A. Jonah Runs Away Jon 1:1-17

I.) The prophet's first commission [OR] Jonah's Disobedience [OR] Jonah Flees From the Lord [OR] Jonah's Disobedience [OR] Jonah Tries to Run Away from God [OR] Jonah flees to Tarshish Jon 1:1

II.) The prophet's flight from Jehovah; the great storm Jon 1:3

A.) The Storm At Sea [OR] He Is Overtaken By A Tempest Jon 1:4

B.) Jonah Thrown Into The Sea Jon 1:10

C.) He Is Thrown Into The Sea Jon 1:11

III.) The prophet swallowed by the great fish Jon 1:12

A.) Jonah's Prayer And Deliverance [OR] And Swallowed By A Great Fish [OR] Jonah's Prayer [OR] A Psalm Of Thanksgiving [OR] The Prayer Of Jonah Jon 1:17

B. Jonah Prays [OR] Jonah's Prayer Inside the Fish Jon 2:1-10

I.) The prophet's prayer; Jehovah's answer Jon 2:1

A.) He Is Delivered From The Fish Jon 2:10

C. Nineveh Turns From Its Wicked Ways [OR] Jonah Obeys Jon 3:1-10

I.) The prophet's second commission; his obedience; the repentance of Nineveh [OR] Jonah Preaches at Nineveh [OR] Jonah Goes to Nineveh [OR] Nineveh Repents [OR] Conversion of Nineveh [OR] Jonah, sent again, preaches to the Ninevites Jon 3:1

A.) The People Of Nineveh Believe [OR] Upon Their Repentance Jon 3:5

B.) God Relents And Does Not Destroy Them Jon 3:10

D. Jonah Complains [OR] The LORD Has to Remind Jonah About His Mercy Jon 4:1-11

I.) The prophet's displeasure; the sheltering gourd [OR] Jonah's Anger and God's Kindness [OR] Jonah's Anger at the Lord's Compassion [OR] Jonah's Displeasure Rebuked [OR] Jonah's Anger [OR] Jonah is angered by God's unexpected mercy Jon 4:1

A.) And Is Reproved By The Sign Of A Gourd Jon 4:4

B.) Jonah Is Reproved Jon 4:9