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Bible Outline Compendium

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An Exhaustive Compendium Of Bible Events In Outline Form




A. The Census Nu 1:1-4

1. Moses Takes a Census of Israel Nu 1:1-54

I.) The Order of the Host Nu 1:1

A.) Moses Commanded To Number The People [OR] The First Census Of Israel [OR] The Census [OR] The Census Of Israel's Warriors [OR] God Commands Moses To Number The People Nu 1:1

1.) The Princes And Numbering Of The Tribes Nu 1:5

2.) Levites Exempted [OR] The Levites Are Exempted For The Service Of The Lord Nu 1:47

2. The Arrangement of Israel's Camp Nu 2:1-34

A.) Arrangement Of The Camp [OR] The Tribes And Leaders By Armies [OR] The Arrangement Of The Tribal Camps [OR] Arrangement Of The Camps [OR] The Order Of Encampment And Marching [OR] The Order Of The Tribes In Their Tents [OR] The Sons Of Aaron [OR] The Levites [OR] Levites To Be Priesthood Nu 2:1

3. The Tribe of Levi Is Registered and Assigned Duties Nu 3:1-51

A.) The Priests Nu 3:1

B.) The Tribe Of Levi [OR] The Levites Serve In The Tabernacle [OR] The Duties Of The Levites [OR] The Levites Are Given To The Priest For The Service Of The Tabernacle Nu 3:5

1.) Instead Of The Firstborn Nu 3:11

C.) The Families Of Levi [OR] Census Of The Levites Commanded [OR] A Census Of The Levites [OR] The Levites Are Numbered By Their Families Nu 3:14

1.) The Families, Number And Charge Of The Gershonites Nu 3:21

D.) The Charges Of The Sons Of Levi [OR] Duties Of The Priests Nu 3:25

1.) Of The Kohathites And The Merarites Nu 3:27

2.) The Place And Charge Of Moses And Aaron Nu 3:38

E.) The Firstborn Redeemed [OR] Levites Dedicated Instead Of The Firstborn [OR] First-Born Redeemed [OR] The Redemption Of The Firstborn [OR] The Firstborn Are Freed By The Levites Nu 3:40

1.) The Surplus Of The Firstborn Are Redeemed Nu 3:44

4. The Duties of the Families Descended From Levi's Sons Nu 4:1-49

A.) Service Of The Kohathites [OR] Duties Of The Sons Of Kohath [OR] The Kohathites [OR] Duties Of The Kohathites [OR] The Age And Time Of The Levites' Service Nu 4:1

1.) The Service Of The Kohathites Nu 4:4

B.) The Office Of Eleazar [OR] The Charge Of Eleazar Nu 4:16

1.) The Office Of The Priests Nu 4:17

C.) The Service Of The Gershonites [OR] Duties Of The Sons Of Gershon [OR] The Gershonites [OR] Duties Of The Gershonites [OR] The Gershonites And Merarites Nu 4:21

D.) The Service Of The Merarites [OR] Duties Of The Sons Of Merari [OR] The Merarites [OR] Duties Of The Merarites Nu 4:29

1.) Census Of The Levites [OR] The Numbering Of The Levite Clans [OR] Census Of The Levites [OR] The Number Of The Kohathites Nu 4:34

2.) Of The Gershonites Nu 4:38

3.) And Of The Merarites Nu 4:42

B. Regulations Nu 5:1-10

1. Removing Unclean People From the Camp Nu 5:1-4

A.) Defilement Of The Camp [OR] Ceremonially Unclean Persons Isolated [OR] The Purity Of The Camp [OR] On Defilement [OR] Unclean Persons [OR] The Unclean Are Removed Out Of The Camp Nu 5:1

2. Confessing and Paying for Sins Nu 5:5-10

1.) Confession And Restitution [OR] The Test For An Unfaithful Wife [OR] Confession And Restitution [OR] Restitution Is To Be Made In Trespasses Nu 5:5

3. When a Husband Suspects That His Wife Has Been Unfaithful Nu 5:11-31

1.) Concerning Unfaithful Wives [OR] The Adultery Test [OR] Concerning An Unfaithful Wife [OR] The Trial Of Jealousy Nu 5:11

4. Taking a Special Vow Nu 6:1-21

A.) The Nazarites [OR] The Law Of The Nazirite [OR] The Nazirite [OR] Law Of The Nazirites [OR] The Nazirites [OR] The Law Of The Nazarites [OR] The Priestly Blessing [OR] Aaron's Benediction [OR] The Priestly Benediction [OR] The Form Of Blessing The People Nu 6:1

5. How Aaron and His Sons Will Bless the Israelites Nu 6:22-27

6. Offerings for the Dedication of the Altar Nu 7:1-89

A.) The Gifts Of The Princes [OR] Offerings Of The Leaders [OR] Offerings At The Dedication Of The Tabernacle [OR] The Offering Of The Princes At The Dedication Of The Tabernacle Nu 7:1

1.) Their Several Offerings At The Dedication Of The Altar Nu 7:10

2.) God Speaks To Moses From The Mercy Seat Nu 7:89

7. The Lamp Stand in the Tent Nu 8:1-4

A.) The Lamps And The Candlestick [OR] Arrangement Of The Lamps [OR] Setting Up The Lamps [OR] The Seven Lamps [OR] How The Seven Lamps Are To Be Lighted Nu 8:1

8. The Levites Are Made Ready to Do the LORD'S Work Nu 8:5-26

A.) Cleansing The Levites [OR] Cleansing And Dedication Of The Levites [OR] The Setting Apart Of The Levites [OR] Consecration And Service Of The Levites [OR] The Consecration Of The Levites Nu 8:5

1.) Retirement [OR] The Age And Time Of Their Service Nu 8:23

9. The Second Passover Nu 9:1-14

A.) The Passover [OR] The Second Passover [OR] The Passover At Sinai [OR] The Passover Is Commanded Again Nu 9:1

1.) A Second Passover Allowed For Them That Were Unclean Or Absent Nu 9:6

10. The Column of Smoke Leads Israel Through the Desert Nu 9:15-23

A.) The Guiding Cloud [OR] The Cloud And The Fire [OR] The Cloud Above The Tabernacle [OR] The Cloud On The Tabernacle [OR] The Cloud Guides The Movements Of The Camp Nu 9:15

11. Two Silver Signal Trumpets Nu 10:1-10

A.) The Silver Assembly-Trumpets [OR] Two Silver Trumpets [OR] The Silver Trumpets [OR] The Use Of The Silver Trumpets Nu 10:1

C. The Journey to Canaan Nu 10:11-14

1. Israel Leaves Mount Sinai Nu 10:11-36

I.) From Sinai to Kadesh-barnea Nu 10:11

A.) The First March; The Halt In Paran [OR] Departure From Sinai [OR] The Israelites Leave Sinai [OR] The Tribes Leave Sinai [OR] The Israelites Remove From Sinai To Paran Nu 10:11

1.) The Order Of Their March Nu 10:14

2.) Hobab Is Entreated By Moses Not To Leave Them Nu 10:29

3.) The Blessing Of Moses At The Removing And Resting Of The Ark Nu 10:33

2. The People of Israel Demand Meat to Eat Nu 11:1-35

A.) The Fire Of The Lord At Taberah [OR] The People Complain [OR] Fire From The Lord [OR] Complaining In The Desert [OR] Moses' Prayer Stops The Burning At Taberah Nu 11:1

B.) The Flesh-Pots Of Egypt [OR] Quail From The Lord [OR] The People Lust For Flesh And Loathe Manna Nu 11:4

C.) The Complaint Of Moses [OR] Moses Complains Of His Charge Nu 11:10

D.) The Seventy Elders [OR] Seventy Elders To Assist [OR] God Divides His Burden Among Seventy Elders Nu 11:16

E.) Eldad And Medad Prophesy Nu 11:26

F.) The Quails And The Plague [OR] The Lord Sends Quail [OR] The Quail And The Plague [OR] The Quails [OR] Quails Are Given Nu 11:31

3. Miriam and Aaron Oppose Moses Nu 12:1-16

A.) The Murmuring Of Miriam And Aaron [OR] Dissension Of Aaron And Miriam [OR] Miriam And Aaron Oppose Moses [OR] Aaron And Miriam Jealous Of Moses [OR] God Rebukes The Sedition Of Miriam And Aaron Nu 12:1

1.) Miriam's Leprosy Is Healed Though God Commands Her To Be Shut Out Of The Host Nu 12:10

4. Moses Sends Out 12 Spies Nu 13:1-33

I.) Israel at Kadesh-barnea Nu 13:1

A.) The Spies Sent In [OR] Spies Sent Into Canaan [OR] Exploring Canaan [OR] Spies View The Land [OR] The Men Who Were Sent To Search Out The Land Nu 13:1

1.) Their Instructions Nu 13:17

2.) Their Acts Nu 13:21

3.) The Spies' Reports [OR] The Report Of The Spies Nu 13:25

B.) The Report Of The Spies [OR] Report On The Exploration [OR] Their Unfavorable Report Nu 13:26

5. The People Rebel Against the LORD Nu 14:1-38

A.) The Unbelief Of Israel [OR] Israel Refuses To Enter Canaan [OR] The People Rebel [OR] The People Murmur At The News Nu 14:1

1.) Moses Intercedes For The People [OR] Moses Pleads For The People Nu 14:11

2.) Moses Intercedes For The People [OR] Moses Pleads With God And Obtains Pardon Nu 14:13

3.) The Lord Pardons And Rebukes Nu 14:20

4.) Death Sentence On The Rebels [OR] An Attempted Invasion Is Repulsed [OR] The Murmurers Are Forbidden To Enter Into The Land Nu 14:26

5.) The Men Who Brought The Unfavorable Report Die By A Plague Nu 14:36

6. The Amalekites and Canaanites Defeat Israel Nu 14:39-45

1.) A Futile Invasion Attempt [OR] Israel Repulsed Nu 14:39

2.) The People Who Want To Invade The Land Against The Will Of God Are Smitten Nu 14:40

D. The Years of Wandering Nu 15:1-19

1. Grain and Wine Made Part of the Sacrifices to the LORD Nu 15:1-16

I.) The Wilderness Wanderings Nu 15:1

A.) The End Anticipated [OR] Laws Of Grain And Drink Offerings [OR] Supplementary Offerings [OR] Laws For Canaan [OR] Various Offerings [OR] The Law Of The Meal Offering And The Drink Offering Nu 15:1

1.) The Stranger Is Under The Same Law Nu 15:13

2.) Law Of The Sojourner Nu 15:14

2. Offering the First Bread Dough to the LORD Nu 15:17-21

1.) The Law Of The First Of The Dough For A Heave Offering Nu 15:17

3. What Is to Be Done About Unintentional and Intentional Wrongdoings Nu 15:22-31

1.) Laws Concerning Unintentional Sin [OR] Offerings For Unintentional Sins [OR] The Sacrifice For The Sin Of Ignorance Nu 15:22

2.) Law Concerning Presumptuous Sin [OR] The Punishment Of The Presumptuous Person Nu 15:30

4. A Man Breaks the Rules for the Day of Worship Nu 15:32-36

1.) What The Law Really Is [OR] Penalty For Violating The Sabbath [OR] The Sabbath-Breaker Put To Death [OR] Sabbath-Breaking Punished [OR] The Man Who Violated The Sabbath Is Stoned [OR] Tassels On Garments [OR] Fringes On Garments [OR] The Law Of Wearing Fringes As A Remembrance Nu 15:32

5. The Israelites Are Commanded to Wear Tassels Nu 15:37-41

1.) The Ribband Of Blue, The Heavenly Color--Reminder Of A Separated Walk Nu 15:37

6. Korah's Rebellion Nu 16:1-50

A.) The "Gainsaying Of Korah" [OR] Rebellion Against Moses And Aaron [OR] Korah, Dathan, And Abiram [OR] Korah's Rebellion [OR] Revolt Of Korah, Dathan, And Abiram [OR] The Rebellion Of Korah, Dathan And Abiram Nu 16:1

1.) Moses Separates The People From The Rebels' Tents Nu 16:23

2.) The Earth Swallows Up Korah, And A Fire Consumes Others Nu 16:31

3.) The Censers Are Reserved For Holy Use Nu 16:36

4.) Complaints Of The People [OR] Murmuring And Plague [OR] Fourteen Thousand And Seven Hundred Are Slain By A Plague For Murmuring Against Moses And Aaron Nu 16:41

5.) Aaron By Incense Stays The Plague Nu 16:46

7. Aaron's Staff Grows Nu 17:1-13

A.) Aaron's Rod That Budded [OR] The Budding Of Aaron's Rod [OR] The Budding Of Aaron's Staff [OR] Aaron's Rod Buds [OR] Of All The Rods, Only Aaron's Flourishes [OR] Duties Of Priests And Levites [OR] Duties Of Levites [OR] Responsibility Of Priests And Levites [OR] The Charge Of The Priest And Levites Nu 17:1

8. The Duties of the Levites and Priests Nu 18:1-7

A.) Aaron And The Levites Confirmed In Their Privileges And Responsibilities Nu 18:1

9. Contributions for the Levites and Priests Nu 18:8-32

1.) Offerings For Support Of The Priests [OR] Offerings For Priests And Levites Nu 18:8

2.) The Priests' Portion Nu 18:9

3.) Tithes For Support Of The Levites [OR] The Levites' Portion Nu 18:21

4.) The Tithe Of The Levites [OR] The Heave Offering To The Priests Out Of The Levites' Portion Nu 18:25

10. Water That Makes Israel Clean After Someone Dies Nu 19:1-22

A.) The Ordinance Of The Red Heifer [OR] Laws Of Purification [OR] The Water Of Cleansing [OR] Ordinance Of The Red Heifer [OR] Ceremony Of The Red Heifer [OR] The Water Of Separation Made Of The Ashes Of A Red Heifer Nu 19:1

1.) The Law For The Use Of It In Purification Of The Unclean Nu 19:11

E. The Journey Back to Canaan Nu 20:1-36

1. Water From the Rock Nu 20:1-13

A.) Death Of Miriam [OR] Moses' Error At Kadesh [OR] Water From The Rock [OR] The Waters Of Meribah [OR] The Israelites Come To Zin, Where Miriam Dies Nu 20:1

B.) Thirst In The Old Place Of Thirst [OR] They Murmur For Want Of Water Nu 20:2

C.) Water From The Rock, And Moses' Sin [OR] Moses, Smiting The Rock, Brings Forth Water At Meribah Nu 20:7

1.) The Water Of Meribah Nu 20:8

2. Edom Refuses to Allow Israel to Pass Through Its Territory Nu 20:14-21

A.) The Never-Forgiven Sin Of Edom [OR] Passage Through Edom Refused [OR] Edom Denies Israel Passage [OR] Moses At Kadesh Desires Passage Through Edom, Which Is Denied Him Nu 20:14

3. Aaron's Death Nu 20:22-29

1.) Death Of Aaron [OR] The Death Of Aaron [OR] At Mount Hor Aaron Resigns His Place To Eleazar, And Dies Nu 20:22

A.) The Death Of Aaron [OR] Death Of Aaron Nu 20:23

4. The King of Arad Is Defeated Nu 21:1-3

A.) The March Of Israel Nu 21:1

1.) Victory [OR] Canaanites Defeated At Hormah [OR] Arad Destroyed [OR] Arad Conquered [OR] The Bronze Serpent [OR] The Israelites, With Some Loss, Destroy The Canaanites At Hormah Nu 21:1

5. The Bronze Snake Nu 21:4-9

(I.) The Bronze Serpent [OR] The Bronze Snake [OR] The People, Murmuring, Are Plagued With Fiery Serpents Nu 21:4

1.) The Serpent Of Brass Nu 21:5

(I.) The Bronze Serpent Nu 21:6

(II.) Repenting, They Are Healed By A Brazen Serpent Nu 21:7

6. Israel Travels Past Edom to Moab Nu 21:10-20

(I.) From Mount Hor To Moab [OR] The Journey To Moab [OR] Various Journeys Of The Israelites Nu 21:10

7. Sihon and Og Defeated Nu 21:21-35

1.) Two Victories [OR] King Sihon Defeated [OR] Defeat Of Sihon And Og [OR] Sihon Is Overcome [OR] King Og Defeated [OR] Og Is Defeated Nu 21:21

8. Balaam Is Hired to Curse Israel Nu 22:1-20

1.) Balaam [OR] Balak Sends For Balaam [OR] Balak Summons Balaam [OR] Balak Summons Balaam To Curse Israel [OR] Balak's First Message For Balaam Is Refused Nu 22:1

(I.) After A Second Message From Balak, Balaam Goes With The Moabite Princes Nu 22:15

9. Balaam's Journey to Moab Nu 22:21-41

(I.) Balaam's Donkey Nu 22:21

(II.) Balaam, The Donkey, And The Angel [OR] The Angel And Balaam [OR] Balaam, The Donkey, And The Angel [OR] An Angel Would Have Slain Him, If His Ass Had Not Saved Him Nu 22:22

(III.) Balak Entertains Him Nu 22:36

(IV.) Balaam's First Prophecy Nu 22:41

10. Balaam's First Prophecy Nu 23:1-12

(I.) The Prophecy From The High Places Of Baal. The Separation Of Israel [OR] Balaam's First Oracle [OR] The Prophecies Of Balaam [OR] Balak's Sacrifice Nu 23:1

(A.) Balaam's parable Nu 23:7

11. Balaam's Second Prophecy Nu 23:13-30

(I.) The Prophecy From Pisgah: The Justification And Power Of Israel [OR] Balaam's Second Prophecy [OR] Balaam's Second Oracle Nu 23:13

(II.) The Prophecy From Peor Nu 23:27

(A.) The beauty and order of Israel [OR] Balaam's Third Prophecy [OR] Balaam's Third Oracle Nu 23:27

12. Balaam's Third Prophecy Nu 24:1-9

(1.) The Prophecy from Peor [OR] Balaam's Third Oracle [OR] Balaam, leaving divination, prophesies the happiness of Israel Nu 24:1

13. Balaam's Fourth Prophecy Nu 24:10-25

(1.) Balak in anger dismisses him Nu 24:10

(A.) The Messianic kingdom [OR] Balaam's Fourth Prophecy [OR] Balaam's Fourth Oracle [OR] He prophesies of the star of Jacob, and the destruction of some nations Nu 24:15

(1.) Balaam's Final Oracles Nu 24:20

14. Israel Commits Idolatry Nu 25:1-18

(I.) the Doctrine Of Balaam [OR] Israel's Harlotry In Moab [OR] Moab Seduces Israel [OR] The Sin Of Peor [OR] Worship Of Baal Of Peor [OR] The Israelites Commit Idolatry At Shittim Nu 25:1

(A.) Phinehas kills Zimri and Cozbi Nu 25:6

(B.) The Zeal of Phinehas [OR] God therefore gives him an everlasting priesthood Nu 25:10

(C.) The Midianites are to be vexed Nu 25:16

15. Moses Takes Another Census of Israel Nu 26:1-65

A.) The New Generation Of Israel Numbered [OR] The Second Census Of Israel [OR] The Second Census [OR] Census Of A New Generation [OR] A Census Of The New Generation [OR] The Sum Of All Israel Is Taken Nu 26:1

1.) The Law Of Dividing Among Them The Inheritance Of The Land Nu 26:52

2.) The Families And Number Of The Levites Nu 26:57

3.) None Were Left Of Those Who Were Numbered At Sinai Except Caleb And Joshua Nu 26:63

16. A Request From Zelophehad's Daughters Nu 27:1-11

A.) The Law Of Inheritance [OR] Inheritance Laws [OR] Zelophehad's Daughters [OR] A Law Of Inheritance [OR] The Daughters Of Zelophehad [OR] The Daughters Of Zelophehad Sue For An Inheritance Nu 27:1

1.) The Law Of Inheritances Nu 27:6

17. The LORD Appoints Joshua to Succeed Moses Nu 27:12-23

A.) Moses To Prepare For Death [OR] Joshua The Next Leader Of Israel [OR] Joshua To Succeed Moses [OR] Joshua Appointed Moses' Successor [OR] Moses Is Told Of His Death Nu 27:12

B.) Joshua Appointed In Moses' Place [OR] Joshua To Succeed Moses [OR] He Asks God To Appoint His Successor Nu 27:15

1.) Joshua Is Named [OR] Daily Offerings [OR] Laws For Offerings [OR] Offerings Are To Be Observed Nu 27:18

18. Daily Sacrifices Nu 28:1-8

A.) The Order Of Offerings Nu 28:1

1.) The Continual Burnt Offering [OR] Sabbath Offerings [OR] The Offering On The Sabbath [OR] Monthly Offerings [OR] At The New Moons Nu 28:3

19. Weekly Sacrifices Nu 28:9-10

20. Monthly Sacrifices Nu 28:11-15

21. Annual Sacrifices Nu 28:16-29

1.) Offerings At Passover [OR] The Passover [OR] Offerings At Passover [OR] On The Observance Of The Passover Nu 28:16

2.) Offerings At The Feast Of Weeks [OR] Feast Of Weeks [OR] Offerings At The Festival Of Weeks [OR] And In The Day Of Firstfruits At The Feast Of Weeks Nu 28:26

3.) Offerings At The Feast Of Trumpets [OR] Feast Of Trumpets [OR] Offerings Of The Seventh Month [OR] Offerings At The Festival Of Trumpets [OR] The Offering At The Feast Of Trumpets Nu 29:1

4.) Offerings On The Day Of Atonement [OR] Day Of Atonement [OR] Offerings On The Day Of Atonement [OR] At The Day Of Afflicting Their Souls Nu 29:7

5.) Offerings At The Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] Offerings At The Festival Of Booths Nu 29:12

6.) And On The Eight Days Of The Feast Of Tabernacles Nu 29:13

22. Teachings About Vows Nu 30:1-16

A.) The Law Of Vows [OR] The Law Concerning Vows [OR] Vows [OR] Vows Made By Women [OR] Vows Are Not To Be Broken Nu 30:1

1.) The Exception Of A Maid's Vow Nu 30:3

2.) Of A Wife's Nu 30:6

3.) Of A Widow's, Or Her That Is Divorced [OR] Vengeance On The Midianites [OR] The Slaughter Of Midian [OR] War Against Midian [OR] The Midianites Are Spoiled, And Balaam Slain Nu 30:9

23. The LORD Commands Israel to Defeat Midian Nu 31:1-54

A.) The Judgment On Midian Nu 31:1

1.) Return From The War [OR] Moses Is Angry With The Officers For Saving The Women Alive Nu 31:13

2.) How The Soldiers With Their Captives And Spoil Are To Be Purified Nu 31:19

3.) Division Of The Plunder [OR] Dividing The Spoils [OR] Division Of The Booty [OR] Disposition Of Captives And Booty [OR] The Proportion Whereby The Prey Is To Be Divided Nu 31:25

4.) The Voluntary Offering Nu 31:48

24. The Tribes of Reuben and Gad Request Land East of the Jordan River Nu 32:1-42

A.) The Choice Of The World-Borderers [OR] The Tribes Settling East Of The Jordan [OR] The Transjordan Tribes [OR] Reuben And Gad Settle In Gilead [OR] Conquest And Division Of Transjordan [OR] The Reubenites And Gadites Sue For Their Inheritance Beyond Jordan Nu 32:1

1.) Moses Reproves Them Nu 32:6

2.) They Offer Conditions Which Are Satisfactory To Him Nu 32:16

3.) Moses Assigns Them The Land Nu 32:33

4.) They Conquer It Nu 32:39

25. A Summary of Israel's Journeys After Leaving Egypt Nu 33:1-49

A.) Summary Of The Journeys From Egypt To Jordan [OR] Israel's Journey From Egypt Reviewed [OR] Stages In Israel's Journey [OR] Review Of The Journey From Egypt To Jordan [OR] The Stages Of Israel's Journey From Egypt [OR] Forty-Two Journeys Of The Israelites Nu 33:1

26. The Canaanites Must Be Forced Out Nu 33:50-56

I.) Closing Instructions [OR] Instructions for the Conquest of Canaan [OR] Law of Possessing the Land [OR] Directions for the Conquest of Canaan [OR] The Canaanites are to be destroyed Nu 33:50

A.) The Law Of The Possession Of The Land Nu 33:51

27. The Boundaries of Israel's Land Nu 34:1-15

A.) Preparations To Enter The Land [OR] The Appointed Boundaries Of Canaan [OR] Boundaries Of Canaan [OR] Instruction For Apportioning Canaan [OR] The Boundaries Of The Land [OR] The Borders Of The Land Nu 34:1

28. Men Are Appointed to Divide the Land Nu 34:16-29

1.) The Leaders Appointed To Divide The Land [OR] Tribal Leaders [OR] The Names Of The Men Who Will Divide The Land Nu 34:16

29. Cities for the Levites Nu 35:1-8

A.) The Cities Of Refuge [OR] Cities For The Levites [OR] Towns For The Levites [OR] Forty-Eight Levitical Cities [OR] Cities Of Refuge [OR] Six Are To Be Cities Of Refuge [OR] The Laws Of Murder Nu 35:1

30. Cities of Refuge Nu 35:9-34

1.) Concerning Murder And Blood Revenge Nu 35:16

2.) No Satisfaction For Murder Nu 35:31

31. The Rights of Women to Inherit Land Nu 36:1-13

A.) As To Inheritances [OR] Marriage Of Female Heirs [OR] Inheritance Of Zelophehad's Daughters [OR] Inheritance By Marriage [OR] The Problem Of The Inheritance Of Daughters Nu 36:1

1.) Is Solved By Their Marrying In Their Own Tribes Nu 36:5

2.) Lest The Inheritance Be Taken From The Tribe Nu 36:7

3.) The Daughters Of Zelophehad Marry Their Father's Brothers' Sons Nu 36:10

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The work herein is a compendium of the work of anonymous Bible scholars who summarized Bible passages. The [OR] operators indicate differences in how different Bible scholars summarized given Bible passages. Standard outline form is not always followed due to overlapping events or overlapping times in which events took place.

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