At The End Of The Apostolic Age; First Love Left [OR] The Loveless Church [OR] To The Church In Ephesus [OR] Message To Ephesus [OR] The Message To Ephesus [OR] The Things Christ Tells John To Write To The Angel (Minister) Of The Church In Ephesus Rev 2:1

2. A Letter to the Church in Smyrna Rev 2:8-11

A.) The Message To Smyrna. Period Of The Great Persecutions To AD 316 [OR] The Persecuted Church [OR] To The Church In Smyrna [OR] Message To Smyrna [OR] The Message To Smyrna [OR] To The Angel Of The Church In Smyrna Rev 2:8

3. A Letter to the Church in Pergamum Rev 2:12-17

A.) The Message To Pergamos. The Church Under Imperial Favour, Settled In The World, AD 316 To The End [OR] The Compromising Church [OR] To The Church In Pergamum [OR] Message To Pergamum [OR] The Message To Pergamum [OR] To The Angel Of The Church In Pergamum Rev 2:12

4. A Letter to the Church in Thyatira Rev 2:18-29

A.) The Message To Thyatira. AD 500-1500: The Triumph Of Balaamism And Nicolaitanism; A Believing Remnant [OR] The Corrupt Church [OR] To The Church In Thyatira [OR] Message To Thyatira [OR] The Message To Thyatira [OR] And To The Angel Of The Church In Thyatira Rev 2:18

1.) Things Commended Rev 2:19

2.) Things Found Lacking Rev 2:20

3.) The Promise To The Faithful Rev 2:25

5. A Letter to the Church in Sardis Rev 3:1-6

A.) The Message To Sardis. The Period Of The Reformations; A Believing Remnant [OR] The Dead Church [OR] To The Church In Sardis [OR] Message To Sardis [OR] The Message To Sardis [OR] The Angel Of The Church In Sardis Is Reproved Rev 3:1

1.) Exhorted To Obey And Repent, Thus Escaping Damnation Rev 3:3

6. A Letter to the Church in Philadelphia Rev 3:7-13

A.) The Message To Philadelphia. The True Church In The Professing Church [OR] The Faithful Church [OR] To The Church In Philadelphia [OR] Message To Philadelphia [OR] The Message To Philadelphia [OR] The Angel Of The Church In Philadelphia Rev 3:7

1.) Is Praised For Diligence And Patience Rev 3:10

7. A Letter to the Church in Laodicea Rev 3:14-22

A.) The Message To Laodicea. The Final State Of Apostasy [OR] The Lukewarm Church [OR] To The Church In Laodicea [OR] Message To Laodicea [OR] The Message To Laodicea [OR] The Angel Of The Church In Laodicea Is Rebuked For Indifference Rev 3:14

1.) And Admonished To Be More Zealous Rev 3:19

2.) Place And Attitude Of Christ At The End Of The Church-Age [OR] Christ Stands At The Door And Knocks Rev 3:20

C. Sevens Rev 4:1-19:10

      1a. A Vision of God's Throne in Heaven Rev 4:1-11

I.) Things which shall be hereafter Rev 4:1

A.) The Seven Seals Rev 4:1

1.) Introduction Rev 4:1

(I.) The Throne In Heaven [OR] The Throne Room Of Heaven [OR] Scene In Heaven [OR] The Heavenly Worship [OR] John Sees The Throne Of God In Heaven Rev 4:1

(II.) The Enthroned Elders [OR] The Twenty-four Elders Rev 4:4

(A.) The Throne and Worship of the Creator Rev 4:5

(III.) The Four Living Creatures [OR] The Four Beasts, Full Of Eyes Before And Behind Rev 4:6

(IV.) The Living Creatures And Elders Worship Because Of Creation Rev 4:9

(A.) The elders worship before the throne, and lay down their crowns Rev 4:10

1. The Lamb Takes the Scroll That Has Seven Seals Rev 5:1-14

(I.) The Seven-sealed Book [OR] The Lamb Takes The Scroll [OR] The Scroll And The Lamb [OR] The Book With Seven Seals [OR] The Book Sealed With Seven Seals Rev 5:1

(II.) Christ In His Kingly Character Opens The Book [OR] Which Can Be Opened Only By The Lamb Who Was Slain Rev 5:5

(III.) The Living Creatures And Elders Worship Because Of Redemption [OR] Worthy Is The Lamb [OR] The Elders Confess That He Redeemed Them With His Blood Rev 5:8

(IV.) The Angels Exalt The Lamb [OR] Angels Exalt The Lamb [OR] Thousands Of Voices Praise The Lamb Rev 5:11

(V.) Universal Adoration Of The Lamb Who Is King Rev 5:13

2. The Lamb Opens the First Six Seals Rev 6:1-17

1.) The Seals Rev 6:1

(I.) The First Seal [OR] First Seal: The Conqueror [OR] The Seals [OR] The Book Opened, The First Seal--false Christ [OR] The Seven Seals [OR] Four Seals Are Opened, Each Followed In Turn By A Rider Rev 6:1

(A.) on a white horse Rev 6:2

(II.) The Second Seal: Peace Taken From Earth [OR] Second Seal: Conflict On Earth [OR] The Second Seal--war Rev 6:3

(A.) a red horse Rev 6:4

(III.) The Third Seal: Famine [OR] Third Seal: Scarcity On Earth [OR] The Third Seal--famine [OR] A Black Horse Rev 6:5

(IV.) The Fourth Seal: Death [OR] Fourth Seal: Widespread Death On Earth [OR] The Fourth Seal--death Rev 6:7

(A.) and a horse pale as Death Rev 6:8

(V.) The Fifth Seal: The Martyred Remnant [OR] Fifth Seal: The Cry Of The Martyrs [OR] The Fifth Seal--martyrs Rev 6:9

(VI.) The Sixth Seal: Anarchy [OR] Sixth Seal: Cosmic Disturbances [OR] The Sixth Seal--terror Rev 6:12

3. 144,000 People Are Sealed Rev 7:1-8

(I.) Parenthetical: The Saved Of The Tribulation Period [OR] The Sealed Of Israel [OR] 144,000 Sealed [OR] An Interlude [OR] The 144,000 Of Israel Sealed [OR] The Mark Of The Servants Of God Rev 7:1

(A.) The remnant out of Israel sealed [OR] A Remnant of Israel--144,000 [OR] The number of those who were marked Rev 7:4

4. God's People Around His Throne in Heaven Rev 7:9-17

(A.) Vision of the Gentiles who are to be saved during the great tribulation [OR] A Multitude from the Great Tribulation [OR] The Great Multitude in White Robes [OR] A Multitude from the Tribulation [OR] The Multitude from Every Nation Rev 7:9

(1.) Their robes are washed in the blood of the Lamb Rev 7:14

5. The Lamb Opens the Seventh Seal Rev 8:1-

(I.) The Seventh Seal, Out Of Which The Trumpets Come [OR] Seventh Seal: Prelude To The Seven Trumpets [OR] The Seventh Seal And The Golden Censer [OR] The Seventh Seal--the Trumpets [OR] At The Opening Of The Seventh Seal, Seven Angels Receive Seven Trumpets Rev 8:1

6. Seven Angels With Seven Trumpets Rev 8:2-6

A.) The Seven Trumpets Rev 8:2

1.) Introduction: Christ As High Priest Rev 8:2

(I.) An Angel Mingles Incense With The Prayers Of The Saints On The Golden Altar Rev 8:3

(II.) The Trumpets [OR] The Seven Trumpets [OR] Four Plagues Begin At The Trumpets' Sound Rev 8:6

7. The First Four Angels Blow Their Trumpets Rev 8:7-13

1.) The Trumpet Judgments Rev 8:7

(I.) The First Trumpet [OR] First Trumpet: Vegetation Struck Rev 8:7

(II.) The Second Trumpet [OR] Second Trumpet: The Seas Struck Rev 8:8

(III.) The Third Trumpet [OR] Third Trumpet: The Waters Struck Rev 8:10

(IV.) The Fourth Trumpet [OR] Fourth Trumpet: The Heavens Struck Rev 8:12

8. The Fifth and Sixth Angels Blow Their Trumpets Rev 9:1-21

(I.) The Fifth Trumpet: The First Woe [OR] Fifth Trumpet: The Locusts From The Bottomless Pit [OR] The Fifth Trumpet--the Bottomless Pit [OR] The Plague Of Locusts Swarms Out Of The Bottomless Pit Rev 9:1

(A.) Apollyon, king of the locusts Rev 9:11

(B.) The first woe is past Rev 9:12

(II.) The Sixth Trumpet [OR] Sixth Trumpet: The Angels From The Euphrates [OR] The Sixth Trumpet--army From The East [OR] The Sixth Trumpet Sounds Rev 9:13

(A.) and four angels, who were bound, are set free Rev 9:14

9. John Eats a Small Scroll Rev 10:1-11

(I.) Parenthetical Rev 10:1

(A.) The mighty angel and the "little book" [OR] The Mighty Angel with the Little Book [OR] The Angel and the Little Scroll [OR] The Angel and the Little Book [OR] The Angel with the Little Scroll [OR] John sees an angel with a book, and hears things he is forbidden to write Rev 10:1

(1.) He swears, by Him who lives forever, that there shall be no more delay Rev 10:6

(B.) The "little book" eaten [OR] John Eats the Little Book [OR] John is commanded to eat the book [OR] The Two Witnesses [OR] The Lord's two witnesses prophesy Rev 10:8

10. God's Two Witnesses Rev 11:1-19

(A.) The "times of the Gentiles" to end in forty-two months Rev 11:1

(B.) The two witnesses to Prophesy forty-two months Rev 11:3

(1.) They are given many extraordinary powers Rev 11:5

(2.) The Witnesses Killed [OR] but the beast will overcome and kill them Rev 11:7

(3.) They will lie unburied three and a half days Rev 11:8

(4.) The Witnesses Resurrected [OR] after which time they rise again Rev 11:11

(C.) The second woe Rev 11:13

(1.) The second woe is past Rev 11:14

(I.) The Seventh Trumpet [OR] Seventh Trumpet: The Kingdom Proclaimed [OR] The Seventh Trumpet--christ's Reign Foreseen [OR] The Seventh Trumpet Sounds Rev 11:15

11. Two Signs Rev 12:1-17

A.) The Seven Personages Rev 12:1

1.) The Woman: Israel. The Woman Clothed With The Sun, And The Man-Child [OR] The Woman, The Child, And The Dragon [OR] The Woman And The Dragon [OR] The Woman, Israel [OR] A Woman Clothed With The Sun Lies In Travail Rev 12:1

2.) Satan [OR] The Red Dragon, Satan [OR] While A Great Red Dragon Stands Ready To Devour Her Child Rev 12:3

3.) The Child: Christ [OR] The Male Child, Christ [OR] After The Child Is Born And Caught Up To God, She Flees Into The Wilderness Rev 12:5

4.) The Archangel [OR] Satan Thrown Out Of Heaven [OR] The Angel, Michael [OR] Michael Defeats The Dragon [OR] Michael And His Angels Fight With The Dragon Rev 12:7

(I.) Satan And Israel In The Tribulation [OR] The Woman Persecuted [OR] The Dragon Fights Again On Earth [OR] The Dragon, Cast To Earth, Persecutes The Woman Rev 12:13

5.) The Jewish Remnant Rev 12:17

(I.) The First Beast Rev 12:18

12. The Beast From the Sea Rev 13:1-10

1.) The Beast Out Of The Sea [OR] The Beast From The Sea [OR] A Beast Arises Out Of The Sea, And The Dragon Gives It His Power Rev 13:1

13. The Beast From the Earth Rev 13:11-18

1.) The Beast Out Of The Earth [OR] The Beast From The Earth [OR] The Second Beast [OR] A Second Beast Causes An Image To Be Made Of The First Rev 13:11

(I.) He Compels Men To Worship It, And Receive Its Mark Rev 13:15

(II.) The Number Of The Beast [OR] The Lamb And The 144,000 [OR] The Lamb And The 144,000 On Mount Zion [OR] The Lamb Stands On Mount Sion With The Company Of His Elect Rev 13:18

14. The New Song on Mount Zion Rev 14:1-5

A.) Parenthetical Rev 14:1

1.) Vision Of The Lamb And The One Hundred And Forty And Four Thousand Rev 14:1

15. The Harvest of the Earth Rev 14:6-20

1.) Vision Of The Angel With The Everlasting Gospel [OR] The Proclamations Of Three Angels [OR] The Three Angels [OR] Vision Of The Angel With The Gospel [OR] The Messages Of The Three Angels [OR] An Angel Preaches The Gospel Rev 14:6

2.) The Fall Of Babylon Announced [OR] The Fall Of Babylon Rev 14:8

3.) The Doom Of The Beast-Worshippers Announced [OR] Doom For Worshipers Of The Beast Rev 14:9

4.) The Blessedness Of The Holy Dead Rev 14:13

A.) Vision Of Armageddon [OR] Reaping The Earth's Harvest [OR] The Harvest Of The Earth [OR] The Reapers Rev 14:14

1.) The Harvest Of The Earth Rev 14:15

2.) Reaping The Grapes Of Wrath Rev 14:17

3.) The Winepress Of God's Wrath Rev 14:19

16. Seven Angels With Seven Plagues Rev 15:1-8

A.) The Seven Vials Rev 15:1

1.) Vision Of The Angels Of The Seven Last Plagues: The Bowls Of The Wrath Of God [OR] Prelude To The Bowl Judgments [OR] Seven Angels With Seven Plagues [OR] A Scene Of Heaven [OR] The Angels With The Seven Last Plagues [OR] The Seven Angels With The Seven Last Plagues Rev 15:1

(I.) The Song Of Those Who Have Overcome The Beast Rev 15:3

(II.) The Seven Bowls Full Of God's Wrath Rev 15:7

17. The Seven Angels Pour Out Their Bowls Rev 16:1-21

1.) The Vials Of The Wrath Of God Upon The Earth [OR] The Seven Bowls Of God's Wrath [OR] Six Bowls Of Wrath [OR] The Bowls Of God's Wrath [OR] The Angels Pour Out Their Bowls Of Wrath Rev 16:1

(I.) The First Vial [OR] First Bowl: Loathsome Sores Rev 16:2

(II.) The Second Vial [OR] Second Bowl: The Sea Turns To Blood Rev 16:3

(III.) The Third Vial [OR] Third Bowl: The Waters Turn To Blood Rev 16:4

(A.) The plagues that follow Rev 16:6

(IV.) The Fourth Vial [OR] Fourth Bowl: Men Are Scorched Rev 16:8

(V.) The Fifth Vial [OR] Fifth Bowl: Darkness And Pain Rev 16:10

(VI.) The Sixth Vial [OR] Sixth Bowl: Euphrates Dried Up Rev 16:12

(VII.) Parenthetical [OR] Armageddon Rev 16:13

(VIII.) The Seventh Vial [OR] Seventh Bowl: The Earth Utterly Shaken [OR] Seventh Bowl Of Wrath [OR] The Seventh Angel Pours Out His Bowl Into The Air Rev 16:17

18. Babylon the Great Rev 17:1-18

A.) The Seven Dooms Rev 17:1

1.) The Doom Of "Babylon" Rev 17:1

(I.) The Divine View Of "babylon" [OR] The Scarlet Woman And The Scarlet Beast [OR] The Woman On The Beast [OR] The Doom Of Babylon [OR] The Great Whore And The Beast [OR] A Woman Arrayed In Purple And Scarlet, With A Golden Cup In Her Hand, Sits On A Scarlet Beast Rev 17:1

(A.) She is Babylon, the mother of all abominations Rev 17:5

(B.) The Meaning of the Woman and the Beast Rev 17:7

(II.) The Last Form Of Gentile World-power Rev 17:8

(A.) The interpretation of the seven heads Rev 17:9

(B.) and of the ten horns Rev 17:12

(C.) Victory for the Lamb [OR] The victory of the Lamb Rev 17:14

(D.) The punishment of the woman Rev 17:16

19. Babylon's Fall Rev 18:1-24

(I.) The Last Form Of Apostate Christendom: The Warning To God's People [OR] The Fall Of Babylon The Great [OR] The Fall Of Babylon [OR] Babylon Is Fallen [OR] Babylon Falls Rev 18:1

(A.) God's people are commanded to depart from the city Rev 18:4

(II.) The Human View Of "babylon" [OR] The World Mourns Babylon's Fall [OR] Lament For Babylon [OR] The Wicked Kings Of The Earth Mourn For Babylon Rev 18:9

(A.) The merchants and mariners also mourn Rev 18:11

(III.) The Angelic View Of "babylon" [OR] The Saints Rejoice At The Judgments Of God Upon Her Rev 18:20

(A.) Finality of Babylon's Fall Rev 18:21

20. The Lamb's Wedding Rev 19:1-10

(I.) Parenthetical: The Four Alleluias Of The Glorified Saints [OR] Heaven Exults Over Babylon [OR] Hallelujah! [OR] The Fourfold Hallelujah [OR] The Rejoicing In Heaven [OR] The Heavenly Hosts Praise God Rev 19:1

(II.) The Marriage Of The Lamb [OR] Marriage Of The Lamb Rev 19:7

(A.) The angel refuses to be worshipped Rev 19:10

D. The End Rev 19:11-22:5

1a. The Great Banquet of God Rev 19:11-21

(I.) The Second Coming Of Christ In Glory [OR] Christ On A White Horse [OR] The Rider On The White Horse [OR] The Coming Of Christ Rev 19:11

(II.) The Battle Of Armageddon [OR] The Beast And His Armies Defeated [OR] The Beast And Its Armies Defeated [OR] The Great Slaughter Rev 19:17

1.) Doom Of The Beast, And Doom Of The False Prophet [OR] Doom Of The Beast And False Prophet Rev 19:20

2.) Doom Of The Kings Rev 19:21

1b. An Angel Overpowers Satan Rev 20:1-6

(I.) Satan Bound In The Abyss During The Kingdom-age [OR] Satan Bound 1000 Years [OR] The Thousand Years [OR] Satan Bound [OR] Satan Is Bound For A Thousand Years Rev 20:1

(II.) The First Resurrection, And The Kingdom-age [OR] The Saints Reign With Christ 1000 Years Rev 20:4

(A.) The happy state of those who have part in the first resurrection Rev 20:6

2. The Final Judgment Rev 20:7-15

(I.) Satan Loosed: The Doom Of Gog And Magog [OR] Satanic Rebellion Crushed [OR] Satan's Doom [OR] Satan Freed, Doomed [OR] Satan Is Turned Loose Again Rev 20:7

(A.) Gog and Magog Rev 20:8

(II.) The Doom Of Satan [OR] The Devil Is Cast Into The Lake Of Fire And Brimstone Rev 20:10

(III.) Doom Of The Unbelieving Dead: The Last Judgment [OR] The Great White Throne Judgment [OR] The Dead Are Judged [OR] Judgment At The Throne Of God Rev 20:11

(A.) The last judgment Rev 20:12

3. A New Heaven and a New Earth Rev 21:1-8

A.) The Seven New Things Rev 21:1

1.) The New Heaven, And The New Earth [OR] All Things Made New [OR] The New Jerusalem [OR] The New Heaven And Earth [OR] The New Heaven And The New Earth [OR] A New Heaven And A New Earth Rev 21:1

2.) The New Peoples Rev 21:3

4. A New Jerusalem Rev 21:9-22:5

1.) The Lamb's Wife: The New Jerusalem [OR] The New Jerusalem [OR] Vision Of The New Jerusalem Rev 21:9

(I.) The New Jerusalem [OR] The Heavenly Jerusalem Is Fully Described Rev 21:10

2.) The New Temple [OR] The Glory Of The New Jerusalem Rev 21:22

3.) The New Light [OR] The City Needs No Sun, For God's Glory Is Its Light Rev 21:23

(I.) Kings Of The Earth Will Bring Honor There [OR] The River Of Life [OR] The River And The Tree Of Life [OR] The River Of The Water Of Life Rev 21:24

4.) The New Paradise And Its River Of The Water Of Life Rev 22:1

(I.) The Tree Of Life Rev 22:2

(II.) The Light Of His City Is God Himself Rev 22:5

E. Conclusion Rev 22:6-21

1. Christ Says: I'm Coming Soon Rev 22:6-21

(I.) The Time Is Near Rev 22:6

(II.) Jesus Is Coming Rev 22:7

A.) The Last Message Of The Bible [OR] Epilogue And Benediction Rev 22:8

1.) The Angel Refused To Be Worshipped Rev 22:9

2.) The Final Message Rev 22:10

3.) Jesus Testifies To The Churches Rev 22:12

4.) A Warning [OR] Nothing Shall Be Added To This Book, Nor Taken From It Rev 22:18

B.) The Last Promise And The Last Prayer Of The Bible [OR] I Am Coming Quickly Rev 22:20

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The work herein is a compendium of the work of anonymous Bible scholars who summarized Bible passages. The [OR] operators indicate differences in how different Bible scholars summarized given Bible passages. Standard outline form is not always followed due to overlapping events or overlapping times in which events took place.

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