A. The Locust Invasion Joe 1:1-2:17

1. The Prophet Joel Joe 1:1

I.) The plague of insects Joe 1:1

A.) Introduction [OR] The Devastation Of Locusts [OR] Joel, Declaring Various Judgments Of God, Exhorts Judah To Observe Them Joe 1:1

2. Judah Is Plagued With Locusts and Famine Joe 1:2-20

1.) The Land Laid Waste [OR] An Invasion Of Locusts [OR] Lament Over The Ruin Of The Country Joe 1:2

A.) Desolation Of The Land Joe 1:4

1.) And To Mourn Joe 1:8

2.) Mourning For The Land [OR] A Call To Repentance [OR] A Call To Repentance And Prayer Joe 1:13

3.) Starvation And Drought [OR] He Prescribes Fasting And Calling On God Joe 1:14

B.) A Type Of The Day Of The Lord Joe 1:15

3. The Day of the LORD Joe 2:1-11

I.) The day of the Lord Joe 2:1

A.) The Invading Host From The North Preparatory To Armageddon [OR] The Day Of The Lord [OR] An Army Of Locusts [OR] The Terrible Visitation [OR] He Shows God's Judgment Of Zion Joe 2:1

B.) The Lord's Army At Armageddon Joe 2:11

4. The LORD Invites the People to Return to Him Joe 2:12-17

A.) Repentance Of The Jews Who Are In The Land [OR] A Call To Repentance [OR] Rend Your Heart [OR] He Exhorts Judah To Repent Joe 2:12

1.) Prescribes A Fast Joe 2:15

B. Yahweh's Response Joe 2:18-3:21

1. The LORD Will Give Earthly Blessings to His People Joe 2:18-27

A.) The Lord's Response Joe 2:18

1.) In Promise Of Deliverance [OR] The Land Refreshed [OR] The Lord's Answer [OR] Deliverance Promised [OR] God's Response And Promise [OR] Promises A Blessing Joe 2:18

(I.) He Comforts Zion With Present Joe 2:21

2. The LORD Will Pour His Spirit on All People Joe 2:28-32

1.) The Promise Of The Spirit [OR] God's Spirit Poured Out [OR] The Day Of The Lord [OR] And Future Blessings Joe 2:28

A.) The Signs Preceding The Second Advent And The Day Of The Lord [OR] The Day Of The Lord Joe 2:30

3. The LORD Will Rescue His People Joe 3:1-21

A.) The Restoration Of Israel [OR] God Judges The Nations [OR] The Nations Judged [OR] The Nations Will Be Judged [OR] God's Judgments On The Enemies Of His People Joe 3:1

B.) The Judgment Of The Gentile Nations After Armageddon Joe 3:2

I.) Conclusion Joe 3:9

A.) Retrospect: The Day Of The Lord [OR] Judgment In The Valley Of Jehoshaphat [OR] God Will Be Known In His Judgment Joe 3:9

B.) Full Kingdom Blessing [OR] Blessings For God's People [OR] The Glorious Future Of Judah Joe 3:17

1.) God Blesses His People [OR] Judah Will Be Blessed [OR] His Blessing Upon The Church Joe 3:18