A. Nehemiah's Mission Ne 1:1-7:73

   (1.) Distressing News Ne 1:1-3

I.) The journey to Jerusalem Ne 1:1

A.) Nehemiah Learns Of The Distress Of The Remnant Of Jerusalem [OR] Nehemiah Prays For His People [OR] Nehemiah's Prayer [OR] Nehemiah's Grief For The Exiles [OR] Nehemiah Learns Of The Misery Of Jerusalem Ne 1:1

1. Nehemiah's Prayer Ne 1:4-11

1.) He Mourns, Fasts, And Prays Ne 1:4

A.) Nehemiah's Prayer [OR] His Prayer Ne 1:5

2. The King Shows Compassion to Nehemiah Ne 2:1-8

A.) Artaxerxes Sends Nehemiah To Jerusalem [OR] Nehemiah Sent To Judah [OR] Nehemiah's Prayer Answered [OR] Artaxerxes Understands The Cause Of Nehemiah's Sadness And Sends Him To Jerusalem Ne 2:1

3. Nehemiah Goes to Jerusalem Ne 2:9-10

1.) Nehemiah, To The Grief Of The Enemies, Comes To Jerusalem Ne 2:9

4. Nehemiah Surveys the Damage to Jerusalem's Walls Ne 2:11-20

A.) Nehemiah Views The Ruined Walls [OR] Nehemiah Views The Wall Of Jerusalem [OR] Nehemiah Inspects Jerusalem's Walls [OR] Nehemiah's Inspection Of The Walls Ne 2:11

1.) He Views Secretly The Ruins Of The Walls Ne 2:12

B.) Nehemiah Encourages The People To Build The Walls [OR] Decision To Restore The Walls [OR] He Encourages The Jews To Build, Despite The Enemies Ne 2:17

5. A List of the People Rebuilding Jerusalem's Walls Ne 3:1-32

I.) The building of the wall Ne 3:1

A.) The Builders Of The Wall [OR] Rebuilding The Wall [OR] Builders Of The Wall [OR] Builders Of The Walls [OR] Organization Of The Work [OR] The Names And Order Of Those Who Built The Wall [OR] The Wall Defended Against Enemies [OR] Opposition To The Rebuilding [OR] Work Is Ridiculed [OR] Hostile Plots Thwarted [OR] While The Enemies Scoff, Nehemiah Prays And Continues The Work Ne 3:1

6. Sanballat Ridicules the Jews Ne 4:1-3

A.) Opposition By Ridicule Ne 4:1

7. Nehemiah Overcomes Opposition From Sanballat Ne 4:4-23

A.) Nehemiah Answers By Prayer Ne 4:4

B.) Opposition By Anger: The Resource Of Prayer [OR] Understanding The Wrath And Secrets Of The Enemy, He Sets A Watch Ne 4:7

1.) Discouragement Overcome Ne 4:9

C.) Opposition By Discouraged Brethren: The Resource Of Faith Ne 4:10

1.) He Gives Military Precepts Ne 4:19

8. The Poor Complain About Their Rich Relatives Ne 5:1-5

A.) Opposition By Greed And Heartlessness: The Resource Of Restitution [OR] Nehemiah Deals With Oppression [OR] Nehemiah Helps The Poor [OR] Usury Abolished [OR] The Jews Complain Of Their Debts And Bondage Ne 5:1

9. Nehemiah Stops the Rich From Taking Advantage of the Poor Ne 5:6-13

1.) Nehemiah Rebukes The Usurers, And Exacts A Promise Of Restitution Ne 5:6

10. Nehemiah Never Takes What Is Rightfully His as Governor Ne 5:14-18

A.) Nehemiah's Example Of Unselfishness [OR] The Generosity Of Nehemiah [OR] Nehemiah's Example [OR] He Forgoes His Own Allowance, Yet Entertains Generously Ne 5:14

11. Nehemiah's Prayer Ne 5:19-

12. Sanballat Tries to Harm Nehemiah Ne 6:1-14

A.) Opposition By Craft: The Resource Of Manly Firmness [OR] Conspiracy Against Nehemiah [OR] Further Opposition To The Rebuilding [OR] The Enemy's Plot [OR] Intrigues Of Enemies Foiled [OR] Sanballat Tries By Craft, By Rumors, And By Hired Prophecies, To Terrify Nehemiah Ne 6:1

13. The Wall Rebuilt in Spite of Opposition Ne 6:15-16

A.) The Wall Is Finished [OR] The Wall Completed [OR] The Completion Of The Wall [OR] The Work Is Finished, To The Terror Of The Enemies Ne 6:15

14. Traitors on the Inside Ne 6:17-19

1.) Secret Intelligence Passes Between The Enemies And The Nobles Of Judah Ne 6:17

15. Nehemiah Places Hanani and Hananiah in Charge of Guarding the City Gates Ne 7:1-4

I.) The census Ne 7:1

A.) Jerusalem Given In Charge To Hanani And Hananiah [OR] Census Of First Returned Exiles [OR] Nehemiah Places Jerusalem In The Care Of Hanani And Hananiah Ne 7:1

1.) The Captives Who Returned To Jerusalem [OR] The List Of The Exiles Who Returned Ne 7:4

16. The First Jewish Exiles Who Returned to Jerusalem [7:5-7a] Ne 7:5-7

A.) Register Of The Genealogy Of The First Remnant Ne 7:5

1.) The People [OR] Lists Of The Returned Exiles [OR] A Register Of The Genealogy Of Those Who First Came Out Of Babylon Ne 7:5

17. Families Listed by Ancestor [7:7b-25] Ne 7:8-25

(I.) Of The People Ne 7:8

18. Families Listed by Towns Ne 7:26-38

19. Priests Ne 7:39-42

1.) The Priests [OR] Of The Priests Ne 7:39

20. Levites Ne 7:43-45

1.) The Levites [OR] Of The Levites Ne 7:43

21. Temple Servants Ne 7:46-56

1.) The Nethinims [OR] Of The Temple Servants Ne 7:46

22. Descendants of Solomon's Servants Ne 7:57-60

1.) The Children Of Solomon's Servants [OR] Of Solomon's Servants Ne 7:57

23. Those of Unknown Origin Ne 7:61-65

1.) The Priests Without Pedigree [OR] And Of The Priests Who Could Not Trace Their Pedigree Ne 7:63

24. The Total of the People and Animals Returning From Exile Ne 7:66-69

1.) Total Number Of The Remnant [OR] Total Of People And Gifts [OR] The Total Number, With Their Substance And Their Gifts Ne 7:66

2.) Their Substance And Gifts Ne 7:68

25. Gifts Given for the Temple Ne 7:70-73

B. Ezra Reads the Law Ne 7:73b-8:18

(I.) Ezra Reads The Law [OR] Ezra Summons The People To Obey The Law [OR] Ezra Reads The Law [OR] The Worshipful Manner Of Reading And Hearing The Law Ne 7:73

1. The Public Reading of Moses' Teachings Ne 8:1-12

I.) The revival Ne 8:1

A.) The Law Read And Explained Ne 8:1

1.) This Day Is Holy [OR] Nehemiah, Ezra, And The Levites Comfort The People Ne 8:9

2. The Festival of Booths Is Observed Ne 8:13-18

1.) The Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] Feast Of Booths Restored [OR] The Festival Of Booths Celebrated [OR] Their Eagerness To Hear And Be Instructed Ne 8:13

A.) Feast Of Tabernacles Restored Ne 8:14

1.) They Keep The Feast Of Tabernacles Ne 8:16

C. Nehemiah's Reformation Ne 9:1-13:31

1. A Day of Fasting and Confession Ne 9:1-3

A.) The People Fast And Repent [OR] The People Confess Their Sins [OR] The Israelites Confess Their Sins [OR] The People Confess Their Sin [OR] National Confession [OR] The People Keep A Solemn Fast And Repent Ne 9:1

2. A Day of Prayer [9:4-5a] Ne 9:4-5

A.) Confession Of The Priests And Levites [OR] The Levites Make A Solemn Confession Of God's Goodness And Their Wickedness Ne 9:4

3. Creation [9:5b-6] Ne 9:6-

4. Abraham Ne 9:7-8

5. The Exodus Ne 9:9-11

6. Wandering in the Wilderness Ne 9:12-21

7. Conquest of Canaan Ne 9:22-25

8. Israel's Rebellion Ne 9:26-31

9. The Present Ne 9:32-37

10. An Agreement in Writing Ne 9:38-10:39

1.) The Agreement Of The People [OR] A Covenant Results [OR] Those Who Signed The Covenant Ne 9:38

A.) The Covenant Signers: The Covenant [OR] The People Who Sealed The Covenant [OR] Signers Of The Document [OR] The Names Of Those Who Sealed The Covenant Ne 10:1

1.) The Covenant That Was Sealed [OR] Obligations Of The Document [OR] Summary Of The Covenant Ne 10:28

2.) The Points Of The Covenant Ne 10:29

11. New Residents for Jerusalem Ne 11:1-36

A.) The Dwellers At Jerusalem [OR] The People Dwelling In Jerusalem [OR] The New Residents Of Jerusalem [OR] Time Passes, Heads Of Provinces [OR] Population Of The City Increased [OR] The Rulers, Volunteers, And Every Tenth Man Chosen By Lot, Dwell At Jerusalem Ne 11:1

1.) A Catalogue Of Their Names Ne 11:3

B.) The Dwellers In The Other Cities [OR] Outside Jerusalem [OR] The Remainder Dwell In Other Cities Ne 11:20

1.) The People Dwelling Outside Jerusalem [OR] Villages Outside Jerusalem Ne 11:25

12. The Priest and Levites Who Returned to Jerusalem With Zerubbabel Ne 12:1-26

I.) The census of the priests and Levites Ne 12:1

A.) The Priests And Levites Who Went Up With Zerubbabel [OR] The Priests And Levites [OR] Priests And Levites [OR] Priests And Levites Who Returned To Jerusalem With Zerubbabel [OR] A List Of Priests And Levites [OR] The Priests Ne 12:1

1.) And The Levites Who Came Up With Zerubbabel Ne 12:8

B.) Descent Of The Priests [OR] The Succession Of High Priests Ne 12:10

C.) The Chief Levites [OR] Certain Chief Levites Ne 12:22

13. Jerusalem's Wall Is Dedicated to God Ne 12:27-13:5

I.) Dedication of the wall [OR] Nehemiah Dedicates the Wall [OR] Dedication of the Wall of Jerusalem [OR] Dedication of the Wall [OR] Dedication of the City Wall [OR] The solemn but joyful dedication of the walls Ne 12:27

A.) Procedures For The Temple [OR] Temple Responsibilities [OR] The Duties Of The Priests And Levites Appointed To Temple Service Ne 12:31

II.) Restoration of the temple worship Ne 12:44

III.) The legal order restored Ne 13:1

A.) The Law, And Separation [OR] Principles Of Separation [OR] Nehemiah's Final Reforms [OR] Foreigners Excluded [OR] Foreigners Separated From Israel [OR] At The Reading Of The Law, The Israelites Are Separated From The Mixed Multitude Ne 13:1

B.) Cleansing Of The Temple [OR] The Reforms Of Nehemiah [OR] Tobiah Expelled And The Temple Cleansed [OR] Nehemiah, At His Return, Causes The Chambers To Be Cleansed Ne 13:4

14. Nehemiah Evicts Tobiah From the Temple Ne 13:6-9

A.) Nehemiah's Second Visit To Jerusalem Ne 13:7

15. Nehemiah Ensures That the Levites Receive Their Portion of the Offerings Ne 13:10-14

A.) The Order Of God's House [OR] Tithes Restored [OR] He Reassigns Duties In The House Of God Ne 13:10

1.) And Prays For Remembrance Ne 13:14

16. Nehemiah Ensures That No Work Is Done on the Day of Worship Ne 13:15-22

A.) Violation Of The Sabbath Rest [OR] Sabbath Restored [OR] Sabbath Reforms Begun [OR] The Violation Of The Sabbath Ne 13:15

17. Nehemiah Dissolves Marriages to Foreigners Ne 13:23-31

A.) Intermarriage With Other Races Rebuked [OR] Mixed Marriages Forbidden [OR] Mixed Marriages Condemned [OR] And The Marriages With Foreign Wives Corrected Ne 13:23