A. Salutation [OR] Greeting Phm 1:1-3

I.) The apostolic greeting [OR] Greeting [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul rejoices to hear of the faith and love of Philemon Phm 1:1

B. Thanksgiving and Prayer [OR] Paul's Prayer for PhilemonPhm 1:4-7

I.) The character of Philemon [OR] Philemon's Love and Faith [OR] Thanksgiving and Prayer [OR] Philemon's Love and Faith Phm 1:4

C. Plea for Onesimus [OR] Paul's Advice About OnesimusPhm 1:8-22

I.) Intercession for Onesimus [OR] The Plea for Onesimus [OR] Paul's Plea for Onesimus [OR] whom he asks to forgive his servant Onesimus, and to receive him again in Christian love Phm 1:8

A.) Plea For Onesimus, A Free Man Phm 1:10

B.) Onesimus Could Have Helped By Staying With Paul Phm 1:13

C.) Philemon's Obedience Encouraged Phm 1:17

D.) Who Will Assume Responsibility For His Debts Phm 1:18

E.) The Apostle's Confidence In Philemon Phm 1:21

II.) Salutations and conclusion Phm 1:22

D. Greetings and Benediction From Paul's Coworkers Phm 1:23-25

A.) Farewell [OR] Final Greetings And Benediction Phm 1:23