A. The Preparation of the King And The Family Line Of Christ Mt 1:1-4:16

I.) The manifestation to Israel and rejection of Jesus Christ the Son of David, born King of the Jews Mt 1:1

A.) The Official Genealogy And Birth Of The King [OR] The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ [OR] The Genealogy Of Jesus [OR] Genealogy Of Jesus Christ [OR] The Genealogy Of Jesus The Messiah [OR] The Genealogy Of Christ From Abraham To Joseph Mt 1:1

1. The Virgin Birth of Christ Mt 1:18-25

1.) Conception And Birth Of Jesus [OR] Christ Born Of Mary [OR] The Birth Of Jesus Christ [OR] The Birth Of Jesus The Messiah [OR] The Story Of Jesus' Birth Mt 1:18

(I.) Jesus Is Born Of The Virgin Mary Mt 1:20

2. The Wise Men Visit Mt 2:1-12

A.) The Infancy And Obscurity Of The King Mt 2:1

1.) Visit Of The Magi [OR] Wise Men From The East [OR] The Visit Of The Magi [OR] Visit Of The Wise Men [OR] The Visit Of The Wise Men [OR] The Wise Men From The East Are Directed To Jesus' Birthplace By A Star Mt 2:1

(I.) They Worship Him, And Offer Their Presents Mt 2:11

3. The Escape to Egypt Mt 2:13-18

1.) The Flight Into Egypt [OR] The Escape To Egypt [OR] The Flight To Egypt Mt 2:13

(I.) Joseph Flees Into Egypt With Jesus And His Mother Mt 2:14

2.) Herod's Slaughter Of The Innocents [OR] Massacre Of The Innocents [OR] Herod Slaughters Babies [OR] The Massacre Of The Infants [OR] Herod Slays The Children Mt 2:16

4. From Egypt to Nazareth Mt 2:19-23

1.) The Return From Egypt To Nazareth [OR] The Home In Nazareth [OR] The Return To Nazareth [OR] The Return From Egypt [OR] And He Himself Dies Mt 2:19

(I.) Jesus Is Brought Back Into Galilee To Dwell In Nazareth [OR] John The Baptist Prepares The Way [OR] John The Baptist Preaches [OR] The Proclamation Of John The Baptist [OR] John Preaches: His Work, Life, And Baptism Mt 2:21

5. John Prepares the Way Mt 3:1-12

A.) The Kingdom "At Hand" Mt 3:1

1.) Ministry Of John The Baptist Mt 3:1

(I.) He Reprimands The Pharisees, And Baptizes Jesus In Jordan Mt 3:7

6. John Baptizes Christ Mt 3:13-17

1.) Baptism Of Jesus [OR] John Baptizes Jesus [OR] The Baptism Of Jesus Mt 3:13

7. The Temptation of Christ Mt 4:1-11

1.) The Temptation Of Jesus [OR] Satan Tempts Jesus [OR] Temptation Of Jesus [OR] Christ Fasts, Then Is Tempted Mt 4:1

(I.) The Angels Minister Unto Him Mt 4:11

8. A Light Has Risen Mt 4:12-17

1.) Jesus Comes To Capernaum And Begins His Public Ministry [OR] Jesus Begins His Galilean Ministry [OR] Jesus Begins To Preach [OR] Jesus Begins His Ministry [OR] Jesus Begins His Ministry In Galilee Mt 4:12

(I.) He Dwells In Capernaum Mt 4:13

B. The Presentation of the Kingdom Mt 4:17-16:12

(I.) Begins To Preach Mt 4:17

1. Calling of the First Disciples Mt 4:18-22

1.) The Call Of Peter And Andrew To Service [OR] Four Fishermen Called As Disciples [OR] The Calling Of The First Disciples [OR] The First Disciples [OR] Jesus Calls The First Disciples [OR] Calls Peter And Andrew Mt 4:18

2.) The Call Of James And John, Sons Of Zebedee [OR] James And John Mt 4:21

2. Spreading the Good News in Galilee Mt 4:23-25

(I.) Jesus Heals A Great Multitude [OR] Jesus Heals The Sick [OR] Ministry In Galilee [OR] Jesus Ministers To Crowds Of People [OR] And Heals All The Diseased [OR] The Beatitudes [OR] The Sermon On The Mount, The Beatitudes [OR] Christ Begins His Sermon On The Mount: Mt 4:23

3. The Sermon on a Mountain: The Beatitudes Mt 5:1-12

1.) The Sermon On The Mount Mt 5:1

(I.) The Beatitudes Mt 5:1

(A.) declaring who are blessed Mt 5:3

4. The Sermon on a Mountain: God's People Make a Difference in the World Mt 5:13-16

(I.) Similitudes Of The Believer [OR] Believers Are Salt And Light [OR] Salt And Light [OR] Disciples And The World [OR] Who Are The Salt Of The Earth Mt 5:13

(A.) the light of the world, the city on a hill Mt 5:14

(B.) and the candle Mt 5:15

5. The Sermon on a Mountain: Christ Fulfills the Old Testament Scriptures Mt 5:17-20

(I.) Relation Of Christ To The Law [OR] Christ Fulfills The Law [OR] The Fulfillment Of The Law [OR] The Law And The Prophets [OR] He Came To Fulfil The Law Mt 5:17

6. The Sermon on a Mountain: Christ Talks About Anger Mt 5:21-26

(A.) Murder Begins in the Heart [OR] Murder [OR] Personal Relationships [OR] Concerning Anger [OR] What it is to kill Mt 5:21

7. The Sermon on a Mountain: About Sexual Sin Mt 5:27-32

(A.) Adultery in the Heart [OR] Adultery [OR] Concerning Adultery [OR] to commit adultery Mt 5:27

(I.) Jesus And Divorce [OR] Marriage Is Sacred And Binding [OR] Divorce [OR] Concerning Divorce Mt 5:31

8. The Sermon on a Mountain: About Oaths Mt 5:33-37

(A.) Jesus Forbids Oaths [OR] Oaths [OR] Concerning Oaths [OR] and to swear Mt 5:33

9. The Sermon on a Mountain: Love Your Enemies Mt 5:38-48

(A.) Go the Second Mile [OR] An Eye for an Eye [OR] Concerning Retaliation [OR] He exhorts us to suffer wrong Mt 5:38

(B.) Love Your Enemies [OR] Love for Enemies [OR] to love even our enemies Mt 5:43

(C.) and to labor for perfection Mt 5:48

10. The Sermon on a Mountain: Don't Do Good Works to Be Praised by People Mt 6:1-4

(I.) Mere Externalism In Religion Condemned [OR] Do Good To Please God [OR] Giving To The Needy [OR] Concerning Alms And Prayer [OR] Concerning Almsgiving [OR] Christ Continues His Sermon On The Mount, Speaking Of Alms Mt 6:1

11. The Sermon on a Mountain: The Lord's Prayer Mt 6:5-15

(A.) The Model Prayer [OR] Prayer [OR] Concerning Prayer Mt 6:5

(I.) The New Revelation Concerning Prayer Mt 6:8

(A.) forgiving our brethren Mt 6:14

12. The Sermon on a Mountain: Fasting Mt 6:16-18

(I.) Externalism Again Rebuked [OR] Fasting To Be Seen Only By God [OR] Fasting [OR] Concerning Fasting, True Treasure, Mammon [OR] Concerning Fasting [OR] And Fasting Mt 6:16

13. The Sermon on a Mountain: True Riches Mt 6:19-24

(I.) The Kingdom Law Of Riches [OR] Lay Up Treasures In Heaven [OR] Treasures In Heaven [OR] Concerning Treasures [OR] Where Our Treasure Is To Be Kept Mt 6:19

(A.) The Lamp of the Body [OR] The Sound Eye Mt 6:22

(B.) You Cannot Serve God and Riches [OR] Serving Two Masters [OR] Of serving God and mammon [OR] Do Not Worry [OR] The Cure for Anxiety [OR] He exhorts us not to be concerned about worldly things Mt 6:24

14. The Sermon on a Mountain: Stop Worrying Mt 6:25-34

(I.) The Cure Of Anxiety: Trust In The Father's Care Mt 6:25

(A.) but to seek God's kingdom Mt 6:33

15. The Sermon on a Mountain: Stop Judging Mt 7:1-5

(I.) Judgment Of Others Forbidden [OR] Do Not Judge [OR] Judging Others [OR] Concerning Judging Others [OR] Christ, Ending His Sermon On The Mount, Reproves Rash Judgment Mt 7:1

16. The Sermon on a Mountain: Don't Throw Pearls to Pigs Mt 7:6-

(A.) Profaning the Holy [OR] forbids us to cast holy things to dogs Mt 7:6

17. The Sermon on a Mountain: The Power of Prayer Mt 7:7-11

(I.) Encouragements To Pray [OR] Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking [OR] Ask, Seek, Knock [OR] Encouragement To Pray [OR] Ask, Search, Knock [OR] Exhorts Us To Pray Mt 7:7

18. The Sermon on a Mountain: The Golden Rule Mt 7:12-

(I.) Summary Of O.t. Righteousness [OR] The Golden Rule Mt 7:12

19. The Sermon on a Mountain: The Narrow Gate Mt 7:13-14

(I.) The Two Ways [OR] The Narrow Way [OR] The Narrow And Wide Gates [OR] Ways Contrasted, Fruits Contrasted [OR] The Narrow Gate [OR] To Enter In At The Narrow Gate Mt 7:13

20. The Sermon on a Mountain: False Prophets Mt 7:15-23

(I.) Warning Against False Teachers: The Test [OR] You Will Know Them By Their Fruits [OR] A Tree And Its Fruit [OR] To Beware Of False Prophets Mt 7:15

(II.) The Danger Of Profession Without Faith [OR] I Never Knew You [OR] Concerning Self-deception [OR] To Be Doers Of The Word Mt 7:21

21. The Sermon on a Mountain: Build on the Rock Mt 7:24-29

(I.) The Two Foundations [OR] Build On The Rock [OR] The Wise And Foolish Builders [OR] Hearers And Doers [OR] And To Be Like The Man Who Builds His House On A Rock Mt 7:24

(A.) and not on the sand Mt 7:26

22. Christ Cures a Man With a Skin Disease Mt 8:1-4

1.) Jesus Heals A Leper [OR] Jesus Cleanses A Leper [OR] The Man With Leprosy [OR] Jesus Cleanses A Leper, The Centurion's Faith [OR] Christ Cleanses The Leper Mt 8:1

23. A Believing Army Officer Mt 8:5-13

1.) Jesus Heals The Centurion's Servant [OR] Jesus Heals A Centurion's Servant [OR] The Faith Of The Centurion [OR] And Heals The Centurion's Servant Mt 8:5

24. Christ Cures Peter's Mother-in-Law and Many Others Mt 8:14-18

1.) Jesus Heals Peter's Wife's Mother [OR] Peter's Mother-In-Law Healed [OR] Jesus Heals Many [OR] Peter's Mother-In-Law Healed, Many Healed [OR] Jesus Heals Many At Peter's House [OR] Peter's Mother-In-Law Mt 8:14

(I.) Many Healed After Sabbath Sunset [OR] And Many Other Diseased People Mt 8:16

(II.) The Cost Of Discipleship [OR] The Cost Of Following Jesus [OR] Discipleship Tested [OR] Would-be Followers Of Jesus [OR] Christ Shows How He Is To Be Followed Mt 8:18

25. What It Takes to Be a Disciple Mt 8:19-22

1.) Professed Disciples Tested Mt 8:19

26. Christ Calms the Sea Mt 8:23-27

1.) Jesus Stills The Waves [OR] Wind And Wave Obey Jesus [OR] Jesus Calms The Storm [OR] Jesus Stills The Storm [OR] He Stills The Tempest On The Sea Mt 8:23

27. Christ Cures Two Demon-Possessed Men Mt 8:28-34

1.) Jesus Casts Out Demons At Gadara [OR] Two Demon-Possessed Men Healed [OR] The Healing Of Two Demon-Possessed Men [OR] Jesus Casts Out Demons [OR] Jesus Heals The Gadarene Demoniacs [OR] He Drives The Devils Out Of Two Demoniacs Mt 8:28

(I.) And Allows Them To Go Into The Swine Mt 8:31

28. Christ Forgives Sins Mt 9:1-8

1.) Jesus Returns To Capernaum: Heals The Palsied Man [OR] Jesus Forgives And Heals A Paralytic [OR] Jesus Heals A Paralytic [OR] A Paralytic Cured [OR] Christ Cures A Paralytic Mt 9:1

(I.) Jesus Heals A Paralytic Mt 9:2

29. Christ Chooses Matthew to Be a Disciple Mt 9:9-13

1.) The Call Of Matthew [OR] Matthew The Tax Collector [OR] The Calling Of Matthew [OR] Matthew Called [OR] He Calls Matthew From The Tax Collector's Office Mt 9:9

2.) Jesus Answers The Pharisees [OR] Eats With Publicans And Sinners Mt 9:10

30. Christ Is Questioned About Fasting Mt 9:14-17

(I.) Jesus Is Questioned About Fasting [OR] Jesus Questioned About Fasting [OR] The Question About Fasting [OR] And Defends His Disciples For Not Fasting Mt 9:14

1.) Parables Of The Garment And Bottles Mt 9:16

31. A Synagogue Leader's Daughter and the Woman With Chronic Bleeding Mt 9:18-26

1.) Jesus Heals The Woman With An Issue Of Blood, And Raises The Daughter Of A Ruler (Jairus) [OR] A Girl Restored To Life And A Woman Healed [OR] A Dead Girl And A Sick Woman [OR] Miracles Of Healing Mt 9:18

(I.) He Cures A Woman Of A Bloody Issue Mt 9:20

(II.) Raises Jairus' Daughter From Death Mt 9:23

32. Christ Heals Two Blind Men Mt 9:27-31

1.) Two Blind Men Healed: A Demon Cast Out [OR] Two Blind Men Healed [OR] Jesus Heals The Blind And Dumb [OR] Jesus Heals Two Blind Men [OR] Gives Sight To Two Blind Men Mt 9:27

33. Christ Forces a Demon out of a Man Who Couldn't Talk Mt 9:32-34

(I.) A Mute Man Speaks [OR] Jesus Heals One Who Was Mute [OR] And Heals A Dumb Demoniac Mt 9:32

34. Christ' Compassion for People Mt 9:35-38

1.) Jesus Preaches And Heals In Galilee [OR] The Compassion Of Jesus [OR] The Workers Are Few [OR] The Harvest Is Great, The Laborers Few Mt 9:35

(I.) He Has Compassion On The Multitude Mt 9:36

35. Christ Appoints Twelve Apostles Mt 10:1-4

1.) The Twelve Instructed And Sent Forth [OR] The Twelve Apostles [OR] Jesus Sends Out The Twelve [OR] The Twelve Disciples, Instructions For Service [OR] Christ Sends Out His Twelve Apostles, Enabling Them By His Power To Do Miracles Mt 10:1

36. Christ Sends Out the Twelve Mt 10:5-11:1

(I.) Sending Out The Twelve [OR] The Mission Of The Twelve [OR] He Commands Them To Preach And Heal The Sick Mt 10:5

(II.) Persecutions Are Coming [OR] A Hard Road Before Them [OR] Coming Persecutions [OR] He Fortifies Them Against Persecutions Mt 10:16

(III.) The Meaning Of Discipleship Mt 10:24

(IV.) Whom To Fear Mt 10:26

(V.) Jesus Teaches The Fear Of God Mt 10:27

(VI.) Confess Christ Before Men [OR] And Promises To Reward Those Who Acknowledge Him Before Men Mt 10:32

(VII.) Christ Brings Division [OR] Not Peace, But A Sword Mt 10:34

(VIII.) A Cup Of Cold Water [OR] Rewards [OR] He Promises A Blessing To Those Who Receive His Apostles Mt 10:40

(IX.) John The Baptist Sends Messengers To Jesus [OR] Jesus And John The Baptist [OR] John's Questions [OR] Christ Teaches And Preaches In The Cities Mt 11:1

37. John Sends Two Disciples Mt 11:2-6

1.) 22 John The Baptist Sends Disciples To Question Jesus [OR] Messengers From John The Baptist [OR] John Sends His Disciples To Christ Mt 11:2

38. Christ Speaks About John Mt 11:7-19

(I.) Jesus' Tribute To John [OR] Jesus Praises John The Baptist [OR] Christ's Testimony Concerning John Mt 11:7

39. Christ Warns Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum Mt 11:20-24

1.) Jesus, Rejected, Predicts Judgment [OR] Woe To The Imperitent Cities [OR] Woe On Unrepentant Cities [OR] The Unrepenting Cities [OR] Woes To Unrepentant Cities [OR] Christ Upbraids Chorazin, Bethsaida, And Capernaum For Failing To Repent Mt 11:20

40. Christ Praises the Father and Invites Disciples to Come to Him Mt 11:25-30

(I.) Jesus Gives True Rest [OR] Rest For The Weary [OR] Come To Me [OR] Jesus Thanks His Father [OR] And, Praising His Father's Wisdom In Revealing The Gospel To The Simple Mt 11:25

1.) The New Message Of Jesus: Not The Kingdom, But Personal Discipleship [OR] He Invites All Who Feel The Burden Of Their Sins Mt 11:28

41. Christ Has Authority Over the Day of Worship Mt 12:1-8

1.) Jesus Declares Himself Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] Jesus Is Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] Sabbath Questions [OR] Plucking Grain On The Sabbath [OR] Christ Reproves The Blindness Of The Pharisees Concerning The Breach Of The Sabbath Mt 12:1

(I.) By The Scriptures Mt 12:3

(II.) Lord Of The Sabbath Mt 12:8

42. Christ Heals on the Day of Worship [12:9-15a] Mt 12:9-15

1.) The Healing Of The Withered Hand On The Sabbath [OR] Healing On The Sabbath [OR] The Man With A Withered Hand [OR] By Reason Mt 12:9

(I.) And By A Miracle Mt 12:13

(II.) Christ Foils The Pharisees' Plot Mt 12:14

2.) Jesus And The Multitudes (At The Sea Of Tiberias) [OR] Behold, My Servant [OR] God's Chosen Servant Mt 12:15

43. Christ Is God's Servant [12:15b-21] Mt 12:16-21

44. Christ Is Accused of Working With Beelzebul Mt 12:22-37

1.) A Demoniac Healed: The Pharisees Blaspheme [OR] A House Divided Cannot Stand [OR] Jesus And Beelzebub [OR] The Pharisees Rebuked [OR] Jesus And Beelzebul [OR] He Heals The Blind And Dumb Demoniac Mt 12:22

2.) The Unpardonable Sin: Ascribing To Satan The Works Of The Spirit [OR] The Unpardonable Sin [OR] Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit Will Never Be Forgiven Mt 12:31

3.) Destiny In Words [OR] A Tree Known By Its Fruit [OR] Words Reveal Character [OR] A Tree And Its Fruit Mt 12:33

(I.) Account Must Be Given Of Idle Words Mt 12:36

45. The Sign of Jonah Mt 12:38-45

1.) The Sign Of The Prophet Of Jonas: Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] The Scribes And Pharisees Ask For A Sign [OR] The Sign Of Jonah [OR] The Desire For Signs [OR] He Rebukes The Unfaithful Who Seek After A Sign Mt 12:38

2.) The Worthlessness Of Self-Reformation [OR] An Unclean Spirit Returns [OR] The Return Of The Unclean Spirit Mt 12:43

46. The True Family of Christ Mt 12:46-50

1.) The New Relationships [OR] Jesus' Mother And Brothers Send For Him [OR] Jesus' Mother And Brothers [OR] Changed Relationships [OR] The True Kindred Of Jesus [OR] And Declares Those Who Believe In Him To Be His Family [OR] The Parable Of The Sower [OR] Jesus Teaches In Parables [OR] The Parable Of The Sower And The Seed Mt 12:46

47. A Story About a Farmer Mt 13:1-23

A.) The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of Heaven Mt 13:1

1.) The Sower Mt 13:1

(I.) The Purpose Of Parables [OR] An Explanation [OR] The Purpose Of The Parables Mt 13:10

(II.) The Parable Of The Sower Explained [OR] The Sower Explained [OR] The Parable Of The Sower Explained [OR] Christ Explains The Parable To His Disciples Mt 13:18

48. A Story About Weeds in the Wheat Mt 13:24-30

1.) The Tares Among The Wheat [OR] The Parable Of The Wheat And The Tares [OR] The Parable Of The Weeds [OR] Tares Among Wheat [OR] The Parable Of Weeds Among The Wheat [OR] The Parable Of The Tares Mt 13:24

49. Stories About a Mustard Seed and Yeast Mt 13:31-35

1.) The Grain Of Mustard Seed [OR] The Parable Of The Mustard Seed [OR] The Parables Of The Mustard Seed And The Yeast [OR] The Mustard Seed [OR] Other Parables: Of The Mustard Seed Mt 13:31

2.) The Leaven [OR] The Parable Of The Leaven [OR] The Parable Of The Yeast [OR] Of The Leaven Mt 13:33

(I.) Prophecy And The Parables [OR] The Use Of Parables Mt 13:34

50. The Meaning of the Weeds in the Wheat Mt 13:36-43

1.) The Second Mystery Explained [OR] The Parables Of The Tares Explained [OR] The Parable Of The Weeds Explained [OR] The Tares Explained [OR] Jesus Explains The Parable Of The Weeds Mt 13:36

51. Stories About a Treasure, a Merchant, and a Net Mt 13:44-53

1.) The Hid Treasure [OR] The Parable Of The Hidden Treasure [OR] The Parables Of The Hidden Treasure And The Pearl [OR] Hidden Treasure [OR] Three Parables [OR] Of The Hidden Treasure Mt 13:44

2.) The Pearl [OR] The Parable Of The Pearl Of Great Price [OR] A Costly Pearl [OR] Of The Pearl Mt 13:45

3.) The Drag-Net [OR] The Parable Of The Dragnet [OR] The Parable Of The Net [OR] A Dragnet [OR] Of The Drawnet Which Was Cast Into The Sea Mt 13:47

(I.) Treasures New And Old Mt 13:51

A.) The Ministry Of The Rejected King Mt 13:53

1.) Jesus Returns To Nazareth: Again Rejected [OR] Jesus Rejected At Nazareth [OR] A Prophet Without Honor [OR] Jesus Revisits Nazareth [OR] Christ Is Condemned By His Own Countrymen Mt 13:53

52. Nazareth Rejects Christ Mt 13:54-58

(I.) The Rejection Of Jesus At Nazareth [OR] John The Baptist Beheaded [OR] The Death Of John The Baptist [OR] Herod's Opinion Of Christ Mt 13:54

53. Recalling John's Death Mt 14:1-12

1.) Herod's Troubled Conscience. Murder Of John The Baptist Mt 14:1

(I.) Why John The Baptist Was Beheaded Mt 14:3

54. Christ Feeds More Than Five Thousand Mt 14:13-21

(I.) Feeding The Five Thousand [OR] Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand [OR] Five Thousand Fed [OR] Feeding The Five Thousand [OR] Jesus' Departure Into The Desert Mt 14:13

1.) The Five Thousand Fed [OR] Where He Feeds A Multitude With Five Loaves And Two Fish Mt 14:15

55. Christ Walks on the Sea Mt 14:22-36

1.) Jesus Walks On The Water: Peter's Little Faith [OR] Jesus Walks On The Sea [OR] Jesus Walks On The Water [OR] He Walks On The Sea To His Disciples Mt 14:22

(I.) Many Touch Him And Are Made Well [OR] Jesus Heals The Sick In Gennesaret [OR] At Gennesaret, He Heals The Sick By The Touch Of His Garment Mt 14:34

56. Christ Challenges the Pharisees' Traditions Mt 15:1-20

1.) Jesus Rebukes Scribes And Pharisees [OR] Defilement Comes From Within [OR] Clean And Unclean [OR] Tradition And Commandment [OR] The Tradition Of The Elders [OR] The Religious Leaders Criticize Christ's Disciples Mt 15:1

(I.) Christ Reproves The Scribes And Pharisees Mt 15:3

(II.) Things That Defile [OR] He Shows That A Man Is Defiled Only By What Comes Out Of His Mouth Mt 15:10

(III.) The Heart Of Man Mt 15:15

57. The Faith of a Canaanite Woman Mt 15:21-31

1.) The Syrophenician Woman's Daughter Healed [OR] A Gentile Shows Her Faith [OR] The Faith Of The Canaanite Woman [OR] The Syrophoenician Woman [OR] The Canaanite Woman's Faith [OR] He Heals The Daughter Of The Woman Of Canaan Mt 15:21

2.) The Multitudes Healed [OR] Jesus Heals Great Multitudes [OR] Jesus Feeds The Four Thousand [OR] Healing Multitudes [OR] Jesus Cures Many People Mt 15:29

(I.) And Other Great Multitudes Mt 15:30

58. Christ Feeds More Than Four Thousand Mt 15:32-39

1.) The Four Thousand Fed [OR] Feeding The Four Thousand [OR] Four Thousand Fed [OR] By A Miracle He Feeds Four Thousand Men, Plus The Women And Children Mt 15:32

59. The Pharisees Ask For a Sign From Heaven Mt 16:1-4

1.) Jesus Rebukes The Blind Pharisees [OR] The Pharisees And Sadducees Seek A Sign [OR] The Demand For A Sign [OR] Pharisees Test Jesus [OR] The Pharisees Demand A Sign Mt 16:1

60. The Yeast of the Pharisees Mt 16:5-12

(I.) The Leaven Of The Pharisees And Sadducees [OR] The Yeast Of The Pharisees And Sadducees Mt 16:5

1.) Jesus Interprets The Symbol Of Leaven [OR] Christ Warns His Disciples Of The Doctrines Of The Pharisees And Sadducees Mt 16:6

C. Sermons Mt 16:13-25:46

1a. Peter Declares His Belief About Christ Mt 16:13-20

1.) Peter's Confession [OR] Peter Confesses Jesus As The Christ [OR] Peter's Confession Of Christ [OR] Peter's Declaration About Jesus [OR] The People's Opinion Of Christ Mt 16:13

(I.) And Peter's Confession Of Him Mt 16:16

2.) First Mention Of The Church Mt 16:17

1. Christ Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Mt 16:21-23

1.) Christ Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Predicts His Death [OR] Jesus Foretells His Death [OR] Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Christ Foretells His Death Mt 16:21

(I.) Reproves Peter For Seeking To Dissuade Him From It Mt 16:23

2. What It Means to Follow Christ Mt 16:24-28

(I.) Take Up The Cross And Follow Him [OR] Discipleship Is Costly [OR] The Cross And Self-denial [OR] And Admonishes Those Who Will Follow Him To Be Ready To Bear The Cross Mt 16:24

1.) The Transfiguration: A Picture Of The Future Kingdom [OR] Jesus Transfigured On The Mount [OR] The Transfiguration [OR] The Transfiguration Of Christ Mt 16:28

3. Moses and Elijah Appear With Christ Mt 17:1-13

4. Christ Cures a Demon-Possessed Boy Mt 17:14-21

1.) The Powerless Disciples: The Mighty Christ [OR] A Boy Is Healed [OR] The Healing Of An Epileptic Boy [OR] The Demoniac [OR] Jesus Cures A Boy With A Demon [OR] He Heals The Epileptic Mt 17:14

5. Christ Again Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Mt 17:22-23

1.) Jesus Again Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Again Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] He Foretells His Own Betrayal, Death, And Resurrection Mt 17:22

6. Paying the Temple Tax Mt 17:24-27

1.) The Miracle Of The Tribute Money [OR] Peter And His Master Pay Their Taxes [OR] The Temple Tax [OR] The Tribute Money [OR] Jesus And The Temple Tax [OR] He Pays Tribute Mt 17:24

7. Greatness in the Kingdom Mt 18:1-5

1.) The Sermon On The Child-Text [OR] Who Is The Greatest? [OR] The Greatest In The Kingdom Of Heaven [OR] Rank In The Kingdom [OR] True Greatness [OR] Christ Tells Disciples To Be Humble As A Little Child Mt 18:1

8. Causing Others to Lose Faith Mt 18:6-11

(I.) Jesus Warns Of Offenses [OR] Temptations To Sin Mt 18:6

(II.) Stumbling Blocks [OR] To Avoid Temptations To Sin [OR] The Parable Of The Lost Sheep [OR] And Not To Despise The Little Ones Mt 18:7

1.) The Lost Sheep: The Seeking Lord Mt 18:11

9. The Lost Sheep Mt 18:12-14

(I.) Ninety-nine Plus One Mt 18:12

10. Dealing With Believers When They Do Wrong Mt 18:15-20

1.) Disci In The Future Church [OR] Dealing With A Sinning Brother [OR] A Brother Who Sins Against You [OR] Disci And Prayer [OR] Reproving Another Who Sins [OR] He Teaches How We Are To Deal With Our Brethren When They Offend Us Mt 18:15

2.) The Simplest Form Of A Local Church Mt 18:20

11. Personally Forgiving Others Mt 18:21-35

1.) The Law Of Forgiveness [OR] The Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant [OR] The Parable Of The Unmerciful Servant [OR] Forgiveness [OR] And How Often To Forgive Them Mt 18:21

(I.) The Parable Of The Unforgiving Servant [OR] Which He Sets Forth By A Parable Of The King Who Settled Accounts With His Servants Mt 18:23

(II.) And Punished Him Who Showed No Mercy To His Fellow Servant Mt 18:32

12. A Discussion About Divorce and Celibacy Mt 19:1-12

1.) Jesus Again In Judea [OR] Marriage And Divorce [OR] Divorce [OR] Concerning Divorce [OR] Teaching About Divorce [OR] Christ Heals The Sick Mt 19:1

(I.) Christ And Divorce [OR] Answers The Pharisees Concerning Divorce Mt 19:3

(A.) and talks of marriage Mt 19:10

(B.) Jesus Teaches on Celibacy Mt 19:11

13. Christ Blesses Children Mt 19:13-15

(I.) Jesus Receives And Blesses Little Children [OR] Jesus Blesses Little Children [OR] The Little Children And Jesus [OR] He Receives Little Children Mt 19:13

14. Eternal Life in the Kingdom Mt 19:16-30

(I.) The Rich Young Ruler [OR] Jesus Counsels The Rich Young Ruler [OR] The Rich Young Man [OR] Instructs The Rich Young Man How To Gain Eternal Life, And How To Be Perfect Mt 19:16

(A.) With God All Things Are Possible [OR] He tells His disciples how hard it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God Mt 19:23

(II.) The Apostles' Future Place In The Kingdom [OR] The Disciples' Reward [OR] And Promises Reward To Hose Who Forsake All Else To Follow Him [OR] The Parable Of The Workers In The Vineyard [OR] Laborers In The Vineyard [OR] The Laborers In The Vineyard [OR] The Parable Of The Agreed Wages Of The Vineyard Workers Mt 19:27

15. A Story About Vineyard Workers Mt 20:1-16

(I.) Parable Of The Laborers In The Vineyard Mt 20:1

16. For the Third Time Christ Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Mt 20:17-19

(I.) Jesus Again Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus A Third Time Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Again Predicts His Death [OR] Death, Resurrection Foretold [OR] A Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] He Foretells His Passion Mt 20:17

17. A Mother Makes a Request Mt 20:20-28

(I.) James And John, Through Their Mother, Make An Ambitious Request [OR] Greatness Is Serving [OR] A Mother's Request [OR] Preferment Asked [OR] The Request Of The Mother Of James And John [OR] By Answering The Mother Of Zebedee's Children, He Teaches His Disciples To Be Humble Mt 20:20

18. Christ Gives Two Blind Men Their Sight Mt 20:29-34

(I.) The Healing Of Two Blind Men [OR] Two Blind Men Receive Their Sight [OR] Two Blind Men Receive Sight [OR] Sight For The Blind [OR] Jesus Heals Two Blind Men Mt 20:29

(A.) He gives two blind men their sight [OR] The Triumphal Entry [OR] Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem [OR] Christ rides into Jerusalem upon an ass Mt 20:30

19. The King Comes to Jerusalem Mt 21:1-11

1.) The King's Public Offer Of Himself As King Mt 21:1

20. Christ Throws Out the Moneychangers Mt 21:12-17

1.) Jesus' Second Purification Of The Temple [OR] Jesus Cleanses The Temple [OR] Jesus At The Temple [OR] Cleansing The Temple [OR] Drives The Buyers And Sellers Out Of The Temple Mt 21:12

(I.) Curses The Fig Tree Mt 21:17

21. Christ Curses the Fig Tree Mt 21:18-22

1.) The Barren Fig Tree Cursed [OR] The Fig Tree Withered [OR] The Fig Tree Withers [OR] The Barren Fig Tree [OR] Jesus Curses The Fig Tree Mt 21:18

(I.) The Lesson Of The Withered Fig Tree Mt 21:20

22. Christ' Authority Challenged Mt 21:23-27

1.) Jesus' Authority Questioned [OR] The Authority Of Jesus Questioned [OR] Authority Challenged [OR] Puts To Silence The Priests And Elders [OR] The Parable Of The Two Sons [OR] Parable Of Two Sons [OR] And Rebukes Them By The Parable Of The Two Sons Mt 21:23

23. A Story About Two Sons Mt 21:28-32

(I.) Parable Of The Two Sons Mt 21:28

24. A Story About a Vineyard Mt 21:33-46

(I.) Parable Of The Householder Demanding Fruit From His Vineyard [OR] The Parable Of The Wicked Vinedressers [OR] The Parable Of The Tenants [OR] Parable Of The Landowner [OR] The Parable Of The Wicked Tenants [OR] And The Parable Of The Wicked Tenants Who Abused And Slew Those The Owner Sent To Them Mt 21:33

(A.) The stone the builders rejected Mt 21:42

25. A Story About a Wedding Reception Mt 22:1-14

(I.) Parable Of The Marriage Feast [OR] The Parable Of The Wedding Feast [OR] The Parable Of The Wedding Banquet [OR] The Parable Of The Marriage Of The King's Son Mt 22:1

(A.) and the strangers invited to the wedding Mt 22:9

(B.) The punishment of the guest who lacked the wedding garment Mt 22:11

26. A Question About Taxes Mt 22:15-22

1.) Jesus Answers The Herodians [OR] The Pharisees: Is It Lawful To Pay Taxes To Caesar? [OR] Paying Taxes To Caesar [OR] Tribute To Caesar [OR] The Question About Paying Taxes [OR] Tribute Ought To Be Paid To Caesar Mt 22:15

27. The Dead Come Back to Life Mt 22:23-33

1.) Jesus Answers The Sadducees [OR] The Sadducees: What About The Resurrection? [OR] Marriage At The Resurrection [OR] The Question About The Resurrection [OR] Christ Refutes The Sadducees On The Resurrection Mt 22:23

28. Love God and Your Neighbor Mt 22:34-40

1.) Jesus Answers The Pharisees [OR] The Scribes: Which Is The First Commandment Of All? [OR] The Greatest Commandment [OR] He Answers The Lawyer As To Which Is The First And Greatest Commandment Mt 22:34

29. How Can David's Son Be David's Lord? Mt 22:41-46

1.) Jesus Questions The Pharisees [OR] Jesus: How Can David Call His Descendant Lord? [OR] Whose Son Is The Christ? [OR] The Question About David's Son [OR] And Silences The Pharisees About The Messiah Mt 22:41

30. Christ Disapproves of the Example Set By Scribes and Pharisees Mt 23:1-12

1.) The Marks Of A Pharisee [OR] Woe To The Scribes And Pharisees [OR] Seven Woes [OR] Pharisaism Exposed [OR] Jesus Denounces Scribes And Pharisees [OR] Christ Warns The People To Follow Good Teaching, Not The Evil Examples Of The Scribes And Pharisees Mt 23:1

(I.) His Disciples Must Beware Of Their Ambition Mt 23:5

31. The Hypocrisy of the Scribes and Pharisees Mt 23:13-39

1.) Jesus Pronounces Woe Upon The Pharisees [OR] Seven Woes [OR] He Proclaims Eight Woes, Against The Hypocrisy Of The Scribes And Pharisees Mt 23:13

(I.) He Prophesies The Destruction Of Jerusalem Mt 23:34

2.) The Lament Over Jerusalem [OR] Jesus Laments Over Jerusalem [OR] Lament Over Jerusalem Mt 23:37

32. Christ Teaches His Disciples on the Mount of Olives Mt 24:1-35

A.) The Promise Of The King To Return In Power And Glory: The Olivet Discourse Mt 24:1

1.) Destruction Of The Temple Foretold [OR] Jesus Predicts The Destruction Of The Temple [OR] Signs Of The End Of The Age [OR] Signs Of Christ's Return [OR] The Destruction Of The Temple Foretold [OR] Christ Foretells The Destruction Of The Temple Mt 24:1

2.) The Threefold Question [OR] The Signs Of The Times And The End Of The Age [OR] Signs Of The End Of The Age [OR] The Great Calamities Which Shall Precede It Mt 24:3

3.) The Course Of This Age Mt 24:4

(I.) Persecutions Foretold Mt 24:9

4.) The Great Tribulation [OR] Perilous Times [OR] The Desolating Sacrilege Mt 24:15

5.) The Return Of The King In Glory Mt 24:27

(I.) The Coming Of The Son Of Man [OR] The Glorious Return [OR] The Coming Of The Son Of Man [OR] And The Signs Of His Coming Mt 24:29

(II.) Parable Of The Fig Tree [OR] The Parable Of The Fig Tree [OR] The Lesson Of The Fig Tree Mt 24:32

33. No One Knows When the Son of Man Will Return Mt 24:36-51

(A.) No One Knows the Day or Hour [OR] The Day and Hour Unknown [OR] The Necessity for Watchfulness [OR] Because that day and hour are unknown Mt 24:36

(B.) Be Ready for His Coming [OR] we ought to watch like good servants expecting every moment our master's coming Mt 24:42

(C.) The Faithful Servant and the Evil Servant [OR] The Faithful or the Unfaithful Slave Mt 24:45

34. A Story About Ten Bridesmaids Mt 25:1-13

1.) The Lord's Return Tests The Real State Of The Kingdom In Mystery [OR] The Parable Of The Wise And Foolish Virgins [OR] The Parable Of The Ten Virgins [OR] Parable Of Ten Virgins [OR] The Parable Of The Ten Bridesmaids [OR] The Parable Of The Talents [OR] Parable Of The Talents [OR] And Of The Talents Mt 25:1

35. A Story About Three Servants Mt 25:14-30

1.) The Lord's Return Tests The Servants Mt 25:14

36. Christ Will Judge the World Mt 25:31-46

1.) The Lord's Return Tests The Gentile Nations [OR] The Son Of Man Will Judge The Nations [OR] The Sheep And The Goats [OR] The Judgment [OR] The Judgment Of The Nations [OR] The Description Of The Last Judgment Mt 25:31

D. The Sacrifice Mt 26:1-27:66

1. The Plot to Kill Christ Mt 26:1-5

I.) The sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of Abraham Mt 26:1

A.) The Jewish Authorities Consult To Put Jesus To Death [OR] The Plot To Kill Jesus [OR] The Plot Against Jesus [OR] Christ Foretells His Betrayal And Death Mt 26:1

1.) The Rulers Conspire Against Christ Mt 26:3

2. A Woman Prepares Christ' Body for the Tomb Mt 26:6-13

A.) Jesus Anointed By Mary Of Bethany [OR] The Anointing At Bethany [OR] Jesus Anointed At Bethany [OR] The Precious Ointment [OR] A Woman Anoints His Feet [OR] Judas Agrees To Betray Jesus [OR] Judas' Bargain [OR] Judas Betrays Him For Thirty Pieces Of Silver Mt 26:6

3. Judas Plans to Betray Christ Mt 26:14-16

A.) Judas Iscariot Sells The Lord Mt 26:14

4. Preparations for the Passover Mt 26:17-20

A.) The Preparation Of The Passover [OR] Jesus Celebrates Passover With His Disciples [OR] The Lord's Supper [OR] The Passover With The Disciples [OR] Christ Eats The Passover Mt 26:17

B.) The Last Passover Mt 26:20

5. Christ Knows Who Will Betray Him Mt 26:21-25

6. The Lord's Supper Mt 26:26-30

1.) Jesus Institutes The Lord's Supper [OR] The Lord's Supper Instituted [OR] The Institution Of The Lord's Supper [OR] Institutes His Holy Supper [OR] Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial [OR] Peter's Denial Foretold Mt 26:26

A.) Jesus Foretells Peter's Denial Mt 26:30

7. Christ Predicts Peter's Denial Mt 26:31-35

8. Christ Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane Mt 26:36-46

A.) Jesus' Agony In The Garden [OR] The Prayer In The Garden [OR] Gethsemane [OR] The Garden Of Gethsemane [OR] Jesus Prays In Gethsemane [OR] And Prays In The Garden Mt 26:36

1.) The First Prayer Mt 26:39

2.) The Sleeping Disciples Mt 26:40

3.) The Second Prayer Mt 26:42

4.) The Third Prayer Mt 26:44

9. Christ Is Arrested Mt 26:47-56

1.) The Betrayal And Arrest Of Jesus [OR] Betrayal And Arrest In Gethesmane [OR] Jesus Arrested [OR] Jesus' Betrayal And Arrest [OR] He Is Betrayed With A Kiss Mt 26:47

10. The Trial in Front of the Jewish Council Mt 26:57-68

A.) Jesus Brought Before Caiaphas And The Sanhedrin [OR] Jesus Faces The Sanhedrin [OR] Before The Sanhedrin [OR] Jesus Before Caiaphas [OR] Jesus Before The High Priest [OR] He Is Carried To Caiaphas Mt 26:57

11. Peter Denies Christ Mt 26:69-75

1.) Peter Denies The Lord [OR] Peter Denies Jesus, And Weeps Bitterly [OR] Peter Disowns Jesus [OR] Peter's Denials [OR] Peter's Denial Of Jesus [OR] He Is Denied By Peter Mt 26:69

12. The Death of Judas Mt 27:1-10

A.) The Sanhedrin Deliver Jesus To Pilate [OR] Jesus Handed Over To Pontius Pilate [OR] Judas Hangs Himself [OR] Judas' Remorse [OR] Jesus Brought Before Pilate [OR] Christ Is Delivered Bound To Pilate Mt 27:1

B.) Judas' Unavailing Remorse [OR] Judas Hangs Himself [OR] The Suicide Of Judas Mt 27:3

13. Pilate Questions Christ Mt 27:11-14

A.) Jesus Interrogated By Pilate [OR] Jesus Faces Pilate [OR] Jesus Before Pilate [OR] Pilate Questions Jesus [OR] Christ Is Silent Before His Accusers Mt 27:11

14. The Crowd Rejects Christ Mt 27:15-26

1.) Jesus Or Barabbas? [OR] Taking The Place Of Barabbas [OR] Barabbas Or Jesus? Mt 27:15

(I.) Pilate, Warned By His Wife Mt 27:19

(II.) Pilate Hands Jesus Over To Be Crucified [OR] Washes His Hands Of Christ's Death Mt 27:24

2.) Barabbas Released [OR] He Releases Barabbas [OR] The Soldiers Mock Jesus [OR] Jesus Is Mocked Mt 27:26

15. The Soldiers Make Fun of Christ Mt 27:27-30

1.) The King Crowned With Thorns, And Led Away To Crucifixion Mt 27:27

(I.) Christ Is Crowned With Thorns Mt 27:29

16. The Crucifixion Mt 27:31-44

(I.) The King On A Cross [OR] The Crucifixion [OR] The Crucifixion Of Jesus Mt 27:32

A.) The Crucifixion Mt 27:33

1.) Crucified Mt 27:34

2.) The Law Fulfilled In Christ Mt 27:35

(I.) And Reviled Mt 27:39

17. Christ Dies on the Cross Mt 27:45-56

1.) The Death Of Jesus Christ [OR] Jesus Dies On The Cross [OR] The Death Of Jesus Mt 27:45

(I.) He Dies And Is Buried Mt 27:50

2.) The Dispensation Of Law Ends Mt 27:51

18. Christ Is Buried Mt 27:57-61

1.) The Entombment Of Christ [OR] Jesus Buried In Joseph's Tomb [OR] The Burial Of Jesus [OR] Jesus Is Buried Mt 27:57

19. The Chief Priests and Pharisees Secure Christ' Tomb Mt 27:62-66

1.) The Sepulchre Sealed And Guarded [OR] Pilate Sets A Guard [OR] The Guard At The Tomb [OR] His Sepulchre Is Sealed And Watched Mt 27:62

E. The Resurrection Mt 28:1-20

1. Christ Comes Back to Life Mt 28:1-10

A.) The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ, And Events Of That Day [OR] He Is Risen [OR] The Resurrection [OR] Jesus Is Risen! [OR] The Resurrection Of Jesus [OR] Christ's Resurrection Is Declared By An Angel To The Women Mt 28:1

I.) The risen Lord in ministry to His own [OR] The Women Worship the Risen Lord [OR] He Himself appears unto them Mt 28:9

2. The Guards Report to the Chief Priests Mt 28:11-15

A.) The Soldiers Are Bribed [OR] The Guards' Report [OR] The Report Of The Guard [OR] The High Priests Bribe The Soldiers To Say That He Was Stolen Out Of His Sepulchre [OR] The Great Commission [OR] The Commissioning Of The Disciples [OR] Christ Appears To His Disciples Mt 28:11

3. Christ Gives Instructions to the Disciples Mt 28:16-20

A.) Jesus In Galilee: The Great Commission Mt 28:16

1.) And Sends Them To Baptize And Teach All Nations [OR] John The Baptist Prepares The Way [OR] Preaching Of John The Baptist [OR] The Proclamation Of John The Baptist [OR] The Mission Of John The Baptist Mt 28:19