A. Bitter Affliction La 1:1-22

1. The Prophet Speaks Out: No One Offers Comfort La 1:1-11

I.) The first lamentation [OR] Jerusalem in Affliction [OR] The Sorrows of Zion [OR] The Deserted City [OR] The miserable state of Jerusalem because of her sin La 1:1

2. Zion Speaks Out: No One Offers Comfort La 1:12-22

A.) She Complains Of Her Grief La 1:12

B.) And Confesses God's Judgment To Be Righteous La 1:18

B. Yahweh's Anger La 2:1-22

1. The Prophet Speaks Out: The LORD Destroyed Zion La 2:1-8

I.) The second lamentation [OR] God's Anger with Jerusalem [OR] God's Anger over Israel [OR] God's Warnings Fulfilled [OR] Jeremiah laments the misery of Jerusalem La 2:1

2. The Prophet Describes Jerusalem's Destruction La 2:9-12

3. The Prophet Speaks Out: The LORD Destroyed You La 2:13-19

4. Zion Speaks Out: The LORD Destroyed Me La 2:20-22

A.) He Complains Of It To God La 2:20

C. Witness La 3:1-66

1. The Prophet-A Man of Despair La 3:1-20

I.) The third lamentation [OR] The Prophet's Anguish and Hope [OR] Jeremiah Shares Israel's Affliction [OR] God's Steadfast Love Endures [OR] The faithful bewail their calamities La 3:1

A.) Hope Of Relief In God's Mercy La 3:19

2. The Prophet-A Man of Hope La 3:21-66

A.) By The Mercies Of God They Nourish Their Hope La 3:22

B.) They Acknowledge God's Justice La 3:37

C.) They Pray For Deliverance La 3:55

D.) And Vengeance On Their Enemies La 3:64

3. The Prophet Speaks Out: Zion's Suffering Was Worse Than Sodom's La 4:1-16

D. Paradise Lost La 4:1-22

I.) The fourth lamentation [OR] The Degradation of Zion [OR] Distress of the Siege Described [OR] The Punishment of Zion [OR] Zion bewails her pitiful state La 4:1

A.) She Confesses Her Sins La 4:13

1. The People of Zion Speak Out La 4:17-20

2. The Prophet Speaks Out: Be Warned About Edom's Impending Doom La 4:21-22

A.) Edom Is Threatened La 4:21

B.) Zion Is Comforted La 4:22

E. A Prayer of the Prophet [OR] A Prayer of Remembrance La 5:1-22

I.) The fifth lamentation [OR] A Prayer for Restoration [OR] A Prayer for Mercy [OR] A Plea for Mercy [OR] A pitiful complaint of Zion in prayer to God [OR] Ezekiel's Vision of God [OR] The Living Creatures and the Glory of the Lord [OR] The Vision of Four Figures [OR] The Vision of the Chariot [OR] The time of Ezekiel's prophecy at Chebar La 5:1