A. Early Prophecies -- Under Josiah and Jehoiakim Jer 1-20

a. The Commission of Jeremiah Jer 1

1. The Prophet Jeremiah Jer 1:1-3

I.) From the call of Jeremiah to his message to the first captives Jer 1:1

A.) Introduction [OR] Jeremiah's Call And Commission [OR] The Time Jer 1:1

2. The LORD Gives Jeremiah a Message for His People Jer 1:4-19

A.) The Prophet's Call And Enduement [OR] The Prophet Is Called [OR] The Call Of Jeremiah [OR] Jeremiah's Call And Commission [OR] And The Calling Of Jeremiah Jer 1:4

1.) The Sign Of The Almond Rod And Seething Pot [OR] The Almond Rod And Boiling Pot [OR] His Prophetical Visions Of An Almond Rod, And A Boiling Pot Jer 1:11

(I.) God's Serious Complaint Against Judah Jer 1:15

(II.) God Encourages Jeremiah With A Promise Of Assistance Jer 1:17

B. Judah, Yahweh's Unfaithful Wife Jer 2-6

1. The People Continue to Reject the LORD'S Love for Them Jer 2:1-3:5

A.) First Message To Backslidden Judah [OR] God's Case Against Israel [OR] Israel Forsakes God [OR] Judah's Apostasy [OR] God Pleads With Israel To Repent [OR] God Reasons Earnestly With The Jews About Their Revolt Jer 2:1

1.) Declaring It To Be Without Precedent Jer 2:9

2.) They Are The Cause Of Their Own Calamities Jer 2:14

3.) The Sins Of Judah Jer 2:20

4.) God Rejects Those Whom Judah Trusts Jer 2:31

5.) Israel Is Shameless [OR] The Polluted Land [OR] Unfaithful Israel [OR] Because Of Judah's Vileness, Rain Has Been Withheld Jer 3:1

2. The LORD Offers to Forgive the Ten Tribes of Israel Despite Their Idolatry Jer 3:6-4:2

A.) The Second Message To Backslidden Judah [OR] A Call To Repentance [OR] Unfaithful Israel [OR] Faithless Israel [OR] Judah Worse Than Israel Jer 3:6

1.) God Invites Repentance Jer 3:11

2.) The Promises Of God To The Penitent Jer 3:12

3.) Israel Is Reproved And Makes A Solemn Confession Of Sins Jer 3:20

4.) Judah Threatened With Invasion [OR] God Calls Israel By His Promise Jer 4:1

3. The LORD Will Bring Destruction on Judah From the North Jer 4:3-31

1.) He Exhorts Judah To Repentance By Fearful Judgments Jer 4:3

2.) An Imminent Invasion [OR] Disaster From The North [OR] Invasion And Desolation Of Judah Threatened Jer 4:5

3.) Sorrow For The Doomed Nation [OR] Lament Over Judah's Devastation [OR] Sorrow For A Doomed Nation [OR] A Lament For The Miseries Of Judah Jer 4:19

4. Judah's Complete Rejection of the LORD Jer 5:1-31

1.) The Justice Of God's Judgment [OR] Not One Is Upright [OR] Jerusalem's Godlessness [OR] The Utter Corruption Of God's People [OR] The Judgments Of God Upon The Jews, For Their Perverseness Jer 5:1

2.) For Their Adultery And Impiety Jer 5:7

3.) Judgment Proclaimed Jer 5:14

4.) For Their Contempt Of God Jer 5:19

5.) And For Their Great Corruption In The Civil State Jer 5:25

6.) And Ecclesiastical Life Jer 5:30

5. The LORD'S Rejection of Judah Jer 6:1-30

1.) Impending Destruction From The North [OR] Jerusalem Under Siege [OR] Destruction Of Jerusalem Impending [OR] The Imminence And Horror Of The Invasion [OR] The Enemies, Sent Against Judah Jer 6:1

2.) Are Encouraged Jer 6:4

3.) God Sets Them Against Jerusalem Because Of Its Sins Jer 6:6

4.) The Prophet Laments The Judgments Of God Jer 6:8

5.) He Proclaims God's Wrath Jer 6:18

6.) The Enemy From The North Jer 6:22

7.) He Calls The People To Mourn Jer 6:26

C. Judah, the Hypocrite Jer 7-10

1. Judah Trusts the Wrong Things Jer 7:1-8:3

A.) The Message In The Gate Of The Lord's House [OR] Trusting In Lying Words [OR] False Religion Worthless [OR] Message At The Temple Gate [OR] Jeremiah Proclaims God's Judgment On The Nation [OR] Jeremiah Is Sent To Call For True Repentance, To Prevent The Jews' Captivity Jer 7:1

1.) He Rejects Their Vain Confidence Jer 7:8

1.) By The Example Of Shiloh Jer 7:12

2.) The People's Disobedience Jer 7:16

3.) He Threatens Them For Their Idolatry Jer 7:17

4.) He Rejects The Sacrifices Of The Disobedient Jer 7:21

5.) Judgment On Obscene Religion Jer 7:28

6.) He Exhorts Them To Mourning For Their Abominations In Tophet Jer 7:29

7.) The Valley Of Slaughter Jer 7:30

8.) And Foretells Their Judgment Jer 7:32

9.) The Sin And Treachery Of Judah [OR] The Calamity Visited Upon The Jews, Both Dead And Alive Jer 8:1

2. The LORD'S Judgment on Judah's False Religion Jer 8:4-17

1.) The Peril Of False Teaching [OR] Sin And Punishment [OR] The Blind Perversity Of The Whole Nation [OR] He Upbraids Their Foolish And Shameless Impenitence Jer 8:4

2.) He Foretells Their Grievous Judgment [OR] The Prophet Mourns For The People [OR] And Bewails Their Desperate State Jer 8:13

3. Jeremiah's Grief Over His People's Punishment Jer 8:18-9:22

1.) A Lament Over Zion [OR] Jeremiah Laments The Jews' Many Sins, And The Judgment Upon Them Jer 9:1

2.) Disobedience Is The Cause Of Their Bitter Calamity [OR] The People Mourn In Judgment [OR] He Exhorts Them To Mourn Their Own Destruction. Jer 9:12

4. The LORD Is the Only True God Jer 9:23-10:25

1.) And To Trust, Not In Themselves, But In God Jer 9:23

2.) He Threatens Both Jews And Gentiles Jer 9:25

3.) Idols And The True God [OR] God And Idols [OR] A Satire On Idolatry [OR] Idolatry Has Brought Ruin On Israel [OR] Idols Are Compared With God Jer 10:1

4.) The Coming Captivity Of Judah [OR] Coming Destruction [OR] The Coming Exile [OR] The Prophet Exhorts The People To Flee From The Calamity To Come Jer 10:17

5.) He Laments The Loss Of The Tabernacle, Due To Foolish Pastors Jer 10:19

6.) Jeremiah's Prayer [OR] He Makes Humble Supplication Jer 10:23

5. Judah Has Disobeyed the Terms of the LORD'S Promise Jer 11:1-17

A.) The Message On The Broken Covenant [OR] The Broken Covenant [OR] The Covenant Is Broken [OR] Israel And Judah Have Broken The Covenant [OR] Jeremiah Proclaims God's Covenant Jer 11:1

1.) Rebukes The Jews For Disobeying It Jer 11:8

2.) Prophesies Evils To Come Upon Them Jer 11:11

D. Judah, Breaker of the Covenant Jer 11-12

1. Jeremiah's Life Is Threatened Jer 11:18-23

1.) Jeremiah's Life Threatened [OR] Plot Against Jeremiah [OR] Plots Against Jeremiah [OR] Jeremiah's Life Threatened [OR] And Upon The Men Of Anathoth, For Conspiring To Kill Jeremiah Jer 11:18

2. Jeremiah's Question Jer 12:1-4

1.) Jeremiah's Question [OR] Jeremiah's Complaint [OR] Jeremiah's Prayer [OR] Jeremiah Complains To God [OR] Jeremiah Complains Of The Prosperity Of The Wicked And Foresees Their Ruin Jer 12:1

3. The LORD'S Reply Jer 12:5-17

1.) The Lord Answers Jeremiah [OR] God's Answer [OR] God Replies To Jeremiah [OR] God Warns Him Of His Brethren's Treachery Jer 12:5

2.) God's Answer [OR] Jeremiah Laments The Loss Of His Heritage Jer 12:7

3.) God Promises The Penitent They Will Return From Captivity Jer 12:14

E. Five Parables of Judgment Jer 13-20

1. Jeremiah's Linen Belt Jer 13:1-27

A.) The Sign Of The Linen Girdle [OR] Symbol Of The Linen Sash [OR] A Linen Belt [OR] The Ruined Waistband [OR] The Linen Loincloth [OR] In The Figure Of A Linen Girdle, Hidden At Euprates, God Foreshows The Destruction Of His People Jer 13:1

1.) Symbol Of The Wine Bottles [OR] Wineskins [OR] Captivity Threatened [OR] Symbol Of The Wine-Jars [OR] Under The Parable Of The Bottles Filled With Wine, He Foretells Their Drunken Misery Jer 13:12

2.) Pride Precedes Captivity [OR] Threat Of Captivity [OR] Exile Threatened [OR] He Exhorts Them To Avoid Future Judgment Jer 13:15

3.) He Shows That Their Abominations Are The Cause Of Judgment Jer 13:22

2. The LORD Sends a Drought Jer 14:1-15:9

A.) The Message On The Drought [OR] Sword, Famine, And Pestilence [OR] Drought, Famine, Sword [OR] Drought And A Prayer For Mercy [OR] The Great Drought [OR] The Grievous Famine Jer 14:1

1.) Causes Jeremiah To Pray Jer 14:7

2.) The Lord Will Not Hear The Pleas Of The People Jer 14:10

3.) False Prophets [OR] Denunciation Of Lying Prophets [OR] Lying Prophets Are No Excuse For Them Jer 14:13

4.) Jeremiah Voices Their Complaint [OR] The People Plead For Mercy Jer 14:17

5.) The Lord Will Not Relent [OR] Judgment Must Come [OR] Punishment Is Inevitable [OR] The Complete Rejection Of The Jews, And Their Many Judgments Jer 15:1

6.) Four Kinds Of Destroyers Jer 15:3

3. Jeremiah Complains Bitterly Jer 15:10-21

1.) Jeremiah's Dejection [OR] Jeremiah Complains Again And Is Reassured [OR] Jeremiah Complains Of Men's Spitefulness Jer 15:10

2.) God's Threatening Reply Jer 15:13

3.) Jeremiah's Prayer And God's Answer [OR] Jeremiah Prays Jer 15:15

4.) The Lord Reassures Jeremiah [OR] And Receives A Gracious Promise Jer 15:19

4. The LORD Tells Jeremiah Not to Marry Jer 16:1-17:18

A.) The Sign Of The Unmarried Prophet [OR] Jeremiah's Life-Style And Message [OR] Day Of Disaster [OR] Distresses Foretold [OR] Jeremiah's Celibacy And Message [OR] The Prophet, By Figures, Foreshows The Ruin Of The Jews Jer 16:1

1.) Because They Are Worse Than Their Fathers Jer 16:10

2.) God Will Restore Israel [OR] God Will Restore Them [OR] God Will Restore Israel [OR] Their Return From Captivity Shall Be Stranger Than Their Deliverance Out Of Egypt Jer 16:14

3.) God Will Punish Them Doubly For Their Idolatry Jer 16:16

4.) Judah's Sin And Punishment [OR] The Deceitful Heart [OR] Judah's Sin And Punishment [OR] The Captivity Of Judah Jer 17:1

5.) Trust In Man Is Cursed Jer 17:5

6.) In God Is Blessed Jer 17:7

7.) The Deceitful Heart Cannot Deceive God Jer 17:9

8.) Hope And Salvation Are To Be Found In Him Jer 17:12

9.) Jeremiah Prays For Deliverance [OR] Jeremiah Prays For Vindication Jer 17:14

10.) The Prophet Complains Of Those Who Mock His Prophecy Jer 17:15

5. The Blessing That Comes From Observing the Day of Worship as a Holy Day Jer 17:19-27

A.) The Message In The Gates Concerning The Sabbath [OR] Hallow The Sabbath Day [OR] Keeping The Sabbath Holy [OR] The Sabbath Must Be Kept [OR] He Is Sent To Renew The Covenant To Hallow The Sabbath Jer 17:19

6. The People of Israel Are Like Clay for a Potter Jer 18:1-23

A.) The Sign Of The Potter's House [OR] The Potter And The Clay [OR] At The Potter's House [OR] The Figure Of A Potter Shows God's Absolute Power Over Nations Jer 18:1

1.) Judgments Threatened To Judah For Her Strange Revolt Jer 18:11

2.) God's Warning Rejected [OR] Israel's Stubborn Idolatry Jer 18:12

3.) Jeremiah Persecuted [OR] A Plot Against Jeremiah [OR] Jeremiah Prays Jer 18:18

7. Israel Will Be Smashed Like a Clay Jar Jer 19:1-15

1.) The Sign Of The Broken Flask [OR] The Broken Jar [OR] The Broken Earthenware Jug [OR] The Desolation Of The Jews Is Told In Figure Of A Potter's Vessel [OR] The Word Of God To Pashhur [OR] Jeremiah And Pashhur [OR] Pashhur Persecutes Jeremiah [OR] Jeremiah Persecuted By Pashhur [OR] Pashur, Smiting Jeremiah, Receives A New Name And A Fearful Doom Jer 19:1

A.) Parenthetic: Jeremiah's First Persecution Jer 19:14

8. Pashhur Imprisons Jeremiah Jer 20:1-6

9. Jeremiah Prays to the LORD Jer 20:7-18

1.) Jeremiah's Unpopular Ministry [OR] Jeremiah's Complaint [OR] Jeremiah Denounces His Persecutors [OR] Jeremiah Complains Of Contempt Jer 20:7

2.) Of Treachery Jer 20:10

3.) And Of His Birth Jer 20:14

F.  Captivity in Babylon Predicted Jer 21-29

1. Jerusalem Will Be Captured by the Babylonians Jer 21:1-14

A.) The Message To King Zedekiah. The Babylonian Captivity Foretold [OR] Jerusalem's Doom Is Sealed [OR] God Rejects Zedekiah's Request [OR] Jeremiah's Message For Zedekiah [OR] Jerusalem Will Fall To Nebuchadrezzar [OR] Zedekiah Sends To Jeremiah To Inquire About The War Of Nebuchadrezzar (Nebuchadnezzar) Jer 21:1

1.) Jeremiah Foretells A Hard Siege And Miserable Captivity Jer 21:3

2.) He Counsels The People To Surrender To The Chaldeans [OR] Message To The House Of David [OR] And Upbraids The King's House Jer 21:8

G. Later Prophecies -- Under Jehoiakim and Zedekiah Jer 21-39

1. Warnings to the Wicked Kings Jer 22:1-30

1.) Judgment Against Evil Kings [OR] Warning Of Jerusalem's Fall [OR] Exhortation To Repent [OR] He Exhorts The Royal Family To Repent Jer 22:1

2.) The Judgment Of Shallum [OR] Message To The Sons Of Josiah Jer 22:10

3.) Messages About The Kings [OR] Of Jehoiakim Jer 22:13

4.) And Of Coniah (Jehoiachin) Jer 22:20

5.) Message To Coniah [OR] Judgment On Coniah (Jehoiachin) Jer 22:24

2. The Righteous Branch Jer 23:1-8

A.) The Future Restoration And Conversion Of Israel: Message Against The Faithless Shepherds [OR] The Branch Of Righteousness [OR] The Righteous Branch [OR] The Coming Messiah: The Righteous Branch [OR] Restoration After Exile [OR] He Prophesies The Restoration Of The Scattered Flock Jer 23:1

1.) The Righteous Branch Of David [OR] Christ Shall Rule And Save Them Jer 23:5

3. Warnings to the False Prophets Jer 23:9-40

1.) False Prophets And Empty Oracles [OR] Lying Prophets [OR] False Prophets Denounced [OR] False Prophets Of Hope Denounced [OR] Against False Prophets Jer 23:9

2.) False Oracles And False Prophets [OR] And Mockers Of The True Prophets Jer 23:33

4. The Two Fig Baskets Jer 24:1-10

A.) The Sign Of The Figs. Judah Yet To Be Restored, But Not They Of The Second Deportation [OR] The Sign Of Two Baskets Of Figs [OR] Two Baskets Of Figs [OR] Baskets Of Figs And The Returnees [OR] The Good And The Bad Figs [OR] By The Figure Of Good And Bad Figs Jer 24:1

1.) He Foretells The Restoration Of Those Who Were In Captivity Jer 24:4

2.) And The Desolation Of Zedekiah And The Rest Jer 24:8

5. Judgment on Judah and the Nations Jer 25:1-38

A.) Prophecy Of The Seventy Years' Captivity [OR] Seventy Years Of Desolation [OR] Seventy Years Of Captivity [OR] Prophecy Of The Captivity [OR] The Babylonian Captivity Foretold [OR] Jeremiah, Reproving The Jews' Disobedience To The Prophets Jer 25:1

1.) Foretells The Seventy Years' Captivity Jer 25:8

2.) Babylon Will Be Judged [OR] And After That, The Destruction Of Babylon Jer 25:12

B.) The Sign Of The Wine Cup Of Fury [OR] Judgment On The Nations [OR] The Cup Of God's Wrath [OR] By The Figure Of A Cup Of Wine He Foreshows The Destruction Of All The Nations Jer 25:15

1.) The Howling Of The Shepherds Jer 25:34

6. Jeremiah Is Arrested Jer 26:1-24

A.) The Message In The Temple Court [OR] Jeremiah Saved From Death [OR] Jeremiah Threatened With Death [OR] Cities Of Judah Warned [OR] Jeremiah's Prophecies In The Temple [OR] Jeremiah Exhorts The Cities Of Judah To Repent Jer 26:1

1.) A Plot To Murder Jeremiah Jer 26:7

2.) He Is Therefore Apprehended Jer 26:8

3.) And Arraigned Jer 26:10

4.) His Defense Jer 26:12

5.) Jeremiah Is Spared [OR] He Is Acquitted, The Judges Citing The Cases Of Micah Jer 26:16

B.) Martyrdom Of Urijah [OR] And Of Urijah Jer 26:20

1.) He Has The Help Of Ahikam Jer 26:24

7. The Yoke of Babylon Will Be on Judah Jer 27:1-22

A.) The Sign Of The Yokes Jer 27:1

1.) To Surrounding Gentile Kings [OR] Symbol Of The Bonds And Yokes [OR] Judah To Serve Nebuchadnezzar [OR] The Nations To Submit To Nebuchadnezzar [OR] The Sign Of The Yoke [OR] Jeremiah Prophesies Nebuchadnezzar's Subjugation Of Neighbor Kings Jer 27:1

(I.) He Exhorts The Nations To Yield And Not To Believe The False Prophets Jer 27:8

2.) To King Zedekiah [OR] He Likewise Urges Zedekiah Jer 27:12

(I.) He Foretells That The Remaining Temple Vessels Shall Be Carried To Babylon Jer 27:19

8. Hananiah's False Prophecy Jer 28:1-17

1.) The False Prophecy And Death Of Hananiah [OR] Hananiah's Falsehood And Doom [OR] The False Prophet Hananiah [OR] Hananiah's False Prophecy [OR] Hananiah Opposes Jeremiah And Dies [OR] Hananiah Prophesies Falsely The Return Of The Vessels And Of Jeconiah (Jehoiachin) Jer 28:1

(I.) Jeremiah Shows That The Event Itself Will Declare Who Are True Prophets Jer 28:5

(II.) Hananiah Breaks Jeremiah's Yoke Jer 28:10

(III.) Jeremiah Tells Of An Iron Yoke Jer 28:12

(IV.) And Foretells Hananiah's Death Jer 28:15

9. Jeremiah Writes to the Captives in Babylon Jer 29:1-32

A.) The Message To The Jews Of The First Captivity [OR] Jeremiah's Letter To The Captives [OR] A Letter To The Exiles [OR] Message To The Exiles [OR] Jeremiah's Letter To The Exiles In Babylon [OR] Jeremiah Sends A Letter To The Captives In Babylon, Telling Them To Be Quiet There Jer 29:1

1.) Not To Believe The Dreams Of Their Prophets Jer 29:8

2.) And That They Shall Return With Grace, After Seventy Years Jer 29:10

3.) He Foretells The Destruction Of The Rest For Their Disobedience Jer 29:15

4.) He Shows The Fearful End Of Ahab And Zedekiah, Two Lying Prophets Jer 29:20

5.) Message To Shemaiah [OR] The Letter Of Shemaiah [OR] Shemaiah Writes A Letter Against Jeremiah Jer 29:24

6.) Jeremiah Reads Shemaiah's Doom Jer 29:30

H. Restoration Predicted Jer 30-33

1. Israel's Glorious Future Jer 30:1-24

I.) Prophecies and events not chronological Jer 30:1

A.) Jeremiah's First Writing Jer 30:1

1.) Summary Of Israel In The Tribulation [OR] Restoration Of Israel And Judah [OR] Restoration Of Israel [OR] Deliverance From Captivity Promised [OR] Restoration Promised For Israel And Judah [OR] God Shows Jeremiah The Return Of The Jews Jer 30:1

(I.) After Their Trouble, They Shall Be Delivered Jer 30:4

(II.) He Comforts Them Jer 30:10

(III.) Restoration Of Jacob [OR] Jerusalem Will Be Rebuilt Jer 30:18

(IV.) Wrath Shall Fall On The Wicked Jer 30:20

2. Both Israel and Judah Will Be Rescued Jer 31:1-30

1.) Israel In The Last Days [OR] The Remnant Of Israel Saved [OR] Israel's Mourning Turned To Joy [OR] The Joyful Return Of The Exiles [OR] The Restoration Of Israel Jer 31:1

(I.) The Proclamation Of This Happy Event Jer 31:10

(II.) Mercy On Ephraim [OR] Rahel (rachel), Mourning, Is Comforted Jer 31:15

(III.) Ephraim, Repenting, Is Brought Home Again Jer 31:18

(IV.) Christ Is Promised Jer 31:22

(V.) Future Prosperity Of Judah Jer 31:23

(VI.) A New Covenant [OR] Individual Retribution [OR] His Care Over The Church [OR] A New Covenant [OR] His New Covenant Jer 31:27

3. The New Promise Jer 31:31-40

(I.) The Stability Jer 31:35

(II.) Jerusalem To Be Enlarged [OR] And Vast Extent Of The Church [OR] Jeremiah Buys A Field [OR] Jeremiah Imprisoned [OR] Jeremiah Buys A Field During The Siege [OR] Jeremiah, Imprisoned By Zedekiah For His Prophecy Jer 31:38

4. Jeremiah Buys a Field Jer 32:1-44

A.) The Sign Of The Field Of Hanameel: Jeremiah's Second Persecution Jer 32:1

1.) Buys Hanameel's Field Jer 32:6

2.) Baruch Must Preserve The Deeds, As Tokens Of The People's Return Jer 32:13

B.) A Prayer Of Jeremiah [OR] Jeremiah Prays For Understanding [OR] Jeremiah Prays And God Explains [OR] Jeremiah In His Prayer Complains To God [OR] God's Assurance Of The People's Return [OR] God Warns Of The Captivity For Their Sins Jer 32:16

C.) The Answer Of Jehovah Jer 32:26

1.) But Promises Restoration Jer 32:36

5. The LORD Will Restore and Heal Judah Jer 33:1-26

A.) The Great Prophecy Concerning The Davidic Kingdom [OR] Excellence Of The Restored Nation [OR] Promise Of Restoration [OR] Restoration Promised [OR] Healing After Punishment [OR] God Promises To End The Captivity Jer 33:1

1.) With A Joyful State Jer 33:9

2.) A Settled Government Jer 33:12

3.) The Davidic Kingdom [OR] The Righteous Branch And The Covenant With David Jer 33:14

4.) Christ, The Branch Of Righteousness Jer 33:15

5.) A Continuance Of The Kingdom And Priesthood Jer 33:17

6.) The Permanence Of God's Covenant [OR] And The Stability Of A Blessed Seed Jer 33:19

I. Captivity Anticipated Jer 34-39

1. King Zedekiah and the People Break Their Promise Jer 34:1-22

A.) The Message To Zedekiah Concerning His Coming Captivity [OR] Zedekiah Warned By God [OR] Warning To Zedekiah [OR] A Prophecy Against Zedekiah [OR] Death In Captivity Predicted For Zedekiah [OR] Jeremiah Prophesies The Captivity Of Zedekiah, And The City Jer 34:1

B.) Zedekiah's Ineffectual Decree [OR] Treacherous Treatment Of Slaves [OR] Freedom For Slaves [OR] The Princes And The People Free Their Bondservants, But Violate God's Covenant By Enslaving Them Again Jer 34:8

1.) For Their Disobedience, They Are Given To Their Enemies Jer 34:12

2. The Obedient Example of the Family of Rechab Jer 35:1-19

A.) The Obedience Of The Rechabites In The Reign Of Jehoiakim [OR] The Obedient Rechabites [OR] The Recabites [OR] The Rechabites' Obedience [OR] The Rechabites Commended [OR] By The Obedience Of The Rechabites Jer 35:1

1.) Judah Rebuked [OR] Jeremiah Condemns The Disobedience Of The Jews Jer 35:12

2.) And Praises The Rechabites Jer 35:16

3.) God Blesses The Rechabites For Their Obedience Jer 35:18

3. Jeremiah's Prophecies Are Written, Read, and Burned Jer 36:1-32

A.) Jeremiah's Writing In The Days Of Jehoiakim [OR] The Scroll Read In The Temple [OR] Jehoiakim Burns Jeremiah's Scroll [OR] Jeremiah's Scroll Read In The Temple [OR] Jeremiah Causes Baruch To Write His Prophecy Jer 36:1

1.) And To Read It Publicly [OR] The Scroll Read In The Palace [OR] The Princes Are Told About It By Michaiah, And Send Jehudi To Bring The Roll And Read It Jer 36:5

2.) The King Destroys Jeremiah's Scroll [OR] The Scroll Is Burned [OR] Jehoiakim Burns The Scroll [OR] King Jehoiakim Is Told About The Roll, Hears Part Of It, And Burns It Jer 36:20

B.) The Destroyed Roll Rewritten [OR] Jeremiah Rewrites The Scroll [OR] The Scroll Is Replaced [OR] Jeremiah Dictates Another [OR] Jeremiah Pronounces His Judgment Jer 36:27

1.) Baruch Writes A New Copy Jer 36:32

4. Jeremiah Advises Zedekiah Jer 37:1-21

I.) From the accession to the captivity of Zedekiah Jer 37:1

A.) Jeremiah's Imprisonment In The Days Of Zedekiah [OR] Zedekiah's Vain Hope [OR] Jeremiah In Prison [OR] Jeremiah Warns Against Trust In Pharaoh [OR] The Egyptians Raise The Siege Of The Chaldeans And Zedekiah Asks Jeremiah To Pray For The People Jer 37:1

1.) Jeremiah Prophesies The Chaldeans' Certain Return And Victory [OR] Jeremiah Imprisoned [OR] Jeremiah Is Imprisoned [OR] He Is Taken For A Traitor, Beaten, And Put In Prison Jer 37:6

2.) He Assures Zedekiah Of The Captivity Jer 37:16

3.) Jeremiah Pleads For His Freedom Jer 37:18

5. Jeremiah Is Thrown Into a Muddy Cistern Jer 38:1-23

1.) Jeremiah In The Dungeon [OR] Jeremiah Thrown Into A Cistern [OR] Jeremiah Thrown Into The Cistern [OR] Jeremiah In The Cistern [OR] He Is Put In The Dungeon Of Malchiah Jer 38:1

2.) Jeremiah Is Rescued By Ebed-Melech [OR] Ebed-Melech Appeals To The King And Gets Him Some Freedom Jer 38:7

3.) Zedekiah's Fears And Jeremiah's Advice [OR] Zedekiah Questions Jeremiah Again [OR] Zedekiah Consults Jeremiah Again [OR] In Secret Conference, He Counsels The King To Save His Life By Surrender Jer 38:14

4.) Interview With Zedekiah Jer 38:17

6. Jeremiah and Zedekiah Make an Agreement Jer 38:24-28

1.) By The King's Instructions, He Conceals The Conference From The Princes [OR] The Fall Of Jerusalem [OR] Jerusalem Captured [OR] Jerusalem Is Taken Jer 38:24

7. Jerusalem Is Captured Jer 39:1-18

A.) The Final Captivity Of Judah Jer 39:1

1.) Zedekiah Is Made Blind, And Sent To Babylon Jer 39:4

2.) The City Is Ruined Jer 39:8

3.) And The People Made Captive Jer 39:9

4.) Jeremiah Goes Free [OR] Jeremiah Spared [OR] Jeremiah, Set Free, Remembers Ebed-Melech [OR] Nebuchadrezzar (Nebuchadnezzar) Commands Good Treatment For Jeremiah Jer 39:11

5.) God's Promise To Ebed-Melech Jer 39:15

J. Prophecies After the Fall of Jerusalem Jer 40-45

1. Gedaliah as Governor Jer 40-41

        a) Jeremiah Is Freed Jer 40:1-16

I.) Jeremiah's prophecies amongst the remnant in the land, after the captivity of Zedekiah [OR] Jeremiah with Gedaliah the Governor [OR] Jeremiah Freed [OR] Jeremiah Remains in Judah [OR] Jeremiah with Gedaliah the Governor [OR] Jeremiah, freed by Nebuzar-adan, goes to Gedaliah Jer 40:1

A.) Gedaliah Assassinated [OR] The Dispersed Jews Rally Around Gedaliah Jer 40:7

B.) Johanan Reveals Ishmael's Conspiracy, But Is Not Believed Jer 40:13

2. Johanan's Rebellion Jer 41-43

        a) Gedaliah Is Assassinated by Ishmael Jer 41:1-18

A.) Insurrection Against Gedaliah [OR] Gedaliah Is Murdered [OR] Insurrection Against Gedaliah [OR] Ishamel Slays Gedaliah And Others, Then Plans To Flee With Those Remaining To The Ammonites Jer 41:1

B.) Johanan Rescues The People [OR] Johanan Recovers The Captives, And Plans To Flee Into Egypt Jer 41:11

C.) Flight To Egypt Jer 41:16

3. Jeremiah Warns the People of Judah Not to Go to Egypt Jer 42:1-22

A.) The Flight To Egypt Frobidden [OR] Warning Against Going To Egypt [OR] Jeremiah Advises Survivors Not To Migrate [OR] Johanan Asks Jeremiah To Inquire Of God, And Promises Obedience To His Will Jer 42:1

B.) Jeremiah Assures Him Of Safety In Judea, And Destruction In Egypt Jer 42:7

C.) He Reproves Their Hypocrisy In Inquiring Of The Lord, Without Intending To Obey Jer 42:19

K. Jeremiah's Prophesies in Egypt Jer 43-44

1. Jeremiah Is Forced to Go to Egypt Jer 43:1-7

I.) Jeremiah's ministry in Egypt Jer 43:1

A.) Jeremiah Carried To Tahpanhes In Egypt [OR] Jeremiah Taken To Egypt [OR] In Egypt Jeremiah Warns Of Judgment [OR] Taken To Egypt, Jeremiah Warns Of Judgment [OR] Johanan, Discrediting Jeremiah's Prophecy, Carries Jeremiah And Others Into Egypt Jer 43:1

2. Jeremiah Prophesies That Egypt Will Be Invaded by Nebuchadnezzar Jer 43:8-13

A.) The Sign Of The Hidden Stones [OR] Jeremiah Prophesies The Conquest Of Egypt By Babylon Jer 43:8

3. The Jews in Egypt Will Be Punished for Their Idolatry Jer 44:1-30

A.) The Message To The Jews In Egypt [OR] Israelites Will Be Punished In Egypt [OR] Disaster Because Of Idolatry [OR] Conquest Of Egypt Predicted [OR] Denunciation Of Persistent Idolatry [OR] Jeremiah Recalls The Desolation Of Judah Jer 44:1

1.) He Prophesies The Destruction Of Those Who Commit Idolatry In Egypt Jer 44:11

2.) The Obstinacy Of The Jews Jer 44:15

3.) Calamity For The Jews [OR] Jeremiah Threatens Them For It Jer 44:20

4.) He Prophesies The Destruction Of Egypt Jer 44:29

L. Jeremiah's Prophesy for Baruch Jer 45

1. The LORD'S Promise to the Scribe Baruch Jer 45:1-5

I.) Miscellaneous prophecies Jer 45:1

A.) A Message To Baruch In The Days Of Jehoiakim [OR] Assurance To Baruch [OR] A Message To Baruch [OR] Message To Baruch [OR] A Word Of Comfort To Baruch [OR] Baruch Is Dismayed Jer 45:1

1.) So Jeremiah Instructs And Comforts Him Jer 45:4

2. A Prophecy Against Egypt Jer 46:1-28

A.) Prophecies Against Gentile Powers [OR] Judgment On Egypt [OR] A Message About Egypt [OR] Defeat Of Pharaoh Foretold [OR] Jeremiah Prophesies The Overthrow Of Pharaoh's Army At Euphrates [OR] Babylonia Will Strike Egypt Jer 46:1

1.) Against Egypt Jer 46:2

(I.) God Will Preserve Israel [OR] God Will Save Israel [OR] He Comforts The Jews In Their Chastisement Jer 46:27

M. Prophesies Concerning Foreign Nations Jer 46-51

1. A Prophecy Against Philistia Jer 47:1-7

1.) Against Philistia, Tyre, Etc. [OR] Judgment On Philistia [OR] A Message About The Philistines [OR] Prophecy Against Philistia [OR] Judgment On The Philistines [OR] The Destruction Of The Philistines [OR] Judgment On Moab [OR] A Message About Moab [OR] Prophecy Against Moab [OR] The Judgment Of Moab Jer 47:1

2. A Prophecy Against Moab Jer 48:1-47

1.) Against Moab Jer 48:1

(I.) For Their Pride Jer 48:7

(II.) For Their Vanity Jer 48:11

(III.) For Their Boasting Jer 48:14

(IV.) And For Their Contempt Of God And His People Jer 48:26

(V.) The Restoration Of Moab Jer 48:47

3. A Prophecy Against Ammon Jer 49:1-6

1.) Against The Ammonites And Their Cities [OR] Judgment On Ammon [OR] A Message About Ammon [OR] Prophecy Against Ammon [OR] Judgment On The Ammonites [OR] The Judgment Of The Ammonites Jer 49:1

(I.) Their Restoration Jer 49:6

4. A Prophecy Against Edom Jer 49:7-22

1.) Against Edom [OR] Judgment On Edom [OR] A Message About Edom [OR] Prophecy Against Edom [OR] The Judgment Of Edom Jer 49:7

5. A Prophecy Against Damascus Jer 49:23-27

1.) Against Damascus [OR] Judgment On Damascus [OR] A Message About Damascus [OR] Prophecy Against Damascus [OR] Of Damascus Jer 49:23

6. A Prophecy Against Kedar and Hazor Jer 49:28-33

1.) Against Kedar And The Kingdoms Of Hazor [OR] Judgment On Kedar And Hazor [OR] A Message About Kedar And Hazor [OR] Prophecy Against Kedar And Hazor [OR] Of Kedar Jer 49:28

(I.) Of Hazor Jer 49:30

7. A Prophecy Against Elam Jer 49:34-39

1.) Against Elam [OR] Judgment On Elam [OR] A Message About Elam [OR] Prophecy Against Elam [OR] And Of Elam Jer 49:34

(I.) The Restoration Of Elam Jer 49:39

8. A Prophecy Against Babylon Jer 50:1-51:64

1.) Against Babylon And Chaldea [OR] Judgment On Babylon And Babylonia [OR] A Message About Babylon [OR] Prophecy Against Babylon [OR] Judgment On Babylon [OR] The Judgment Of Babylon And The Redemption Of Israel [OR] The Utter Destruction Of Babylon [OR] Babylon Judged For Sins Against Israel [OR] The Severe Judgment Of God On Babylon Jer 50:1

(I.) To Avenge Israel Jer 51:14

(II.) Israel The Creator's Instrument Jer 51:20

(III.) The Doom Of Babylon [OR] Jeremiah's Command To Seraiah [OR] The Book Of This Prophecy Cast Into Euphrates Is A Token Of The Perpetual Sinking Of Babylon Jer 51:24

N. The Fall of Jerusalem Jer 52

1. The Fall of Jerusalem Jer 52:1-30

A.) A Retrospect: The Overthrow And Captivity Of Judah [OR] The Fall Of Jerusalem Reviewed [OR] The Fall Of Jerusalem [OR] Recount The Fall Of Jerusalem [OR] The Destruction Of Jerusalem Reviewed [OR] Zedekiah Rebels Jer 52:1

1.) Jerusalem Is Besieged And Taken Jer 52:4

2.) Zedekiah's Sons Killed, And His Own Eyes Put Out Jer 52:8

3.) The Temple And City Plundered And Burned [OR] Nebuzar-Adan Burns And Spoils The City Jer 52:12

4.) The People Taken Captive To Babylonia [OR] He Carries Away The Captives Jer 52:24

2. King Jehoiakin Released From Prison Jer 52:31-34

A.) The Latter Days Of Jehoiachin [OR] Jehoiachin Released From Prison [OR] Jehoiachin Released [OR] Jehoiachin Favored In Captivity [OR] Evil-Merodach Advances Jehoiachin Jer 52:31