A. Prologue [OR] The Word Becomes Human Joh 1:1-18

I.) Prologue: The eternal Word incarnate in Jesus the Christ Joh 1:1

A.) The Deity Of Jesus Christ [OR] The Eternal Word [OR] The Word Became Flesh [OR] The Divinity, Humanity, And Work Of Jesus Christ Joh 1:1

B.) His Pre-Incarnation Work Joh 1:3

C.) Ministry Of John The Baptist [OR] John's Witness: The True Light [OR] The Witness Of John Joh 1:6

D.) Jesus Christ The True Light Joh 1:9

E.) The Two Classes: Sons And Unbelievers Joh 1:11

F.) The Incarnation [OR] The Word Becomes Flesh [OR] The Word Made Flesh Joh 1:14

II.) The witness of John the Baptist [OR] The testimony of John concerning Christ Joh 1:15

1. John Prepares the Way Joh 1:19-28

B. The Public Ministry Joh 1:19-12:50

A.) A Voice In The Wilderness [OR] John The Baptist Denies Being The Christ [OR] The Testimony Of John [OR] The Testimony Of John The Baptist Joh 1:19

1. John Identifies Christ as the Lamb of God Joh 1:29-34

A.) The Lamb Of God [OR] Jesus The Lamb Of God [OR] The Lamb Of God Joh 1:29

2. Calling of the First Disciples Joh 1:35-51

I.) The public ministry of Christ [OR] The First Disciples [OR] Jesus' First Disciples [OR] Jesus' Public Ministry, First Converts [OR] The First Disciples of Jesus Joh 1:35

A.) The Calling Of Andrew, Peter, Philip And Nathanael Joh 1:39

B.) Philip And Nathanael [OR] Jesus Calls Philip And Nathanael Joh 1:43

3. Christ Changes Water Into Wine Joh 2:1-12

A.) The Marriage At Cana: The First Miracle [OR] Water Turned To Wine [OR] Jesus Changes Water To Wine [OR] Miracle At Cana [OR] The Wedding At Cana [OR] Christ Turns Water Into Wine Joh 2:1

1.) Jesus Clears The Temple [OR] Departs Into Capernaum, And To Jerusalem Joh 2:12

4. Christ Throws Merchants and Moneychangers Out of the Temple Courtyard Joh 2:13-25

A.) The First Passover: First Purification Of The Temple [OR] Jesus Cleanses The Temple [OR] First Passover--Cleansing The Temple Joh 2:13

1.) Where He Purges The Temple Of Buyers And Sellers Joh 2:14

2.) He Foretells His Death And Resurrection Joh 2:18

3.) The Discerner Of Hearts [OR] Many Believe Because Of His Miracles, But He Will Not Trust Himself To Them Joh 2:23

5. A Conversation With Nicodemus Joh 3:1-21

A.) Jesus And Nicodemus: The New Birth [OR] The New Birth [OR] Jesus Teaches Nicodemus [OR] Nicodemus Visits Jesus [OR] Christ Teaches Nicodemus The Necessity Of Regeneration Joh 3:1

1.) Of Faith In His Death Joh 3:14

2.) The Great Love Of God Towards The World Joh 3:16

3.) Condemnation For Unbelief Joh 3:18

6. John the Baptizer Talks About Christ Joh 3:22-36

A.) Last Testimony Of John The Baptist [OR] John The Baptist Exalts Christ [OR] John The Baptist's Testimony About Jesus [OR] John's Last Testimony [OR] Jesus And John The Baptist Joh 3:22

1.) The Baptism, Witness And Teaching Of John Concerning Christ Joh 3:23

B.) Declarative Statement Concerning Jesus Christ [OR] The One Who Comes From Heaven Joh 3:31

7. A Samaritan Woman Meets Christ at a Well Joh 4:1-42

A.) Jesus Departs Into Galilee [OR] A Samaritan Woman Meets Her Messiah [OR] Jesus Talks With A Samaritan Woman [OR] Jesus Goes To Galilee [OR] Jesus And The Woman Of Samaria [OR] Christ Talks With A Woman Of Samaria, And Reveals Himself To Her Joh 4:1

1.) Jesus And The Samaritan Woman Joh 4:6

(I.) The Woman Of Samaria Joh 4:7

(II.) The Indwelling Spirit Joh 4:14

(A.) The Whitened Harvest [OR] The Disciples Rejoin Jesus [OR] His disciples marvel Joh 4:27

(B.) He tells them the source of His power Joh 4:31

(C.) The Savior of the World [OR] Many Samaritans Believe [OR] The Samaritans [OR] Many Samaritans believe in Him Joh 4:39

(III.) Jesus And The Samaritans Joh 4:40

8. A Believing Official Joh 4:43-54

(A.) Welcome at Galilee [OR] Jesus Heals the Official's Son [OR] Jesus Returns to Galilee [OR] He departs into Galilee, and heals the ruler's son who lay sick a Capernaum Joh 4:43

1.) The Nobleman's Son Healed [OR] A Nobleman's Son Healed [OR] Healing A Nobleman's Son [OR] Jesus Heals An Official's Son Joh 4:46

9. Christ Cures a Man at the Bethesda Pool Joh 5:1-15

A.) The Feast (Pentecost?): The Pool Of Bethesda, And Healing [OR] A Man Healed At The Pool Of Bethesda [OR] The Healing At The Pool [OR] The Healing At Bethesda [OR] Jesus Heals On The Sabbath [OR] Christ On The Sabbath Day Cures The Man Who Was Diseased Thirty-Eight Years Joh 5:1

1.) The Jews Find Fault, And Persecute Him For It Joh 5:10

10. The Son Is Equal to the Father Joh 5:16-47

1.) Honor The Father And The Son [OR] Life Through The Son Joh 5:16

2.) He Answers For Himself, And Reproves Them, Showing By The Testimony Of His Father Joh 5:17

3.) Jesus' Equality With God Joh 5:18

4.) The Authority Of The Son Joh 5:19

5.) Life And Judgment Are Through The Son Joh 5:24

6.) Two Resurrections Joh 5:25

7.) The Two Resurrections Joh 5:28

(I.) Witnesses To Jesus Joh 5:30

(II.) The Fourfold Witness [OR] Testimonies About Jesus Joh 5:31

(III.) Of John. Joh 5:32

8.) The Fourfold Witness To Jesus Joh 5:33

(I.) John The Baptist [OR] Witness Of John Joh 5:33

(II.) The Works [OR] Witness Of Works [OR] Of His Works Joh 5:36

(III.) The Father [OR] Witness Of The Father Joh 5:37

(IV.) The Scriptures [OR] Witness Of The Scripture [OR] And Of The Scriptures, Who He Is Joh 5:39

11. Christ Feeds More Than Five Thousand Joh 6:1-15

A.) Feeding The Five Thousand [OR] Jesus Feeds The Five Thousand [OR] Five Thousand Fed [OR] Christ Feeds Five Thousand Men With Five Loaves And Two Fishes Joh 6:1

B.) Jesus Walks Upon The Sea [OR] Jesus Walks On The Sea [OR] Jesus Walks On The Water [OR] Thereupon The People Would Have Made Him King [OR] But Withdrawing Himself, He Walks On The Sea To His Disciples [OR] The Bread From Heaven Joh 6:15

12. Christ Walks on the Sea Joh 6:16-21

13. Christ Is the Bread of Life Joh 6:22-71

A.) The Great Discourse On The Bread Of Life Joh 6:22

1.) Jesus The Bread Of Life Joh 6:25

2.) Words To The People [OR] Reproves The People Flocking After Him, And All The Fleshly Hearers Of His Word Joh 6:26

3.) And Declares Himself To Be The Bread Of Life To Believers Joh 6:32

4.) Rejected By His Own [OR] Words To The Jews Joh 6:41

5.) Words To The Disciples Joh 6:59

B.) Discipleship Tested By Doctrine [OR] Many Disciples Turn Away [OR] Many Disciples Desert Jesus [OR] The Words Of Eternal Life Joh 6:60

1.) Peter's Confession Of Faith [OR] Many Disciples Depart From Him Joh 6:66

C.) Peter's Confession Of Faith Joh 6:67

1.) Peter Acknowledges Him As Christ Joh 6:68

2.) Judas Is Described As A Devil Joh 6:70

14. Christ Goes to the Festival of Booths Joh 7:1-53

A.) Jesus Urged To Go To The Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] Jesus' Brothers Disbelieve [OR] Jesus Goes To The Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] Jesus Teaches At The Feast [OR] The Unbelief Of Jesus' Brothers [OR] Christ Reproves The Ambition And Boldness Of His Kinsmen Joh 7:1

B.) Final Departure From Galilee [OR] The Heavenly Scholar [OR] Jesus At The Festival Of Booths [OR] He Goes Up From Galilee To The Feast Of Tabernacles Joh 7:10

C.) Jesus At The Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] Jesus Teaches At The Feast [OR] And Teaches In The Temple Joh 7:14

1.) Could This Be The Christ? [OR] Is Jesus The Christ? [OR] Is This The Christ? Joh 7:25

2.) Jesus And The Religious Leaders [OR] Officers Are Sent To Arrest Jesus Joh 7:32

3.) The Great Prophecy Concerning The Holy Spirit For Power [OR] The Promise Of The Holy Spirit [OR] Rivers Of Living Water Joh 7:37

4.) The People Divided In Opinion [OR] Who Is He? [OR] Division Of People Over Jesus [OR] Division Among The People [OR] Divided Opinions About Christ Joh 7:40

(I.) Rejected By The Authorities [OR] Unbelief Of The Jewish Leaders [OR] The Unbelief Of Those In Authority [OR] The Pharisees Are Angry That Their Officers Did Not Take Him, And Rebuke Nicodemus For Taking His Part Joh 7:45

(II.) The Woman Caught In Adultery Joh 7:52

(III.) An Adulteress Faces The Light Of The World Joh 7:53

15. A Woman Caught in Adultery Joh 8:1-11

1.) The Woman Taken In Adultery [OR] The Adulterous Woman [OR] Christ Frees The Woman Taken In Adultery Joh 8:1

16. Christ Speaks With the Pharisees About His Father Joh 8:12-59

1.) Discourse After The Feast: Jesus The Light Of The World [OR] The Validity Of Jesus' Testimony [OR] Jesus Is The Light Of The World [OR] Jesus The Light Of The World [OR] He Reveals Himself As The Light Of The World, And Justifies His Teachings Joh 8:12

(I.) Jesus Defends His Self-witness Joh 8:13

(II.) Jesus Predicts His Departure [OR] Jesus Foretells His Death Joh 8:21

(III.) The Truth Shall Make You Free [OR] The Children Of Abraham [OR] The Truth Shall Make You Free [OR] True Disciples Joh 8:31

(IV.) He Answers The Jews Who Boasted Of Abraham Joh 8:33

(V.) Abraham's Seed And Satan's Joh 8:37

(VI.) Jesus And Abraham Joh 8:39

(VII.) The Children Of The Devil Joh 8:42

(VIII.) Before Abraham Was, I Am [OR] The Claims Of Jesus About Himself Joh 8:48

(IX.) And Escapes From Their Cruelty Joh 8:59

17. Christ Gives Sight to a Blind Man Joh 9:1-41

A.) The Man Born Blind Is Healed [OR] A Man Born Blind Recieves Sight [OR] Jesus Heals A Man Born Blind [OR] Healing The Man Born Blind [OR] A Man Born Blind Receives Sight [OR] The Man Who Was Born Blind Is Restored To Sight Joh 9:1

1.) The Pharisees Excommunicate The Healed Man [OR] The Pharisees Investigate The Healing [OR] Controversy Over The Man [OR] He Is Brought To The Pharisees Joh 9:13

2.) They Are Offended At The Blind Man's Testimony, And Excommunicate Him Joh 9:24

3.) True Vision And True Blindness [OR] Spiritual Blindness [OR] Jesus Affirms His Deity [OR] But He Is Received By Christ Joh 9:35

4.) Those Whom Christ Enlightens Joh 9:39

18. Christ, the Good Shepherd Joh 10:1-21

A.) Discourse On The Good Shepherd [OR] Jesus The True Shepherd [OR] The Shepherd And His Flock [OR] Parable Of The Good Shepherd [OR] Jesus The Good Shepherd [OR] Christ Is The Door And The Good Shepherd Joh 10:1

1.) Jesus The Good Shepherd Joh 10:7

19. The Jews Reject Christ Joh 10:22-42

A.) Jesus Asserts His Deity [OR] The Shepherd Knows His Sheep [OR] The Unbelief Of The Jews [OR] Jesus Is Rejected By The Jews Joh 10:22

1.) He Proves By His Works That He Is Christ, The Son Of God Joh 10:24

2.) Renewed Efforts To Stone Jesus Joh 10:31

3.) Escapes The Jews Joh 10:39

B.) Jesus Goes To The Place Where He Was Baptized [OR] The Believers Beyond Jordan [OR] And Goes Again Beyond Jordan, Where Many Believe In Him [OR] The Death Of Lazarus [OR] The Death And Resurrection Of Lazarus [OR] Christ Raises Lazarus, Four Days After His Burial Joh 10:40

20. Christ Brings Lazarus Back to Life Joh 11:1-44

A.) The Raising Of Lazarus Joh 11:1

1.) I Am The Resurrection And The Life [OR] Jesus Comforts The Sisters [OR] Jesus The Resurrection And The Life Joh 11:17

2.) Jesus And Death, The Last Enemy [OR] Jesus Weeps Joh 11:28

3.) Jesus At The Grave Of Lazarus [OR] Lazarus Raised From The Dead [OR] Jesus Raises Lazarus From The Dead [OR] Jesus Raises Lazarus To Life [OR] The Plot To Kill Jesus [OR] Many Jews Believe Because Of The Things He Did Joh 11:38

21. The Jewish Council Plans to Kill Christ Joh 11:45-57

1.) The Friends Of Mary Of Bethany Are Converted Joh 11:45

2.) The Pharisees Plot To Put Jesus To Death [OR] Conspiracy To Kill Jesus [OR] The High Priests And Pharisees Conspire Against Christ Joh 11:47

(I.) Caiaphas Prophesies Joh 11:49

(II.) Christ Hides Himself Joh 11:54

(III.) At The Passover They Ask About Him Joh 11:55

(IV.) And Plan To Seize Him Joh 11:57

22. Mary Prepares Christ' Body for the Tomb Joh 12:1-11

A.) The Supper At Bethany [OR] The Anointing Of Bethany [OR] Jesus Anointed At Bethany [OR] Mary Anoints Jesus [OR] Christ Commends Mary For Anointing His Feet [OR] The Plot To Kill Lazarus [OR] The People Flock To See Lazarus Joh 12:1

1.) The High Priests Plot To Kill Lazarus [OR] The Triumphal Entry [OR] Jesus Enters Jerusalem [OR] Jesus' Triumphal Entry Into Jerusalem [OR] Christ Rides Into Jerusalem Joh 12:10

23. The King Comes to Jerusalem Joh 12:12-19

A.) The Triumphal Entry Joh 12:12

24. Some Greeks Ask to See Christ Joh 12:20-50

A.) Certain Greeks Would See Jesus [OR] The Fruitful Grain Of Wheat [OR] Jesus Predicts His Death [OR] Greeks Seek Jesus [OR] Some Greeks Wish To See Jesus [OR] Greeks Desire To See Him Joh 12:20

1.) Jesus' Answer [OR] He Foretells His Death Joh 12:23

(I.) Jesus Predicts His Death On The Cross [OR] Jesus Foretells His Death [OR] Jesus Speaks About His Death Joh 12:27

(II.) The Unbelief Of The People Joh 12:36

(III.) Who Has Believed Our Report? [OR] The Jews Continue In Their Unbelief [OR] The Jews Are Generally Blinded Joh 12:37

(IV.) Walk In The Light [OR] Yet Many Chief Rulers Believe, But Do Not Confess Him Joh 12:42

(V.) Summary Of Jesus' Teaching [OR] Jesus Christ Come Not To Judge The World, But To Save It Joh 12:44

C. The Private Ministry Joh 13:1-20:31

I.) The private ministry of Christ to His own Joh 13:1

A.) The Last Passover [OR] Jesus Washes The Disciples' Feet [OR] Jesus Washes His Disciples' Feet [OR] The Lord's Supper [OR] Christ Washes The Disciples' Feet, Exhorting Them To Humility And Charity Joh 13:1

1.) Jesus Washes The Disciples' Feet Joh 13:2

(I.) Jesus Washes The Disciples' Feet Joh 13:5

(II.) Jesus Identifies His Betrayer [OR] Jesus Predicts His Betrayal [OR] He Foretells His Betrayal By Judas Joh 13:18

1. Christ Knows Who Will Betray Him Joh 13:21-32

1.) Jesus Foretells His Betrayal [OR] Jesus Predicts His Betrayal Joh 13:21

(I.) The New Commandment [OR] Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial [OR] The New Commandment [OR] Commands Them To Love One Another Joh 13:31

2. Christ Predicts Peter's Denial Joh 13:33-38

1.) Jesus Foretells Peter's Denial [OR] Jesus Predicts Peter's Denial [OR] And Forewarns Peter Of His Denial Joh 13:36

3. Christ Promises to Send the Holy Spirit Joh 14:1-31

A.) Spoken In The Passover Chamber Joh 14:1

1.) Jesus Foretells His Coming For His Own [OR] The Way, The Truth, And The Life [OR] Jesus Comforts His Disciples [OR] Jesus The Way To The Father [OR] Christ Comforts His Disciples With The Hope Of Heaven Joh 14:1

(I.) Jesus The Way To The Father Joh 14:5

(II.) Professes Himself To Be The Way, The Truth, And The Life, And One With The Father Joh 14:6

2.) Jesus And The Father Are One [OR] The Father Revealed [OR] Oneness With The Father Joh 14:7

(I.) The Answered Prayer Joh 14:12

3.) The New Promise And Privilege In Prayer [OR] He Assures Them That Their Prayers In His Name Will Be Answered Joh 14:13

(I.) Jesus Promises Another Helper [OR] Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit [OR] The Promise Of The Holy Spirit [OR] Requests Love And Obedience Joh 14:15

4.) The Promise Of The Spirit [OR] Role Of The Spirit [OR] Promises The Holy Spirit, The Comforter Joh 14:16

(I.) Indwelling Of The Father And The Son Joh 14:19

(II.) The Gift Of His Peace Joh 14:25

5.) The Bequest Of Peace [OR] And Leaves Them His Peace Joh 14:27

4. Christ, the True Vine Joh 15:1-27

A.) Spoken On The Way To The Garden Joh 15:1

1.) The Vine And Branches [OR] The True Vine [OR] The Vine And The Branches [OR] Jesus Is The Vine--Followers Are Branches [OR] Jesus The True Vine [OR] The Consolation And Mutual Love Between Christ And His Followers Shown By The Parable Of The Vine Joh 15:1

(I.) Love And Joy Perfected Joh 15:9

(II.) Disciples' Relation To Each Other Joh 15:12

2.) The New Intimacy Joh 15:15

3.) The Believer And The World [OR] The World's Hatred [OR] The World Hates The Disciples [OR] Disciples' Relation To The World [OR] A Comfort In The Hatred And Persecution Of The World Joh 15:18

4.) The Believer And The Spirit [OR] The Coming Rejection [OR] The Work Of The Holy Spirit, And Of The Apostles Joh 15:26

5. Sadness Will Turn to Joy Joh 16:1-33

1.) The Disciples Warned Of Persecutions [OR] Jesus' Warning [OR] Christ Comforts His Disciples With The Promise Of The Holy Spirit, His Resurrection And Ascension Joh 16:1

(I.) The Work Of The Spirit [OR] The Work Of The Holy Spirit [OR] The Holy Spirit Promised Joh 16:4

2.) Threefold Work Of The Spirit Toward The World Joh 16:7

3.) New Truth To Be Revealed By The Spirit Joh 16:12

4.) Jesus Speaks Of His Death, Resurrection, And Second Advent [OR] Sorrow Will Turn To Joy [OR] Jesus' Death And Resurrection Foretold [OR] Sorrow Will Turn Into Joy Joh 16:16

(I.) The Disciples' Grief Will Turn To Joy Joh 16:17

(II.) Prayer Promises [OR] He Assures Them That Their Prayers Made In His Name Will Be Answered By His Father Joh 16:23

(III.) Jesus Christ Has Overcome The World [OR] Peace For The Disciples Joh 16:25

(IV.) Peace In Christ, But Affliction In The World [OR] Jesus Prays For Himself [OR] The High Priestly Prayer [OR] Jesus Prays For His Disciples [OR] Christ Prays To His Father To Glorify Him [OR] To Preserve His Apostles Joh 16:33

6. Christ Prays for Himself, His Disciples, and His Church Joh 17:1-26

1.) The Prayer Of Intercession Joh 17:1

(I.) In Unity Joh 17:11

(II.) The Disciples In The World Joh 17:13

(III.) Keep Them From The Evil One Joh 17:15

(IV.) And Sanctify Them In God's Truth [OR] Jesus Prays For All Believers [OR] To Glorify Them, And All Other Believers With Him In Heaven Joh 17:17

(V.) Their Future Glory Joh 17:22

7. Christ Is Arrested Joh 18:1-14

I.) The sacrifice of Christ Joh 18:1

A.) Jesus Arrives At Gethsemane [OR] Betrayal And Arrest In Gethsemane [OR] Jesus Arrested [OR] Judas Betrays Jesus [OR] The Betrayal And Arrest Of Jesus [OR] Judas Betrays His Master Joh 18:1

B.) The Betrayal And Arrest Joh 18:2

1.) The Officers Fall To The Ground Before Christ Joh 18:6

2.) Peter Smites Off Malchus' Ear Joh 18:10

C.) Jesus Brought Before The High Priest [OR] Before The High Priest [OR] Jesus Taken To Annas [OR] Jesus Before The Priests [OR] Jesus Before The High Priest [OR] Christ Is Taken, And Led To Annas And Caiaphas Joh 18:12

8. Peter Denies Christ Joh 18:15-18

1.) Peter's Denial [OR] Peter Denies Jesus [OR] Peter's First Denial Joh 18:15

9. The Chief Priest Questions Christ Joh 18:19-24

(I.) Jesus Questioned By The High Priest [OR] The High Priest Questions Jesus [OR] Christ Is Examined Before Caiaphas Joh 18:19

10. Peter Denies Christ Again Joh 18:25-27

(I.) Peter Denies Twice More [OR] Peter's Second And Third Denials [OR] Peter's Denial Of Jesus [OR] Peter Denies Jesus Again Joh 18:25

11. Pilate Questions Christ Joh 18:28-40

A.) Jesus Brought Before Pilate [OR] In Pilate's Court [OR] Jesus Before Pilate [OR] His Arraignment Before Pilate Joh 18:28

1.) The Nature Of Christ's Kingdom Is Explained To Pilate Joh 18:36

2.) Jesus Sentenced To Death Joh 18:38

3.) Jesus Condemned: Barabbas Released [OR] Taking The Place Of Barabbas Joh 18:39

(I.) The Jews Demand That Barabbas Be Freed Joh 18:40

12. The Soldiers Make Fun of Christ Joh 19:1-3

1.) Jesus Crowned With Thorns [OR] The Soldiers Mock Jesus [OR] Jesus Sentenced To Be Crucified [OR] The Crown Of Thorns [OR] Christ Is Scourged, Crowned With Thorns, And Beaten Joh 19:1

13. The People Want Christ Crucified [19:4-16a] Joh 19:4-16

1.) Pilate Brings Jesus Before The Multitude [OR] Pilate Attempts To Release Him, But Thwarted By The Jews, Is Forced To Allow His Crucifixion Joh 19:4

(I.) Pilate's Decision [OR] The Crucifixion [OR] The Crucifixion Of Jesus Joh 19:5

2.) The Final Rejection Of The King By The Jewish Authorities And People Joh 19:14

A.) The Crucifixion Of Jesus Christ Joh 19:16

14. The Crucifixion [19:16b-27] Joh 19:17-27

1.) The King On A Cross Joh 19:17

2.) They Cast Lots For His Garments Joh 19:23

3.) Behold Your Mother [OR] Christ Commends His Mother To John Joh 19:25

15. Christ Dies on the Cross Joh 19:28-37

1.) It Is Finished [OR] The Death Of Jesus Joh 19:28

2.) He Dies Joh 19:30

3.) Not A Bone Of Him Broken [OR] Jesus' Side Is Pierced [OR] Care Of The Body Of Jesus Joh 19:31

(I.) His Side Is Pierced Joh 19:34

16. Christ Is Buried Joh 19:38-42

1.) The Entombment [OR] Jesus Buried In Joseph's Tomb [OR] The Burial Of Jesus [OR] He Is Buried By Joseph And Nicodemus [OR] The Empty Tomb [OR] The Resurrection Of Jesus [OR] Mary Comes In The Sepulchre Joh 19:38

17. Christ Comes Back to Life Joh 20:1-10

I.) The manifestation of Christ in resurrection Joh 20:1

A.) The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Joh 20:1

1.) As Also Do Peter And John, Not Knowing Of The Resurrection Joh 20:3

2.) Jesus Appears To Mary Of Magdala Joh 20:10

18. Christ Appears to Mary From Magdala Joh 20:11-18

A.) Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene [OR] Mary Magdalene Sees The Risen Lord [OR] The Risen Christ Appears To Mary Magdalene Joh 20:11

19. Christ Appears to the Disciples Joh 20:19-23

A.) Jesus Appears To The Disciples: Thomas Not Present [OR] The Apostles Commissioned [OR] Jesus Appears To His Disciples [OR] Jesus Among His Disciples [OR] Jesus Appears To The Disciples [OR] And To His Disciples Joh 20:19

20. Christ Appears to Thomas Joh 20:24-31

A.) Jesus Appears To The Disciples: Thomas Present [OR] Seeing And Believing [OR] Jesus Appears To Thomas [OR] Jesus And Thomas [OR] The Incredulity And Confession Of Thomas Joh 20:24

B.) Conclusion: Why John's Gospel Was Written [OR] That You May Believe [OR] Why This Gospel Was Written [OR] The Purpose Of This Book [OR] The Purpose Of This Gospel Joh 20:30

D. The Epilogue Joh 21:1-25

I.) Christ Appears to His Disciples Again Joh 21:1-14

II.) Epilogue: "If I will." The risen Christ is Master of our service [OR] Breakfast by the Sea [OR] Jesus and the Miraculous Catch of Fish [OR] Jesus Appears at the Sea of Galilee [OR] Jesus Appears to Seven Disciples [OR] Christ appears again to His disciples and is recognized by the great draught of fishes Joh 21:1

A.) Service In Self-Will, Under Human Leadership Joh 21:3

B.) Service In Self-Will Tested: The Barren Result Joh 21:5

C.) Christ-Directed Service, And The Result Joh 21:6

D.) The Master Enough For The Need Of His Servants [OR] Jesus Provides [OR] He Eats With Seven Disciples Joh 21:12

1. Christ Speaks With Peter Joh 21:15-25

A.) The Only Acceptable Motive In Service [OR] Jesus Restores Peter [OR] Jesus Reinstates Peter [OR] The Love Motivation [OR] Jesus And Peter [OR] And Commands Simon Peter To Feed His Lambs And Sheep Joh 21:15

B.) The Master Appoints The Time And Manner Of The Servant's Death [OR] Our Times Are In His Hand [OR] Christ Tells Peter Of His Death Joh 21:18

C.) If The Lord Returns The Servants Will Not Die [OR] The Beloved Disciple And His Book [OR] Jesus And The Beloved Disciple Joh 21:20

1.) And Rebukes His Question About John Joh 21:22

2.) The Conclusion Joh 21:25