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Overview, Part 3 Of 3



A. The Entry Into Canaan Jos 1-6

1. The LORD Instructs Joshua Jos 1:1-9

I.) The Conquest [OR] God's Commission to Joshua [OR] The Lord Commands Joshua [OR] God's Charge to Joshua [OR] God's Commission to Joshua [OR] The Lord appoints Joshua to succeed Moses Jos 1:1

A.) Joshua Commissioned Jos 1:2

1.) The Borders Of The Promised Land Jos 1:3

2.) God Promises To Assist Joshua Jos 1:5

3.) He Gives Him Instructions Jos 1:7

2. The People Promise to Obey Joshua Jos 1:10-18

A.) Joshua Assumes Command [OR] The Order To Cross The Jordan [OR] Preparations For The Invasion [OR] Joshua Prepares The People To Pass Over Jordan Jos 1:10

1.) Joshua Reminds The Two And A Half Tribes Of Their Promise To Moses Jos 1:12

2.) They Pledge Allegiance Jos 1:16

3. Joshua Sends Spies to Jericho Jos 2:1-24

A.) Rahab And The Spies [OR] Rahab Hides The Spies [OR] Rahab Shelters Spies [OR] Spies Sent To Jericho [OR] Two Spies Are Sent From Shittim And Rahab Aids Them Jos 2:1

1.) They Make A Covenant With Rahab Jos 2:8

2.) The Promise To Rahab Jos 2:15

3.) They Return To Joshua And Relate Their Experience Jos 2:23

4. Crossing the Jordan River Jos 3:1-17

A.) The Passage Of Jordan [OR] Israel Crosses The Jordan [OR] Crossing The Jordan [OR] Joshua Comes To Jordan Jos 3:1

1.) The Officers Instruct The People Jos 3:3

2.) The Lord Encourages Joshua Jos 3:7

3.) Joshua Encourages The People Jos 3:9

4.) The Waters Of Jordan Are Divided Jos 3:14

5. A Reminder of the Crossing Jos 4:1-24

A.) The Two Memorials [OR] The Memorial Stones [OR] Memorial Stones From Jordan [OR] Twelve Stones Set Up At Gilgal [OR] Twelve Men Are Appointed To Take Twelve Stones Out Of Jordan For A Memorial Jos 4:1

1.) Twelve Other Stones Are Set Up In The Midst Of Jordan Jos 4:9

2.) The People Pass Over Jos 4:10

3.) God Magnifies Joshua Jos 4:14

B.) The Encampment At Gilgal Jos 4:19

1.) The Twelve Stones Are Set Up In Gilgal Jos 4:20

6. Preparations for the First Passover in Canaan Jos 5:1-12

1.) The Second Generation Circumcised [OR] Circumcision At Gilgal [OR] Israel Is Circumcised [OR] The New Generation Circumcised [OR] The Canaanites Are Afraid Jos 5:1

A.) The Reproach Of Egypt Rolled Away [OR] Joshua Renews Circumcision Jos 5:2

1.) The Passover At Gilgal [OR] The Passover Is Kept At Gilgal Jos 5:10

B.) The New Food For The New Place Jos 5:11

1.) Manna Ceases Jos 5:12

7. The Commander of the LORD'S Army Speaks With Joshua Jos 5:13-15

A.) The Unseen Captain [OR] The Commander Of The Army Of The Lord [OR] The Fall Of Jericho [OR] Joshua's Vision Jos 5:13

1.) An Angel Appears To Joshua Jos 5:14

8. Jericho Is Destroyed Jos 6:1-27

A.) The Conquest Of Jericho [OR] The Destruction Of Jericho [OR] Jericho Taken And Destroyed [OR] Jericho Is Surrounded Jos 6:1

1.) God Instructs Joshua How To Besiege It Jos 6:2

2.) They March Around The City Jos 6:12

3.) It Must Be Devoted To God For Destruction Jos 6:17

4.) The Walls Fall Down Jos 6:20

5.) Rahab Is Saved According To The Spies' Promise Jos 6:23

6.) The Restorer Of Jericho Is Cursed Jos 6:26

9. Achan's Sin and Its Consequences Jos 7:1-26

A.) The Sin Of Achan [OR] Defeat Of Ai [OR] Achan's Sin [OR] Israel Is Defeated At Ai [OR] The Sin Of Achan And Its Punishment [OR] The Israelites Are Defeated At Ai Jos 7:1

1.) Joshua's Complaint Jos 7:6

B. The Incident at Ai and Renewal of the Covenant Jos 7-8

1.) The Sin Of Achan [OR] God Instructs Him Jos 7:10

2.) The Sin Of Achan [OR] Achan Is Taken By Lot Jos 7:16

3.) His Confession Jos 7:19

4.) Achan And All His Possessions Are Destroyed In The Valley Of Achor Jos 7:22

1. Israel's Victory at Ai Jos 8:1-29

A.) The Conquest Of Ai [OR] The Fall Of Ai [OR] Ai Destroyed [OR] Ai Captured By A Stratagem And Destroyed [OR] God Encourages Joshua Jos 8:1

1.) The Stratagem Whereby Ai Was Taken Jos 8:3

2.) The King Of Ai Is Hanged Jos 8:29

2. The LORD Renews His Promise With Israel Jos 8:30-35

A.) The Blessings And Cursings [OR] Joshua Renews The Covenant [OR] The Covenant Renewed At Mount Ebal [OR] Joshua Builds An Altar Jos 8:30

1.) Writes The Law On Stones Jos 8:32

2.) And Propounds Blessings And Cursings Jos 8:33

3. The People From Gibeon Deceive Joshua Jos 9:1-27

A.) The League With The Gibeonites [OR] The Treaty With The Gibeonites [OR] The Gibeonite Deception [OR] Guile Of The Gibeonites [OR] The Gibeonites Save Themselves By Trickery [OR] The Kings Combine Against Israel Jos 9:1

1.) The Gibeonites Obtain A Treaty Through Deception Jos 9:3

C. The Conquest of the South Jos 9-10

1.) They Are Condemned To Perpetual Bondage [OR] The Sun Stands Still [OR] Five Kings Attack Gibeon [OR] Five Kings War Against Gibeon Jos 9:22

1. The Day the Sun Stood Still Jos 10:1-27

A.) The Victory At Gibeon Jos 10:1

1.) Joshua Goes To The Rescue Jos 10:6

2.) God Fights Against The Amorites With Hailstones Jos 10:10

3.) The Sun And Moon Stand Still At The Word Of Joshua Jos 10:12

4.) The Five Kings Hide In A Cave Jos 10:15

5.) The Amorite Kings Executed [OR] Five Amorite Kings Killed [OR] Victory At Makkedah [OR] Five Kings Defeated Jos 10:16

6.) They Are Brought Forth, And Humbled Before The People Jos 10:22

7.) And Hanged Jos 10:26

2. Joshua Defeats the Southern Kings Jos 10:28-43

A.) Victories At Makkedah, Etc. [OR] Conquest Of The Southland [OR] Seven Kings More Are Conquered Jos 10:28

1.) Southern Cities Conquered [OR] Joshua's Conquest Of Southern Palestine Jos 10:29

2.) Joshua Returns To Gilgal Jos 10:43

3. Joshua Defeats the Northern Kings Jos 11:1-23

A.) Final Conquest Of Canaan [OR] The Northern Conquest [OR] Northern Kings Defeated [OR] Northern Palestine Taken [OR] The United Kings Of Northern Canaan Defeated [OR] The Enemy Kings Are Overcome At The Waters Of Merom Jos 11:1

1.) Hazor Is Taken And Burned [OR] Summary Of Joshua's Conquests [OR] All The Country Taken By Joshua Jos 11:10

D. The Conquest of the North Jos 11-12

1.) The Anakims Are Slain Jos 11:21

1. Kings East of the Jordan River Defeated by Moses Jos 12:1-6

A.) The Roster Of The Kings Of Canaan [OR] The Kings Conquered By Moses [OR] List Of Defeated Kings [OR] Kings Defeated By Israel [OR] The Kingdoms Of Sihon And Og Beyond Jordan [OR] The Kings Conquered By Joshua Jos 12:1

2. Kings West of the Jordan River Defeated by Joshua Jos 12:7-24

1.) Thirty-One Kings Beyond Jordan Defeated By Joshua Jos 12:9

3. Land Yet to Be Conquered Jos 13:1-7

I.) The partition of the inheritance Jos 13:1

A.) The Lord Instructs Joshua Concerning The Division Of The Land [OR] Remaining Land To Be Conquered [OR] Land Still To Be Taken [OR] Canaan Divided Among The Tribes [OR] The Parts Of Canaan Still Unconquered [OR] The Bounds Of The Land Not Yet Conquered Jos 13:1

4. Tribes That Received Land East of the Jordan River Jos 13:8-33

1.) The Land Divided East Of The Jordan [OR] Division Of The Land East Of The Jordan [OR] The Territory East Of The Jordan [OR] The Inheritance Beyond Jordan Of The Two Tribes And A Half Jos 13:8

2.) The Lord's Sacrifices Are The Inheritance Of Levi Jos 13:14

3.) The Land Of Reuben [OR] The Territory Of Reuben [OR] The Bounds Of The Inheritance Of Reuben Jos 13:15

E. The Division of the Land Jos 13-22

1.) Balaam Slain Jos 13:22

2.) The Land Of God [OR] The Territory Of Gad [OR] The Bounds Of The Inheritance Of Gad Jos 13:24

3.) Half The Tribe Of Manasseh [East] [OR] The Territory Of The Half-Tribe Of Manasseh (East) [OR] And Of The Half Tribe Of Manasseh Jos 13:29

1. The First Stage in Dividing the Land Jos 14:1-5

A.) The Land Divided Jos 14:1

1.) The Portion Of Caleb [OR] The Land Divided West Of The Jordan [OR] Division Of The Land West Of The Jordan [OR] Caleb's Request [OR] The Distribution Of Territory West Of The Jordan [OR] The Nine Tribes And A Half Are To Have Their Inheritance By Lot Jos 14:1

2. Special Land for Caleb Jos 14:6-15

(I.) Caleb Inherits Hebron [OR] Hebron Given To Caleb [OR] Hebron Allotted To Caleb [OR] Caleb Obtains Hebron Jos 14:6

3. Judah's Land Jos 15:1-63

1.) The Portion Of Judah [OR] The Land Of Judah [OR] Allotment For Judah [OR] Territory Of Judah [OR] The Territory Of Judah [OR] The Borders Of Judah's Portion Jos 15:1

(I.) Caleb Occupies Hebron And Debir [OR] Caleb Occupies His Portion Jos 15:13

(II.) Othniel Takes Kirjath-sepher And Marries Achsah, Caleb's Daughter Jos 15:16

(III.) She Obtains A Blessing From Her Father Jos 15:18

(IV.) The Cities Of Judah [OR] The Towns Of Judah [OR] The Cities Of Judah Jos 15:20

(V.) The Jebusites Not Conquered Jos 15:63

4. Land for Joseph's Sons Jos 16:1-4

1.) The Portion Of Manasseh And Ephraim [OR] Ephraim And West Manasseh [OR] Allotment For Ephraim And Manasseh [OR] Territory Of Ephraim [OR] The Territory Of Ephraim [OR] The General Borders Of The Sons Of Joseph Jos 16:1

5. Ephraim's Land Jos 16:5-10

(I.) The Land Of Ephraim [OR] The Border Of The Inheritance Of Ephraim Jos 16:5

(II.) The Canaanites Not Conquered Jos 16:10

6. Manasseh's Land Jos 17:1-18

1.) The Separate Portion For Manasseh [OR] The Other Half-Tribe Of Manasseh [West] [OR] Territory Of Manasseh [OR] The Other Half-Tribe Of Manasseh (West) [OR] The Lot Of Manasseh Jos 17:1

(I.) Manasseh's Boundaries Jos 17:7

(II.) The Canaanites Not Driven Out Jos 17:12

(III.) More Land For Ephraim And Manasseh [OR] The Tribe Of Joseph Protests [OR] The Children Of Joseph Obtain Another Portion Jos 17:14

7. The Second Stage in Dividing the Land Jos 18:1-10

1.) The Tabernacle Set Up At Shiloh [OR] The Remainder Of The Land Divided [OR] Division Of The Rest Of The Land [OR] Rest Of The Land Divided [OR] The Territories Of The Remaining Tribes [OR] The Tabernacle Is Set Up At Shiloh Jos 18:1

2.) The Portion Of The Seven Tribes [OR] The Remainder Of The Land Is Described, And Divided Into Seven Parts Jos 18:2

(I.) Joshua Divides It By Lot Jos 18:10

8. Benjamin's Land Jos 18:11-28

(I.) The Land Of Benjamin [OR] Allotment For Benjamin [OR] The Territory Of Benjamin [OR] The Lot And Border Of Benjamin Jos 18:11

(II.) Benjamin's Cities Jos 18:21

9. Simeon's Land Jos 19:1-9

(I.) Simeon's Inheritance With Judah [OR] Allotment For Simeon [OR] Territory Of Simeon [OR] The Territory Of Simeon [OR] The Lot Of Simeon Jos 19:1

10. Zebulun's Land Jos 19:10-16

(I.) The Land Of Zebulun [OR] Allotment For Zebulun [OR] Territory Of Zebulun [OR] The Territory Of Zebulun [OR] Of Zebulun Jos 19:10

11. Issachar's Land Jos 19:17-23

(I.) The Land Of Issachar [OR] Allotment For Issachar [OR] Territory Of Issachar [OR] The Territory Of Issachar [OR] Of Issachar Jos 19:17

12. Asher's Land Jos 19:24-31

(I.) The Land Of Asher [OR] Allotment For Asher [OR] Territory Of Asher [OR] The Territory Of Asher [OR] Of Asher Jos 19:24

13. Naphtali's Land Jos 19:32-39

(I.) The Land Of Naphtali [OR] Allotment For Naphtali [OR] Territory Of Naphtali [OR] The Territory Of Naphtali [OR] Of Naphtali Jos 19:32

14. Dan's Land Jos 19:40-48

(I.) The Land Of Dan [OR] Allotment For Dan [OR] Territory Of Dan [OR] The Territory Of Dan [OR] Of Dan Jos 19:40

15. Special Land for Joshua Jos 19:49-51

(I.) Joshua's Inheritance [OR] Allotment For Joshua [OR] Joshua's Inheritance Jos 19:49

(II.) Joshua's Inheritance Given Him By The Children Of Israel Jos 19:50

16. Six Cities of Refuge Jos 20:1-9

1.) The Cities Of Refuge [OR] Cities Of Refuge [OR] Six Cities Of Refuge [OR] God Commands Jos 20:1

(I.) And The Children Of Israel Appoint The Six Cities Of Refuge Jos 20:7

17. Cities for the Tribe of Levi Jos 21:1-8

1.) The Portion Of The Levites [OR] Cities Of The Levites [OR] Towns For The Levites [OR] Forty-Eight Cities Of The Levites [OR] Cities Allotted To The Levites [OR] Forty-Eight Cities Given By Lot, Out Of The Other Tribes, Unto The Levites Jos 21:1

18. Cities for Kohath's Descendants Jos 21:9-26

19. Cities for Gershon's Descendants Jos 21:27-33

20. Cities for Merari's Descendants Jos 21:34-45

(I.) The Promise Fulfilled [OR] God Gives The Land To The Israelites, And They Rest According To His Promise Jos 21:43

21. Joshua Blesses the Tribes That Live East of the Jordan River Jos 22:1-8

I.) Incipient discord: the schismatic altar of Reuben and Gad [OR] Eastern Tribes Return to Their Lands [OR] Eastern Tribes Return Home [OR] Tribes beyond Jordan Return [OR] The Eastern Tribes Return to Their Territory [OR] The two tribes and a half are sent home with a blessing Jos 22:1

22. An Altar for the LORD Is Built East of the Jordan River Jos 22:9-34

A.) An Altar By The Jordan [OR] The Offensive Altar [OR] A Memorial Altar East Of The Jordan [OR] They Build The Altar Of Testimony, In Their Journey Jos 22:10

B.) Thus Offending Their Brethren Jos 22:11

C.) The Israelites Send Eleazar To Protest Their Defection Jos 22:15

D.) Their Act Is Satisfactorily Explained Jos 22:21

23. A Reminder to Follow Moses' Teachings Jos 23:1-16

I.) Joshua's last counsels and death Jos 23:1

A.) The Last Counsels Of Joshua [OR] Joshua's Farewell Address [OR] Joshua's Farewell To The Leaders [OR] Joshua Exhorts The People [OR] Joshua's Exhortation Before His Death Jos 23:1

1.) He Cites God's Benefits Jos 23:3

2.) And Promises Jos 23:5

3.) And Warns Against Forsaking God Jos 23:11

F. Farewell and Death of Joshua Jos 23-24

1. Joshua Adds an Agreement to the Book of God's Teachings Jos 24:1-28

A.) Joshua's Last Charge To Israel [OR] The Covenant At Shechem [OR] The Covenant Renewed At Shechem [OR] Joshua Reviews Israel's History [OR] The Tribes Renew The Covenant [OR] Joshua Assembles The Tribes At Shechem Jos 24:1

1.) A Brief History Of God's Benefits Jos 24:2

2.) We Will Serve The Lord [OR] He Renews Their Covenant With God Jos 24:14

3.) Buried In The Promise Land Jos 24:28

2. The Deaths of Joshua and Eleazar Jos 24:29-33

A.) The Death Of Joshua [OR] Death Of Joshua And Eleazar [OR] Joshua's Death And Burial [OR] Joshua's Age, Death And Burial Jos 24:29

1.) Joseph's Bones Are Buried Jos 24:32

2.) Eleazar Dies Jos 24:33