Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2




A. Introduction Mk 1:1-13

1. John Prepares the Way Mk 1:1-8

I.) The manifestation of the Servant-Son Mk 1:1

A.) The Ministry Of John The Baptist Mk 1:1

2. John Baptizes Christ Mk 1:9-11

A.) The Baptism Of Jesus [OR] John Baptizes Jesus [OR] The Baptism And Temptation [OR] Jesus Is Baptized Mk 1:9

3. Satan Tempts Christ Mk 1:12-13

I.) The Servant-Son tested as to His fidelity: the temptation of Jesus [OR] Satan Tempts Jesus [OR] The Temptation of Jesus [OR] and tempted Mk 1:12

B. Early Galilean Ministry Mk 1:14-7:23

1a. Calling of the First Disciples Mk 1:14-20

I.) The Servant-Son at work Mk 1:14

A.) The First Galilean Ministry [OR] Jesus Begins His Galilean Minstry [OR] The Calling Of The First Disciples [OR] Jesus Preaches In Galilee [OR] The Beginning Of The Galilean Ministry [OR] He Preaches Mk 1:14

1.) The Call Of Peter And Andrew [OR] Four Fisherman Called As Disciples [OR] Jesus Calls The First Disciples [OR] And Calls Peter, Andrew, James And John Mk 1:16

1. Christ Forces an Evil Spirit out of a Man Mk 1:21-28

1.) Jesus Casts Out Demons In Capernaum [OR] Jesus Casts Out An Unclean Spirit [OR] Jesus Drives Out An Evil Spirit [OR] The Man With An Unclean Spirit Mk 1:21

(I.) He Heals One Who Had An Unclean Spirit Mk 1:23

2. Christ Cures Simon's Mother-in-Law and Many Others Mk 1:29-34

1.) Simon's Wife's Mother Healed Of A Fever [OR] Peter's Mother-In-Law Healed [OR] Jesus Heals Many [OR] Multitudes Healed [OR] Jesus Heals Many At Simon's House [OR] Peter's Mother-In-Law Mk 1:29

2.) Demons Cast Out: Many Healed [OR] Many Healed After Sabbath Sunset [OR] An Many Other Diseased Persons Mk 1:32

(I.) Jesus Prays In A Solitary Place Mk 1:33

3. Spreading the Good News in Galilee Mk 1:35-39

1.) Jesus Prays: A Preaching Tour In Galilee [OR] Preaching In Galilee [OR] A Preaching Tour In Galilee Mk 1:35

4. Christ Cures a Man With a Skin Disease Mk 1:40-45

1.) A Leper Healed [OR] Jesus Cleanses A Leper [OR] A Man With Leprosy [OR] He Cleanses The Leper Mk 1:40

5. Christ Forgives Sins Mk 2:1-12

1.) The Palsied Man Healed [OR] Jesus Forgives And Heals A Paralytic [OR] Jesus Heals A Paralytic [OR] The Paralytic Healed [OR] Christ Heals A Paralytic Mk 2:1

6. Christ Chooses Levi [Matthew] to Be a Disciple Mk 2:13-17

1.) The Call Of Levi (Matthew) [OR] Matthew The Tax Collector [OR] The Calling Of Levi [OR] Jesus Calls Levi Mk 2:13

(I.) Levi (matthew) Called [OR] Calls Matthew From His Tax Collector's Office Mk 2:14

(II.) Eats With Publicans And Sinners Mk 2:15

7. Christ Is Questioned About Fasting Mk 2:18-22

(I.) Jesus Is Questioned About Fasting [OR] Jesus Questioned About Fasting [OR] The Question About Fasting [OR] Excuses His Disciples For Not Fasting Mk 2:18

1.) Parables Of The Cloth And The Bottles Mk 2:21

8. Christ Has Authority Over the Day of Worship Mk 2:23-28

1.) Jesus Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] Jesus Is Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] Question Of The Sabbath [OR] Pronouncement About The Sabbath [OR] And For Gathering Grain On The Sabbath Day Mk 2:23

9. Christ Heals on the Day of Worship Mk 3:1-6

1.) Jesus Heals The Withered Hand On The Sabbath [OR] Healing On The Sabbath [OR] Jesus Heals On The Sabbath [OR] The Man With A Withered Hand [OR] Christ Heals A Withered Hand Mk 3:1

2.) The Multitudes Healed Mk 3:6

10. Many People Are Cured Mk 3:7-12

(I.) A Great Multitude Follows Jesus [OR] Crowds Follow Jesus [OR] A Multitude At The Seaside Mk 3:7

(II.) And Many Other Infirmities Mk 3:10

(III.) He Rebukes The Unclean Spirits Mk 3:11

11. Christ Appoints Twelve Apostles Mk 3:13-19

1.) The Twelve Chosen [OR] The Twelve Apostles [OR] The Appointing Of The Twelve Apostles [OR] The Twelve Are Chosen [OR] Jesus Appoints The Twelve [OR] Chooses Twelve Apostles Mk 3:13

(I.) Jesus And Beelzebul Mk 3:19

12. Christ Is Accused of Working With Beelzebul Mk 3:20-30

(I.) A House Divided Cannot Stand [OR] Jesus And Beelzebub Mk 3:20

1.) The Unpardonable Sin [OR] And Refutes The Charge That He Casts Out Devils With The Aid Of Beelzebub Mk 3:22

(I.) The Unpardonable Sin Mk 3:28

13. The True Family of Christ Mk 3:31-35

1.) The New Relationships [OR] Jesus' Mother And Brothers Send For Him [OR] Jesus' Mother And Brothers [OR] The True Kindred Of Jesus [OR] He Acknowledges All Who Do God's Will As His Family [OR] The Parable Of The Sower [OR] 4 Parable Of The Sower And Soils Mk 3:31

14. A Story About a Farmer Mk 4:1-20

1.) The Parable Of The Sower Mk 4:1

(I.) The Purpose Of Parables [OR] The Purpose Of The Parables Mk 4:10

(II.) The Parable Of The Sower Explained [OR] Explanation Mk 4:13

(A.) and its meaning Mk 4:14

15. A Story About a Lamp Mk 4:21-25

1.) Parable Of The Candle [OR] Light Under A Basket [OR] A Lamp On A Stand [OR] A Lamp Under A Bushel Basket [OR] We Must Communicate The Light Of Our Knowledge To Others [OR] The Parable Of The Growing Seed [OR] Parable Of The Seed [OR] The Parable Of The Seed Growing Secretly [OR] The Parable Of The Mustard Seed [OR] Parable Of The Mustard Seed [OR] And Of The Mustard Seed Mk 4:21

16. A Story About Seeds That Grow Mk 4:26-29

1.) The Unconscious Growth Mk 4:26

17. A Story About a Mustard Seed Mk 4:30-34

1.) Parable Of The Mustard Seed Mk 4:30

(I.) Jesus' Use Of Parables [OR] The Use Of Parables Mk 4:33

18. Christ Calms the Sea Mk 4:35-41

1.) Jesus Stills The Storm [OR] Wind And Wave Obey Jesus [OR] Jesus Calms The Storm [OR] Jesus Stills The Sea [OR] Jesus Stills A Storm [OR] Christ Stills The Tempest On The Sea Mk 4:35

19. Christ Cures a Demon-Possessed Man Mk 5:1-20

1.) The Maniac Of Gadara [OR] A Demon-Possessed Man Healed [OR] The Healing Of A Demon-Possessed Man [OR] The Gerasene Demoniac [OR] Jesus Heals The Gerasene Demoniac [OR] When Christ Delivers The Man Possessed By The Legion Of Devils Mk 5:1

(I.) They Enter Into The Swine Mk 5:13

20. Jairus' Daughter and a Woman With Chronic Bleeding Mk 5:21-43

1.) Jesus Heals The Woman With An Issue Of Blood, And Raises The Daughter Of Jairus [OR] A Girl Restored To Life And A Woman Healed [OR] A Dead Girl And A Sick Woman [OR] Miracles And Healing Mk 5:21

(I.) He Heals A Woman Of A Bloody Issue Mk 5:25

(II.) And Raises Jairus' Daughter From Death Mk 5:35

21. Nazareth Rejects Christ [6:1-6a] Mk 6:1-6

1.) Jesus Again At Nazareth [OR] Jesus Rejected At Nazareth [OR] A Prophet Without Honor [OR] Teaching At Nazareth [OR] The Rejection Of Jesus At Nazareth [OR] Christ Is Unheeded By His Countrymen Mk 6:1

(I.) Jesus Sends Out The Twelve [OR] The Mission Of The Twelve Mk 6:6

22. Christ Sends Out the Twelve [6:6b-13] Mk 6:7-13

1.) The Twelve Sent Out To Preach And Heal [OR] Sending Out The Twelve [OR] The Twelve Sent Out [OR] He Gives The Twelve Power Over Unclean Spirits [OR] John The Baptist Beheaded [OR] John's Fate Recalled [OR] The Death Of John The Baptist [OR] Various Opinions Of Christ's Identity Mk 6:7

23. Recalling John's Death Mk 6:14-29

1.) Herod's Troubled Conscience: Murder Of John The Baptist Mk 6:14

(I.) John The Baptist Is Beheaded Mk 6:17

(II.) And Buried Mk 6:29

24. Christ Feeds Five Thousand Mk 6:30-44

A.) Return Of The Apostles From Their First Preaching Tour [OR] Feeding The Five Thousand [OR] Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand [OR] The Apostles Return From Preaching Mk 6:30

B.) The Five Thousand Fed Mk 6:32

1.) Five Thousand Fed Mk 6:33

2.) The Miracle Of Five Loaves And Two Fishes Mk 6:35

25. Christ Walks on the Sea Mk 6:45-56

A.) Jesus Walks On The Sea [OR] Jesus Walks On The Water [OR] Christ Walks On The Sea Mk 6:45

B.) Jesus Heals At Gennesaret [OR] Many Touch Him And Are Made Well [OR] Healing At Gennesaret [OR] Healing The Sick In Gennesaret [OR] And Heals All Who Touch Him Mk 6:53

26. Christ Challenges the Pharisees' Traditions Mk 7:1-23

A.) The Pharisees Rebuked [OR] Defilement Comes From Within [OR] Clean And Unclean [OR] Followers Of Tradition [OR] The Tradition Of The Elders [OR] The Pharisees Find Fault With The Disciples For Eating With Unwashed Hands Mk 7:1

1.) While They Themselves Break The Commandment Of God By The Traditions Of Men Mk 7:8

2.) The Heart Of Man [OR] Meat Defiles Not The Man Mk 7:14

C. Tyre and Sidon [OR] The Faith of a Greek Woman Mk 7:24-30

A.) Jesus And The Syrophenician Woman [OR] A Gentile Shows Her Faith [OR] The Faith Of A Syrophoenician Woman [OR] The Syrophoenician Woman [OR] The Syrophoenician Woman's Faith [OR] He Heals The Syrophenician Woman's Daughter Mk 7:24

D. Northern Galilee Mk 7:31-9:50

      1a. Christ Cures a Deaf Man Mk 7:31-37

A.) A Deaf And Dumb Man Healed [OR] Jesus Heals A Deaf-Mute [OR] The Healing Of A Deaf And Dumb Man [OR] Jesus Cures A Deaf Man [OR] And A Deaf Man With A Speech Impediment Mk 7:31

1. Christ Feeds Four Thousand Mk 8:1-10

A.) The Four Thousand Fed [OR] Feeding The Four Thousand [OR] Jesus Feeds The Four Thousand [OR] Four Thousand Fed [OR] Christ Feeds The People Miraculously Mk 8:1

B.) The Pharisees Ask A Sign: The Meaning Of Leaven Explained [OR] And Refuses A Sign To The Pharisees Mk 8:10

2. The Pharisees Ask For a Sign From Heaven [8:11-13a] Mk 8:11-13

1.) The Pharisees Seek A Sign [OR] The Demand For A Sign Mk 8:11

2.) Beware Of The Leaven Of The Pharisees And Herod Mk 8:13

3. The Yeast of the Pharisees [8:13b-21] Mk 8:14-21

1.) The Yeast Of The Pharisees And Herod [OR] The Yeast Of The Pharisees And Of Herod [OR] He Warns His Disciples To Beware Of The Doctrine Of The Pharisees And Of Herod Mk 8:14

4. Christ Gives Sight to a Blind Man Mk 8:22-26

A.) The Blind Man Healed Outside Bethsaida [OR] A Blind Man Healed At Bethsaida [OR] The Healing Of A Blind Man At Bethsaida [OR] Jesus Cures A Blind Man At Bethsaida [OR] He Gives A Blind Man His Sight Mk 8:22

5. Peter Declares His Belief About Christ Mk 8:27-30

A.) Peter's Confession Of Faith [OR] Peter Confesses Jesus As The Christ [OR] Peter's Confession Of Christ [OR] Peter's Declaration About Jesus [OR] And Acknowledges That He Is The Christ, Who Must Be Killed But Will Rise Again Mk 8:27

6. Christ Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Mk 8:31-33

1.) Jesus Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Predicts His Death [OR] Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection Mk 8:31

7. What It Means to Follow Christ Mk 8:34-9:1

A.) The True Use Of Life: Value Of A Soul [OR] Take Up The Cross And Follow Him [OR] The Price Of Following Christ Mk 8:34

B.) The Transfiguration [OR] Jesus Transfigured On The Mount [OR] He Forewarns His Followers Of Persecution [OR] Jesus Is Transfigured Mk 9:1

8. Moses and Elijah Appear With Christ Mk 9:2-13

1.) The Coming Of Elijah Mk 9:9

2.) He Teaches His Disciples About The Coming Of Elias (Elijah) Mk 9:11

9. Christ Cures a Demon-Possessed Boy Mk 9:14-29

A.) The Impotent Disciples: The Mighty Christ [OR] A Boy Is Healed [OR] The Healing Of A Boy With An Evil Spirit [OR] All Things Possible [OR] The Healing Of A Boy With A Spirit [OR] Casts Forth A Dumb And Deaf Spirit Mk 9:14

10. Christ Again Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Mk 9:30-32

A.) Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Again Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] Death And Resurrection Foretold [OR] Jesus Again Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] And Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Who Is The Greatest? [OR] He Exhorts His Disciples To Be Humble Mk 9:30

11. Greatness in the Kingdom Mk 9:33-37

A.) The Dispute Who Should Be Greatest Mk 9:33

12. Using the Name of Christ Mk 9:38-41

A.) The Rebuke Of Sectarianism [OR] Jesus Forbids Sectarianism [OR] Whoever Is Not Against Us Is For Us [OR] Dire Warnings [OR] Another Exorcist [OR] And To Salute All Allies In The Faith Mk 9:38

13. Causing Others to Lose Faith Mk 9:42-50

A.) Jesus' Solemn Warning Of Hell [OR] Jesus Warns Of Offenses [OR] Causing To Sin [OR] Temptations To Sin [OR] Severe Penalties For Those Who Incite Sin Mk 9:42

1.) Tasteless Salt Is Worthless Mk 9:49

E. Perea and the Journey to Jerusalem Mk 10:1-52

1. A Discussion About Divorce Mk 10:1-12

A.) Jesus' Law Of Divorce [OR] Marriage And Divorce [OR] Divorce [OR] Jesus' Teaching About Divorce [OR] Teaching About Divorce [OR] Christ Continues Teaching The People Mk 10:1

1.) He Answers The Pharisees On Divorce Mk 10:2

2. Christ Blesses Children Mk 10:13-16

A.) Jesus Blesses Little Children [OR] The Little Children And Jesus [OR] Blesses The Children Who Are Brought To Him Mk 10:13

3. Eternal Life in the Kingdom Mk 10:17-31

A.) The Rich Young Ruler [OR] Jesus Counsels The Rich Young Ruler [OR] The Rich Young Man [OR] The Rich Man [OR] Shows A Rich Man How To Inherit Eternal Life And Tells His Disciples The Danger Of Riches Mk 10:17

B.) The Warning Against Riches [OR] With God All Things Are Possible Mk 10:23

1.) He Promises Rewards To Those Who Forsake Anything For The Gospel Mk 10:28

4. For the Third Time Christ Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Mk 10:32-34

A.) Jesus Again Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus A Third Time Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Again Predicts His Death [OR] Jesus' Sufferings Foretold [OR] A Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] And Foretells His Death And Resurrection Mk 10:32

5. James and John Make a Request Mk 10:35-45

A.) The Desire Of James And John To Be First [OR] Greatness Is Serving [OR] The Request Of James And John [OR] He Bids The Two Ambitious Disciples To Think Of Suffering With Him Mk 10:35

6. Christ Gives Sight to Bartimaeus Mk 10:46-52

A.) Bartimaeus Receives His Sight [OR] Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus [OR] Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight [OR] The Healing Of Blind Bartimaeus [OR] He Restores Sight To Bartimaeus [OR] The Triumphal Entry [OR] Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem [OR] Christ Rides In Triumph Into Jerusalem Mk 10:46

F. Execution and Resurrection Mk 11:1-16:8

1a. The King Comes to Jerusalem Mk 11:1-11

A.) The Official Presentation Of Jesus As King Mk 11:1

1. Christ Curses the Fig Tree Mk 11:12-14

A.) The Barren Fig Tree [OR] The Fig Tree Withered [OR] Jesus Clears The Temple [OR] Jesus Curses The Fig Tree Mk 11:12

2. Christ Throws Out the Moneychangers Mk 11:15-19

A.) Jesus Purifies The Temple [OR] Jesus Cleanses The Temple [OR] Jesus Drives Moneychangers From The Temple [OR] Purges The Temple Mk 11:15

3. The Fig Tree Dries Up Mk 11:20-26

1.) The Lesson Of The Withered Fig Tree [OR] The Withered Fig Tree [OR] The Lesson From The Withered Fig Tree [OR] Exhorts His Disciples To Steadfastness, To Faith And To Forgiveness Of Enemies Mk 11:20

A.) The Prayer Of Faith Mk 11:22

1.) Forgiveness And Prayer Mk 11:25

4. Christ' Authority Challenged Mk 11:27-33

A.) Jesus' Authority Questioned [OR] The Authority Of Jesus Questioned [OR] Jesus' Authority Is Questioned [OR] And Defends The Legality Of His Actions By The Witness Of John, A Man Sent From God Mk 11:27

5. A Story About a Vineyard Mk 12:1-12

A.) Parable Of The Householder Demanding Fruit From His Vineyard [OR] The Parable Of The Wicked Vinedressers [OR] The Parable Of The Tenants [OR] Parable Of The Vine-Growers [OR] The Parable Of The Wicked Tenants [OR] In A Parable Of The Vineyard Rented To Ungrateful Tenants, Christ Foretells The Rejection Of The Jews And The Calling Of The Gentiles Mk 12:1

6. A Question About Taxes Mk 12:13-17

A.) The Question Of Tribute [OR] The Pharisees: Is It Lawful To Pay Taxes To Caesar? [OR] Paying Taxes To Caesar [OR] Jesus Answers The Pharisees, Sadducees And Scribes [OR] The Question About Paying Taxes [OR] He Avoids The Snare Of The Pharisees And Herodians About Paying Tribute To Caesar Mk 12:13

7. The Dead Come Back to Life Mk 12:18-27

A.) Jesus Answers The Sadducees [OR] The Sadducees: What About The Resurrection? [OR] Marriage At The Resurrection [OR] The Question About The Resurrection [OR] Proves The Error Of The Sadducees Mk 12:18

8. Love God and Your Neighbor Mk 12:28-34

A.) The Great Commandments [OR] The Scribes: Which Is The First Commandment Of All? [OR] The Greatest Commandment [OR] The First Commandment [OR] And Convinces The Scribe Who Asked Which Is The First Commandment Mk 12:28

9. How Can David's Son Be David's Lord? [12:35-37a] Mk 12:35-37

A.) Jesus Questions The Pharisees [OR] Jesus: How Can David Call His Descendant Lord? [OR] Whose Son Is The Christ? [OR] The Question About David's Son [OR] He Refutes The Scribes' Opinion Of Christ Mk 12:35

10. Christ Disapproves of the Example Set by Scribes [12:37b-40] Mk 12:38-40

1.) Beware Of The Scribes [OR] Jesus Denounces The Scribes [OR] Bids The People To Beware Of The Scribes' Ambition And Hypocrisy Mk 12:38

11. A Widow's Contribution Mk 12:41-44

A.) Jesus And The Widow's Mite [OR] The Widow's Two Mites [OR] The Widow's Offering [OR] The Widow's Mite [OR] And Commends The Poor Widow For Giving Her Two Mites Mk 12:41

12. Christ Teaches Disciples on the Mount of Olives Mk 13:1-31

A.) The Olivet Discourse Mk 13:1

1.) The Disciples' Questions [OR] Jesus Predicts The Destruction Of The Temple [OR] Signs Of The End Of The Age [OR] Things To Come [OR] The Destruction Of The Temple Foretold [OR] Christ Foretells The Destruction Of The Temple Mk 13:1

(I.) The Signs Of The Times And The End Of The Age Mk 13:3

2.) The Course Of This Age Mk 13:5

(I.) He Foretells Wars And Rumors Of Wars Mk 13:7

(II.) Persecution Foretold [OR] And Persecution For The Gospel's Sake Mk 13:9

(III.) The Gospel Must Be Preached To All Nations Mk 13:10

3.) The Great Tribulation [OR] The Desolating Sacrilege [OR] Great Calamities Shall Befall The Jews Mk 13:14

4.) The Lord's Return In Glory [OR] The Coming Of The Son Of Man [OR] The Return Of Christ [OR] Christ Foretells The Manner Of His Coming Mk 13:24

5.) Parable Of The Fig Tree [OR] The Parable Of The Fig Tree [OR] The Lesson Of The Fig Tree Mk 13:28

13. No One Knows When the Earth and the Heavens Will Disappear Mk 13:32-37

(I.) No One Knows The Day Or Hour [OR] The Day And Hour Unknown [OR] The Necessity For Watchfulness [OR] Since This Hour Is Unknown, Every Man Is To Watch And Pray, Lest He Be Found Unprepared Mk 13:32

1.) Watchfulness In View Of The Return Of The Lord Mk 13:34

14. The Plot to Kill Christ Mk 14:1-2

I.) The Servant-Son "obedient unto death" Mk 14:1

A.) The Plot To Put Jesus To Death [OR] The Plot To Kill Jesus [OR] Jesus Anointed At Bethany [OR] Death Plot And Anointing [OR] The Conspiracy Against Christ By The Chief Priests And Scribes [OR] The Anointing At Bethany [OR] Precious Ointment Is Poured On His Head By A Woman [OR] Judas Agrees To Betray Jesus [OR] Judas Plots To Betray His Master For Money Mk 14:1

15. A Woman Prepares Christ' Body for the Tomb Mk 14:3-9

A.) Jesus Anointed By Mary Of Bethany Mk 14:3

16. Judas Plans to Betray Christ Mk 14:10-11

A.) Judas Covenants To Betray Jesus Mk 14:10

17. Preparations for the Passover Mk 14:12-17

A.) The Preparation Of The Passover [OR] Jesus Celebrates The Passover With His Disciples [OR] The Lord's Supper [OR] The Last Passover [OR] The Passover With The Disciples [OR] Christ Himself Foretells How He Shall Be Betrayed By One Of His Disciples Mk 14:12

B.) The Last Passover Mk 14:17

18. Christ Knows Who Will Betray Him Mk 14:18-21

1.) The Passover Mk 14:18

19. The Lord's Supper Mk 14:22-26

1.) Jesus Institutes The Lord's Supper [OR] The Lord's Supper [OR] The Institution Of The Lord's Supper Mk 14:22

A.) Peter's Denial Foretold [OR] Christ Foretells The Flight Of All His Disciples, And Peter's Denial [OR] Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial Mk 14:26

20. Christ Predicts Peter's Denial Mk 14:27-31

21. Christ Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane Mk 14:32-42

A.) The Agony In The Garden [OR] The Prayer In The Garden [OR] Gethsemane [OR] Jesus In Gethsemane [OR] Jesus Prays In Gethsemane Mk 14:32

1.) The First Prayer Mk 14:35

2.) The Second Prayer Mk 14:39

3.) The Third Prayer Mk 14:41

22. Christ Is Arrested Mk 14:43-52

1.) The Betrayal And Arrest Of Jesus [OR] Betrayal And Arrest In Gethsemane [OR] Jesus Arrested [OR] Betrayal And Arrest [OR] Judas Betrays Him With A Kiss Mk 14:43

(I.) He Is Apprehended In The Garden Mk 14:46

2.) Peter Smites With The Sword And Follows Afar Off. Jesus Forsaken By All Mk 14:47

(I.) A Young Man Flees Naked Mk 14:51

23. The Trial in Front of the Jewish Council Mk 14:53-65

A.) Jesus Is Brought Before The High Priest And Sanhedrin [OR] Jesus Faces The Sanhedrin [OR] Before The Sanhedrin [OR] Jesus Before His Accusers [OR] Jesus Before The Council [OR] And Falsely Accused And Condemned By The Jewish Council Mk 14:53

1.) Who Shamefully Abuse Him Mk 14:65

24. Peter Denies Christ Mk 14:66-72

1.) Peter Denies His Lord [OR] Peter Denies Jesus, And Weeps [OR] Peter Disowns Jesus [OR] Peter's Denials [OR] Peter Denies Jesus [OR] Peter Denies Him Three Times Mk 14:66

25. Pilate Questions Christ Mk 15:1-5

A.) Jesus Sent Before Pilate [OR] Jesus Faces Pilate [OR] Jesus Before Pilate [OR] Christ Is Brought In Bound And Accused Before Pilate Mk 15:1

26. The Crowd Rejects Christ Mk 15:6-15

1.) Taking The Place Of Barabbas [OR] Pilate Hands Jesus Over To Be Crucified [OR] Upon The Clamor Of The People, The Murderer Barabbas Is Freed Mk 15:6

2.) Not Jesus But Barabbas Mk 15:7

(I.) And Christ Is Delivered Up To Be Crucified [OR] The Soldiers Mock Jesus [OR] Jesus Is Mocked Mk 15:15

27. The Soldiers Make Fun of Christ Mk 15:16-19

1.) Jesus Crowned With Thorns Mk 15:16

(I.) He Is Crowned With Thorns Mk 15:17

(II.) Spit Upon, And Mocked Mk 15:19

28. The Crucifixion Mk 15:20-32

(I.) The King On A Cross [OR] The Crucifixion [OR] The Crucifixion Of Jesus [OR] Simon The Cyrenian Is Compelled To Carry The Cross Mk 15:21

(II.) The Crucifixion Mk 15:22

A.) Jesus Crucified Mk 15:24

1.) Christ Is Crucified Between Two Robbers Mk 15:27

2.) Suffers The Triumphant Reproaches Of The Jews Mk 15:29

29. Christ Dies on the Cross Mk 15:33-41

1.) Jesus Dies On The Cross [OR] The Death Of Jesus Mk 15:33

2.) But Is Confessed By The Centurion To Be The Son Of God Mk 15:39

30. Christ Is Buried Mk 15:42-47

1.) The Entombment [OR] Jesus Buried In Joseph's Tomb [OR] The Burial Of Jesus [OR] Jesus Is Buried [OR] He Is Honorably Buried By Joseph Mk 15:42

31. Christ Comes Back to Life Mk 16:1-8

I.) The ministry of the risen Servant-Son, now exalted to all authority Mk 16:1

A.) The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ And The Events Of That Day [OR] He Is Risen [OR] The Resurrection [OR] The Resurrection Of Jesus [OR] An Angel Announces The Resurrection Of Christ To Three Women Mk 16:1

1.) Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene Mk 16:8

32. Christ Appears to His Followers Mk 16:9-20

1.) Mary Magdalene Sees The Risen Lord [OR] The Risen Christ Appears To Mary Magdalene [OR] Jesus Appears To Two Disciples [OR] To Two Of His Followers Going Into The Country Mk 16:9

2.) The Great Commission [OR] The Disciples Commissioned [OR] Jesus Commissions The Disciples [OR] And To The Eleven Apostles Mk 16:14

3.) Whom He Sends Forth To Preach The Gospel Mk 16:15

A.) The Ascension [OR] Christ Ascends To God's Right Hand [OR] The Ascension Of Jesus Mk 16:19