A. Introduction [OR] Greeting Jas 1:1-27

I.) The Testings of faith Jas 1:1

A.) The Purpose Of Testings [OR] Greeting To The Twelve Tribes [OR] Testing Your Faith [OR] Salutation [OR] We Are To Rejoice Under Trials Jas 1:1

1. When You Are Tested, Turn to God Jas 1:2-27

1.) Profiting From Trials [OR] Trials And Temptations [OR] Faith And Wisdom Jas 1:2

2.) To Ask Wisdom Of God Jas 1:5

3.) The Perspective Of Rich And Poor [OR] Poverty And Riches Jas 1:9

4.) Loving God Under Trials [OR] Trial And Temptation [OR] And In Time Of Trial Not To Blame Him For Our Weakness Or Our Sins Jas 1:12

A.) Solicitation To Do Evil Is Not Of God Jas 1:13

1.) We Must Hear The Saving Message Jas 1:18

2.) Qualities Needed In Trials [OR] Listening And Doing [OR] Hearing And Doing The Word Jas 1:19

3.) Doers - Not Hearers Only Jas 1:21

B.) The Test Of Obedience [OR] And Act Accordingly Jas 1:22

C.) The Test Of True Religion [OR] The Mark Of A Truly Religious Man Jas 1:26

B. Piety and Poverty Jas 2:1-26

1. Don't Favor Rich People Over Poor People Jas 2:1-13

A.) The Test Of Brotherly Love [OR] Beware Of Personal Favoritism [OR] Favoritism Forbidden [OR] The Sin Of Partiality [OR] Warning Against Partiality [OR] The True Christian Does Not Show Partiality To The Rich Jas 2:1

1.) And Dishonor To The Poor Jas 2:6

2. We Show Our Faith by What We Do Jas 2:14-26

A.) The Test Of Good Works [OR] Faith Without Works Is Dead [OR] Faith And Deeds [OR] Faith And Works [OR] Faith Without Good Deeds Jas 2:14

1.) Is But A Dead Faith Jas 2:17

2.) And The Faith Of Demons Jas 2:19

B.) The Illustration Of Abraham [OR] The Faith And Works Of Abraham Jas 2:21

1.) And Of Rahab Jas 2:25

C. Speech and Spirit Jas 3:1-4:12

1. Speak Wisely Jas 3:1-12

I.) A true faith will control the tongue [OR] The Untamable Tongue [OR] Taming the Tongue [OR] The Tongue Is a Fire [OR] Taming the Tongue [OR] We govern our bodies, as the bit controls a horse Jas 3:1

A.) The Power And Danger Of The Tongue Jas 3:5

B.) It Is An Instrument For Blessing Or Cursing Jas 3:9

2. Live Wisely Jas 3:13-18

A.) Heavenly Versus Demonic Wisdom [OR] Two Kinds Of Wisdom [OR] Wisdom From Above [OR] The Truly Wise Are Pure And Peaceable, Without Jealousy Or Selfish Ambition Jas 3:13

3. Stop Fighting With Each Other Jas 4:1-10

I.) The rebuke of worldliness [OR] Pride Promotes Strife [OR] Submit Yourselves to God [OR] Things to Avoid [OR] Friendship with the World [OR] We are to struggle against covetousness Jas 4:1

A.) Against Intemperance Jas 4:4

B.) And Pride Jas 4:5

C.) Humility Cures Worlss Jas 4:7

4. Stop Slandering Each Other Jas 4:11-12

A.) Do Not Judge A Brother [OR] Warning Against Judging Another [OR] Against Belittling Others And Passing Rash Judgments On Our Neighbors Jas 4:11

D. Test and Result Jas 4:13-5:6

1. Don't Brag About Your Plans for the Future Jas 4:13-17

A.) Do Not Boast About Tomorrow [OR] Boasting About Tomorrow [OR] And, Mindful Of The Uncertainty Of Life, To Commit Ourselves And Our Affairs To God's Providence Jas 4:13

2. Advice to Rich People Jas 5:1-6

I.) The rich warned [OR] Rich Oppressors Will Be Judged [OR] Warning to Rich Oppressors [OR] Misuse of Riches [OR] Warning to Rich Oppressors [OR] Wicked rich men are to fear God's punishment Jas 5:1

3. Be Patient Jas 5:7-11

E. Conclusion Jas 5:7-20

I.) Exhortations in view of the coming of the Lord [OR] Be Patient and Persevering [OR] Patience in Suffering [OR] Exhortation [OR] Patience in Suffering [OR] We ought to be patient in afflictions, after the example of the prophets and Job Jas 5:7

1. Don't Take Oaths Jas 5:12-

A.) To Give Up Swearing Jas 5:12

2. Prayer Is Powerful Jas 5:13-18

A.) Meeting Specific Needs [OR] The Prayer Of Faith [OR] To Pray In Adversity, To Sing In Prosperity Jas 5:13

B.) To Acknowledge Mutually Our Various Faults, To Pray One For Another Jas 5:16

3. Help Those Who Have Wandered Away From the Truth Jas 5:19-20

A.) Bring Back The Erring One [OR] And To Convert Any Straying Brother Jas 5:19