A. The Prologue -- Hosea and the Prostitute Ho 1-3

1. The Prophet Hosea Ho 1:1

I.) Israel: Jehovah's dishonored wife, repudiated but to be restored [OR] Hosea's Wife and Children [OR] Hosea, to show God's judgment for spiritual adultery, takes Gomer as his wife Ho 1:1

2. Hosea Marries a Prostitute Ho 1:2-11

A.) The Symbolic Marriage: The Birth Of Jezreel [OR] The Family Of Hosea [OR] Hosea's Wife And Children Ho 1:2

1.) And Has By Her Jezreel Ho 1:4

B.) The Birth Of Lo-Ruhamah [OR] Lo-Ruhmah Ho 1:6

C.) The Birth Of Lo-Ammi [OR] And Lo-Ammi [OR] The Restoration Of Israel [OR] The Restoration Of Judah And Israel Ho 1:8

D.) The Future Blessing And Restoration Of Israel Ho 1:10

3. Israel Is the LORD'S Unfaithful Wife Ho 2:1-13

A.) The Chastisement Of Adulterous Israel [OR] Israel's Unfaithfulness Condemned [OR] The Idolatry Of The People Ho 2:1

1.) God's Unfaithful People [OR] Israel Punished And Restored [OR] Israel's Infidelity, Punishment, And Redemption Ho 2:2

2.) God's Judgments Against Them Ho 2:6

4. The LORD Continues to Love Israel Ho 2:14-23

A.) Israel, The Adulterous Wife, To Be Restored [OR] God's Mercy On His People [OR] Restoration Of Israel [OR] His Promises Of Reconciliation With Them Ho 2:14

5. Hosea's Adulterous Wife Ho 3:1-5

A.) The Undying Love Of Jehovah: The Future Davidic Kingdom [OR] Israel Will Return To God [OR] Hosea's Reconciliation With His Wife [OR] Hosea's Second Symbolic Marriage [OR] Further Assurances Of God's Redeeming Love [OR] By The Type Of An Adulteress Before Redemption Ho 3:1

1.) Is Shown The Desolation Of Israel Before Restoration Ho 3:4

6. The LORD'S Legal Case Against Israel Ho 4:1-19

I.) The sinful people Ho 4:1

A.) The General Charge [OR] God's Charge Against Israel [OR] The Charge Against Israel [OR] God's Controversy With Israel [OR] God Accuses Israel [OR] God's Judgments On The Sins Of The People Ho 4:1

B.) The Willful Ignorance Of Israel [OR] And Of The Priests [OR] The Idolatry Of Israel Ho 4:6

B. Israel's Sin Described Ho 4-7

A.) The Idolatry Of Israel [OR] And On Their Idolatry Ho 4:12

1.) Judah Is Exhorted To Take Warning By Israel's Calamity Ho 4:15

1. The LORD Announces the Verdict Against Israel Ho 5:1-15

A.) The Withdrawn Face Of Jehovah [OR] Impending Judgment On Israel And Judah [OR] Judgment Against Israel [OR] The People's Apostasy Rebuked [OR] God's Judgments On The Priests, The People, And The Princes Of Israel For Their Manifold Sins Ho 5:1

1.) Until They Repent And Seek Him Ho 5:15

2. Israel Rejected the LORD'S Promise Ho 6:1-7:7

A.) The Voice Of The Remnant In The Last Days [OR] A Call To Repentance [OR] Israel Unrepentant [OR] The Response To God's Rebuke [OR] An Exhortation To Repentance [OR] Impenitence Of Israel And Judah [OR] God Complains Of Their Perversity And Iniquity Ho 6:1

B.) The Response Of Jehovah Ho 6:4

1.) Ephraim's Iniquity [OR] God Reproves Israel For Manifold Sins [OR] Futile Reliance On The Nations [OR] God's Wrath Against Them For Their Hypocrisy [OR] The Apostasy Of Israel [OR] Israel To Reap The Whirlwind [OR] Israel Reaps The Whirlwind [OR] Israel's Apostasy [OR] Destruction Is Threatened For Their Impiety Ho 7:1

3. Israel Turns to Other Nations for Help Ho 7:8-16

C. Israel's Sin Punished Ho 8-10

1. The LORD Will Punish Israel for Its Rebellion Ho 8:1-9:9

1.) And Idolatry Ho 8:5

2.) Judgment Of Israel's Sin [OR] Punishment For Israel [OR] Ephraim Punished [OR] Punishment For Israel's Sin [OR] The Distress And Captivity Of Israel For Sins And Idolatry [OR] Israel's Sin And Captivity [OR] Retribution For Israel's Sin [OR] Israel Is Reproved And Threatened For Impiety And Idolatry [OR] God's Continuing Love For Israel [OR] God's Love For Israel [OR] God Yearns Over His People [OR] God's Compassion Despite Israel's Ingratitude [OR] Israel's Ingratitude To God For His Benefits Ho 9:1

2. Israel Is Like Rotten Grapes or Rotten Figs Ho 9:10-17

3. Israel Is Like a Rotten Vine Ho 10:1-10

4. Israel Is Like a Cow That Threshed Grain Ho 10:11-15

5. Israel Is Like a Bad Son Ho 11:1-12

1.) His Judgment Ho 11:5

2.) God's Mercy Toward Them Ho 11:8

3.) Judah Is Faithful Ho 11:10

4.) God's Charge Against Ephraim [OR] Israel's Sin Ho 11:12

D. Israel Restored Ho 11-14

1. The People of Israel Ignored What the LORD Had Done for Them Ho 12:1-14

1.) Ephraim Reminded [OR] He Reproves Ephraim And Judah For Their Sins Ho 12:1

2.) The Long History Of Rebellion Ho 12:2

3.) They Are Exhorted To Repentance Ho 12:3

4.) Ephraim's Sins Provoke God Ho 12:7

2. The People of Israel Will Be Punished for Their Idolatry Ho 13:1-16

1.) Relentless Judgment On Israel [OR] The Lord's Anger Against Israel [OR] Ephraim's Idolatry [OR] Relentless Judgment On Israel [OR] Ephraim's Glory Vanishes Because Of Idolatry Ho 13:1

2.) God's Anger At Their Unkindness Ho 13:5

I.) The ultimate blessing of Israel in the kingdom [OR] A promise of God's mercy Ho 13:9

A.) A Judgment For Rebellion Ho 13:15

3. The LORD Offers to Forgive Israel Ho 14:1-9

A.) Israel Restored At Last [OR] Repentance To Bring Blessing [OR] Israel's Future Blessing [OR] A Plea For Repentance [OR] Israel Is Exhorted To Repent Ho 14:1

B.) Assurance Of Forgiveness [OR] A Promise Of God's Blessing To Israel Ho 14:4