Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2



A. The Primeval History Ge 1:1-11:26

1. The Creation Ge 1:1-2:3

I.) Creation Ge 1:1

A.) The Original Creation [OR] The History Of Creation [OR] The Beginning [OR] The Creation [OR] Six Days Of Creation And The Sabbath [OR] Creation Of Heaven And Earth Ge 1:1

B.) Earth Made Waste And Empty By Judgment Ge 1:2

C.) The New Beginning Ge 1:3

1.) The First Day: Light Diffused [OR] Creation Of The Light Ge 1:3

2.) The Second Day: Vapor Above, Water Below [OR] Creation Of The Firmament Ge 1:6

3.) The Third Day: Land And Sea; Plant Life Appears [OR] The Earth Separated From The Waters Ge 1:9

4.) The Fourth Day: The Sun, Moon, And Stars Become Visible [OR] Creation Of The Sun, Moon And Stars Ge 1:14

5.) The Fifth Day: The Second Creative Act--Animal Life [OR] Creation Of Fish, Fowl, Beasts And Cattle Ge 1:20

6.) The Sixth Day Ge 1:24

(I.) The Fecundity Of The Earth After The Creative Work Of The Fifth Day Ge 1:24

(II.) The Creation Of Man [OR] Creation Man In The Image Of God Ge 1:26

D.) The First Dispensation: Innocency Ge 1:28

1.) The First, Or Edenic Covenant: Conditioned The Life Of Unfallen Man Ge 1:28

(I.) Provision For Food Ge 1:29

2.) The Sabbath Rest Of God: Type Of The Believer's Rest In The Finished Work Of Redemption [OR] The First Sabbath Ge 2:1

2. The Creation of Man and Woman Ge 2:4-25

1.) Summary Of The Creation Work Of Chapter 1 [OR] Adam And Eve [OR] Another Account Of The Creation [OR] The Manner Of The Creation Ge 2:4

2.) The Creative Act Of Gen. 1:27 Described Ge 2:7

3.) The Habitation Of Unfallen Man, And The Edenic Covenant [OR] Life In God's Garden [OR] The Garden Of Eden, And The River Thereof Ge 2:8

(I.) The Tree Of Knowledge Ge 2:17

(II.) Naming The Creatures Ge 2:19

4.) The Method Of The Creation Of Woman [OR] The Making Of Woman And The Institution Of Marriage Ge 2:21

5.) Eve, Type Of The Church As Bride Of Christ Ge 2:23

3. The First Sin and the First Promise Ge 3:1-24

I.) The Fall and Redemption Ge 3:1

A.) The Temptation Of Eve Ge 3:1

1.) The Implied Doubt Of The Benevolence Of God [OR] The Temptation And Fall Of Man [OR] The Fall Of Man [OR] The First Sin And Its Punishment [OR] The Serpent's Deception And Man's Shameful Fall Ge 3:1

2.) Adding To The Word Of God Ge 3:2

3.) The First Lie Ge 3:4

4.) The Appeal To Pride Ge 3:5

5.) The Fall Ge 3:6

B.) The Seeking God. His Sabbath Rest Broken; His New Work Begun Ge 3:8

1.) God Arraigns Adam And Eve Ge 3:9

2.) The Second, Or Adamic Covenant [OR] The Serpent Is Cursed Above All Beasts Ge 3:14

(I.) The Promised Seed Ge 3:15

(II.) The Punishment God Promises For Mankind Ge 3:16

3.) The Faith Of Adam Ge 3:20

4.) The Response Of Jehovah Elohim To The Faith Of Adam Ge 3:21

5.) The Judgment Of The Expulsion Ends The First Dispensation Ge 3:22

C.) The Second Dispensation: Conscience [OR] Loss Of Paradise Ge 3:23

4. Cain Murders Abel Ge 4:1-16

A.) The First Sons Of Adam And Eve [OR] Cain Murders Abel [OR] Cain And Abel [OR] The Birth Of Cain And Abel Ge 4:1

B.) Cain Exhorted Even Yet To Bring A Sin-Offering Ge 4:6

I.) The Diverse Seeds, Cain and Seth, to the Flood Ge 4:8

A.) The First Murder: History Of Cain [OR] The Murder Of Abel Ge 4:8

1.) The Curse Of Cain Ge 4:9

B.) The First Civilization [OR] The Family Of Cain Ge 4:16

5. Cain's Ten Descendants-Cain to Lamech Ge 4:17-24

1.) Beginnings Of Civilization [OR] Enoch, The First City Ge 4:17

2.) Lamech And His Two Wives Ge 4:19

6. Adam's Godly Descendants-Adam to Enosh Ge 4:25-26

A.) The Birth Of Seth: The Spiritual Seed Renewed [OR] A New Son [OR] Birth Of Seth And Enos Ge 4:25

7. Adam's Ten Descendants-Adam to Noah Ge 5:1-32

B. Antediluvian Age Ge 5:1-6:8

1.) The Family Of Adam [OR] From Adam To Noah [OR] Descendants Of Adam [OR] Adam's Descendants To Noah And His Sons [OR] Genealogy And Age Of The Patriarchs Ge 5:1

A.) The Family Of Seth Ge 5:6

1.) The Goss And Translation Of Enoch Ge 5:24

1. Evil Increases on the Earth Ge 6:1-8

A.) The Flood Ge 6:1

1.) The Marriage Of Cainites With Sethites [OR] The Wickedness And Judgment Of Man [OR] The Flood [OR] The Corruption Of Mankind [OR] The Wickedness Of Humankind [OR] The Wickedness Of The World Ge 6:1

2.) The Warning Of Jehovah Ge 6:3

3.) The Antediluvian Civilization Ge 6:4

4.) The Purpose Of Jehovah In Judgment Ge 6:5

5.) The Purpose Of Jehovah In Grace [OR] Noah Finds Grace [OR] Noah Pleases God Ge 6:8

2. Noah's Family and the Ship Ge 6:9-22

(I.) The Ark Prepared [OR] The Order, Form And Use Of The Ark Ge 6:13

3. The Flood Ge 7:1-24

1.) The Judgment Of The Flood: End Of Testing Under The Second Dispensation [OR] The Great Flood [OR] The Flood [OR] Noah, His Family And The Creatures, Enter The Ark Ge 7:1

(I.) The Flood Ge 7:17

4. God Remembers Noah Ge 8:1-22

I.) The Flood to Babel Ge 8:1

A.) The Flood Recedes [OR] Noah's Deliverance [OR] The Flood Subsides [OR] The Waters Subside Ge 8:1

1.) The Ark Rests On Ararat Ge 8:4

2.) The Raven And The Dove Ge 8:7

3.) Noah, Being Commanded Ge 8:15

4.) Goes Forth Out Of The Ark Ge 8:18

B.) The Third Dispensation: Human Government Ge 8:20

1.) The Third, Or Noahic Covenant [OR] God's Covenant With Creation [OR] God's Promise To Noah [OR] Noah Builds An Altar And Offers Sacrifice Ge 8:20

(I.) God Accepts And Promises To Curse The Earth No More Ge 8:21

5. God Blesses Noah and His Sons Ge 9:1-7

(I.) God's Promise To Noah [OR] God's Covenant With Noah [OR] Covenant Of The Rainbow [OR] The Covenant With Noah [OR] God Blesses Noah Ge 9:1

6. God's Promise-The Sign of the Rainbow Ge 9:8-17

(I.) God's Covenant Is Signified By The Rainbow Ge 9:9

7. Noah Curses Canaan but Blesses Shem and Japheth Ge 9:18-29

(I.) Noah And His Sons [OR] The Sons Of Noah [OR] Noah And His Sons Ge 9:18

(A.) Parenthetical: the shame of Noah and the sin of Ham [OR] Noah plants a vineyard, gets drunk and is mocked Ge 9:20

(B.) Conclusion of Noahic Covenant: the prophetic declaration Ge 9:24

(1.) Noah curses Canaan Ge 9:25

(2.) Noah blesses Shem Ge 9:26

(3.) Noah prays for Japheth, and dies Ge 9:27

(C.) The family of Noah Ge 9:28

8. The 14 Descendants of Japheth Ge 10:1-5

(1.) Nations Descended from Noah [OR] The Table of Nations [OR] Descendants of Noah [OR] Nations Descended from Noah [OR] The generations of Noah Ge 10:1

(2.) The Japhethites [OR] The sons of Japheth Ge 10:2

9. The 30 Descendants of Ham Ge 10:6-20

(1.) The Hamites [OR] The sons of Ham Ge 10:6

(2.) Nimrod, the first monarch Ge 10:8

10. The 26 Descendants of Shem Ge 10:21-32

(1.) The Semites [OR] The sons of Shem [OR] The Tower of Babel [OR] Universal Language, Babel, Confusion [OR] One language in the world Ge 10:21

11. The Tower of Babel Ge 11:1-9

(A.) The failure of man under the Noahic Covenant Ge 11:1

(1.) The building of Babel Ge 11:3

(B.) The judgment of the confusion of tongues. Life continues under the Adamic and Noahic Covenants [OR] The confusion of tongues Ge 11:5

12. The Ten Descendants of Shem-Shem to Terah Ge 11:10-26

a. Shem's Genealogy Ge 11:10-26

I.) From the call of Abram to the death of Joseph Ge 11:10

A.) The Ancestry Of Abram [OR] Shem's Descendants [OR] From Shem To Abram [OR] Descendants Of Shem [OR] The Generations Of Shem, The Father Of Abram Ge 11:10

C. The Patriarchal History Ge 11:27-50:26

1. Terah Moves to Haran Ge 11:27-32

a. Terah: Abraham and Isaac Ge 11:27-25:11

1.) Terah's Descendants [OR] Descendants Of Terah Ge 11:27

A.) Incomplete Obedience: The Wasted Years At Haran [OR] Terah Goes From Ur To Haran Ge 11:31

2. The LORD'S First Promise to Abram Ge 12:1-3

A.) The Fourth Dispensation: Promise: From The Call Of Abram To The Giving Of The Law Ge 12:1

1.) Abraham Ge 12:1

(I.) The Fourth, Or Abrahamic Covenant [OR] Promises To Abram [OR] The Call Of Abram [OR] Abram Journeys To Egypt [OR] God Calls Abram; Blesses Him With A Promise Of Christ Ge 12:1

3. The LORD'S Second Promise to Abram Ge 12:4-9

(A.) Abram in the land: worship, communion, and promise [OR] He departs with Lot from Haran Ge 12:4

(1.) Abram journeys through Canaan, which is promised him in a vision Ge 12:6

4. Abram Deceives Pharaoh Ge 12:10-20

(A.) Under trial Abram forsakes the place of blessing [OR] Abram to Egypt [OR] Abram in Egypt [OR] Abram and Sarai in Egypt [OR] He is driven by a famine into Egypt Ge 12:10

(1.) He represents his wife to be his sister Ge 12:12

(2.) Sarai is taken by Pharaoh, who is compelled by plagues to restore her Ge 12:14

5. Abram and Lot Separate Ge 13:1-13

(A.) Abram returns to the land and the altar [OR] Abram Inherits Canaan [OR] Abram and Lot Separate [OR] Abram and Lot [OR] Abram and Lot return out of Egypt and agree to separate Ge 13:1

(I.) Lot Ge 13:5

(A.) Abram's separation from Lot Ge 13:5

(B.) Lot's first step in backsliding [OR] Lot goes to Sodom Ge 13:10

(C.) Lot's second step in backsliding Ge 13:12

6. The LORD'S Third Promise to Abram Ge 13:14-18

(A.) The Abrahamic Covenant: the land given; natural posterity promised [OR] God renews the promise to Abram Ge 13:14

(1.) He removes to Hebron, and builds an altar Ge 13:18

7. Abram Rescues Lot Ge 14:1-16

(A.) Abram delivers Lot [OR] Lot's Captivity and Rescue [OR] Abram Rescues Lot [OR] War of the Kings [OR] The battle of four kings against five Ge 14:1

(1.) Lot is taken prisoner and is rescued by Abram Ge 14:11

8. Melchizedek Blesses Abram Ge 14:17-24

(I.) The Revelation Of God As El Elyon, "the Most High God, Possessor Of Heaven And Earth" [OR] God's Promise To Abram [OR] Abram Blessed By Melchizedek Ge 14:17

(A.) Abram and Melchizedek [OR] Melchizedek blesses him Ge 14:18

(B.) Abram gives him tithe Ge 14:20

(C.) He restores the rest to the king of Sodom [OR] God's Covenant With Abram [OR] Abram Promised a Son [OR] God encourages Abram Ge 14:22

9. The LORD'S Fourth Promise to Abram Ge 15:1-21

(A.) The Abrahamic Covenant confirmed: a spiritual seed promised Ge 15:1

(1.) Abram complains for lack of an heir Ge 15:2

(2.) God promises him a son and numerous progeny Ge 15:4

(3.) Abraham is justified by faith Ge 15:6

(4.) Canaan promised again Ge 15:7

(5.) and confirmed by a sign and a vision [OR] Hagar and Ishmael [OR] Sarai and Hagar [OR] The Birth of Ishmael [OR] Sarai, being barren, gives Hagar to Abram Ge 15:9

10. Abram and Hagar Ge 16:1-16

(A.) The birth of Ishmael Ge 16:1

(1.) Hagar despises her mistress, is punished, and runs away Ge 16:4

(2.) An angel sends her back, telling her she will bear a child Ge 16:7

(3.) Hagar bears a son who is named Ishmael Ge 16:15

11. The LORD'S Fifth Promise to Abraham Ge 17:1-22

(I.) The Revelation Of God As El Shaddai, Almighty God [OR] The Sign Of The Covenant [OR] The Covenant Of Circumcision [OR] Abraham And The Covenant Of Circumcision [OR] God Renews The Covenant With Abram Ge 17:1

(A.) Abram becomes Abraham Ge 17:4

(1.) Abram's name is changed, in token of a greater blessing Ge 17:5

(B.) The Abrahamic Covenant confirmed and made everlasting Ge 17:6

(C.) Circumcision established as the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant Ge 17:9

(1.) Circumcision is instituted Ge 17:10

(D.) The promise of Isaac, in whom the line of Christ runs [OR] Sarai's name is changed, and she is blessed Ge 17:15

(1.) Isaac is promised; God's covenant to be established through him Ge 17:17

(E.) Ishmael to be a nation Ge 17:20

12. Abraham's Household Circumcised Ge 17:23-27

(1.) Abraham and Ishmael are circumcised Ge 17:23

13. The LORD'S Sixth Promise to Abraham Ge 18:1-15

(I.) Abraham, "The Friend Of God" [OR] The Son Of Promise [OR] The Three Visitors [OR] Birth Of Isaac Promised [OR] A Son Promised To Abraham And Sarah [OR] The Lord Appears To Abraham Ge 18:1

(A.) Abraham entertains three angels Ge 18:2

(B.) Sarah is reproved for laughing at the strange promise Ge 18:9

14. The LORD Tells Abraham About His Plan Ge 18:16-33

(A.) Abraham Intercedes for Sodom [OR] Abraham Pleads for Sodom [OR] Judgment Pronounced on Sodom Ge 18:16

(B.) The destruction of Sodom is revealed to Abraham Ge 18:17

(C.) Abraham the intercessor [OR] Abraham makes intercession for its people Ge 18:23

15. Lot's Guests Are Assaulted Ge 19:1-11

(A.) The destruction of Sodom. The third step in Lot's backsliding: a great man in Sodom [OR] Sodom's Depravity [OR] Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed [OR] The Doom of Sodom [OR] The Depravity of Sodom [OR] Lot entertains two angels Ge 19:1

(1.) The vicious Sodomites stricken with blindness [OR] Sodom and Gomorrah Destroyed [OR] Lot is sent for safety into the mountains Ge 19:4

16. Lot Leaves Sodom, and the Cities Are Destroyed Ge 19:12-29

(1.) He obtains leave to go into Zoar Ge 19:18

(2.) Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed Ge 19:24

(3.) Lot's wife become a pillar of salt Ge 19:26

17. Lot's Daughters Have Sons by Their Father Ge 19:30-38

(1.) The Descendants of Lot [OR] Lot and His Daughters [OR] Lot Is Debased [OR] The Shameful Origin of Moab and Ammon [OR] Lot dwells in a cave Ge 19:30

(2.) The birth of Moah and Ammon [OR] Abraham and Abimelech [OR] Abraham's Treachery [OR] Abraham and Sarah at Gerar [OR] Abraham at Gerar Ge 19:31

(A.) The last step in Lot's backsliding Ge 19:33

18. Abraham Deceives Abimelech Ge 20:1-18

(I.) Abraham's Lapse At Gerar Ge 20:1

(A.) denies his wife, and loses her Ge 20:2

(B.) Abimelech is reproved for her in a dream and rebukes Abraham Ge 20:3

(C.) He restores Sarah Ge 20:14

(D.) and is healed by Abraham's prayer Ge 20:17

19. God Provides for Hagar and Ishmael Ge 21:1-21

1.) Abraham And Isaac Ge 21:1

(I.) The Birth Of Isaac [OR] Isaac Is Born Ge 21:1

(A.) He is circumcised Ge 21:4

(B.) Sarah's joy Ge 21:6

(C.) Hagar and Ishmael Depart [OR] Hagar and Ishmael Sent Away Ge 21:8

(II.) The Bondwoman And Her Son Cast Out [OR] Sarah Turns Against Hagar [OR] Hagar And Ishmael Are Expelled Ge 21:9

(A.) They are in distress Ge 21:15

(B.) The angel comforts her Ge 21:17

20. Abraham's Agreement With Abimelech Ge 21:22-34

(I.) Abraham At Beer-sheba [OR] A Covenant With Abimelech [OR] The Treaty Of Beersheba [OR] Covenant With Abimelech [OR] Abraham And Abimelech Make A Covenant [OR] Abimelech And Abraham Make A Covenant Ge 21:22

21. God Tests Abraham Ge 22:1-14

(A.) The offering of Isaac [OR] Abraham's Faith Confirmed [OR] Abraham Tested [OR] The Command to Sacrifice Isaac [OR] God, testing Abraham's faith, commands him to sacrifice Isaac Ge 22:1

(1.) Abraham gives proof of faith and obedience Ge 22:3

(2.) The angel stops him Ge 22:11

(3.) The place is called Jehovah-jireh Ge 22:14

22. The LORD'S Seventh Promise to Abraham Ge 22:15-19

(A.) The Abrahamic Covenant confirmed [OR] Abraham is again blessed Ge 22:15

23. Abraham Learns of Nahor's Descendants Ge 22:20-24

(1.) The Family of Nahor [OR] Nahor's Sons [OR] The Children of Nahor [OR] The generation of Nahor to Rebekah Ge 22:20

24. Sarah's Death Ge 23:1-20

(I.) The Death And Burial Of Sarah [OR] Sarah's Death And Burial [OR] The Death Of Sarah [OR] Death And Burial Of Sarah [OR] The Age And Death Of Sarah Ge 23:1

(A.) The purchase of Machpelah, where Sarah was buried Ge 23:3

25. Abraham Instructs His Servant Ge 24:1-10

(I.) A Bride For Isaac [OR] Isaac And Rebekah [OR] The Marriage Of Isaac And Rebekah [OR] Abraham Swears His Servant Ge 24:1

(A.) The servant's journey Ge 24:10

26. Abraham's Servant Finds a Wife for Isaac Ge 24:11-61

(A.) His prayer Ge 24:12

(B.) His sign Ge 24:14

(C.) Rebekah Is Chosen [OR] Rebekah meets him, fulfilling his sign Ge 24:15

(D.) He gives her jewels Ge 24:22

(E.) She reveals her relationship Ge 24:23

(F.) and offers hospitality Ge 24:25

(G.) The servant blesses God Ge 24:26

(H.) Laban entertains him Ge 24:28

(I.) The servant explains his mission Ge 24:33

(J.) Laban and Bethuel give their approval Ge 24:50

(K.) Isaac Marries Rebekah Ge 24:61

27. Isaac and Rebekah Are Married Ge 24:62-67

(A.) The meeting of Isaac and Rebekah Ge 24:62

28. Abraham's Second Marriage and His Death Ge 25:1-11

(I.) Abraham Weds Keturah [OR] Abraham And Keturah [OR] The Death Of Abraham [OR] Abraham's Death [OR] Abraham Marries Keturah [OR] The Sons Of Abraham By Keturah Ge 25:1

(II.) Isaac Heir Of All Things [OR] The Division Of His Goods Ge 25:5

(III.) The Death Of Abraham [OR] Abraham's Death And Burial [OR] The Age, Death, And Burial Of Abraham Ge 25:7

29. The 12 Tribes of Ishmael Ge 25:12-18

(I.) The Generations Of Ishmael [OR] The Families Of Ishmael And Isaac [OR] Ishmael's Sons [OR] Descendants Of Ishmael [OR] Ishmael's Descendants Ge 25:12

30. Esau and Jacob Ge 25:19-34

(I.) The Generations Of Isaac [OR] Jacob And Esau [OR] Isaac's Sons [OR] The Birth And Youth Of Esau And Jacob [OR] Isaac Prays That The Barrenness Of Rebekah Be Healed Ge 25:19

(A.) Two children strive in her womb Ge 25:22

1.) Jacob And Esau Ge 25:24

(I.) The Birth Of Esau And Jacob [OR] Esau Sells His Birthright [OR] Isaac And Abimelech [OR] Isaac Settles In Gerar [OR] Because Of Famine, Isaac Goes To Gerar Ge 25:24

(II.) The Sale Of The Birthright Ge 25:27

31. The LORD'S First Promise to Isaac Ge 26:1-6

(I.) The Abrahamic Covenant Confirmed To Isaac Ge 26:1

(A.) God guides and blesses him Ge 26:2

(II.) The Lapse Of Isaac Ge 26:6

32. Isaac and Rebekah at Gerar Ge 26:7-22

(A.) He denies his wife and is reproved by Abimelech Ge 26:7

(B.) He grows rich Ge 26:12

(I.) Isaac The Well-digger Ge 26:17

(A.) Quarrel over the Wells [OR] He digs three wells Ge 26:18

33. The LORD'S Second Promise to Isaac Ge 26:23-25

(A.) God appears to him at Beer-sheba Ge 26:23

34. Isaac's Agreement With Abimelech Ge 26:26-33

(A.) Covenant with Abimelech Ge 26:26

(B.) Isaac and Abimelech make a covenant at Beer-sheba Ge 26:28

35. Esau's Marriages Ge 26:34-35

(A.) Esau's Hittite Wives [OR] Esau's wives Ge 26:34

36. Jacob Gets Isaac's Blessing Ge 27:1-46

(I.) The Stolen Blessing [OR] Isaac Blesses Jacob [OR] Jacob Gets Isaac's Blessing [OR] Jacob's Deception [OR] Isaac Sends Esau For Venison Ge 27:1

(A.) Rebekah and Jacob conspire to obtain Isaac's blessing Ge 27:6

(B.) Jacob, disguised as Esau, is blessed Ge 27:15

(C.) The blessing of Jacob Ge 27:26

(1.) Esau's Lost Hope [OR] The Stolen Blessing [OR] Esau's Lost Blessing [OR] Esau brings venison to his father Ge 27:30

(D.) Esau's unavailing remorse [OR] He complains, and by pleading obtains a blessing also Ge 27:34

(1.) Jacob Escapes from Esau [OR] Jacob Flees to Laban [OR] Jacob Escapes Esau's Fury [OR] He threatens to slay Jacob Ge 27:41

(2.) who for safety is sent to Laban Ge 27:43

37. Isaac Sends Jacob Away Ge 28:1-9

1.) Jacob Ge 28:1

(I.) Jacob At Bethel: The Abrahamic Covenant Confirmed To Him [OR] Jacob Is Sent Away [OR] Isaac Blesses Jacob And Sends Him To Padan-aram Ge 28:1

(A.) Esau Marries Mahalath [OR] Esau Marries Ishmael's Daughter [OR] Esau marries Mahalath, daughter of Ishmael Ge 28:6

38. Jacob's First Encounter With God Ge 28:10-22

(A.) Jacob's Vow at Bethel [OR] Jacob's Dream at Bethel [OR] Jacob's Dream [OR] Jacob's vision of the ladder Ge 28:10

(B.) The stone of Beth-el Ge 28:18

(C.) Jacob's vow Ge 28:20

39. Jacob's Arrival in Haran [29:1-14a] Ge 29:1-14

(I.) Jacob's Years At Haran [OR] Jacob Meets Rachel [OR] Jacob Arrives In Paddan Aram [OR] Jacob Comes To The Well Of Haran Ge 29:1

(A.) He meets Rachel by the well Ge 29:9

(B.) He is entertained by Laban Ge 29:13

40. Jacob Obtains Wives [29:14b-30] Ge 29:15-30

(A.) Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel [OR] Jacob Marries Laban's Daughters Ge 29:15

(B.) Covenanting for Rachel Ge 29:18

(C.) Laban's Treachery Ge 29:21

(D.) he is deceived with Leah Ge 29:23

(E.) He marries Rachel also Ge 29:28

41. Leah and Rachel Compete for Jacob's Love Ge 29:31-30:24

(A.) The Children of Jacob [OR] Jacob's Children Ge 29:31

(B.) Leah bears Reuben Ge 29:32

(C.) Simeon Ge 29:33

(D.) Levi Ge 29:34

(E.) and Judah Ge 29:35

(F.) Jacob's Children [OR] The Sons of Jacob [OR] Rachel gives Bilhah to Jacob Ge 30:1

(G.) She bears Dan and Naphtali Ge 30:5

(H.) Leah gives Zilpah, who bears Gad and Asher Ge 30:9

(I.) Reuben finds mandrakes Ge 30:14

(J.) Leah bears Issachar, Zebulun and Dinah Ge 30:17

(K.) Rachel bears Joseph Ge 30:22

42. Jacob's Flocks Prosper Ge 30:25-43

(A.) Jacob's Agreement with Laban [OR] Jacob's Flocks Increase [OR] Jacob Prospers [OR] Jacob Prospers at Laban's Expense [OR] Jacob is denied permission to depart Ge 30:25

(B.) Jacob's policy, whereby he became rich [OR] Jacob Flees From Laban [OR] Jacob Leaves Secretly for Canaan [OR] Jacob Flees with Family and Flocks [OR] Jacob leaves Laban secretly Ge 30:37

43. Jacob's Second and Third Encounters With God Ge 31:1-16

(I.) Parenthesis Ge 31:11

(A.) The call back to Bethel Ge 31:11

(B.) The flight of Jacob Ge 31:14

44. Laban and Jacob Make Peace Ge 31:17-55

(1.) Rachel steals her father's images [OR] Laban Pursues Jacob [OR] Laban Overtakes Jacob [OR] Laban pursues him, and complains of the wrong Ge 31:19

(2.) Jacob's complaint against Laban Ge 31:36

(3.) Laban's Covenant with Jacob [OR] The Covenant of Mizpah [OR] Laban and Jacob Make a Covenant [OR] They make a covenant at Galeed Ge 31:43

45. Jacob Sends Messages and Gifts to Esau Ge 32:1-21

(I.) Jacob ("supplanter") Becomes Israel ("a Prince With God") [OR] Esau Comes To Meet Jacob [OR] Jacob Prepares To Meet Esau [OR] Jacob's Fear Of Esau [OR] Jacob Calls The Place Of His Vision, Mahanaim Ge 32:1

(A.) Jacob Sends Presents to Appease Esau [OR] His message to Esau Ge 32:3

(B.) Jacob fears to meet Esau Ge 32:6

(C.) He prays for deliverance Ge 32:9

(D.) He sends a present to Esau Ge 32:13

46. Jacob's Fourth Encounter With God-He Wrestles With God Ge 32:22-32

(A.) Wrestling with God [OR] Jacob Wrestles With God [OR] Jacob Wrestles at Peniel Ge 32:22

(B.) Jacob Wrestles [OR] Jacob wrestles with an angel at Peniel, where his name is changed to Israel Ge 32:24

(C.) Jacob is lame Ge 32:31

47. Jacob Meets Esau Ge 33:1-20

(I.) Jacob Meets Esau [OR] Jacob And Esau Meet [OR] Jacob And Esau Meet In Kindness And Brotherly Love Ge 33:1

(A.) Jacob goes to Succoth Ge 33:17

(II.) Jacob's Worship In Self-will [OR] Jacob Comes To Canaan [OR] Jacob Settles In Shechem [OR] Jacob Reaches Shechem [OR] He Buys A Field And Builds An Altar Ge 33:18

48. Dinah Is Raped Ge 34:1-31

(I.) Jacob Reaps The Harvest Of His Evil Years [OR] The Dinah Incident [OR] Dinah And The Shechemites [OR] The Treachery Of Jacob's Sons [OR] The Rape Of Dinah [OR] Dinah Is Ravished By Shechem Ge 34:1

(A.) He sues to marry her Ge 34:4

(B.) The sons of Jacob agree on condition that the Shechemites be circumcised Ge 34:13

(C.) Hamor and Shechem persuade their people to accept the condition Ge 34:20

(D.) Dinah's Brothers Avenge Their Sister [OR] The sons of Jacob take advantage of their tenderness and slay the Shechemites Ge 34:25

(E.) and spoil their city Ge 34:27

(F.) Jacob reproves Simeon and Levi Ge 34:30

49. Jacob's Fifth Encounter With God Ge 35:1-8

(I.) Jacob's Return To Bethel: Communion And Promise Restored [OR] Jacob's Return To Bethel [OR] Jacob Returns To Bethel [OR] Jacob Moves To Bethel [OR] God Sends Jacob To Beth-el Ge 35:1

(A.) He purges his house of idols Ge 35:2

(B.) He builds an altar unto God at Beth-el Ge 35:6

(C.) Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, dies at Allon-bachuth Ge 35:8

50. Jacob's Sixth Encounter With God-His Name Changed to Israel Ge 35:9-15

(A.) Jacob Is Named Israel [OR] God bless Jacob at Beth-el Ge 35:9

51. Jacob's [Israel's] Sons Ge 35:16-29

(I.) Death Of Rachel And Birth Of Benjamin [OR] Death Of Rachel [OR] The Deaths Of Rachel And Isaac [OR] The Birth Of Benjamin And The Death Of Rachel [OR] Rachel Bears Benjamin And Dies Ge 35:16

(A.) Jacob's Twelve Sons [OR] The Sons of Israel [OR] Reuben lies with Bilhah Ge 35:22

(B.) The sons of Jacob Ge 35:23

(II.) Death Of Isaac [OR] The Death Of Isaac [OR] Jacob Comes To Isaac At Hebron Ge 35:27

(A.) The age, death, and burial of Isaac Ge 35:28

52. The Origin of Edom Ge 36:1-43

a. Esau Summary Ge 36:1-36:8

(I.) The Generations Of Esau (edom) [OR] The Family Of Esau [OR] Esau's Descendants [OR] Esau Moves [OR] Esau's Three Wives Ge 36:1

b. Esau Genealogy Ge 36:9-37:1

(A.) His sons Ge 36:9

(B.) Descendants of Esau Ge 36:10

(C.) The Chiefs of Edom [OR] Clans and Kings of Edom [OR] The dukes descended from his sons Ge 36:15

(D.) The Sons of Seir [OR] The children of Seir Ge 36:20

(E.) The Kings of Edom [OR] The Rulers of Edom [OR] The kings of Edom Ge 36:31

(F.) The Chiefs of Esau [OR] The dukes descended from Esau Ge 36:40

53. Joseph's Brothers Sell Him Into Slavery Ge 37:1-36

(I.) The History Of Jacob Resumed [OR] Joseph Dreams To Greatness [OR] Joseph's Dreams [OR] Joseph's Dream [OR] Joseph Dreams Of Greatness [OR] Jacob In Canaan Ge 37:1

1.) Joseph Ge 37:2

(I.) Joseph, The Beloved Of His Father [OR] Joseph Is Hated By His Brothers Ge 37:2

(A.) His two dreams [OR] Joseph Sold by His Brothers [OR] Joseph Is Sold by His Brothers Ge 37:5

(II.) Joseph Hated And Rejected By His Brethren Ge 37:8

(A.) Jacob sends Joseph to Shechem. His brothers conspire to slay him, but Reuben saves him Ge 37:13

(B.) The Plot against Joseph Ge 37:18

(III.) Joseph Cast Into The Place Of Death Ge 37:20

(A.) He is sold to Ishmeelites Ge 37:26

(IV.) Joseph, Drawn Up From The Pit, Goes To The Gentiles Ge 37:28

(A.) His father, deceived by his bloodstained coat, mourns his death Ge 37:31

(B.) Joseph is sold to Potiphar in Egypt [OR] Judah and Tamar [OR] Judah begets Er, Onan, and Shelah Ge 37:36

54. Judah's Sin With Tamar Ge 38:1-30

(I.) Parenthesis: The Shame Of Judah Ge 38:1

(A.) Er marries Tamar Ge 38:6

(B.) The trespass of Onan Ge 38:8

(C.) Tamar waits for Shelah Ge 38:11

(D.) She deceives Judah Ge 38:13

(E.) She bears him twins, Pharez and Zarah Ge 38:27

55. Joseph in Potiphar's House Ge 39:1-23

(I.) Joseph Tested By Adversity [OR] Joseph A Slave In Egypt [OR] Joseph And Potiphar's Wife [OR] Joseph's Success In Egypt [OR] Joseph Is Promoted In Potiphar's House Ge 39:1

(A.) He resists the temptation of his mistress Ge 39:7

(B.) He is falsely accused Ge 39:13

(C.) Joseph Imprisoned [OR] Joseph in prison Ge 39:19

(D.) God is with him there Ge 39:21

56. Joseph in Prison Ge 40:1-23

(A.) The Prisoners' Dreams [OR] The Cupbearer and the Baker [OR] Joseph Interprets a Dream [OR] The Dreams of Two Prisoners [OR] The butler and the baker of Pharaoh with Joseph in prison Ge 40:1

(B.) He has charge of them Ge 40:4

(C.) and interprets their dreams Ge 40:5

(D.) Their dreams come to pass according to Joseph's interpretation Ge 40:20

(E.) The ingratitude of the butler [OR] Pharaoh's Dreams [OR] Pharaoh's Dream [OR] Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream [OR] Pharaoh's first dream Ge 40:23

57. Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams Ge 41:1-32

(I.) The Dream Of Pharaoh Ge 41:1

(A.) Pharaoh's second dream Ge 41:5

(B.) Joseph interprets them Ge 41:9

(II.) Joseph's Exaltation In Egypt [OR] Joseph Interprets Ge 41:14

(A.) Joseph foretells the famine Ge 41:25

58. Joseph Advises Pharaoh Ge 41:33-45

(A.) He gives Pharaoh counsel [OR] Joseph's Rise to Power Ge 41:33

(B.) Joseph Is Made a Ruler of Egypt [OR] Joseph is promoted Ge 41:38

(C.) Joseph in Charge of Egypt Ge 41:41

(I.) Joseph, Rejected By His Brethren, Receives A Gentile Bride Ge 41:45

59. Joseph Serves Pharaoh Ge 41:46-57

(A.) The Sons of Joseph [OR] He begets Manasseh and Ephraim Ge 41:50

(B.) The famine begins [OR] Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt [OR] Joseph's Brothers Sent to Egypt [OR] Jacob sends his ten sons to buy corn in Egypt Ge 41:54

60. Jacob [Israel] Sends Ten Sons to Egypt Ge 42:1-5

(I.) Joseph, Rejected By His Brethren, Preserves Them Ge 42:1

61. Joseph Sends Nine of His Brothers Back to Canaan Ge 42:6-28

(A.) They are accused as spies Ge 42:9

(B.) and imprisoned Ge 42:17

(C.) All are freed except Simeon on condition that they return and bring Benjamin Ge 42:18

(D.) They have remorse for Joseph Ge 42:21

(E.) The Brothers Return to Canaan [OR] They return home and recount their experience Ge 42:25

(F.) Joseph's Brothers Return to Canaan Ge 42:26

62. Jacob's [Israel's] Sons Report to Him Ge 42:29-38

(A.) Simeon Is Held Hostage Ge 42:29

(B.) They find their money in their sacks Ge 42:35

63. Jacob [Israel] Sends Ten Sons Back to Egypt Ge 43:1-15

(A.) Joseph's Brothers Return with Benjamin [OR] The Second Journey to Egypt [OR] The Return to Egypt [OR] The Brothers Come Again, Bringing Benjamin [OR] Jacob is persuaded to send Benjamin Ge 43:1

(B.) Joseph entertains his brothers Ge 43:15

64. The Banquet at Joseph's House Ge 43:16-34

(A.) Joseph Sees Benjamin Ge 43:16

(B.) They feast together Ge 43:31

65. Joseph's Plan to Trap His Brothers Ge 44:1-17

(A.) Joseph's Cup [OR] A Silver Cup in a Sack [OR] The Brothers Are Brought Back [OR] Joseph Detains Benjamin [OR] Joseph's policy to delay his brothers Ge 44:1

(B.) Judah pleads for Benjamin's release Ge 44:14

66. Judah Defends Benjamin Ge 44:18-34

(A.) Judah Intercedes for Benjamin [OR] Judah Pleads for Benjamin's Release Ge 44:18

67. Joseph Reveals His Identity Ge 45:1-15

(I.) Joseph Reveals Himself To His Brethren [OR] Joseph Revealed To His Brothers [OR] Joseph Makes Himself Known [OR] Joseph Deals Kindly With His Brothers [OR] Joseph Reveals Himself To His Brothers Ge 45:1

(A.) He comforts them in God's providence Ge 45:5

(B.) He sends for his father Ge 45:9

68. Pharaoh Invites Jacob's [Israel's] Family to Live in Egypt Ge 45:16-28

(I.) Joseph's Brethren Blessed And Sent To Jacob [OR] Pharaoh Is Pleased Ge 45:16

(A.) Joseph provides for their journey, sending gifts for his father Ge 45:21

(B.) Jacob is revived with the news that Joseph is alive Ge 45:25

69. Jacob's [Israel's] Seventh Encounter With God Ge 46:1-7

(I.) Jacob Journeys To Egypt [OR] Jacob's Journey To Egypt [OR] Jacob Goes To Egypt [OR] Jacob Moves To Egypt [OR] Jacob Brings His Whole Family To Egypt [OR] Jacob Is Comforted By God At Beer-sheba Ge 46:1

(A.) He journeys to Egypt Ge 46:5

70. Jacob's [Israel's] Descendants Ge 46:8-27

(A.) Those Who Came to Egypt [OR] The number of his family who went into Egypt [OR] Jacob Settles in Goshen [OR] Joseph comes to meet his father Ge 46:8

71. Joseph and Jacob [Israel] Reunited Ge 46:28-34

(A.) He instructs his brothers how to answer Pharaoh Ge 46:31

72. Jacob [Israel] Meets Pharaoh Ge 47:1-12

(I.) Jacob And His Descendants Exalted [OR] Jacob's Family Settles In Goshen [OR] Joseph Presents Five Of His Brothers Ge 47:1

(A.) and his father before Pharaoh Ge 47:7

(B.) He provides for them Ge 47:11

73. Joseph Acquires All the Land in Egypt for Pharaoh Ge 47:13-26

(A.) Joseph Deals with the Famine [OR] Joseph and the Famine [OR] The Famine in Egypt [OR] Joseph collects the Egyptian's money Ge 47:13

(B.) their cattle Ge 47:16

(C.) and their lands for Pharaoh Ge 47:18

(D.) Result of the Famine Ge 47:20

(E.) The lands are rented for a fifth of the harvest Ge 47:23

74. Jacob's [Israel's] Last Days in Egypt Ge 47:27-31

(I.) The Last Days Of Jacob [OR] Joseph's Vow To Jacob Ge 47:27

(A.) Joseph's promise to bury Jacob with his fathers Ge 47:29

75. Jacob [Israel] Blesses Joseph's Two Sons Ge 48:1-22

(A.) Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons [OR] Manasseh and Ephraim [OR] Israel's Last Days [OR] Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons [OR] Joseph brings his sons to Jacob Ge 48:1

(B.) Jacob tells of God's promise Ge 48:3

(C.) He takes Ephraim and Manasseh as his own Ge 48:5

(D.) He tells of Rachel's grave Ge 48:7

(E.) He blesses Ephraim and Manasseh, preferring the younger to the elder Ge 48:9

(F.) He foretells the return of his sons to Canaan Ge 48:21

76. Jacob [Israel] Blesses His 12 Sons Ge 49:1-33

(I.) Jacob's Dying Blessing: Prophetic Of The Tribes Of Israel [OR] Jacob's Last Words To His Sons [OR] Jacob Blesses His Sons [OR] Israel's Prophecy Concerning His Sons [OR] Jacob Calls His Sons To Bless Them Ge 49:1

(A.) Their individual blessings Ge 49:3

(B.) Jacob's Death and Burial [OR] The Death of Jacob [OR] Jacob's Death and Burial [OR] Jacob charges his sons concerning his burial, and dies Ge 49:29

77. Joseph Buries His Father Ge 50:1-14

(I.) The Burial Of Jacob [OR] The Death Of Israel [OR] The Mourning For Jacob Ge 50:1

(A.) Joseph has permission to go bury his father Ge 50:4

(B.) Burial at Machpelah [OR] Joseph Reassures His Brothers [OR] Joseph Forgives His Brothers [OR] Joseph comforts his brothers Ge 50:12

78. Joseph Forgives His Brothers Ge 50:15-26

(I.) The Fear Of Joseph's Brethren Ge 50:15

(II.) The Last Days And Death Of Joseph [OR] Death Of Joseph [OR] The Death Of Joseph [OR] Joseph's Last Days And Death [OR] Joseph's Age Ge 50:22

(A.) He foretells his brothers' departure from this land Ge 50:24

(B.) Joseph dies and is put in a coffin Ge 50:26