Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2



A. Introduction [OR} Greeting Philip 1:1-11

I.) Christ, the believer's life rejoicing in spite of suffering Philip 1:1

A.) Salutation [OR] Greeting [OR] Thanksgiving [OR] The Christians At Philippi Are Greeted By Paul And Timothy Philip 1:1

1. Paul's Prayer for the Philippians Philip 1:3-11

1.) Thankfulness And Prayer [OR] Thanksgiving And Prayer [OR] Paul's Prayer For The Philippians [OR] Paul's Thankfulness To God And His Love For The Philippians Philip 1:3

A.) Joy Triumphing Over Suffering Philip 1:8

1.) He Prays For Their Spiritual Growth Philip 1:9

B. Paul's Circumstances Philip 1:12-30

1. Nothing Matters Except That People Are Told About Christ [1:12-18a] Philip 1:12-18

1.) Christ Is Preached [OR] Paul's Chains Advance The Gospel [OR] The Gospel Is Preached [OR] Paul's Present Circumstances [OR] What Has Happened To Paul Resulted Only In Advancing The Gospel Philip 1:12

2. Paul Honors Christ Whether He Lives or Dies [1:18b-26] Philip 1:19-26

1.) To Live Is Christ [OR] He Is Confident In Hope Philip 1:19

2.) To Live Is Christ Philip 1:21

3. Fighting for the Faith Philip 1:27-30

1.) Striving And Suffering For Christ Philip 1:27

2.) He Counsels His Readers To Have Courage Philip 1:28

C. The Mind of Christ [OR} Have the Same Attitude As Christ Philip 2:1-18

I.) Christ the believer's pattern, rejoicing in lowly service Philip 2:1

A.) Exhortation To Unity And Meekness [OR] Unity Through Humility [OR] Imitating Christ's Humility [OR] Be Like Christ [OR] Need For Self-Effacement Philip 2:1

B.) The Sevenfold Self-Humbling Of Christ [OR] The Humbled And Exalted Christ [OR] Christ's Humility Philip 2:5

C.) The Exaltation Of Jesus Philip 2:9

D.) The Outworking Of The Inworked Salvation [OR] Light Bearers [OR] Shining As Stars [OR] Shining As Lights In The World [OR] A Christian's Obligations Philip 2:12

1.) Paul's Sacrifice A Cause For Joy Philip 2:16

E.) The Apostolic Example Philip 2:17

D. Timothy and Epaphroditus Philip 2:19-30

1. Paul Will Send Timothy and Epaphroditus Philip 2:19-30

1.) Timothy Commended [OR] Timothy And Epaphroditus [OR] He Promises To Send Them Timothy, And Hopes To Come Himself Philip 2:19

2.) Epaphroditus Praised [OR] Meanwhile, Epaphroditus Will Return To Them At Once Philip 2:25

E. Living the Life Philip 3:1-4:20

1. Run Straight Toward the Goal Philip 3:1-16

I.) Christ, object of the believer's faith, desire, and expectation Philip 3:1

A.) Warning Against Judaizers [OR] All For Christ [OR] No Confidence In The Flesh [OR] The Goal Of Life [OR] Breaking With The Past [OR] Paul Warns His Readers To Beware Of The Teachers Of Judaism Philip 3:1

B.) Warning Against Trusting In Legal Righteousness [OR] And Confesses That In His Former Life He Was Foremost In Pharisaic Zeal Philip 3:4

C.) Christ, Object Of The Believer's Faith For Righteousness [OR] But He Has Put Aside His Youthful Advantages In Order To Gain Christ And The Righteousness Of Faith Philip 3:7

D.) Christ, Object Of The Believer's Desire For Fellowship In Resurrection Power Philip 3:10

1.) Pressing Toward The Goal [OR] Pressing On Toward The Goal [OR] Pressing Toward The Goal [OR] He Strives To Overcome His Own Imperfections Philip 3:12

E.) The Appeal For Unity In The Walk [OR] And Exhorts The Philippians To Think And Act As Mature Persons Philip 3:15

2. Imitate Me Philip 3:17-21

A.) But Truth Is Not To Be Compromised For The Sake Of Unity [OR] Our Citizenship In Heaven [OR] To Imitate Him Philip 3:17

1.) And To Discard The Ways Of Worldly Christians Philip 3:18

B.) Christ, Object Of The Believer's Expectation Philip 3:20

3. Paul's Advice Philip 4:1-3

I.) Christ, the believer's strength, rejoicing over anxiety Philip 4:1

A.) Exhortation To Unity And Joy [OR] Think Of Excellence [OR] From Particular Admonitions Philip 4:1

1.) Be United, Joyful, And In Prayer [OR] Exhortations Philip 4:2

4. Always Be Joyful Philip 4:4-9

1.) He Proceeds To General Exhortations Philip 4:4

A.) The Secret Of The Peace Of God Philip 4:5

B.) The Presence Of The God Of Peace [OR] Meditate On These Things Philip 4:8

5. Thanks for Your Gifts Philip 4:10-23

A.) The Victory Over Anxious Care [OR] Philippian Generosity [OR] Thanks For Their Gifts [OR] God's Provisions [OR] Acknowledgment Of The Philippians' Gift [OR] Paul Tells How Much He Appreciated The Philippians' Liberality To Him In Prison Philip 4:10

1.) He Closes His Letter With Prayer And Salutations Philip 4:19

F. Conclusion Philip 4:21-23

1.) Greeting And Blessing [OR] Final Greetings [OR] Final Greetings And Benediction Philip 4:21