Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2




A. Prologue Lu 1:1

1. Luke Writes to Theophilus Lu 1:1-4

I.) The Evangelist's Introduction [OR] Dedictation to Theophilus [OR] Introduction [OR] Dedication to Theophilus [OR] Luke's preface Lu 1:1

B. Infancy and Childhood Lu 1:5-2:52

1. The Angel Gabriel Appears to Zechariah Lu 1:5-25

I.) The human relationships of Jesus Lu 1:5

A.) Birth Of John The Baptist Foretold [OR] John's Birth Announced To Zacharias [OR] The Birth Of John The Baptist Foretold [OR] The Conception Of John The Baptist Lu 1:5

2. The Angel Gabriel Comes to Mary Lu 1:26-38

A.) The Annunciation [OR] Christ's Birth Announced To Mary [OR] The Birth Of Jesus Foretold [OR] Jesus' Birth Foretold [OR] And Of Christ [OR] Mary Visits Elizabeth [OR] The Prophecies Of Elisabeth And Mary Concerning Christ Lu 1:26

3. Mary Visits Elizabeth Lu 1:39-45

A.) Mary Visits Elisabeth Lu 1:39

4. Mary Praises God Lu 1:46-56

A.) The Magnificat [OR] The Song Of Mary [OR] Mary's Song [OR] Mary's Song Of Praise Lu 1:46

5. John Is Born Lu 1:57-80

A.) Birth Of John The Baptist [OR] The Birth Of John The Baptist [OR] John Is Born [OR] The Birth And Circumcision Of John Lu 1:57

1.) Circumcision Of John The Baptist Lu 1:59

2.) Zacharias Confirms The Name Given John Lu 1:62

3.) Zacharias' Prophecy [OR] Zechariah's Song [OR] Zacharias' Prophecy [OR] Zechariah's Prophecy [OR] The Prophecy Of Zacharias, About Christ Lu 1:67

4.) And John Lu 1:76

6. Christ Is Born Lu 2:1-7

A.) The Birth Of Jesus [OR] Christ Born Of Mary [OR] Jesus' Birth In Bethlehem [OR] Augustus Enrolls All The Roman Empire Lu 2:1

1.) The Birth Of Jesus Lu 2:6

7. Angels Announce the Birth of Christ Lu 2:8-20

A.) Adoration Of The Shepherds [OR] Glory In The Highest [OR] The Shepherds And The Angels [OR] An Angel Announces It To Shepherds Lu 2:8

1.) Who Journey To Bethlehem Lu 2:15

8. Christ' Parents Obey Moses' Teachings Lu 2:21-24

A.) Circumcision Of Jesus [OR] Jesus Presented In The Temple [OR] Jesus Presented At The Temple [OR] Jesus Is Named [OR] Jesus Is Circumcised Lu 2:21

1.) Jesus Presented In The Temple [OR] Jesus Is Presented In The Temple [OR] They Bring Jesus To The Temple To Present Him To God Lu 2:22

9. Simeon's Prophecy Lu 2:25-35

A.) Adoration And Prophecy Of Simeon [OR] Simeon Sees God's Salvation [OR] Simeon And Anna Prophesy Of Jesus Lu 2:25

10. Anna's Prophecy Lu 2:36-40

A.) Adoration Of Anna [OR] Anna Bears Witness To The Redeemer Lu 2:36

B.) Return To Nazareth: The Silent Years [OR] The Family Returns To Nazareth [OR] Return To Nazareth [OR] The Return To Nazareth Lu 2:39

1.) Who Increases In Wisdom Lu 2:40

11. Mary and Joseph Find Christ With the Teachers in the Temple Courtyard Lu 2:41-52

A.) Jesus And His Parents At The Passover [OR] The Boy Jesus Amazes The Scholars [OR] The Boy Jesus At The Temple [OR] Visit To Jerusalem [OR] The Boy Jesus In The Temple Lu 2:41

1.) Discusses Religious Questions In The Temple With The Doctors Lu 2:46

2.) Jesus Advances In Wisdom And Favor [OR] And Is Obedient To His Parents [OR] John The Baptist Prepares The Way [OR] John The Baptist Preaches [OR] The Proclamation Of John The Baptist [OR] The Preaching And Baptism Of John: Lu 2:51

C. Beginning of Jesus' Ministry Lu 3:1-4:13

I.) John Prepares the Way Lu 3:1-20

II.) The baptism, ancestry, and testing of Jesus Lu 3:1

A.) The Ministry Of John The Baptist Lu 3:1

1.) John Preaches To The People Lu 3:7

2.) His Testimony Concerning Christ Lu 3:15

3.) Herod Imprisons John Lu 3:19

1. The Baptism of Christ [3:21-23a] Lu 3:21-23

A.) The Baptism Of Jesus [OR] John Baptizes Jesus [OR] The Baptism And Genealogy Of Jesus [OR] Jesus Is Baptized [OR] Christ, Baptized, Receives Testimony From Heaven Lu 3:21

B.) The Genealogy Of Mary, Mother Of Jesus [OR] The Genealogy Of Jesus Christ [OR] Genealogy Of Jesus [OR] The Ancestors Of Jesus [OR] The Age And Genealogy Of Jesus Christ, From Joseph Back To Adam Lu 3:23

2. The Ancestors of Christ [3:23b-38] Lu 3:24-38

3. Satan Tempts Christ Lu 4:1-13

A.) The Temptation Of Christ [OR] Satan Tempts Jesus [OR] The Temptation Of Jesus [OR] The Temptation And Fasting Of Christ Lu 4:1

1.) He Overcomes The Devil Lu 4:13

D. Galilean Ministry Lu 4:14-9:6

I.) Nazareth Rejects Christ Lu 4:14-30

II.) The ministry of the Son of man as Prophet-King in Galilee Lu 4:14

A.) Jesus Returns To Galilee [OR] Jesus Begins His Galilean Ministry [OR] Jesus Rejected At Nazareth [OR] Jesus' Public Ministry [OR] The Beginning Of The Galilean Ministry [OR] And Begins To Preach Lu 4:14

B.) Jesus In The Synagogue At Nazareth [OR] Jesus Rejected At Nazareth [OR] The Rejection Of Jesus At Nazareth [OR] The People Of Nazareth Hear His Gracious Words Lu 4:16

1.) They Seek To Kill Him Lu 4:28

1. Christ Forces an Evil Spirit out of a Man Lu 4:31-37

A.) Jesus Goes To Capernaum, And Casts Out Demons [OR] Jesus Casts Out An Unclean Spirit [OR] Jesus Drives Out An Evil Spirit [OR] The Man With An Unclean Spirit Lu 4:31

1.) He Cures One Possessed Of A Devil Lu 4:33

2. Christ Cures Simon's Mother-in-Law and Many Others Lu 4:38-41

A.) Jesus Heals Peter's Wife's Mother, And Many Others [OR] Peter's Mother-In-Law [OR] Jesus Heals Many [OR] Many Are Healed [OR] Healings At Simon's House Lu 4:38

1.) Many Healed After Sabbath Sunset [OR] He Heals Many Other Sick Persons Lu 4:40

2.) The Devils Acknowledge Christ, And Are Reproved For It Lu 4:41

3. Spreading the Good News Lu 4:42-44

1.) Jesus Preaches In Galilee [OR] Jesus Preaches In The Synagogues Lu 4:42

2.) He Preaches In Other Cities Lu 4:43

4. Calling of the First Disciples Lu 5:1-11

A.) The Miraculous Draught Of Fishes [OR] Four Fisherman Called As Disciples [OR] The Calling Of The First Disciples [OR] The First Disciples [OR] Jesus Calls The First Disciples [OR] Christ Teaches The People From Peter's Ship Lu 5:1

1.) In A Miraculous Catch Of Fish, Christ Shows How He Will Make Peter And His Partners Fishers Of Men Lu 5:4

5. Christ Cures a Man With a Skin Disease Lu 5:12-16

A.) Jesus Heals A Leper [OR] Jesus Cleanses A Leper [OR] The Man With Leprosy [OR] The Leper And The Paralytic [OR] Christ Cleanses The Leper Lu 5:12

1.) He Prays In The Wilderness Lu 5:16

6. Christ Forgives Sins Lu 5:17-26

A.) A Paralytic Healed [OR] Jesus Forgives And Heals A Paralytic [OR] Jesus Heals A Paralytic Lu 5:17

1.) And Heals A Palsied Man Lu 5:18

7. Christ Chooses Levi [Matthew] to Be a Disciple Lu 5:27-32

A.) The Call Of Matthew [OR] Matthew The Tax Collector [OR] The Calling Of Levi [OR] Call Of Levi (Matthew) [OR] Jesus Calls Levi [OR] He Calls Matthew, The Tax Collector Lu 5:27

1.) Eats With Sinners Lu 5:29

B.) Jesus Answers The Scribes And Pharisees Lu 5:30

8. Christ Is Questioned About Fasting Lu 5:33-39

1.) Jesus Is Questioned About Fasting [OR] Jesus Questioned About Fasting [OR] The Question About Fasting Lu 5:33

2.) And Foretells The Fastings And Afflictions Of The Apostles After His Ascension Lu 5:34

A.) Parables Of The Garment And Bottles [OR] He Likens Faint-Hearted And Weak Disciples To Old Bottles And Worn Garments Lu 5:36

9. Christ Has Authority Over the Day of Worship Lu 6:1-5

A.) Jesus And The Sabbath [OR] Jesus Is Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] Lord Of The Sabbath [OR] The Question About The Sabbath [OR] Christ Reproves The Pharisees' Blindness About The Observation Of The Sabbath Lu 6:1

10. Christ Heals on the Day of Worship Lu 6:6-11

A.) The Withered Hand Healed [OR] Healing On The Sabbath [OR] The Man With A Withered Hand [OR] The Twelve Apostles [OR] Choosing The Twelve [OR] Jesus Chooses The Twelve Apostles Lu 6:6

11. Christ Appoints Twelve Apostles Lu 6:12-16

A.) The Twelve Chosen Lu 6:12

1.) He Chooses Twelve Apostles Lu 6:13

12. Many People Are Cured Lu 6:17-19

1.) Jesus Heals A Great Multitude [OR] Blessings And Woes [OR] Jesus Teaches And Heals [OR] Heals The Diseased [OR] The Beatitudes [OR] And Preaches Of Blessings And Curses Lu 6:17

13. Christ Teaches His Disciples Lu 6:20-26

A.) The Sermon On The Mount Lu 6:20

1.) Jesus Pronounces Woes Lu 6:24

14. Love Your Enemies Lu 6:27-36

1.) Love Your Enemies [OR] Love For Enemies [OR] He Links The Obedience Of Good Works To The Hearing Of The Word Lu 6:27

15. Stop Judging Lu 6:37-42

1.) Do Not Judge [OR] Judging Others Lu 6:37

16. Evil People Lu 6:43-45

1.) A Tree Is Known By Its Fruit [OR] A Tree And Its Fruit Lu 6:43

17. Build on the Rock Lu 6:46-49

1.) Build On The Rock [OR] The Wise And Foolish Builders [OR] Builders And Foundations [OR] The Two Foundations Lu 6:46

2.) Parable Of The House Built On The Rock Lu 6:47

18. A Believing Army Officer Lu 7:1-10

A.) The Centurion's Servant Healed [OR] Jesus Heals A Centurion's Servant [OR] The Faith Of The Centurion [OR] Christ Finds A Greater Faith In The Gentile Centurion Than In Any Of The Jews Lu 7:1

1.) And Heals His Absent Servant Lu 7:10

19. Christ Brings a Widow's Son Back to Life Lu 7:11-17

A.) The Widow's Son Raised [OR] Jesus Raises The Son Of The Widow Of Nain [OR] Jesus Raises A Widow's Son [OR] Jesus Raises The Widow's Son At Nain [OR] He Raises From Death The Widow's Son At Nain Lu 7:11

20. John Sends Two Disciples Lu 7:18-23

1.) John The Baptist Sends Messengers To Jesus [OR] Jesus And John The Baptist [OR] A Deputation From John [OR] Messengers From John The Baptist Lu 7:18

A.) John The Baptist Sends Disciples To Question Jesus [OR] And Answers John's Messengers With The Declaration Of His Miracles Lu 7:19

21. Christ Speaks About John Lu 7:24-35

A.) Jesus' Testimony To John The Baptist [OR] He Tells The People The High Opinion He Holds Of John Lu 7:24

B.) Jesus Exposes The Unreason Of Unbelief [OR] He Denounces The Jews, Who Could Not Be Won By The Methods Of Either John Or Christ Lu 7:30

22. A Sinful Woman Receives Forgiveness Lu 7:36-50

A.) Jesus In The Pharisee's House [OR] A Sinful Woman Forgiven [OR] Jesus Anointed By A Sinful Woman [OR] And Shows, By Example Of The Sinful Woman, He Is A Friend To Sinners Lu 7:36

1.) Parable Of Two Debtors Lu 7:40

B.) Parable Of The Creditor And Two Debtors Lu 7:41

23. Women Who Supported Christ Lu 8:1-3

A.) Jesus Preaches And Heals In Galilee [OR] Many Women Minister To Jesus [OR] The Parable Of The Sower [OR] Ministering Women [OR] Some Women Accompany Jesus [OR] During Christ's Preaching Mission With The Twelve Lu 8:1

1.) Women Minister Unto Him Lu 8:2

24. A Story About a Farmer Lu 8:4-18

1.) Parable Of The Sower [OR] The Parable Of The Sower [OR] Christ Relates The Parable Of The Sower Lu 8:4

(I.) The Purpose Of Parables [OR] The Purpose Of The Parables [OR] And Explains It To His Disciples [OR] The Parable Of The Sower Explained Lu 8:9

2.) Parable Of The Lighted Candle [OR] The Parable Of The Revealed Light [OR] A Lamp On A Stand [OR] Parable Of The Lamp [OR] A Lamp Under A Jar [OR] The Parable Of The Candle Lu 8:16

25. The True Family of Christ Lu 8:19-21

1.) The New Relationships [OR] Jesus' Mother And Brothers Come To Him [OR] Jesus' Mother And Brothers [OR] The True Kindred Of Jesus [OR] Christ Declares His Kinship With All Believers Lu 8:19

26. Christ Calms the Sea Lu 8:22-25

1.) Jesus Stills The Waves [OR] Wind And Wave Obey Jesus [OR] Jesus Calms The Storm [OR] Jesus Stills The Sea [OR] Jesus Calms A Storm [OR] He Rebukes The Wind Lu 8:22

27. Christ Cures a Demon-Possessed Man Lu 8:26-39

1.) Demons Cast Out Of The Maniac Of Gadara [OR] A Demon-Possessed Man Healed [OR] The Healing Of A Demon-Possessed Man [OR] The Demoniac Cured [OR] Jesus Heals The Gerasene Demoniac [OR] Casts The Legion Of Devils Out Of The Man, Into The Herd Of Swine Lu 8:26

(I.) And Is Rejected By The Gerasenes Lu 8:37

28. Jairus' Daughter and a Woman With Chronic Bleeding Lu 8:40-56

1.) A Woman Healed: Jairus' Daughter Raised [OR] A Girl Restored To Life And A Woman Healed [OR] A Dead Girl And A Sick Woman [OR] Miracles Of Healing Lu 8:40

(I.) He Heals A Woman Of A Bloody Issue Lu 8:43

(II.) He Raises Jairus' Daughter From Death Lu 8:49

29. Christ Sends Out the Twelve Lu 9:1-6

1.) The Twelve Sent Fourth To Preach [OR] Sending Out The Twelve [OR] Jesus Sends Out The Twelve [OR] Ministry Of The Twelve [OR] The Mission Of The Twelve [OR] Christ Sends His Apostles To Work Miracles And To Preach Lu 9:1

E. Leaving Galilee Lu 9:7-50

(I.) Rumors About Christ Lu 9:7-9

(II.) Herod Seeks To See Jesus [OR] Herod's Perplexity [OR] Herod Desires To See Christ Lu 9:7

1. Christ Feeds Five Thousand Lu 9:10-17

1.) The Apostles Return: The Five Thousand Fed [OR] Feeding The Five Thousand [OR] Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand [OR] Christ Feeds Five Thousand Lu 9:10

(I.) Five Thousand Fed Lu 9:12

2. Peter Declares His Belief About Christ Lu 9:18-21

1.) Peter's Confession Of Christ [OR] Peter Confesses Jesus As The Christ [OR] Peter's Declaration About Jesus [OR] Peter Acknowledges Him To Be The Christ Lu 9:18

(I.) Jesus Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection Lu 9:21

3. Christ Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Lu 9:22-

1.) Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Christ Foretells His Passion And Warns Of The Price Of Following Him Lu 9:22

4. What It Means to Follow Christ Lu 9:23-27

1.) The Test Of Discipleship [OR] Take Up The Cross And Follow Him Lu 9:23

2.) The Transfiguration [OR] Jesus Transfigured On The Mount Lu 9:27

5. Moses and Elijah Appear With Christ Lu 9:28-36

6. Christ Cures a Demon-Possessed Boy [9:37-43a] Lu 9:37-43

1.) The Powerless Disciples. Demon Cast Out Of A Child [OR] A Boy Is Healed [OR] The Healing Of A Boy With An Evil Spirit [OR] Jesus Heals A Boy With A Demon [OR] He Heals The Lunatic Lu 9:37

(I.) Jesus Again Predicts His Death [OR] Jesus Again Foretells His Death [OR] And Again Forewarns His Disciples Of His Passion Lu 9:43

7. The Son of Man Again Foretells His Betrayal [9:43b-45] Lu 9:44-45

1.) Jesus Again Foretells His Death Lu 9:44

8. Greatness in the Kingdom Lu 9:46-48

1.) The Sermon On The Child [OR] Who Is The Greatest? [OR] Who Will Be The Greatest? [OR] The Test Of Greatness [OR] True Greatness [OR] He Commends Humility Lu 9:46

9. Using the Name of Christ Lu 9:49-50

1.) The Rebuke Of Sectarianism [OR] Jesus Forbids Sectarianism [OR] Another Exorcist Lu 9:49

F. Judean and Perean Ministry Lu 9:51-19:28

1a. People From a Samaritan Village Reject Christ Lu 9:51-56

I.) The journey of the Son of man from Galilee to Jerusalem Lu 9:51

A.) The New Spirit Of Grace: Final Departure From Galilee [OR] A Samaritan Village Rejects The Savior [OR] Samaritan Opposition [OR] A Samaritan Village Refuses To Receive Jesus [OR] And Rebukes His Disciples' Anger Lu 9:51

1. What It Takes to Be a Disciple Lu 9:57-62

A.) Another Test Of Discipleship [OR] The Cost Of Discipleship [OR] The Cost Of Following Jesus [OR] Exacting Discipleship [OR] Would-Be Followers Of Jesus [OR] Many Desire To Follow Him, But Only On Their Own Conditions Lu 9:57

2. Christ Sends Disciples to Do Mission Work Lu 10:1-24

A.) The Seventy Sent Before Him [OR] The Seventy Sent Out [OR] Jesus Sends Out The Seventy-Two [OR] The Mission Of The Seventy [OR] Christ Sends Out Seventy Disciples At One Time To Work Miracles And To Preach Lu 10:1

1.) And Foretells Judgment On The Cities Which Refuse To Receive Them Lu 10:10

B.) Jesus Pronounces Judgment On The Cities [OR] Woe To The Impenitent Cities [OR] Woes To Unrepentant Cities Lu 10:13

1.) The Seventy Return With Joy [OR] The Happy Results [OR] The Return Of The Seventy [OR] He Admonishes Them To Be Humble, And Teaches In What Things To Rejoice Lu 10:17

2.) Jesus Rejoices In The Spirit [OR] Jesus Rejoices [OR] And Thanks God For His Grace Lu 10:21

3.) He Rejoices In The Happy State Of His Church [OR] The Parable Of The Good Samaritan [OR] And Teaches The Lawyer How To Attain Eternal Life Lu 10:23

3. A Story About a Good Samaritan Lu 10:25-37

A.) A Lawyer Questions Jesus Lu 10:25

B.) Parable Of The Good Samaritan [OR] The Good Samaritan [OR] The Parable Of The Good Samaritan Lu 10:30

4. Mary Listens to Christ Lu 10:38-42

A.) Martha And Mary In Contrast [OR] Mary And Martha Worship And Serve [OR] At The Home Of Martha And Mary [OR] Martha And Mary [OR] Jesus Visits Martha And Mary [OR] Christ Reproves Martha And Commends Mary Lu 10:38

5. The Lord's Prayer Lu 11:1-4

A.) Jesus' Doctrine Of Prayer [OR] The Model Prayer [OR] Jesus' Teaching On Prayer [OR] Instruction About Prayer [OR] The Lord's Prayer [OR] Christ Teaches How To Pray Lu 11:1

6. The Power of Prayer Lu 11:5-13

A.) Parable Of The Importunate Friend [OR] A Friend Comes At Midnight [OR] Perseverance In Prayer Lu 11:5

1.) Keep Asking, Seeking, Knocking Lu 11:9

B.) Parable Of The Fatherhood [OR] Assuring Us That God Will Give Us Good Things Lu 11:11

7. Christ Is Accused of Working With Beelzebul Lu 11:14-26

A.) Jesus Charged With Casting Out Demons By Beelzebub [OR] A House Divided Cannot Stand [OR] Jesus And Beelzebub [OR] Pharisees' Blasphemy [OR] Jesus And Beelzebul [OR] Casting Out A Dumb Devil, He Rebukes The Blasphemous Pharisees Lu 11:14

B.) Worthlessness Of Self-Reformation [OR] An Unclean Spirit Returns [OR] The Return Of The Unclean Spirit Lu 11:24

8. The Sign of Jonah Lu 11:27-32

1.) Keeping The Word [OR] True Blessedness Lu 11:27

2.) He Shows Who Are Blessed Lu 11:28

A.) The Sign Of Jonas [OR] Seeking A Sign [OR] The Sign Of Jonah [OR] Preaches To The People [OR] The Lamp Of The Body [OR] The Light Of The Body Lu 11:29

9. Christ Talks About Light Lu 11:33-36

A.) Parable Of The Lighted Candle Lu 11:33

10. Christ Criticizes Some Jewish Leaders Lu 11:37-54

1.) Woe To The Pharisees And Lawyers [OR] Six Woes [OR] Woes Upon The Pharisees [OR] Jesus Denounces Pharisees And Lawyers [OR] And Rebukes The Hypocritical Show Of Hss In The Pharisees, Scribes, And Lawyers Lu 11:37

A.) Jesus Pronounces Woes Upon The Pharisees Lu 11:39

B.) Jesus Pronounces Woes Upon The Lawyers Lu 11:45

11. Christ Speaks to His Disciples Lu 12:1-12

A.) Jesus Warns Of The Leaven Of The Pharisees [OR] Beware Of Hypocrisy [OR] Warnings And Encouragement's [OR] God Knows And Cares [OR] A Warning Against Hypocrisy [OR] Christ Tells His Disciples To Avoid Hypocrisy Lu 12:1

1.) Jesus Teaches The Fear Of God [OR] Exhortation To Fearless Confession [OR] And To Have No Fear Proclaiming His Gospel Lu 12:4

2.) Confess The Christ Before Men [OR] The Parable Of The Rich Fool [OR] Covetousness Denounced [OR] He Warns The People To Beware Of Covetousness [OR] Do Not Worry [OR] We Must Not Be Anxious About Earthly Things Lu 12:8

12. A Story About Material Possessions Lu 12:13-21

A.) Parable Of The Rich Fool Lu 12:16

13. Stop Worrying Lu 12:22-34

1.) But Seek The Kingdom Of God Lu 12:31

2.) Give Alms Lu 12:33

14. The Son of Man Will Return When You Least Expect Him Lu 12:35-48

A.) Parable And Warnings Connected With The Second Coming [OR] The Faithful Servant And The Evil Servant [OR] Watchfulness [OR] Be In Readiness [OR] Watchful Slaves Lu 12:35

1.) And Be Ready To Welcome Our Lord Whenever He Comes Lu 12:36

2.) The Faithful Or The Unfaithful Slave [OR] Christ's Ministers Are To Be Faithful Lu 12:41

B.) Parable Of The Steward And His Servants Lu 12:42

15. Christ Will Cause Conflict Lu 12:49-53

A.) Christ A Divider Of Men [OR] Christ Brings Division [OR] Not Peace But Division [OR] Christ Divides Men [OR] Jesus The Cause Of Division [OR] A Divided House Cannot Stand Lu 12:49

16. Use Good Judgment Lu 12:54-59

1.) Discern The Time [OR] Interpreting The Times [OR] Interpreting The Time [OR] The People Discern Physical, But Not Spiritual Signs Lu 12:54

2.) Make Peace With Your Adversary [OR] Settling With Your Opponent Lu 12:57

3.) The Necessity For Reconciliation With Our Enemies [OR] Repent Or Perish [OR] Call To Repent [OR] Christ Preaches Repentance And Cites Examples Of The Punishment Of The Galilaeans And Others [OR] The Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree [OR] The Fruitless Fig Tree Lu 12:58

17. Christ Tells People to Turn to God and Change the Way They Think and Act Lu 13:1-5

A.) Men Are Not To Judge, But Repent Lu 13:1

18. A Story About a Fruitless Tree Lu 13:6-9

A.) Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree Lu 13:6

19. Christ Heals a Disabled Woman Lu 13:10-17

A.) The Woman Loosed From Her Infirmity [OR] A Spirit Of Infirmity [OR] A Crippled Woman Healed On The Sabbath [OR] Healing On The Sabbath [OR] Jesus Heals A Crippled Woman Lu 13:10

1.) He Heals The Bent And Bowed Lu 13:11

20. Stories About a Mustard Seed and Yeast Lu 13:18-21

A.) Parable Of The Mustard Seed [OR] The Parable Of The Mustard Seed [OR] The Parables Of The Mustard Seed And The Yeast [OR] Parables Of Mustard Seed And Leaven [OR] The Parables Of The Grain Of Mustard Seed, And Of The Leaven Lu 13:18

B.) Parable Of The Leaven [OR] The Parable Of The Leaven [OR] The Parable Of The Yeast Lu 13:20

21. The Narrow Door Lu 13:22-30

A.) Teachings On The Way To Jerusalem [OR] The Narrow Way [OR] The Narrow Door [OR] Teaching In The Villages Lu 13:22

1.) He Exhorts Them To Enter In At The Narrow Gate Lu 13:24

22. Christ Warns Jerusalem Lu 13:31-35

1.) Jesus' Sorrow For Jerusalem [OR] The Lament Over Jerusalem [OR] And Reproves Herod, Along With Jerusalem Lu 13:31

2.) Jesus' Lament Over Jerusalem [OR] Jesus Laments Over Jerusalem Lu 13:34

23. Christ Attends a Banquet Lu 14:1-24

1.) Jesus Heals On The Sabbath [OR] A Man With Dropsy Healed On The Sabbath [OR] Jesus At A Pharisee's House [OR] Jesus Heals The Man With Dropsy [OR] Christ Heals The Dropsical Man On The Sabbath Lu 14:1

(I.) Parable Of The Ambitious Guest [OR] Take The Lowly Place [OR] Parable Of The Guests [OR] Humility And Hospitality [OR] Commands Humility Lu 14:7

(A.) and to feed the poor Lu 14:12

(B.) The Parable of the Great Supper [OR] The Parable of the Great Banquet [OR] The Parable of the Great Dinner [OR] By the parable of the great supper, Christ shows how worldly men shall be shut out of heaven Lu 14:15

(II.) Parable Of The Great Supper [OR] Parable Of The Dinner Lu 14:16

24. The Cost of Being a Disciple Lu 14:25-35

1.) Discipleship Again Tested [OR] Leaving All To Follow Christ [OR] The Cost Of Being A Disciple [OR] Discipleship Tested [OR] The Cost Of Discipleship [OR] Many Would Follow Him But, Learning That Each Disciple Must Shoulder His Own Cross, Desert Lu 14:25

(I.) Parable Of The Tower Lu 14:28

(II.) Parable Of The King Going To War Lu 14:31

(III.) Parable Of The Savorless Salt [OR] Tasteless Salt Is Worthless [OR] About Salt [OR] Christ Compares The Deserter To Salt That Has Lost Its SavorLu 14:34

25. The Lost Sheep Lu 15:1-7

1.) The Murmuring Pharisees Lu 15:1

(I.) Parable Of The Lost Sheep Lu 15:3

26. The Lost Coin Lu 15:8-10

(I.) Parable Of The Lost Coin Lu 15:8

27. The Lost Son Lu 15:11-32

(I.) Parable Of The Lost Son Lu 15:11

(A.) The departure Lu 15:12

(B.) The misery of the far country [OR] who, after wasting his inheritance in a foreign country Lu 15:14

(C.) The repentance Lu 15:17

(D.) The return and the father [OR] returns and is reinstated by his father Lu 15:20

(E.) The rejoicing Lu 15:23

(F.) The Pharisee Lu 15:25

28. Christ Speaks About Dishonesty Lu 16:1-18

1.) Parable Of The Unjust Steward [OR] The Parable Of The Unjust Steward [OR] The Parable Of The Shrewd Manager [OR] The Unrighteous Steward [OR] The Parable Of The Dishonest Manager [OR] The Parable Of The Unfaithful Steward Lu 16:1

2.) Jesus Answers The Pharisees [OR] The Law, The Prophets, And The Kingdom [OR] The Law And The Kingdom Of God [OR] Christ Reproves The Hypocrisy Of The Covetous Pharisees [OR] The Rich Man And Lazarus [OR] The Rich Man And Lazarus, The Beggar Lu 16:14

3.) Jesus And Divorce Lu 16:18

29. A Rich Man and Lazarus Lu 16:19-31

1.) The Rich Man And Lazarus Lu 16:19

30. Causing Others to Lose Faith Lu 17:1-4

1.) An Instruction In Forgiveness [OR] Jesus Warns Of Offenses [OR] Sin, Faith, Duty [OR] Instructions [OR] Some Sayings Of Jesus [OR] Christ Teaches His Own To Avoid Occasions Of Offense Lu 17:1

(I.) And To Forgive One Another Lu 17:3

31. The Apostles Ask For More Faith Lu 17:5-10

(I.) Faith And Duty Lu 17:5

(II.) The Power Of Faith Lu 17:6

1.) A Parable Of Service Lu 17:7

32. Ten Men With a Skin Disease Are Healed Lu 17:11-19

1.) Ten Lepers Healed [OR] Ten Lepers Cleansed [OR] Ten Healed Of Leprosy [OR] Jesus Cleanses Ten Lepers [OR] Christ Heals Ten Lepers Lu 17:11

33. The Pharisees Ask About the Kingdom of God Lu 17:20-21

1.) The Kingdom In Its Spiritual Aspect [OR] The Coming Of The Kingdom [OR] The Coming Of The Kingdom Of God [OR] The Kingdom Of God Lu 17:20

34. Christ Teaches About the Time When He Will Come Again Lu 17:22-37

1.) Jesus Foretells His Second Coming [OR] Second Coming Foretold [OR] The Parable Of The Persistent Widow [OR] Parables On Prayer [OR] The Parable Of The Widow And The Unjust Judge [OR] Of The Importunate Widow [OR] The Parable Of The Pharisee And The Tax Collector [OR] The Pharisee And The Publican [OR] Of The Pharisee And The Publican Lu 17:22

35. God Will Help His People Lu 18:1-8

1.) Parable Of The Unjust Judge Lu 18:1

36. A Pharisee and a Tax Collector Lu 18:9-14

1.) Parable Of The Pharisee And The Publican Lu 18:9

37. Christ Blesses Children Lu 18:15-17

1.) Jesus Blesses Little Children [OR] The Little Children And Jesus [OR] Children Are Brought To Christ Lu 18:15

38. Eternal Life in the Kingdom Lu 18:18-30

1.) The Rich Young Ruler [OR] Jesus Counsels The Rich Young Ruler [OR] The Rich Ruler [OR] A Young Ruler, Desiring To Follow Christ, Is Hindered By His Unwillingness To Sacrifice Riches And Position Lu 18:18

(I.) With God All Things Are Possible Lu 18:24

(II.) The Reward Of Those Who Leave All For His Sake Lu 18:28

39. For the Third Time Christ Foretells That He Will Die and Come Back to Life Lu 18:31-34

1.) Jesus Again Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus A Third Time Predicts His Death And Resurrection [OR] Jesus Again Predicts His Death [OR] A Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death And Resurrection [OR] Christ Foretells His Death Lu 18:31

40. Christ Gives Sight to a Blind Man Lu 18:35-43

1.) A Blind Man Healed Near Jericho [OR] A Blind Man Recieves His Sight [OR] A Blind Beggar Receives His Sight [OR] Bartimaeus Receives Sight [OR] Jesus Heals A Blind Beggar Near Jericho [OR] He Restores Sight To A Blind Man Lu 18:35

41. Zacchaeus Meets Christ Lu 19:1-10

1.) Conversion Of Zacchaeus [OR] Jesus Comes To Zacchaeus' House [OR] Zacchaeus The Tax Collector [OR] Zaccheus Converted [OR] Jesus And Zacchaeus [OR] Of Zacchaeus, A Tax Collector Lu 19:1

42. A Story About a King Lu 19:11-27

1.) Parable Of The Ten Pounds: The Postponed Kingdom [OR] The Parable Of The Minas [OR] The Parable Of The Ten Minas [OR] Parable Of Money Usage [OR] The Parable Of The Ten Pounds [OR] The Parable Of The Pounds [OR] The Triumphal Entry [OR] Triumphal Entry [OR] Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem [OR] Christ Rides Into Jerusalem In Triumph [OR] Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem [OR] He Weeps Over The City Lu 19:11

43. The King Comes to Jerusalem Lu 19:28-44

A.) The Triumphal Entry Lu 19:28

G. End of Public Ministry Lu 19:29-21:37

A.) Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem Lu 19:41

1. Christ Throws Out the Moneychangers Lu 19:45-48

I.) The final offer of the Son of man as King to Israel, His rejection and sacrifice Lu 19:45

A.) Second Purification Of The Temple [OR] Jesus Cleanses The Temple [OR] Jesus At The Temple [OR] Traders Driven From The Temple [OR] He Drives The Buyers And Sellers From The Temple Lu 19:45

1.) He Teaches There Daily, Unharmed Because The Rulers Fear The People Lu 19:47

2. Christ' Authority Challenged Lu 20:1-8

A.) Jesus' Authority Questioned [OR] The Authority Of Jesus Questioned [OR] Christ Assert His Authority By Asking A Question About John's Baptism Lu 20:1

3. A Story About a Vineyard Lu 20:9-19

1.) Parable Of The Vineyard [OR] The Parable Of The Wicked Vinedressers [OR] The Parable Of The Tenants [OR] Parable Of The Vine-Growers [OR] The Parable Of The Wicked Tenants [OR] The Parable Of The Vineyard Lu 20:9

2.) Question Of The Tribute-Money [OR] Tribute To Caesar [OR] Of Giving Tribute To Caesar Lu 20:19

4. A Question About Taxes Lu 20:20-26

(I.) The Pharisees: Is It Lawful To Pay Taxes To Caesar? [OR] Paying Taxes To Caesar [OR] The Question About Paying Taxes Lu 20:20

5. The Dead Come Back to Life Lu 20:27-40

A.) Jesus Answers The Sadducees About The Resurrection [OR] The Sadducees: What About The Resurrection? [OR] The Resurrection And Marriage [OR] Is There A Resurrection? [OR] The Question About The Resurrection [OR] He Silences The Sadducees, Who Deny The Resurrection Lu 20:27

B.) Jesus Questions The Scribes Lu 20:39

6. How Can David's Son Be David's Lord? Lu 20:41-44

1.) Jesus: How Can David Call His Descendant Lord? [OR] Whose Son Is The Christ? [OR] The Question About David's Son [OR] How Christ Is The Son Of David Lu 20:41

7. Christ Disapproves of the Example Set By Scribes Lu 20:45-47

1.) Beware Of The Scribes [OR] Jesus Denounces The Scribes [OR] He Warns His Disciples To Beware Of The Scribes Lu 20:45

8. A Widow's Contribution Lu 21:1-4

A.) The Widow's Mite: Jesus' Estimate Of Giving [OR] The Widow's Two Mites [OR] The Widow's Offering [OR] The Widow's Gift [OR] Christ Commends The Poor Widow Lu 21:1

9. Christ Teaches His Disciples Lu 21:5-33

A.) The Olivet Discourse [OR] Jesus Predicts The Destruction Of The Temple [OR] Signs Of The End Of The Age [OR] The Destruction Of The Temple Foretold [OR] He Foretells The Destruction Of The Temple, And The Desolation Of Jerusalem Lu 21:5

1.) The Disciples' Question [OR] The Signs Of The Times And The End Of The Age [OR] Signs And Persecutions Lu 21:7

2.) The Course Of This Age Lu 21:8

(I.) Things To Come Lu 21:10

3.) The Destruction Of Jerusalem Foretold [OR] The Destruction Of Jerusalem Lu 21:20

(I.) And Warns The People To Flee Lu 21:21

4.) The Return Of The Lord In Glory [OR] The Coming Of The Son Of Man [OR] The Return Of Christ [OR] The Signs Of The Last Day Lu 21:25

5.) Parable Of The Fig Tree [OR] The Parable Of The Fig Tree [OR] The Lesson Of The Fig Tree Lu 21:29

10. No One Knows When the Earth and the Heavens Will Disappear Lu 21:34-38

1.) Warnings In View Of The Lord's Return [OR] The Importance Of Watching [OR] Exhortation To Watch [OR] He Exhorts The People To Be Watchful Lu 21:34

H. End Lu 22:1-23:56

1. The Plot to Kill Christ Lu 22:1-6

A.) Judas Covenants To Betray Jesus [OR] The Plot To Kill Jesus [OR] Judas Agrees To Betray Jesus [OR] Preparing The Passover [OR] The Jews Conspire Against Christ Lu 22:1

1.) Satan Prepares Judas To Betray Him Lu 22:3

2. The Passover Lu 22:7-18

A.) Preparation Of The Passover [OR] Jesus And His Disciples Prepare The Passover [OR] The Last Supper [OR] The Preparation Of The Passover [OR] The Apostles Prepare The Passover Lu 22:7

B.) The Last Passover [OR] Jesus Institutes The Lord's Supper [OR] The Lord's Supper [OR] The Institution Of The Lord's Supper Lu 22:14

3. The Lord's Supper Lu 22:19-20

A.) The Lord's Supper Instituted [OR] Christ Institutes His Holy Supper Lu 22:19

4. Christ Knows Who Will Betray Him Lu 22:21-23

A.) Jesus Announces His Betrayal [OR] And In Veiled Words Foretells The Traitor Lu 22:21

5. An Argument About Greatness Lu 22:24-30

A.) The Strife Which Should Be Greatest [OR] The Disciples Argue About Greatness [OR] Who Is Greatest [OR] The Dispute About Greatness [OR] He Dissuades The Rest Of His Apostles From Unruly Ambition [OR] Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial [OR] Assures Peter His Faith Will Not Fail Lu 22:24

B.) The Apostles' Place In The Future Kingdom Lu 22:28

6. Christ Predicts Peter's Denial Lu 22:31-38

A.) Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial Lu 22:31

1.) And Yet He Will Deny Him Three Times Lu 22:34

B.) The Disciples Warned Of Coming Conflicts [OR] Supplies For The Road [OR] Purse, Bag, And Sword Lu 22:35

7. Christ Prays in the Garden of Gethsemane Lu 22:39-46

A.) Jesus In The Garden [OR] The Prayer In The Garden [OR] Jesus Prays On The Mount Of Olives [OR] The Garden Of Gethsemane [OR] He Prays In The Mount, And Sweats Blood Lu 22:39

8. Christ Is Arrested [22:47-54a] Lu 22:47-54

1.) Jesus Betrayed By Judas; Restores A Severed Ear [OR] Betrayal And Arrest In Gethsemane [OR] Jesus Arrested [OR] Jesus Betrayed By Judas [OR] The Betrayal And Arrest Of Jesus [OR] And Is Betrayed With A Kiss Lu 22:47

(I.) He Heals Malchus' Ear Lu 22:50

A.) Jesus Arrested: Peter's Denial [OR] Peter Denies Jesus, And Weeps Bitterly [OR] Peter Disowns Jesus [OR] Jesus' Arrest [OR] Peter Denies Jesus [OR] He Is Denied Three Times By Peter Lu 22:54

9. Peter Denies Christ [22:54b-62] Lu 22:55-62

10. The Trial in Front of the Jewish Council Lu 22:63-71

A.) Jesus Buffeted [OR] Jesus Mocked And Beaten [OR] The Soldiers Mock Jesus [OR] The Mocking And Beating Of Jesus [OR] Shamefully Abused Lu 22:63

B.) Jesus Before The Sanhedrin [OR] Jesus Faces The Sanhedrin [OR] Jesus Before Pilate And Herod [OR] Jesus Before The Council [OR] And Confesses Himself To Be The Son Of God Lu 22:66

11. Pilate Questions Christ Lu 23:1-4

A.) Jesus Before Pilate [OR] Jesus Handed Over To Pontius Pilate [OR] Jesus Is Accused Before Pilate And Sent To Herod Lu 23:1

12. Pilate Sends Christ to Herod Lu 23:5-17

A.) Jesus Sent Before Herod [OR] Jesus Faces Herod Lu 23:6

1.) Jesus Before Herod [OR] Herod Mocks Him Lu 23:8

2.) Herod And Pilate Become Friends Lu 23:12

B.) Jesus Again Before Pilate: Barabbas Released, Jesus Condemned [OR] Taking The Place Of Barabbas [OR] Pilate Seeks Jesus' Release [OR] Jesus Sentenced To Death [OR] Barabbas Is Freed By Pilate, And Christ Is Delivered To The People For Crucifixion Lu 23:13

13. The Crowd Rejects Christ Lu 23:18-25

14. Christ Is Led Away To Be Crucified Lu 23:26-32

1.) The King On A Cross [OR] The Crucifixion [OR] Simon Bears The Cross [OR] The Crucifixion Of Jesus Lu 23:26

A.) The Crucifixion [OR] He Tells The Women Who Mourn Him, Of The Forthcoming Destruction Of Jerusalem Lu 23:27

15. The Crucifixion Lu 23:33-38

1.) The Crucifixion Lu 23:33

2.) And Prays For His Enemies, Including The Rulers And The Soldiers Who Mock Him Lu 23:34

16. Criminals Talk to Christ Lu 23:39-43

1.) The Repentant Thief [OR] Two Malefactors Are Crucified With Him Lu 23:39

17. Christ Dies on the Cross Lu 23:44-49

(I.) Jesus Dies On The Cross [OR] Jesus' Death [OR] The Death Of Jesus Lu 23:44

1.) Jesus Dismisses His Spirit [OR] His Death Lu 23:46

18. Christ Is Buried Lu 23:50-56

1.) The Entombment [OR] Jesus Buried In Joseph's Tomb [OR] Jesus' Burial [OR] Jesus Is Buried [OR] The Burial Of Jesus [OR] His Burial Lu 23:50

I. Resurrection [OR] Christ Comes Back to Life Lu 24:1-53

I.) The resurrection, resurrection ministry, and ascension of the Son of man Lu 24:1

A.) The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ [OR] He Is Risen [OR] The Resurrection [OR] The Resurrection Of Jesus [OR] Christ's Resurrection Is Declared By Two Angels To The Women Who Come To The Sepulchre Lu 24:1

1.) The Women Report It To The Others Lu 24:9

1. Christ Appears to Disciples on a Road to Emmaus Lu 24:13-35

A.) Ministry Of The Risen Christ Lu 24:13

1.) To The Emmaus Disciples [OR] The Road To Emmaus [OR] On The Road To Emmaus [OR] The Walk To Emmaus [OR] Christ Appears To Two Disciples On The Way To Emmaus Lu 24:13

(I.) The Disciples' Eyes Opened Lu 24:28

2. Christ Appears to the Apostles Lu 24:36-53

1.) To The Ten [OR] Jesus Appears To His Disciples [OR] Jesus Appears To The Disciples [OR] Other Appearances [OR] Afterwards He Appears To The Apostles And Reproves Their Unbelief Lu 24:36

(I.) The Scriptures Opened Lu 24:44

A.) The Commission To Evangelize Lu 24:46

B.) The Ascension Of Jesus Christ [OR] He Promises The Holy Spirit [OR] The Ascension [OR] The Ascension Of Jesus Lu 24:49

1.) And Ascends Into Heaven Lu 24:51