A. Habakkuk's First Complaint Hab 1:1-4

I.) Prayer of Habakkuk: evil in dispersed Israel [OR] Habakkuk's Vision Hab 1:1

1. Habakkuk's Question Hab 1:2-4

A.) The Prophet's Question [OR] Habakkuk's Complaint [OR] The Prophet's Complaint Hab 1:2

2. The LORD'S Answer Hab 1:5-11

B. Yahweh's Response Hab 1:5-11

I.) Voice of Jehovah to Israel "among the nations" [OR] The Lord's Reply [OR] The Lord's Answer [OR] is shown that God's vengeance will come through the Chaldeans Hab 1:5

C. Habakkuk's Second Complaint [OR] Habakkuk's Question Hab 1:12-17

I.) Habakkuk's testimony to Jehovah [OR] The Prophet's Second Question [OR] Habakkuk's Second Complaint [OR] He complains that the Chaldeans are worse than those they punish Hab 1:12

D. Yahweh's Response Hab 2:1-5

1. Habakkuk Waits for the LORD'S Answer Hab 2:1

A.) God Answers The Prophet [OR] God's Reply To The Prophet's Complaint [OR] Habakkuk, Waiting For An Answer, Is Shown That He Must Wait By Faith Hab 2:1

2. The LORD'S Answer Hab 2:2-20

I.) Jehovah's response to Habakkuk's testimony: the "vision" [OR] The Just Live by Faith [OR] The Lord's Answer Hab 2:2

A.) Woe To The Wicked [OR] The Judgment Upon The Chaldean For Greed Hab 2:5

E. Five Woes Hab 2:6-20

A.) The Woes Of The Wicked Hab 2:6

B.) For Covetousness Hab 2:9

C.) For Cruelty Hab 2:12

D.) For Drunkenness Hab 2:15

E.) For Idolatry Hab 2:18

1. A Psalm [OR] A Prayer Hab 3:1-19

I.) Habakkuk's answer of faith [OR] The Prophet's Prayer [OR] Habakkuk's Prayer [OR] God's Deliverance of His People [OR] Habakkuk, in his prayer, trembles at God's majesty Hab 3:1

A.) The Prophet's Prayer Hab 3:2

B.) A Hymn Of Faith [OR] Trust And Joy In The Midst Of Trouble [OR] The Confidence Of His Faith Hab 3:17