A. Yahweh's Complaints Mal 1:1-2:17

1. I Loved Jacob, but Esau I Hated Mal 1:1-5

I.) The love of God for Israel [OR] God's Love for Jacob [OR] God's complaint against Israel Mal 1:1

A.) Israel Beloved Of God [OR] Jacob Loved, Esau Hated [OR] Israel Preferred To Edom Mal 1:2

2. The Priests Offer Unacceptable Sacrifices to the LORD Mal 1:6-14

I.) The sins of the restoration priests rebuked [OR] Polluted Offerings [OR] Blemished Sacrifices [OR] Sin of the Priests [OR] Corruption of the Priesthood [OR] Of their disrespect for religion Mal 1:6

A.) And Profaning His Name Mal 1:12

3. The Priests Do Not Teach the LORD'S Word Correctly Mal 2:1-9

A.) Corrupt Priests [OR] Admonition For The Priests [OR] Priests To Be Discid [OR] He Reproves The Priests For Neglecting Their Covenant Mal 2:1

4. The People Break Their Marriage Vows Mal 2:10-17

I.) The sins of the people rebuked Mal 2:10

A.) Sins Against Brotherhood [OR] Treachery Of Infidelity [OR] Judah Unfaithful [OR] Sin In The Family [OR] The Covenant Profaned By Judah Mal 2:10

B.) Sins Against God In The Family [OR] And The People For Idolatry Mal 2:11

1.) For Adultery And Infidelity Mal 2:14

C.) The Sin Of Insincere Religious Profession [OR] The Day Of Judgment Mal 2:17

B. Yahweh's Arrival Mal 3:1-4:6

1. The Coming of the Messenger of the Promise Mal 3:1-5

A.) The Mission Of John The Baptist And Coming Of The Lord Foretold [OR] The Coming Messenger [OR] The Purifier [OR] Of The Messenger, Majesty, And Grace Of Christ Mal 3:1

2. The People Are Cheating God Mal 3:6-18

1.) Robbing God Mal 3:6

A.) The People Have Robbed God [OR] Of The People's Rebellion Mal 3:7

1.) Do Not Rob God [OR] You Have Robbed God [OR] Do Not Rob God [OR] Their Robbing God Of Tithes And Offerings Mal 3:8

2.) The People Complain Harshly Mal 3:13

B.) The Faithful Remnant [OR] A Book Of Remembrance [OR] The Book Of Remembrance [OR] The Reward Of The Faithful [OR] The Promise Of Blessing To Those Who Fear God Mal 3:16

3. The Day of the LORD Brings Judgment Mal 4:1-3

I.) The day of the Lord [OR] The Great Day of God [OR] The Day of the Lord [OR] Final Admonition [OR] The Great Day of the Lord [OR] God's judgment on the wicked Mal 4:1

A.) The Second Coming Of Christ [OR] And His Blessing On The Good Mal 4:2

4. Remember What God Has Done and Will Do Mal 4:4-6

1.) He Exhorts The People To The Study Of The Law Mal 4:4

A.) Elijah To Come Again Before The Day Of The Lord [OR] And Tells Of Elijah's Coming Mal 4:5