A. Introduction [OR] Job's Life Job 1:1-5

I.) Prologue Job 1:1

A.) The Character Of Job [OR] Job And His Family In Uz [OR] Prologue [OR] Job's Character And Wealth [OR] Job And His Family [OR] The Hss, Riches, And Religious Care Of Job For His Children Job 1:1

B.) The Family And Prosperity Of Job Job 1:2

C.) The Piety Of Job And His Household Job 1:5

B. Speeches Job 1:6-42:6

1a. Satan Challenges the LORD Job 1:6-12

A.) Satan's Theory: Job Was Good Because Prosperous [OR] Satan Attacks Job's Character [OR] Job's First Test [OR] Attack On Job's Character [OR] Satan, Appearing Before God, By Slander Obtains Leave To Test Job Job 1:6

1. Job's First Crisis Job 1:13-22

A.) In The Sieve Of Satan: Mystery Of God's Permissive Will [OR] Job Loses His Property And Children [OR] Satan Allowed To Test Job [OR] Job Loses Property And Children [OR] Learning Of The Loss Of His Property And Children, In His Mourning Job Blesses God Job 1:13

2. Satan Challenges the LORD Again Job 2:1-6

A.) Again In Satan's Sieve: Family, Property, Health Gone [OR] Satan Attacks Job's Health [OR] Job's Second Test [OR] Job Loses His Health [OR] Attack On Job's Health [OR] Satan, Appearing Again Before God, Obtains Further Permission To Test Job Job 2:1

3. Job's Second Crisis Job 2:7-13

1.) He Smites Job With Boils Job 2:7

I.) Job and his wife [OR] Job reproves his wife, who suggested that he curse God and die [OR] Job's Three Friends [OR] His three friends mourn with him in silence Job 2:9

II.) Job and his three friends: scene, the ash heap outside an oriental village Job 2:11

A.) The Friends Arrive Job 2:11

4. Job Speaks: Job Curses the Day He Was Born Job 3:1-10

A.) Job's First Discourse: He Tells His Misery And Despair [OR] Job Deplores His Birth [OR] Job Speaks [OR] Job's Lament [OR] Job Curses The Day He Was Born [OR] Job Curses The Day And Circumstances Of His Birth Job 3:1

5. Job Speaks: Why Did I Survive at Birth? Job 3:11-19

1.) The Ease Of Death Job 3:13

6. Job Speaks: Why Do I Go on Living? Job 3:20-26

1.) He Complains Of Life, Because Of His Anguish Job 3:20

7. Eliphaz Speaks: Be Patient and Listen, Job Job 4:1-6

A.) First Discourse Of Eliphaz [OR] Eliphaz: Job Has Sinned [OR] Eliphaz [OR] Eliphaz: Innocent Do Not Suffer [OR] Eliphaz Speaks: Job Has Sinned [OR] Eliphaz Reproves Job For Lack Of Religion Job 4:1

8. Eliphaz Speaks: Only Evil People Suffer Job 4:7-21

1.) He Teaches God's Judgments To Be Not Upon The Righteous, But Upon The Wicked Job 4:7

2.) His Fearful Vision, Designed To Humble The Pride Of Creatures Before God Job 4:12

9. Eliphaz Speaks: Seek God's Help, Job Job 5:1-16

1.) Eliphaz: Job Is Chastened By God [OR] God Is Just [OR] Job Is Corrected By God [OR] The Harm Of Thoughtlessness Job 5:1

2.) The End Of The Wicked Is Misery Job 5:3

3.) God Is To Be Regarded In Affliction Job 5:6

10. Eliphaz Speaks: Blessing Comes When God Corrects You Job 5:17-27

1.) The Happy Result Of God's Correction Job 5:17

11. Job Speaks: God Has Attacked Me Without Cause Job 6:1-13

A.) Job's Answer To Eliphaz: A Touching Appeal For Pity [OR] Job: My Complaint Is Just [OR] Job [OR] Job's Friends Are No Help [OR] Job Replies: My Complaint Is Just [OR] Job Shows That His Complaints Are Not Causeless Job 6:1

1.) He Wishes For Death, Wherein He Is Assured Of Comfort Job 6:8

12. Job Speaks: You Have Not Treated Me Like True Friends Job 6:14-30

1.) He Reproves His Friends For Unkindness Job 6:14

13. Job Speaks: Job Speaks About the Futility of Human Existence Job 7:1-11

1.) Job: My Suffering Is Comfortless [OR] Job's Life Seems Futile [OR] Job: My Suffering Is Without End [OR] Job Excuses His Desire For Death Job 7:1

14. Job Speaks: Job Says to God: Leave Me Alone Job 7:12-21

1.) He Complains Of His Own Restlessness Job 7:12

2.) And God's Watchfulness Job 7:17

15. Bildad Speaks: You Are Unjustly Accusing God of Doing Evil, Job Job 8:1-7

A.) First Discourse Of Bildad: He Thinks Job A Hypocrite [OR] Bildad: Job Should Repent [OR] Bildad [OR] Bildad Says God Rewards The Good [OR] Bildad Speaks: Job Should Repent [OR] Bildad Shows God's Justice In Dealing With Men According To Their Works Job 8:1

16. Bildad Speaks: Learn From Past Generations Job 8:8-10

1.) He Alludes To Antiquity For Proof Of The Certain Destruction Of The Hypocrite Job 8:8

17. Bildad Speaks: God Does Not Punish the Innocent Person Job 8:11-22

1.) He Applies God's Just Dealing To Job Job 8:20

18. Job Speaks: The Futility of Arguing With God Job 9:1-35

A.) Job Answers Bildad: He Is A Sinner, And Knows Not How To Be Justified--But Not A Hypocrite [OR] Job: There Is No Mediator [OR] Job [OR] Job Says There Is No Arbitrator Between God And Man [OR] Job Replies: There Is No Mediator [OR] Job, Acknowledging God's Justice, Shows There Is No Contending With Him Job 9:1

1.) Man's Innocence Is Not To Be Denied Because Of Afflictions Job 9:22

19. Job Speaks: Job Says to God: I Hate My Life Job 10:1-22

1.) Job: I Would Plead With God [OR] Job Despairs Of God's Dealings [OR] Job: I Loathe My Life [OR] Job, Complaining Freely, Remonstrates With God About His Afflictions Job 10:1

2.) He Complains Of Life, And Craves A Little Ease Before Death Job 10:18

20. Zophar Speaks Job 11:1-20

A.) Zophar's First Discourse: He Thinks Job Both Hypocrite And Liar [OR] Zophar: Urges Job To Repent [OR] Zophar [OR] Zophar Rebukes Job [OR] Zophar Speaks: Job's Guilt Deserves Punishment [OR] Zophar Reproves Job For Seeking To Justify Himself Job 11:1

1.) God's Wisdom Is Unsearchable Job 11:5

21. Zophar Speaks: God Can Do as He Pleases Job 11:7-12

22. Zophar Speaks: Confess Your Sin and Be Forgiven Job 11:13-20

1.) The Assured Blessing Of Repentance Job 11:13

23. Job Speaks: My Friends Have No Wisdom Job 12:1-11

A.) Job Answers The Three: He Is Familiar With Their Platitudes [OR] Job: Answers His Critics [OR] Job [OR] Job Chides His Accusers [OR] Job Replies: I Am A Laughingstock [OR] Job Makes His Position Clear Against His Friends Job 12:1

1.) He Acknowledges God's Omnipotence Job 12:7

24. Job Speaks: Wisdom Comes From God Job 12:12-25

1.) Job Speaks Of The Power Of God Job 12:13

25. Job Speaks: Job Continues: You Are Not Listening to Me Job 13:1-6

1.) Job Says His Friends' Proverbs Are Ashes [OR] Job Reproves His Friends For Partiality Job 13:1

26. Job Speaks: Your Wisdom Misrepresents God Job 13:7-16

1.) Job Is Sure He Will Be Vindicated Job 13:13

2.) He Professes His Confidence In God [OR] Job's Despondent Prayer [OR] And Pleads For A Revealing Of His Own Sins, And God's Purpose In Afflicting Him Job 13:14

27. Job Speaks: Job Speaks to God Job 13:17-28

28. Job Speaks: Job Continues: Consider My Frail Human Nature, God Job 14:1-22

1.) Job Speaks Of The Finality Of Death [OR] Job Beseeches God For Favor, By The Shortness Of Life And Certainty Of Death Job 14:1

2.) Is It Not Possible For Man To Live After Death? Job 14:7

3.) By Sin The Creature Is Subject To Corruption Job 14:16

29. Eliphaz Speaks: You Are Speaking Sinfully, Job Job 15:1-6

A.) Second Discourse Of Eliphaz: Again Rests Upon Superior Experience And Tradition [OR] Eliphaz Accuses Job Of Folly [OR] Eliphaz [OR] Eliphaz Says Job Presumes Much [OR] Eliphaz Speaks: Job Undermines Religion [OR] Eliphaz Reproves Job Of Impiety In Answering Boldly For Himself Job 15:1

30. Eliphaz Speaks: You Are Not the Only Wise Person, Job Job 15:7-16

31. Eliphaz Speaks: I Want to Tell You What I Know Job 15:17-19

1.) What Eliphaz Has Seen Of Life [OR] He Proves By Tradition The Disturbed Mind And Body Of Wicked Men Job 15:17

32. Eliphaz Speaks: The Tortured Life of the Wicked Person Job 15:20-35

33. Job Speaks: My Friends Do Not Help Ease My Pain Job 16:1-8

A.) Job's Fourth Answer: Eliphaz Has But Heaped Up Words [OR] Job Reproaches His Pitiless Friends [OR] Job [OR] Job Says Friends Are Sorry Comforters [OR] Job Reaffirms His Innocence [OR] Job Reproves His Friends For Lack Of Mercy Job 16:1

1.) Job Says God Shattered Him Job 16:6

2.) He Shows The Pitifulness Of His Case And Maintains His Innocence Job 16:7

34. Job Speaks: Job Describes What God Has Done to Him Job 16:9-17

35. Job Speaks: Job Appeals His Case to Heaven Job 16:18-22

36. Job Speaks: Job Pleads With God to Declare Him Honest Job 17:1-5

1.) Job Prays For Belief [OR] Job Says He Has Become A Byword [OR] Job Prays For Relief [OR] Job Appeals From Men To God Job 17:1

37. Job Speaks: Job Says to His Friends: I'm Still Wiser Than You Job 17:6-16

1.) Men's Unmerciful Behavior Toward The Afflicted May Astonish But Not Discourage The Righteous Job 17:6

2.) His Hope Is Not In Life, But In Death Job 17:11

38. Bildad Speaks: Why Do You Think You Are So Great, Job? Job 18:1-4

A.) Bildad's Second Discourse: A String Of Oriental Proverbs [OR] Bildad: The Wicked Are Punished [OR] Bildad [OR] Bildad Speaks Of The Wicked [OR] Bildad Speaks: God Punishes The Wicked [OR] Bildad Reproves Job For Presumption And Impatience Job 18:1

39. Bildad Speaks: What a Wicked Person Can Expect From Life Job 18:5-21

1.) The Calamities Of The Wicked Job 18:5

40. Job Speaks: Admit That God Is Mistreating Me Job 19:1-7

A.) Job's Fifth Answer: His Sublime Faith [OR] Job Trusts In His Redeemer [OR] Job [OR] Job Feels Insulted [OR] Job Replies: I Know That My Redeemer Lives [OR] Job, Complaining Of His Friends' Cruelty, Shows How Much Misery He Has Job 19:1

1.) Everything Is Against Him Job 19:7

41. Job Speaks: What God Has Done to Me Job 19:8-22

1.) He Craves Pity Job 19:21

42. Job Speaks: Job's Confidence in His Defender Job 19:23-27

1.) Job Says, My Redeemer Lives [OR] He Believes The Resurrection Job 19:23

43. Job Speaks: Job Warns His Friends Job 19:28-29

44. Zophar Speaks: Here Is My Answer Job 20:1-3

A.) Zophar's Second Discourse: Tradition And Proverb [OR] Zophar's Sermon On The Wicked Man [OR] Zophar [OR] Zophar Says, The Triumph Of The Wicked Is Short [OR] Zophar Speaks: Wickedness Receives Just Retribution [OR] Zophar Shows The State And Lot Of The Wicked [OR] Job's Discourse On The Wicked [OR] Job [OR] Job Says God Will Deal With The Wicked [OR] Job Replies: The Wicked Often Go Unpunished [OR] Job Shows That, Even In The Judgment Of Man, He Has Reason To Be Grieved Job 20:1

45. Zophar Speaks: A Wicked Person's Joy Is Short, His Pain Long Job 20:4-29

46. Job Speaks: Comfort Me by Listening to Me Job 21:1-6

A.) Job's Sixth Answer: The Prosperity Of The Wicked Refutes The View That He Is Afflicted Because A Secret Sinner Job 21:1

47. Job Speaks: Wicked People Do Not Suffer for Their Sins Job 21:7-21

1.) Sometimes The Wicked Do Prosper, Though They Despise God Job 21:7

2.) Sometimes Their Destruction Is Manifest Job 21:16

48. Job Speaks: No One Understands How God Deals With Humans Job 21:22-26

1.) The Happy And Unhappy Are Alike In Death Job 21:22

49. Job Speaks: My Friends Have Betrayed Me Job 21:27-34

1.) The Judgment Of The Wicked Is In Another World Job 21:27

50. Eliphaz Speaks: Admit You Are Wicked, Job Job 22:1-20

A.) Eliphaz' Third Discourse: The Old Theory--Job Has Sinned [OR] Eliphaz Accuses Job Of Wickedness [OR] Eliphaz [OR] Eliphaz Accuses And Exhorts Job [OR] Eliphaz Speaks: Job's Wickedness Is Great [OR] Eliphaz Shows That Man's Goodness Does Not Profit God Job 22:1

1.) He Accuses Job Of Various Sins Job 22:5

51. Eliphaz Speaks: Make Peace With God Job 22:21-30

1.) He Exhorts Him To Repentance, With Promises Of Mercy Job 22:21

52. Job Speaks: Where Can I Find God? Job 23:1-12

A.) Job's Seventh Answer: He Longs For God [OR] Job Proclaims God's Righteous Judgments [OR] Job [OR] Job Says He Longs For God [OR] Job Replies: My Complaint Is Bitter [OR] Job Longs To Appear Before God Job 23:1

1.) In Confidence Of His Mercy Job 23:6

2.) God, Who Is Invisible, Observes Our Ways Job 23:8

3.) Job's Innocence Job 23:11

53. Job Speaks: God Is Against Me Job 23:13-17

1.) God's Decree Is Changeless Job 23:13

54. Job Speaks: Job Continues: Why Doesn't God Punish Those Who Do Evil? Job 24:1-25

1.) Job Complains Of Violence On The Earth [OR] Job Says God Seems To Ignore Wrongs [OR] Job Complains Of Violence On The Earth [OR] Wickedness Goes Often Unpunished Job 24:1

2.) There Is A Secret Judgment For The Wicked Job 24:17

55. Bildad Speaks: No One Is Righteous to God Job 25:1-6

A.) Bildad's Third Discourse: Sententious Sayings [OR] Bildad: How Can Man Be Righteous? [OR] Bildad [OR] Bildad Says Man Is Inferior [OR] Bildad Speaks: How Can A Mortal Be Righteous Before God? [OR] Bildad Shows That Man Cannot Be Justified Before God [OR] Job: Man's Frailty And God's Majesty [OR] Job [OR] Job Rebukes Bildad [OR] Job Replies: God's Majesty Is Unsearchable [OR] Job, Reproving The Uncharitable Spirit Of Bildad Job 25:1

56. Job Speaks: My Friends Have Offered Useless Advice Job 26:1-4

A.) Job's Eighth Answer: Bildad's View Leads To Despair. Job's Faith In God Job 26:1

57. Job Speaks: God's Power Over Creation Job 26:5-14

1.) The Greatness Of God [OR] Acknowledges The Power Of God To Be Infinite And Unsearchable Job 26:5

58. Job Speaks: Job Continues: I Insist I Am Innocent Job 27:1-10

1.) Job Maintains His Integrity [OR] Job Affirms His Righteousness [OR] Job Maintains His Integrity [OR] Job Protests His Sincerity Job 27:1

2.) The State Of The Godless Job 27:7

3.) The Godless Is Without Hope Job 27:8

59. Job Speaks: What God Has in Store for Wicked People Job 27:11-23

1.) The Blessings Of The Wicked Are Turned Into Curses Job 27:11

60. Job Speaks: Job Continues: Wisdom Is Inaccessible to Humans Job 28:1-11

1.) Job's Discourse On Wisdom [OR] Job Tells Of Earth's Treasures [OR] Interlude: Where Wisdom Is Found [OR] There Is Knowledge Of Natural Things Job 28:1

61. Job Speaks: Wisdom Is Inaccessible to Decay and Death Job 28:12-22

1.) The Search For Wisdom Is Harder [OR] But Wisdom Is An Excellent Gift Of God Job 28:12

62. Job Speaks: Wisdom Is Accessible Only to the Creator Job 28:23-28

63. Job Speaks: Job Continues: My Glorious Past Job 29:1-25

1.) Job's Summary Defense [OR] Job's Past Was Glorious [OR] Job Finishes His Defense [OR] Job Grieves For His Former Prosperity And Honor [OR] Job's Present State Is Humiliating [OR] Job's Honor Is Turned Into Extreme Contempt Job 29:1

64. Job Speaks: Job Talks About His Present Misery Job 30:1-19

1.) His Prosperity Is Turned Into Calamity Job 30:15

65. Job Speaks: Job Calls on God for Help Job 30:20-23

66. Job Speaks: Job Says: I Am Being Punished by God Job 30:24-30

67. Job Speaks: Job Wonders What Sin He May Have Committed Job 30:31-31:40

1.) Job Asserts His Integrity [OR] Job Solemnly Protests His Integrity In Several Duties [OR] Elihu Contradicts Job's Friends [OR] Elihu [OR] Elihu In Anger Rebukes Job [OR] Elihu Rebukes Job's Friends [OR] Elihu Is Angry With Job And His Three Friends Job 31:1

68. Elihu Decides to Speak to Job Job 32:1-5

I.) Job And Elihu Job 32:1

A.) Elihu's Discourse Job 32:2

69. Elihu Speaks: The Reason for Elihu's Discourse Job 32:6-22

1.) Because Wisdom Comes Not From Age, He Excuses The Boldness Of His Youth Job 32:6

2.) He Reproves Them For Not Satisfying Job Job 32:11

70. Elihu Speaks: Elihu Continues: Listen, Job Job 33:1-7

1.) Elihu Contradicts Job [OR] Elihu Claims To Speak For God [OR] Elihu Rebukes Job [OR] Elihu Offers Himself, Instead Of God, With Sincerity And Meekness To Reason With Job Job 33:1

71. Elihu Speaks: God Doesn't Have to Answer You, Job Job 33:8-13

1.) He Excuses God From Giving Man An Account Of His Ways, Because Of His Greatness Job 33:8

72. Elihu Speaks: Two Ways God Warns People Job 33:14-22

1.) God Calls Man To Repentance By Visions Job 33:14

2.) By Afflictions Job 33:19

73. Elihu Speaks: A Third Way God Warns People Job 33:23-30

1.) And By His Ministry Job 33:23

74. Elihu Speaks: Pay Attention, Job Job 33:31-33

1.) He Calls Job To Attention Job 33:31

75. Elihu Speaks: Elihu Continues: Listen, Everyone Job 34:1-15

1.) Elihu Proclaims God's Justice [OR] Elihu Vindicates God's Justice [OR] Elihu Proclaims God's Justice [OR] Elihu Accuses Job For Charging God With Injustice Job 34:1

2.) God, The Omnipotent, Cannot Be Unjust Job 34:10

76. Elihu Speaks: God Is Fair Job 34:16-33

1.) Man Must Humble Himself Unto God Job 34:31

77. Elihu Speaks: Elihu Makes an Appeal to God Job 34:34-37

1.) Elihu Reproves Job Job 34:34

78. Elihu Speaks: Elihu Continues: I Will Answer You and Your Friends, Job Job 35:1-4

1.) Elihu Condemns Self-Righteousness [OR] Elihu Sharply Reproves Job [OR] Elihu Condemns Self-Righteousness [OR] Comparison Is Not To Be Made With God, For Our Good Or Evil Cannot Extend To Him Job 35:1

79. Elihu Speaks: Human Behavior Cannot Change God Job 35:5-16

1.) Many Cry In Their Afflictions, But Are Not Heard For Lack Of Faith Job 35:9

80. Elihu Speaks: Elihu Continues: Hear Me Out Job 36:1-4

1.) Elihu Proclaims God's Goodness [OR] Elihu Speaks Of God's Dealings With Men [OR] Elihu Exalts God's Goodness [OR] Elihu Shows How God Is Just In His Ways Job 36:1

81. Elihu Speaks: God's Justice Is Beyond Human Understanding Job 36:5-33

1.) How Job's Sins Hinder God's Blessings [OR] Elihu Proclaims God's Majesty [OR] God's Works Are To Be Magnified Job 36:16

82. Elihu Speaks: Elihu Continues: God's Ways Are Beyond Human Understanding Job 37:1-24

1.) Elihu Says God Is Back Of The Storm [OR] God Is To Be Feared Because Of His Great Works Job 37:1

2.) His Wisdom Is Unsearchable In Them Job 37:15

83. The LORD Speaks: Who Is Able to Challenge Me? Job 38:1-3

I.) Jehovah and Job [OR] The Lord Reveals His Omnipotence to Job [OR] The Lord Speaks [OR] God Speaks Now to Job [OR] The Lord: Answers Job [OR] God challenges Job to answer Job 38:1

84. The LORD Speaks: The LORD Speaks About Creation Job 38:4-38

A.) God, By His Mighty Works, Convicts Job Of Ignorance Job 38:4

B.) God's Mighty Power Job 38:12

C.) And Of Imbecility Job 38:31

85. The LORD Speaks: The Lioness Job 38:39-40

86. The LORD Speaks: The Crow Job 38:41-

87. The LORD Speaks: The LORD Continues: The Mountain Goats Job 39:1-4

A.) God Speaks Of Nature And Its Beings [OR] Of The Wild Goats And Hinds Job 39:1

88. The LORD Speaks: The Wild Donkey Job 39:5-8

A.) Of The Wild Ass And The Wild Ox Job 39:5

89. The LORD Speaks: The Wild Ox Job 39:9-12

90. The LORD Speaks: The Ostrich Job 39:13-18

A.) The Ostrich Job 39:13

91. The LORD Speaks: The Horse Job 39:19-25

A.) The Horse Job 39:19

92. The LORD Speaks: The Birds of Prey Job 39:26-30

A.) The Hawk And The Eagle Job 39:26

93. The LORD Speaks Job 40:1-2

A.) Job: What Can I Say? [OR] Job Humbles Himself To God [OR] Job's Response To God Job 40:1

94. Job Speaks Job 40:3-5

95. The LORD Speaks: Can You Be Like Me, Job? Job 40:6-14

A.) God's Challenge To Job [OR] God Questions Job [OR] God's Challenge To Job [OR] God Challenges Job To Demonstrate His Righteousness, Power, And Wisdom Job 40:6

96. The LORD Speaks: Can You Conquer Behemoth, Job? Job 40:15-24

A.) God's Power Shown In Creatures [OR] Of The Behemoth Job 40:15

97. The LORD Speaks: The LORD Continues: Can You Conquer Leviathan, Job? Job 41:1-34

A.) God's Power Shown In Creatures [OR] Of God's Great Power In The Leviathan [OR] Job's Repentance And Restoration [OR] Job [OR] Job's Confession [OR] Job Is Humbled And Satisfied [OR] Job Submits Himself Unto God Job 41:1

98. Job Speaks: I Admit That I Was Wrong Job 42:1-6

I.) Job's self-judgment Job 42:1

C. Conclusion [OR] Job's Life Is Restored Job 42:7-17

I.) Epilogue: Job vindicated and honored [OR] Epilogue [OR] God Displeased with Job's Friends [OR] Job's Friends Are Humiliated [OR] God, preferring Job, makes his friends submit themselves and accepts him Job 42:7

A.) God Restores Job's Fortunes [OR] Job's Fortunes Are Restored Twofold [OR] He Magnifies And Blesses Job Job 42:10

B.) Job's Age And Death Job 42:16