Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2



A. The Law of Sacrifice Le 1:1-7

I.) The Offerings Le 1:1

A.) The Sweet Savour Offerings Le 1:1

1.) The Burnt-Offering: Christ Offering Himself Without Spot To God Le 1:1

1. Burnt Offerings of Cattle Le 1:3-9

(I.) Of The Herd Le 1:3

2. Burnt Offerings of Sheep or Goats Le 1:10-13

(I.) Of The Flocks, And The Fowls [OR] The Grain Offering [OR] The Law Of Grain Offerings [OR] Grain Offerings [OR] The Meal Offering Of Flour With Oil And Incense Is Either Baked In The Oven Le 1:10

3. Burnt Offerings of Birds Le 1:14-17

4. Uncooked Grain Offerings Le 2:1-3

1.) The Meat-Offering; Christ In His Human Perfections Tested By Suffering Le 2:1

5. Cooked Grain Offerings Le 2:4-10

(I.) Or On A Plate, Or In A Fryingpan Le 2:5

6. Other Ingredients (Le 2:11-13)

(I.) The Firstfruits In The Ear Le 2:12

(II.) The Salt Of The Meal Offering Le 2:13

7. Offering the First Grain Harvested Le 2:14-16

8. Fellowship Offerings of Cattle Le 3:1-5

1.) The Peace-Offering: Christ Our Peace [OR] The Peace Offering [OR] The Fellowship Offering [OR] The Law Of Peace Offerings [OR] Offerings Of Well-Being [OR] The Meal Offering Of The Herd Le 3:1

9. Fellowship Offerings of Sheep Le 3:6-11

(I.) Of The Flock Le 3:6

(II.) Either A Lamb (Le 3:7)

10. Fellowship Offerings of Goats Le 3:12-17

(I.) Or A Goat [OR] The Sin Offering [OR] The Law Of Sin Offerings [OR] Sin Offerings [OR] The Sin Offering Of Ignorance Le 3:12

11. Offerings for Unintentional Wrongdoing Le 4:1-2

A.) The Non-Sweet Savour Offerings Le 4:1

1.) The Sin-Offering; Christ Atoning For The Guilt Of Sin Le 4:1

12. Offerings for Wrongdoing by the Chief Priest Le 4:3-12

(I.) For The Priest (Le 4:3)

13. Offerings for Wrongdoing by the Whole Congregation Le 4:13-21

(I.) For The Congregation Le 4:13

14. Offerings for Wrongdoing by a Leader Le 4:22-26

(I.) For The Ruler Le 4:22

15. Offerings for Wrongdoing by a Common Person-Goats Le 4:27-31

(I.) For Any Of The People Le 4:27

16. Offerings for Wrongdoing by a Common Person-Lambs Le 4:32-35

17. Sins Which Require an Offering for Sin Le 5:1-6

1.) The Trespass-Offerings; Christ Atoning For The Injury Of Sin [OR] The Trespass Offering [OR] The Law Of Guilt Offerings [OR] He That Sins In Concealing His Knowledge Le 5:1

(I.) In Touching An Unclean Thing Le 5:2

(II.) Or In Making An Oath Le 5:4

(III.) His Trespass Offering, Of The Flock Le 5:6

18. If You Cannot Afford a Sheep Le 5:7-10

(I.) Of Fowls Le 5:7

19. If You Cannot Afford Two Mourning Doves Le 5:11-13

(I.) Or Of Flour Le 5:11

20. For Unintentional Wrongdoing Against the LORD'S Property Le 5:14-16

(I.) Offerings With Restitution [OR] The Guilt Offering [OR] Offerings With Restitution [OR] The Trespass Offering In Sacrilege Le 5:14

21. For Unintentionally Disobeying the LORD'S Commands Le 5:17-19

(I.) And In Sins Of Ignorance Le 5:17

22. For Sins Against the LORD'S People Le 6:1-7

1.) The Trespass-Offering And Restitution [OR] Guilt Offering [OR] The Trespass Offering For Sins Done Knowingly Le 6:1

23. Instructions for Taking Care of the Fire Le 6:8-13

I.) The Law of the Offerings Le 6:8

A.) The Burnt-Offering [OR] The Law Of The Burnt Offering [OR] The Burnt Offering [OR] The Priest's Part In The Offerings [OR] Instructions Concerning Sacrifices Le 6:8

B.) The Meat-Offering Le 6:13

24. The Grain Offering From the People Le 6:14-18

1.) The Law Of The Grain Offering [OR] The Grain Offering [OR] And Of The Meal Offering Le 6:14

25. Special Grain Offerings From the Priests Le 6:19-23

A.) The Priests' Meat Offering [OR] The Offering At The Consecration Of A Priest Le 6:19

26. Instructions for the Offering for Sin Le 6:24-30

A.) The Sin-Offering [OR] The Law Of The Sin Offering [OR] The Sin Offering Le 6:24

27. Instructions for the Guilt Offering Le 7:1-10

A.) The Trespass-Offering [OR] The Law Of The Trespass Offering [OR] The Guilt Offering [OR] The Priest's Part In The Offerings [OR] The Law Of The Trespass Offering, And Of The Peace Offerings Le 7:1

28. Instructions for the Fellowship Offering of Thanksgiving Le 7:11-15

A.) The Peace-Offering [OR] The Law Of Peace Offerings [OR] The Fellowship Offering [OR] Further Instructions Le 7:11

1.) Whether It Be For A Thanksgiving Le 7:12

29. Instructions for Other Fellowship Offerings Le 7:16-21

1.) Or A Vow, Or A Freewill Offering Le 7:16

30. No Fat or Blood May Be Eaten Le 7:22-27

1.) Fat And Blood May Not Be Eaten [OR] Eating Fat And Blood Forbidden [OR] The Fat Le 7:22

2.) And The Blood Are Forbidden Le 7:26

31. Dividing the Fellowship Offering Between the People and the Priests Le 7:28-36

1.) The Portion Of Aaron And His Sons [OR] The Priests' Share [OR] The Priests' Portion In The Peace Offerings Le 7:28

32. Summary of Offerings Le 7:37-38

B. The Consecration of the Priests Le 8:1-10

1. Aaron and His Sons Made Priests Le 8:1-36

I.) Consecration of the priests [OR] Aaron and His Sons Consecrated [OR] The Ordination of Aaron and His Sons [OR] The Consecration of Aaron and His Sons [OR] The Rites of Ordination [OR] Moses consecrates Aaron and his sons Le 8:1

A.) Cleansing Le 8:6

B.) The High Priest Clothed Le 8:7

C.) The High Priest's Anointing Le 8:10

D.) The Priests Clothed Le 8:13

E.) The Offerings [OR] Their Sin Offering Le 8:14

1.) Their Burnt Offering Le 8:18

2.) The Ram Of Consecration Le 8:22

F.) The Blood Applied Le 8:23

G.) The Hands Filled (Le 8:27)

H.) The Anointing Of The Priests Le 8:30

I.) The Food Of The Priests [OR] The Place And Time Of Their Consecration Le 8:31

J.) The Priests Separated Unto God Le 8:33

2. Aaron's First Sacrifices Le 9:1-24

A.) The Priests Begin Their Ministry [OR] The Priestly Ministry Begins [OR] Aaron Offers Sacrifices [OR] Aaron's Priesthood Inaugurated [OR] The First Offerings Of Aaron Le 9:1

1.) The Sin Offering And The Burnt Offering For Himself Le 9:8

2.) The Offerings For The People Le 9:15

3.) Fire From The Lord Comes Upon The Altar Le 9:24

3. Improper Conduct for Priests Le 10:1-7

I.) A Warning Example: the strange fire of Nadab and Abihu [OR] The Profane Fire of Nadab and Abihu [OR] The Death of Nadab and Abihu [OR] The Sin of Nadab and Abihu [OR] Nadab and Abihu [OR] Nadab and Abihu, for offering of strange fire, are burnt Le 10:1

A.) Aaron And His Sons Are Forbidden To Mourn For Them Le 10:6

4. Proper Conduct for Priests Le 10:8-15

A.) Conduct Prescribed For Priests [OR] The Priests Are Forbidden Wine When They Are To Go Into The Tabernacle Le 10:8

B.) The Law Of Eating The Holy Things Le 10:12

5. Eleazar and Ithamar Sacrifice the Offering for Sin Le 10:16-20

A.) Aaron's Excuse Appeases The Anger Of Moses Le 10:16

C. The Clean and the Unclean Le 11:1-15

1. Laws About Animals the Israelites May and May Not Eat Le 11:1-47

I.) A Holy God must have a Cleansed People Le 11:1

A.) Their Food [OR] Foods Permitted And Forbidden [OR] Clean And Unclean Food [OR] Laws About Animals For Food [OR] Clean And Unclean Foods [OR] What Beast May Le 11:1

1.) And What May Not Be Eaten Le 11:4

2.) What Fishes Le 11:9

3.) Avoid The Unclean [OR] What Fowls [OR] Unclean Animals Le 11:13

4.) The Creeping Things Which Are Unclean Le 11:29

2. Instructions for Women After Childbirth Le 12:1-8

A.) The Law Of Motherhood [OR] The Ritual After Childbirth [OR] Purification After Childbirth [OR] Laws Of Motherhood [OR] Purification Of Women After Childbirth [OR] The Purification Of Women After Childbirth Le 12:1

1.) Her Offerings For Her Purifying Le 12:6

3. Skin Diseases Le 13:1-46

1.) The Law Concerning Leprosy [OR] Regulations About Infectious Skin Diseases [OR] The Test For Leprosy [OR] Leprosy, Varieties And Symptoms [OR] The Laws And Tokens Whereby The Priest Is To Be Guided In Discerning Leprosy Le 13:1

4. Mildew in Clothing or Leather Articles Le 13:47-59

1.) The Law Concerning Leprous Garments [OR] Regulations About Mildew Le 13:47

5. Cleansing After Skin Diseases Le 14:1-20

A.) The Law Of The Leper's Cleansing [OR] The Ritual For Cleansing Healed Lepers [OR] Cleansing From Infectious Skin Diseases [OR] Law Of Cleansing A Leper [OR] Purification Of Lepers And Leprous Houses [OR] The Rites And Sacrifices In Cleansing Of The Leper Le 14:1

6. Cleansing for a Poor Person After a Skin Disease Le 14:21-32

7. Mildew in Houses Le 14:33-57

1.) The Law Concerning Leprous Houses [OR] Cleansing From Mildew [OR] Cleansing A Leprous House [OR] The Signs Of Leprosy In A House, And The Cleansing Thereof Le 14:33

8. Bodily Discharges From Men Le 15:1-18

A.) The Imperative Of Cleansing [OR] The Law Concerning Bodily Discharges [OR] Discharges Causing Uncleanness [OR] Cleansing Unhealthiness [OR] Concerning Bodily Discharges [OR] The Uncleanness Of Men In Their Issues Le 15:1

1.) The Cleansing Of Them Le 15:13

9. Bodily Discharges From Women Le 15:19-33

1.) The Uncleanness Of Women In Their Issues Le 15:20

2.) Their Cleansing [OR] The Day Of Atonement [OR] Law Of Atonement [OR] How The High Priest Must Enter Into The Holy Place Le 15:28

D. The Holiness Code Le 16:1-26

1. The Day for Making Peace With the LORD Le 16:1-34

I.) Atonement Le 16:1

A.) The Day Of Atonement: Christ As High Priest And Sacrifice Le 16:1

1.) The Sin Offering For Himself Le 16:11

2.) The Sin Offering For The People Le 16:15

3.) An Annual Atonement [OR] The Yearly Feast Of Atonement Le 16:29

2. Eating Sacrifices (Le 17:1-9)

A.) But One Place Of Sacrifice [OR] The Sanctity Of Blood [OR] Eating Blood Forbidden [OR] Blood For Atonement [OR] The Slaughtering Of Animals [OR] The Blood Of All Slain Beasts Must Be Offered To The Lord At The Door Of The Tabernacle Le 17:1

1.) They Must Not Offer To Devils Le 17:7

3. Eating Blood Le 17:10-16

A.) The Explanation And Sanctity Of "Blood" [OR] Eating Blood Prohibited [OR] All Eating Of Blood Is Forbidden Le 17:10

1.) Beasts That Die Alone, Or Are Torn Le 17:15

4. Forbidden Sexual Practices Le 18:1-23

I.) The Relationships of God's People Le 18:1

A.) The Relationships And Walk Of God's Earthly People [OR] Laws Of Sexual Morality [OR] Unlawful Sexual Relations [OR] Laws On Immoral Relations [OR] Sexual Relations [OR] Unlawful Marriages And Unlawful Lusts [OR] Moral And Ceremonial Laws [OR] Various Laws [OR] Idolatry Forbidden [OR] Ritual And Moral Hss [OR] A Repetition Of Various Laws Le 18:1

5. Punishment for Sexual Sins Le 18:24-30

6. Duties of the People Toward God Le 19:1-8

7. Duties of the People Toward Each Other Le 19:9-18

1.) Sundry Laws Le 19:9

8. Other Duties Le 19:19-37

9. Punishment for Serious Crimes Le 20:1-27

1.) Penalties For Breaking The Law [OR] Punishments For Sin [OR] On Human Sacrifice And Immoralities [OR] Penalties For Violations Of Hss [OR] Of Him That Gives His Seed To Molech Le 20:1

2.) Of Him That Favors Such Le 20:4

3.) Of Going To Wizards Le 20:6

4.) Of Sanctification Le 20:7

5.) Of Him That Curses His Parents Le 20:9

6.) Of Adultery Le 20:10

7.) Of Incest Le 20:11

8.) Of Sodomy Le 20:13

9.) Of Bestiality Le 20:15

10.) Of Uncleanness (Le 20:18)

11.) Obedience Is Required With Hss Le 20:22

12.) Wizards And Familiar Spirits Must Be Put To Death Le 20:27

10. Holiness for All the Priests Le 21:1-9

A.) The Relationship And Walk Of The Priests [OR] Regulations For Conduct Of Priests [OR] Rules For Priests [OR] Regulations Concerning Priests [OR] The Hss Of Priests [OR] Of The Priests' Mourning Le 21:1

1.) Of Their Hss Le 21:6

2.) Of Their Respect Le 21:8

11. Holiness for the Chief Priest Le 21:10-24

1.) Of Their Marriages Le 21:13

A.) The Physical Disqualifications Of A Priest [OR] Priest With Blemishes Must Not Minister Le 21:16

12. Eating the Priests' Share of the Sacrifice Le 22:1-16

A.) The Separation Of The Priests [OR] Sundry Rules For Priests [OR] The Use Of Holy Offerings [OR] The Priests In Their Uncleanness Must Abstain From The Holy Things Le 22:1

1.) How They Shall Be Cleansed Le 22:6

2.) Who Of The Priest's House May Eat Of The Holy Things Le 22:10

13. Animals Accepted for Sacrifice Le 22:17-33

A.) Sacrifices Must Be Physically Perfect--Type Of The Moral Perfections Of Christ [OR] Offerings Accepted And Not Accepted [OR] Unacceptable Sacrifices [OR] Flawless Animals For Sacrifice [OR] Acceptable Offerings [OR] The Sacrifices Must Be Without Blemish Le 22:17

1.) The Age Of The Sacrifice Le 22:26

2.) The Law Of Eating The Sacrifice Of Thanksgiving Le 22:29

14. The Day of Worship Le 23:1-4

I.) The Feasts of Jehovah Le 23:1

A.) The Sabbath And The Feasts [OR] Feasts Of The Lord [OR] Laws Of Religious Festivals [OR] Appointed Festivals [OR] The Feasts Of The Lord [OR] The Sabbath [OR] The Sabbath, Passover, And Unleavened Bread [OR] The Passover And Unleavened Bread [OR] The Passover Le 23:1

B.) The Passover; Christ Our Redeemer Le 23:4

15. The Spring Festivals Le 23:5-22

A.) Unleavened Bread. Memorial Feast Le 23:6

B.) First-Fruits; Christ Risen [OR] The Feast Of Firstfruits [OR] Firstfruits [OR] The Offering Of First Fruits [OR] The Sheaf Of Firstfruits Of The Harvest Le 23:9

1.) The Feast Of Weeks [OR] Feast Of Weeks [OR] The Festival Of Weeks [OR] The Feast Of Pentecost Le 23:15

C.) The Wave-Loaves; The Church At Pentecost, Fifty Days After The Resurrection Of Christ Le 23:19

16. The Fall Festivals Le 23:23-44

A.) Trumpets; Prophetic Of The Future Regathering Of Israel [OR] The Feast Of Trumpets [OR] Feast Of Trumpets [OR] The Festival Of Trumpets Le 23:23

B.) The Day Of Atonement [OR] Day Of Atonement Le 23:26

C.) Tabernacles [OR] The Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] The Festival Of Booths Le 23:33

17. Duties in the Tent of Meeting Le 24:1-9

I.) Instructions and Warnings Le 24:1

A.) The Oil For The Light In The Holy Place [OR] Care Of The Tabernacle Lamps [OR] Oil And Bread Set Before The Lord [OR] The Lamp And The Bread Of The Sanctuary [OR] The Lamp [OR] The Oil For The Lamps That They May Burn Continually Le 24:1

B.) The Shewbread [OR] The Bread Of The Tabernacle [OR] The Bread For The Tabernacle Le 24:5

18. The Man Who Cursed the LORD'S Name Le 24:10-23

A.) The Penalty Of Blasphemy [OR] The Penalty For Blasphemy [OR] A Blasphemer Stoned [OR] Blasphemy And Its Punishment [OR] Shelomith's Son Blasphemes Le 24:10

1.) The Law Of Blasphemy Le 24:13

2.) An Eye For An Eye [OR] Of Murder Le 24:17

3.) Of Damage Le 24:18

19. The Year to Honor the LORD Le 25:1-7

A.) The Law Of The Land Le 25:1

1.) The Sabbatic Year [OR] The Sabbath Of The Seventh Year [OR] The Sabbatical Year [OR] The Sabbatic Year And Year Of Jubilee [OR] The Sabbath Of The Seventh Year And The Jubile In The Fifth Year [OR] The Year Of Jubilee Le 25:1

20. The Jubilee for the Land Le 25:8-34

1.) The Year Of Jubile Le 25:8

(I.) Of Oppression Le 25:14

(II.) Provisions For The Seventh Year [OR] A Blessing Of Obedience Le 25:18

(III.) Redemption Of Property [OR] The Law Of Redemption [OR] The Redemption Of Land Le 25:23

2.) The Redemption Of The Inheritance Le 25:25

(I.) Of Houses Le 25:29

21. The Jubilee for the People Le 25:35-55

1.) The Poor Brother [OR] Lending To The Poor [OR] Of Poor Countrymen [OR] Compassion On The Poor Le 25:35

(I.) The Law Concerning Slavery [OR] The Usage Of Bondmen Le 25:39

2.) The Redemption Of The Poor Brother--Christ Our Kinsman-Redeemer [OR] Of Redeeming A Poor Man [OR] The Redemption Of Servants Le 25:47

22. God's Promises for Those Who Keep His Laws Le 26:1-13

1.) Conditions Of Blessing; Warnings Of Chastisement [OR] Promise Of Blessing And Retribution [OR] Reward For Obedience [OR] Blessings Of Obedience [OR] Rewards For Obedience [OR] Of Idolatry Le 26:1

(I.) Sabbath Observance And Reverence Le 26:2

(II.) Conditions Of Blessing [OR] A Blessing To Those Who Keep The Commandments Le 26:3

23. God's Curses for Those Who Break His Laws Le 26:14-39

(I.) Warnings Of Chastisement [OR] Punishment For Disobedience [OR] Penalties Of Disobedience [OR] Penalties For Disobedience [OR] A Curse To Those Who Break Them Le 26:14

(A.) The first chastisement Le 26:16

(B.) The second chastisement Le 26:18

(C.) The third chastisement Le 26:21

(D.) The fourth chastisement Le 26:23

(E.) The fifth chastisement Le 26:27

1.) The Dispersion Predicted Le 26:32

24. God Will Remember His Promise Le 26:40-46

1.) The Abrahamic Covenant Remains, Despite The Disobedience And Dispersion [OR] God Promises To Remember Those Who Repent Le 26:40

E. Dedications Le 27:1-3

1. Special Vows Le 27:1-34

A.) Concerning Vowed (Dedicated) Persons And Things [OR] Redeeming Persons And Property Dedicated To God [OR] Redeeming What Is The Lord's [OR] Rules Concerning Valuations [OR] Votive Offerings [OR] Special Gifts Pledged To The Lord Shall Be Made According To The Person Le 27:1

1.) The Valuation Of Each Le 27:3

2.) Of A Beast Given By Vow Le 27:9

3.) Of A House Le 27:14

4.) Of A Field And Its Redemption Le 27:16

B.) The Three Things Which Are The Lord's Absolutely Le 27:26

1.) The Firstling Of The Beasts Le 27:26

2.) Any Dedicated Thing [OR] No Devoted Thing May Be Redeemed Le 27:28

3.) All The Tithe Of Land, Tree, And Beast Le 27:30

(I.) The Tithe, Holy Unto The Lord, May Not Be Changed Le 27:32