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Bible Outline Compendium

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An Exhaustive Compendium Of Bible Events In Outline Form

Overview, Part 1 Of 4

Overview, Part 2 Of 4

Overview, Part 3 Of 4

Overview, Part 4 Of 4




A. The Time of the Elders Jdg 1:1-2

1. Israel Fails to Force Out the Canaanites Jdg 1:1-3

I.) Incomplete obedience Jdg 1:1

A.) The Incomplete Victory Of Judah [OR] The Continuing Conquest Of Canaan [OR] Israel Fights The Remaining Canaanites [OR] Jerusalem Is Captured [OR] Israel's Failure To Complete The Conquest Of Canaan [OR] The Acts Of Judah And Simeon Jdg 1:1

2. Judah Attempts to Force Out the Canaanites Jdg 1:4-36

1.) Adoni-Bezek Justly Punished Jdg 1:4

2.) Jerusalem Taken Jdg 1:8

3.) Hebron Taken Jdg 1:10

4.) Capture Of Other Cities [OR] Othniel Is Given Achsah As His Wife For Taking Debir Jdg 1:11

5.) The Kenites Dwell In Judah Jdg 1:16

6.) Hormah, Gaza, Askelon And Ekron Taken Jdg 1:17

A.) The Incomplete Victory Of Benjamin [OR] The Acts Of Benjamin Jdg 1:21

1.) Of The House Of Joseph, Who Take Beth-El Jdg 1:22

B.) The Incomplete Victory Of Manasseh [OR] Incomplete Conquest Of The Land [OR] Places Not Conquered Jdg 1:27

1.) Of Zebulun Jdg 1:30

2.) Of Asher Jdg 1:31

3.) Of Naphtali And Of Dan Jdg 1:33

3. The Messenger of the LORD Reacts to Israel's Failure Jdg 2:1-5

A.) Review Of The Israelitish Invasion Of Canaan To The Death Of Joshua [OR] Israel's Disobedience [OR] The Angel Of The Lord At Bokim [OR] Israel Rebuked [OR] An Angel Rebukes The People Of Bochim Jdg 2:1

4. The Death of Joshua Jdg 2:6-10

1.) Disobedience And Defeat [OR] Joshua Dies [OR] Death Of Joshua [OR] The Wickedness Of The New Generation After Joshua Jdg 2:6

2.) Death Of Joshua Jdg 2:7

B. The Time of the Judges Jdg 2:11-16

1. The Sin of the Next Generation Jdg 2:11-19

1.) Israel's Unfaithfulness [OR] Israel Serves Baals [OR] Israel's Unfaithfulness Jdg 2:11

2.) God's Anger And Pity Towards Them Jdg 2:14

A.) Institution Of The Judges Jdg 2:16

2. The LORD Allows the Nations to Stay in Order to Test His People Jdg 2:20

A.) Result Of Israel's Incomplete Obedience [OR] The Canaanites Are Left To Test Israel Jdg 2:20

1.) The Nations Remaining In The Land [OR] Idolatry Leads To Servitude [OR] Nations Remaining In The Land [OR] The Nations Which Were Left To Test Israel Jdg 3:1

3. The People Fail the Test Jdg 3:5-6

A.) The First Apostasy And Servitude Jdg 3:5

1.) By Intermarriage The Israelites Commit Idolatry [OR] Othniel Jdg 3:6

4. Othniel Defeats Cushan Rishathaim Jdg 3:7-11

1.) Othniel Delivers Them From Chushan-Rishathaim Jdg 3:8

2.) Othniel, The First Judge [OR] The First Judge Delivers Israel [OR] Ehud [OR] Ehud Frees The Israelites From Eglon Jdg 3:9

5. Ehud Defeats Moab Jdg 3:12-30

A.) The Second Apostasy And Servitude Jdg 3:12

1.) Ehud, The Second Judge [OR] Ehud Delivers From Moab [OR] Shamgar [OR] Shamgar Delivers From Philistines [OR] Shamgar Delivers Them From The Philistines [OR] Deborah [OR] Deborah And Barak Deliver From Canaanites [OR] Deborah And Barak [OR] Deborah And Barak Save Them From Jabin And Sisera [OR] The Song Of Deborah [OR] The Song Of Deborah And Barak [OR] Midianites Oppress Israel [OR] Gideon [OR] Israel Oppressed By Midian [OR] The Midianite Oppression [OR] The Israelites Are Oppressed By Midian Jdg 3:15

6. Shamgar Defeats the Philistines Jdg 3:31

1.) Shamgar, The Third Judge Jdg 3:31

7. The LORD Calls Barak Through Deborah [4:1-9a] Jdg 4:1-9

A.) The Third Apostasy And Servitude Jdg 4:1

1.) Deborah And Barak, The Fourth And Fifth Judges Jdg 4:4

8. Barak Defeats Jabin [4:9b-24] Jdg 4:10-24

9. The Victory Song of Deborah and Barak Jdg 5:1-31

1.) The Song Of Deborah And Barak Jdg 5:1

10. Israel Sins Again Jdg 6:1-10

A.) The Fourth Apostasy And Servitude Jdg 6:1

1.) A Prophet Rebukes Them Jdg 6:8

11. Gideon Is Chosen to Be a Judge Jdg 6:11-24

1.) Gideon, The Sixth Judge [OR] Gideon [OR] Gideon Is Visited [OR] The Call Of Gideon [OR] An Angel Sends Gideon For Their Deliverance Jdg 6:11

(I.) Gideon's Present Is Consumed With Fire Jdg 6:17

(II.) Gideon Destroys Baal's Altar, And Offers A Sacrifice Upon An Altar To God Jdg 6:24

12. Gideon Destroys an Altar Dedicated to Baal Jdg 6:25-32

(I.) Gideon Destroys The Altar Of Baal [OR] The Altar Of Baal Destroyed [OR] Gideon Destroys The Altar Of Baal [OR] Joash Defends His Son, And Calls Him Jerubbaal Jdg 6:28

13. Gideon Summons an Army Jdg 6:33-40

(I.) Gideon's Army Jdg 6:33

(II.) The Sign Of The Fleece [OR] Sign Of The Fleece [OR] The Sign Of The Fleece [OR] Gideon's Signs Jdg 6:36

14. Gideon Defeats Midian Jdg 7:1-8:21

1.) The Preparation For Battle [OR] Gideon's Valiant Three Hundred [OR] Gideon Defeats The Midianites [OR] Gideon's 300 Chosen Men [OR] Gideon Surprises And Routs The Midianites [OR] Gideon's Army Of Thirty-Two Thousand Is Reduced To Three Hundred Jdg 7:1

2.) Gideon's Three Hundred Jdg 7:7

(I.) He Is Encouraged By The Dream And The Interpretation Of The Barley Cake Jdg 7:9

3.) The Victory Over Midian [OR] His Stratagem Of Trumpets And Lamps In Pitchers Jdg 7:16

(I.) Confusion Of The Enemy Jdg 7:19

(II.) The Ephraimites Take Oreb And Zeeb Jdg 7:24

4.) The Jealousy Of Ephraim. Events To The Death Of Gideon [OR] Gideon Subdues The Midianites [OR] Zebah And Zalmunna [OR] Zeba And Zalmunna Routed [OR] Gideon's Triumph And Vengeance [OR] Gideon Pacifies The Ephraimites Jdg 8:1

(I.) Succoth And Penuel Refuse To Relieve Gideon's Army Jdg 8:5

(II.) Zebah And Zalmunna Are Taken Jdg 8:10

(III.) Succoth And Penuel Are Destroyed Jdg 8:13

(IV.) Gideon Avenges His Brothers' Death On Zebah And Zalmunna [OR] Gideon's Ephod [OR] Gideon's Idolatry [OR] He Dies To Be Their Ruler Jdg 8:18

15. Gideon Makes a Gold Idol Jdg 8:22-35

(I.) His Ephod Is The Cause Of Idolatry Jdg 8:24

(II.) Gideon's Death [OR] Forty Years Of Peace [OR] Midian Subdued [OR] Death Of Gideon [OR] Gideon's Children, And Death Jdg 8:28

A.) The Fifth Apostasy: The Time Of Confusion [OR] The Israelites' Idolatry And Ingratitude Jdg 8:33

16. Abimelech Kills His Brothers Jdg 9:1-6

1.) The Conspiracy Of Abimelech [OR] Abimelech's Conspiracy [OR] Abimelech [OR] Abimelech Attempts To Establish A Monarchy [OR] Ablimelech, By Conspiracy With The Shechemites, And Murder Of His Brothers, Is Made King. [OR] The Parable Of The Trees [OR] Jotham Rebukes Them And Foretells Their Ruin Jdg 9:1

17. Jotham's Story Jdg 9:7-21

18. Abimelech's Battles Jdg 9:22-57

(I.) Downfall Of Abimelech [OR] Shechem And Abimelech Fall [OR] The Downfall Of Abimelech [OR] Gaal Conspires With The Shechemites Against Abimelech Jdg 9:22

(II.) Zebul Reveals The Conspiracy Jdg 9:30

(III.) Abimelech Overcomes Them And Sows The City With Salt Jdg 9:34

(IV.) He Burns The Stronghold Of The God Berith Jdg 9:46

(V.) At Thebez He Is Slain By A Piece Of A Millstone Jdg 9:50

(VI.) Jotham's Curse Is Fulfilled [OR] Tola [OR] Oppression Of Philistines And Ammonites [OR] Tola And Jair [OR] Tola Judges Israel In Shamir [OR] Jair [OR] Jair, Whose Thirty Sons Had Thirty Cities Jdg 9:56

19. Tola Serves as Judge Jdg 10:1-2

1.) Tola, The Seventh Judge Jdg 10:1

20. Jair Serves as Judge Jdg 10:3-5

1.) Jair, The Eighth Judge Jdg 10:3

21. Israel Sins Again Jdg 10:6-18

A.) The Sixth Apostasy And Servitude [OR] Israel Oppressed Again [OR] Jephthah [OR] Oppression By The Ammonites [OR] The Philistines And Ammonites Oppress Israel Jdg 10:6

1.) In Their Misery, God Chides Them For Their False Gods Jdg 10:10

2.) Upon Their Repentance, He Pities Them Jdg 10:15

22. Jephthah Called to Be Judge Jdg 11:1-11

1.) Jephthah, The Ninth Judge [OR] Jephthah [OR] Jephthah The Ninth Judge [OR] The Covenant Between Jephthah And Gilead Jdg 11:1

23. The King of Ammon Refuses to Deal With Jephthah Jdg 11:12-28

(I.) The Ammonites Reject Jephthah's Plea For Peace Jdg 11:12

24. Jephthah's Vow Jdg 11:29-40

(I.) Jephthah's Vow And Victory [OR] Jephthah's Tragic Vow [OR] Jephthah's Vow [OR] His Vow And His Conquest Of The Ammonites [OR] Jephthah's Daughter Jdg 11:29

1.) Jephthah's Awful Vow Jdg 11:30

25. Ephraim's Jealousy Jdg 12:1-7

1.) The Second Jealousy Of Ephraim [OR] Jephthah's Conflict With Ephraim [OR] Jephthah And Ephraim [OR] Jephthah And His Successors [OR] Intertribal Dissension [OR] The Ephraimites, Quarreling With Jephthah, Are Slain By The Gileadites Jdg 12:1

(I.) Jephthah Dies [OR] Ibzan, Elon, And Abdon [OR] Ibzan, Who Had Thirty Sons And Thirty Daughters Jdg 12:7

26. Ibzan Serves as Judge Jdg 12:8-10

1.) Ibzan, The Tenth Judge Jdg 12:8

27. Elon Serves as Judge Jdg 12:11-12

1.) Elon, The Eleventh Judge [OR] And Elon Jdg 12:11

28. Abdon Serves as Judge Jdg 12:13-15

1.) Abdon, The Twelfth Judge [OR] And Abdon Who Had Forty Sons, And Thirty Nephews, Judge Israel [OR] The Birth Of Samson [OR] Philistines Oppress Again [OR] Israel Conquered By The Philistines Jdg 12:13

29. The Messenger of the LORD Appears to Samson's Parents Jdg 13:1-25

A.) The Seventh Apostasy And Servitude Jdg 13:1

1.) The Parents Of Samson [OR] An Angel Appears To Manoah's Wife, And To Manoah Jdg 13:2

(I.) Manoah's Sacrifice, Whereby The Angel Is Identified Jdg 13:15

2.) The Birth Of Samson [OR] Samson Is Born Jdg 13:24

30. Samson Marries a Philistine Jdg 14:1-20

1.) Samson, The Thirteenth Judge [OR] Samson's Philistine Wife [OR] Samson's Marriage [OR] Samson Desires A Wife Of The Philistines Jdg 14:1

2.) Samson And The Lion [OR] In His Journey He Kills A Lion Jdg 14:5

3.) Samson's Riddle [OR] In A Second Journey He Finds Honey In The Carcass Jdg 14:8

(I.) Samson's Marriage Feast Jdg 14:10

(II.) Samson's Riddle [OR] His Riddle Is Made Known Jdg 14:12

4.) Samson At Ashkelon [OR] He Spoils Thirty Philistines Jdg 14:19

(I.) His Wife Is Married To Another Jdg 14:20

31. Samson Serves as Judge Jdg 15:1-16:3

(I.) Samson Defeats The Philistines [OR] Samson's Vengeance On The Philistines [OR] Samson Burns Philistine Crops [OR] Samson Defeats The Philistines [OR] Samson Is Denied His Wife Jdg 15:1

1.) The Foxes And Firebrands [OR] He Burns The Philistines' Corn Jdg 15:3

(I.) His Wife And Her Father Are Burned By The Philistines Jdg 15:6

(II.) Samson Smites Them Hip And Thigh Jdg 15:7

(III.) He Is Bound By The Men Of Judah And Delivered To The Philistines Jdg 15:9

2.) Samson Slays A Thousand Philistines [OR] He Kills One Thousand Of Them With A Jawbone Jdg 15:14

(I.) God Makes The Fountain En-hakkore For Him [OR] Samson And Delilah [OR] Samson's Weakness [OR] Samson At Gaza Escapes And Carries Away The Gates Of The City Jdg 15:18

3.) Samson At Gaza Jdg 16:1

32. Samson and Delilah Jdg 16:4-31

1.) Samson And Delilah [OR] Delilah, Bribed By The Philistines Entices Samson Jdg 16:4

(I.) She Is Deceived Three Times But At Last Overcomes Him Jdg 16:6

(II.) Delilah Extracts His Secret Jdg 16:15

(III.) The Philistines Take Him, And Put Out His Eyes Jdg 16:21

(IV.) His Strength Renewed, He Pulls Down The House Upon The Philistines, And Dies Jdg 16:22

2.) The Death Of Samson [OR] Samson Dies With The Philistines [OR] Samson's Death Jdg 16:23

(I.) Samson Is Avenged Jdg 16:28

33. Micah's Idolatry Jdg 17:1-13

I.) Confusion, civil and religious [OR] Micah's Idolatry [OR] Micah's Idols [OR] Micah's Idolatry [OR] Micah and the Levite [OR] Of the money that Micah at first stole, then restored, his mother makes images Jdg 17:1

A.) Micah's Worship In Self-Will Jdg 17:2

1.) And The Ornaments For Them Jdg 17:5

2.) He Hires A Levite To Be His Priest Jdg 17:7

C. A Picture of Anarchy Jdg 17-21

1. Micah Brings Idolatry to the Tribe of Dan Jdg 18:1-31

A.) The Danite Invasion [OR] The Danites Adopt Micah's Idolatry [OR] Danites Settle In Laish [OR] Danites Seek Territory [OR] The Migration Of Dan [OR] The Danites Send Five Men To Seek Out An Inheritance Jdg 18:1

1.) They Consult With Jonathan At The House Of Micah Jdg 18:3

2.) They Search Laish, And Bring Back News Of Hope Jdg 18:7

3.) Six Hundred Men Are Sent To Surprise It Jdg 18:11

4.) Danites Take Micah's Idols [OR] On The Way They Rob Micah Of His Priest And His Consecrated Things Jdg 18:14

5.) Danites Settle In Laish [OR] The Danites Settle In Laish [OR] They Win Laish And Call It Dan Jdg 18:27

B.) The Danite Idolatry [OR] They Set Up Idolatry Jdg 18:30

2. Sexual Immorality Jdg 19:1-30

A.) The Levite And His Concubine [OR] The Levite's Concubine [OR] A Levite And His Concubine [OR] A Levite's Concubine Degraded [OR] A Levite Goes To Beth-Lehem To Fetch Home His Wife Jdg 19:1

1.) An Old Man Entertains Him At Gibeah [OR] Gibeah's Crime [OR] The Gibeathites Cause His Concubine's Death Jdg 19:16

2.) He Divides Her Into Twelve Pieces To Send Them To The Twelve Tribes Jdg 19:29

3. Israel Slaughters the Tribe of Benjamin Jdg 20:1-48

A.) The Civil War [OR] Israel's War With The Benjamites [OR] Israelites Fight The Benjamites [OR] Resolve To Punish The Guilty [OR] The Other Tribes Attack Benjamin [OR] The Levite In A General Assembly Declares His Wrong Jdg 20:1

1.) The Decree Of The Assembly Jdg 20:8

2.) Civil War, Benjamin Defeated [OR] The Israelites In Two Battles With The Benjamites Lose Forty Thousand Jdg 20:18

3.) By A Stratagem They Destroy All The Benjamites Except Six Hundred Jdg 20:26

4. Israel Provides Wives for the Surviving Men of Benjamin Jdg 21:1-25

A.) Mourning For A Lost Tribe [OR] Wives Provided For The Benjamites [OR] Wives For The Benjamites [OR] Mourning Lost Tribe [OR] The Benjaminites Saved From Extinction [OR] The People Bewail The Desolation Of Benjamin Jdg 21:1

1.) Provision For Their Survival [OR] By Destroying Jabesh-Gilead They Provide The Tribe Of Benjamin With Four Hundred Wives Jdg 21:8

2.) They Advise Them To Surprise The Virgins Who Dance At Shiloh Jdg 21:16

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The work herein is a compendium of the work of anonymous Bible scholars who summarized Bible passages. The [OR] operators indicate differences in how different Bible scholars summarized given Bible passages. Standard outline form is not always followed due to overlapping events or overlapping times in which events took place.

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