A. The Superiority of Christ Heb 1:1-10:18

1. God Has Spoken to Us Through His Son Heb 1:1-3

I.) The great salvation Heb 1:1

A.) The Son Better Than The Prophets [OR] God's Supreme Revelation [OR] The Son Superior To Angels [OR] God's Final Word In His Son [OR] God Has Spoken By His Son [OR] God Has Spoken To Us Through Christ, His Son Heb 1:1

2. God's Son Is Superior to the Angels Heb 1:4-14

A.) The Son Better Than The Angels [OR] Who Is Superior To The Angels, As Shown By Seven Passages Of Scripture Heb 1:4

1.) The Son Exalted Above Angels [OR] The Son Is Superior To Angels Heb 1:5

3. Everything Is Under Christ' Control Heb 2:1-10

A.) Parenthesis: Hearers Warned [OR] Do Not Neglect Salvation [OR] Warning To Pay Attention [OR] Give Heed [OR] We Must Guard Against Inattention And Neglect Of God's Message Through His Son Heb 2:1

B.) The Earth To Be Put Under The Man Christ Jesus [OR] The Son Made Lower Than Angels [OR] Jesus Made Like His Brothers [OR] Earth Subject To Man [OR] Exaltation Through Abasement [OR] God's New Order And His Gifts To Man Heb 2:5

C.) Jesus, Made For A Little Time Lower Than The Angels, Dies For Man That He May Lift Men Above Angels Into The Family Of God [OR] Jesus Briefly Humbled Heb 2:9

1.) Bringing Many Sons To Glory Heb 2:10

4. Christ Became One of Us to Help Us Heb 2:11-18

1.) Christ Shared Man's Mortal Nature, That By His Dying Men Might Be Freed From Death Heb 2:14

5. Christ Is Superior to Moses Heb 3:1-19

I.) Parenthetic: The rest of God Heb 3:1

A.) Christ The Son Better Than Moses The Servant [OR] The Son Was Faithful [OR] Jesus Greater Than Moses [OR] Jesus Our High Priest [OR] Moses A Servant, Christ A Son [OR] The Church Is Shown How Christ Is Above Moses Heb 3:1

B.) Exhortation: The Generation That Came Out Of Egypt Did Not Enter The Canaan-Rest Because Of Unbelief [OR] Be Faithful [OR] Warning Against Unbelief [OR] And Warned Against Unbelief Heb 3:7

1.) The Peril Of Unbelief [OR] By The Example Of Those Who Fell In The Wilderness Heb 3:12

2.) Failure Of The Wilderness Wanderers Heb 3:16

6. We Will Enter God's Place of Rest Heb 4:1-13

A.) But There Is A Better Rest For The Believer, Of Which God's Creation-Rest Is The Type [OR] The Promise Of Rest [OR] A Sabbath-Rest For The People Of God [OR] The Believer's Rest [OR] The Rest That God Promised [OR] God's Promise Of A Sabbath Rest Remains Today Heb 4:1

B.) The Believer Rests In A Perfect Work Of Redemption, As God Rested From A Perfect Work Of Creation Heb 4:9

1.) The Word Discovers Our Condition Heb 4:11

2.) The Power Of God's Word Heb 4:12

7. Christ Is Superior to Other Chief Priests Heb 4:14-5:10

A.) The Believer Is Kept In Perfect Rest By Mercy And Grace, Through The Son Of God [OR] Our Compassionate High Priest [OR] Jesus The Great High Priest [OR] Jesus, Our High Priest Heb 4:14

1.) Understands And Sympathizes With Our Weaknesses, For He Has Been Tempted As We Have Heb 4:15

I.) Our great High Priest Heb 5:1

A.) The Office Of High Priest [OR] Qualifications For High Priesthood [OR] The Perfect High Priest [OR] God Appointed His Son To Be High Priest And Saviour, As Shown In The Scriptures Heb 5:1

B.) Christ A High Priest After The Order Of Melchisedec [OR] A Priest Forever [OR] Warning Against Falling Away [OR] The Truth Of This Should Be Understood By Mature Christians Heb 5:5

8. You Need Someone to Teach You Heb 5:11-6:8

A.) Parenthetic: Appeal And Warning Heb 5:11

1.) Spiritual Immaturity Heb 5:12

2.) The Peril Of Not Progressing [OR] The Peril Of Falling Away [OR] These Christians Are Warned Against Backsliding Heb 6:1

9. God Will Not Forget You Heb 6:9-20

1.) A Better Estimate [OR] Better Things For You [OR] We Are Encouraged To Imitate Those Who Have Inherited The Promises Of God Heb 6:9

A.) Our High Priest Within The Veil Assures Our Coming There Too [OR] God's Infallible Purpose In Christ [OR] The Certainty Of God's Promise [OR] And Assured That God Is Unchangeable In His Promise Heb 6:13

10. Christ Is Superior to Melchizedek Heb 7:1-28

A.) The Historic Melchisedec A Type Of Christ [OR] The King Of Righteousness [OR] Melchizedek The Priest [OR] Melchizedek's Priesthood Like Christ's [OR] The Priestly Order Of Melchizedek [OR] The Character Of Melchisedec Heb 7:1

B.) Melchisedec High Priesthood Greater Than The Aaronic Heb 7:4

1.) Because Aaron In Abraham Paid Melchisedec Tithes [OR] His Priesthood Compared With That Of Levi Heb 7:4

2.) Because The Aaronic Priesthood Made Nothing Perfect [OR] Need For A New Priesthood [OR] Jesus Like Melchizedek [OR] Another Priest, Like Melchizedek [OR] A New Law And A New Priesthood Heb 7:11

(I.) After The Order Of Melchisedec Heb 7:15

(II.) Greatness Of The New Priest Heb 7:20

3.) Because The Aaronic Priests Died: Christ Ever Liveth [OR] The Eternal Priesthood Of Christ Heb 7:23

11. Christ's Priestly Work Is Superior to Other Priests' Work Heb 8:1-13

1.) Because The Aaronic Priests Served The Shadows Of Which Christ Serves The Realities [OR] The New Priestly Service [OR] The High Priest Of A New Covenant [OR] A Better Ministry [OR] Mediator Of A Better Covenant [OR] Christ's Ministry From The Heavenly Tabernacle Heb 8:1

2.) Because Christ Mediates A Better Covenant [OR] The New Covenant Foretold By Jeremiah [OR] A New Covenant Heb 8:6

I.) The new covenant better than the old Heb 8:7

A.) Replaces The Old Heb 8:13

12. Christ Offered a Superior Sacrifice Heb 9:1-28

A.) The Ordinances And Sanctuary Of The Old Covenant Were Mere Types [OR] The Earthly Sanctuary [OR] Worship In The Earthly Tabernacle [OR] The Old And The New [OR] The Earthly And The Heavenly Sanctuaries [OR] The Earthly Priesthood Heb 9:1

1.) Limitations Of The Earthly Service Heb 9:6

B.) The Sanctuary, And Sacrifice Of The New Covenant Are Realities [OR] The Heavenly Sanctuary [OR] The Blood Of Christ [OR] Christ's Priesthood And Sacrifice Heb 9:11

1.) Fulfill The Promise Of The New Covenant Heb 9:15

C.) The New Covenant Is Also The Last Will And Testament Of Christ, Sealed By His Blood [OR] The Mediator's Death Necessary Heb 9:16

D.) The Heavenly Sanctuary Purged With A Better Sacrifice [OR] Greatness Of Christ's Sacrifice [OR] Christ's Sacrifice Takes Away Sin Heb 9:23

E.) The One Sacrifice Of The New Covenant Is Better Than The Many Sacrifices Of The Old Heb 9:25

13. We Can Enter the Most Holy Place Because of Christ's Superior Work Heb 10:1-23

1.) Animal Sacrifices Insufficient [OR] Christ's Sacrifice Once For All [OR] One Sacrifice Of Christ Is Sufficient [OR] The Weakness Of Sacrifices Under The Law Heb 10:1

2.) Christ's Death Fulfills God's Will Heb 10:5

3.) The Sacrifice Of Christ's Body, Offered Once, Was To Cleanse Us Of Our Sins Forever Heb 10:10

4.) Christ's Death Perfects The Sanctified Heb 10:11

B. Practical Applications Heb 10:19-13:25

A.) The Believer Worships In The Holiest [OR] Hold Fast Your Confession [OR] A Call To Persevere [OR] A New And Living Way [OR] We Must Hold Fast To Faith Heb 10:19

1. Encourage Each Other Heb 10:24-39

A.) Parenthetic: The Wavering Warned: The Jewish Sacrifices Had Lost Their Efficacy; It Is Christ Or Judgment [OR] The Just Live By Faith [OR] Christ Or Judgment [OR] And Not Reject Christ's Perfect Sacrifice Heb 10:26

2. Faith Directed People's Lives Heb 11:1-40

I.) The superiority of the faith way Heb 11:1

A.) The Sphere Of Faith [OR] By Faith We Understand [OR] By Faith [OR] The Triumphs Of Faith [OR] The Meaning Of Faith [OR] What Faith Is Heb 11:1

B.) Instances Of Faith Heb 11:4

1.) Abel [OR] Faith At The Dawn Of History [OR] The Examples Of Abel, Enoch, And Noah Heb 11:4

2.) Enoch Heb 11:5

(I.) Without Faith We Cannot Please God Heb 11:6

3.) Noah [OR] The Worthy Fruits Of Faith Are Seen In Works Of The Early Fathers Heb 11:7

4.) Abraham And Sara [OR] Faithful Abraham [OR] The Faith Of Abraham Heb 11:8

(I.) The Heavenly Hope Heb 11:13

(II.) The Faith Of The Patriarchs [OR] The Faith Of Moses Heb 11:17

5.) Isaac And Jacob Heb 11:20

6.) Joseph Heb 11:22

7.) Moses And His Parents Heb 11:23

(I.) The Faith Of Other Israelite Heroes Heb 11:29

8.) Joshua And Israel [OR] By Faith They Overcame Heb 11:30

9.) Rehab Heb 11:31

10.) The Many Heroes Of Faith Heb 11:32

3. Faith Directs Our Lives Heb 12:1-13:21

I.) The walk and worship of the believer-priest Heb 12:1

A.) Jesus The Example [OR] The Race Of Faith [OR] God Discis His Sons [OR] Jesus, The Example [OR] The Example Of Jesus [OR] We Must Persevere In Our Purpose Heb 12:1

B.) Parenthetic Heb 12:3

1.) The Father's Chastening [OR] The Disci Of God [OR] Submitting To Parental Disci Heb 12:3

(I.) A Father's Disci Heb 12:4

(II.) Renew Your Spiritual Vitality [OR] The Penalty Of Disobedience Heb 12:12

(III.) Warning Against Refusing God [OR] Warnings Against Rejecting God's Grace Heb 12:14

2.) Esau A Warning To Professors Lest They Miss The Priesthood Heb 12:16

C.) The Believer-Priest Does Not Come To Mount Sinai [OR] The Glorious Company [OR] Contrast Of Sinai And Zion Heb 12:18

D.) Warnings And Instructions [OR] Hear The Heavenly Voice [OR] The Unshaken Kingdom [OR] A Warning Not To Reject God's Word Heb 12:25

1.) Assurance That We Cannot Be Shaken Heb 12:28

2.) Concluding Moral Directions [OR] Concluding Exhortations [OR] The Changeless Christ [OR] Service Well-Pleasing To God [OR] The Spirit Of Christian Love Heb 13:1

3.) The Sanctity Of Marriage Heb 13:4

4.) Concerning Love Of Money Heb 13:5

5.) Concluding Religious Directions [OR] Imitate Your Teachers Heb 13:7

6.) False Doctrines Heb 13:9

E.) Christian Separation And Worship Heb 13:10

1.) Confess Christ Heb 13:12

F.) The Believer-Priest's Sacrifice [OR] God-Pleasing Sacrifices [OR] Thanksgiving And Sharing Heb 13:15

G.) The Believer-Priest's Obedience [OR] Christian Leadership Heb 13:17

H.) Conclusion: The Apostolic Benediction [OR] Prayer Requested Heb 13:18

1.) Benediction, Final Exhortation, Farewell [OR] Benediction [OR] A Pastoral Prayer And Personal Greetings Heb 13:20

4. Farewell Heb 13:22-25

1.) Final Exhortation And Greetings Heb 13:22