A. Yahweh's Call to Rebuild the Temple Hag 1:1-15

1. A Call to Rebuild the LORD'S House Hag 1:1-11

I.) The occasion and theme of the prophecy [OR] The Command to Build God's House [OR] A Call to Build the House of the Lord [OR] Haggai Begins Temple Building [OR] The Command to Rebuild the Temple [OR] Haggai reproves the people for neglecting to build the Lord's house Hag 1:1

II.) The divine displeasure because of the interrupted work Hag 1:3

A.) Jehovah's Chastening Because Of The Interrupted Work Hag 1:3

1.) He Urges Them To The Task Hag 1:7

2. The Work on the House Resumes Hag 1:12-15

A.) The Work Recommenced [OR] The People's Obedience [OR] He Promises God's Assistance Hag 1:12

3. The New House Will Be Greater Than the Old One Hag 2:1-9

B. Yahweh's Promise to Restore the Glory Hag 2:1-9

I.) The temples: Solomon's, the restoration temple, and the kingdom-age temple [OR] The Coming Glory of God's House [OR] The Promised Glory of the New House [OR] The Builders Encouraged [OR] The Future Glory of the Temple [OR] He encourages the people to work, by a promise of greater glory to the second temple Hag 2:1

C. Yahweh's Blessings on a Defiled People Hag 2:10-19

1. Though the People Are Sinful, the LORD Will Bless Them Hag 2:10-19

I.) The chastening of the Lord for the impurity of the priests, and delay of the people [OR] The People Are Defiled [OR] Blessings for a Defiled People [OR] A Rebuke and a Promise [OR] In the figure of holy things and unclean, he shows that their sins hindered the work Hag 2:10

A.) Promised Blessing Hag 2:15

D. Yahweh Makes Zerubbabel His Signet Ring Hag 2:20-23

1. A Promise to Zerubbabel Hag 2:20-23

I.) The future destruction of Gentile power [OR] Zerubbabel Chosen as a Signet [OR] Zerubbabel the Lord's Signet Ring [OR] God's promise to Zerubbabel Hag 2:20