A. Introduction [OR] Greeting Ga 1:1-10

I.) Salutation [OR] Greeting [OR] Introduction [OR] The apostle's salutation Ga 1:1

1. Follow the Good News We Gave You Ga 1:6-10

I.) Theme and occasion of the Epistle [OR] Only One Gospel [OR] No Other Gospel [OR] Perversion of the Gospel [OR] There Is No Other Gospel [OR] Paul is distressed that they have so quickly turned from him and his gospel Ga 1:6

A.) And Denounces Those Who Preach Any Other Gospel Ga 1:8

II.) Paul's gospel is a revelation, not a tradition from the other apostles Ga 1:10

2. Christ Alone Gave Paul the Good News He Spreads Ga 1:11-24

B. Paul's Defence of Himself Ga 1:11-2:21

1a. Christ Alone Gave Paul the Good News He Spreads Ga 1:11-24

A.) Call To Apostleship [OR] Paul Called By God [OR] Paul Defends His Ministry [OR] Paul's Vindication Of His Apostleship [OR] Which He Has Learned Not From Men, But From God Ga 1:11

B.) Paul Confesses What He Was Before His Calling Ga 1:14

C.) And What He Did Thereafter Ga 1:17

D.) Contacts At Jerusalem Ga 1:18

1. Paul Was Accepted as an Apostle by the Leaders in Jerusalem Ga 2:1-10

A.) Defending The Gospel [OR] Paul Accepted By The Apostles [OR] The Council At Jerusalem [OR] Paul And The Other Apostles [OR] He Shows The Purpose Of His Next Visit To Jerusalem Ga 2:1

B.) And Why Titus Was Not Circumcised Ga 2:3

2. Paul Shows How Cephas Was Wrong Ga 2:11-21

A.) No Return To The Law [OR] Paul Opposes Peter [OR] Peter (Cephas) Opposed By Paul [OR] Paul Rebukes Peter At Antioch [OR] How Paul Resisted Peter, And Told Him The Reason Ga 2:11

B.) Why He And Other Jews Who Believe In Christ Are Justified By Faith, And Not By Works Ga 2:14

I.) Justification is by faith without law Ga 2:15

A.) Even Jews Must Be So Justified [OR] Jews And Gentiles Are Saved By Faith Ga 2:15

B.) The Law Has Already Executed Its Sentence Upon The Believer Ga 2:19

C.) The Christian Life Is The Outliving Of The Inliving Christ [OR] And That Those Who Are Thus Justified Do Not Live In Sin Ga 2:20

D.) To Mingle Law-Works With Grace In Justification Frustrates Grace Ga 2:21

C. The Nature of the Gospel Ga 3:1-4:31

1a. God Approves of Those Who Believe Ga 3:1-14

A.) The Gift Of The Spirit Is By Faith, Not By Law-Works [OR] Justification By Faith [OR] Faith Or Observance Of The Law [OR] Faith Brings Righteousness [OR] Law Or Faith [OR] Paul Asks What Has Caused The Galatians To Leave The Faith And Rely On The Law Ga 3:1

B.) The Abrahamic Covenant Is A By-Faith Covenant [OR] Those Who Believe Are Justified Ga 3:6

1.) And Blessed With Abraham Ga 3:9

C.) The Man Under Law-Works Is Under The Curse Of The Law [OR] The Law Brings A Curse [OR] He Offers Several Proofs Of This Truth Ga 3:10

D.) Christ Has Borne Our Law-Curse That We Might Have The Faith-Blessing Ga 3:13

1. The Relationship Between Law and Promise Ga 3:15-29

1.) The Changeless Promise [OR] The Law And The Promise [OR] Intent Of The Law [OR] The Promise To Abraham Ga 3:15

A.) The Law Does Not Add A New Condition To The Abrahamic Covenant Of Faith Ga 3:17

B.) The True Intent Of The Law Is Condemnation, And As A Preparatory Disci [OR] Purpose Of The Law [OR] The Purpose Of The Law Ga 3:19

I.) The rule of the believer's life is gracious, not legal Ga 3:25

A.) The Justified Believer Is A Son In The Family Of God, Not A Servant Under The Law [OR] Sons And Heirs [OR] Sons Of God Ga 3:26

2. You Are God's Children Ga 4:1-11

1.) Sonship In Christ [OR] We Were Under The Law As The Minor Heir Is Under His Guardian Ga 4:1

A.) The Believer Is Redeemed From Under The Law Ga 4:4

1.) Until Christ Freed Us Ga 4:5

B.) The Spirit Actualizes The Believer's Sonship Ga 4:6

1.) Therefore, We Are No Longer Servants To It Ga 4:7

C.) To Lapse Into Legality Is To Go Back To An Elementary Religion [OR] Fears For The Church [OR] Paul's Concern For The Galatians [OR] Paul Reproves The Galatians Ga 4:8

3. What Happened to Your Positive Attitude? Ga 4:12-20

1.) He Remembers The Galatians' Good Will Ga 4:14

A.) In Legality The Galatians Have Lost Their Blessing Ga 4:15

B.) The Two Systems, Law And Grace, Cannot Co-Exist Ga 4:19

4. You Are Children of the Promise Ga 4:21-31

1.) Two Covenants [OR] Hagar And Sarah [OR] Bond And Free [OR] The Allegory Of Hagar And Sarah Ga 4:21

2.) And Shows That We Are Children Of Abraham Ga 4:22

3.) By The Free Woman Ga 4:28

D. Life in the Spirit Ga 5:1-6:10

1a. Live in the Freedom That Christ Gives You Ga 5:1-26

A.) Application Of The Allegory [OR] Christian Liberty [OR] Freedom In Christ [OR] Walk By The Spirit [OR] He Encourages Them To Stand Fast In Their Freedom Ga 5:1

1.) The Nature Of Christian Freedom Ga 5:2

2.) And Not To Practice Circumcision Ga 5:3

3.) Love Fulfills The Law Ga 5:7

4.) Life By The Spirit [OR] But Rather Love, Which Sums Up The Law Ga 5:13

I.) Sanctification is through the Spirit, not the law [OR] Walking in the Spirit [OR] The Works of the Flesh Ga 5:16

A.) The Spirit Gives Victory Over Sin Ga 5:17

1.) He Totals Up The Works Of The Flesh Ga 5:19

B.) Christian Character Is Produced By The Holy Spirit, Not By Self-Effort [OR] The Fruit Of The Spirit [OR] And The Fruits Of The Spirit Ga 5:22

II.) The outworking of the new life in Christ Jesus [OR] and exhorts them to walk in the Spirit Ga 5:25

1. Help Carry Each Other's Burdens Ga 6:1-5

A.) The New Life As A Brotherhood Ga 6:1

1.) The Case Of A Sinning Brother [OR] Bear And Share The Burdens [OR] Doing Good To All [OR] Bear One Another's Burdens [OR] He Prescribes Leniency For A Brother Who Has Erred Ga 6:1

2.) The Case Of A Burdened Brother [OR] And Urges Bearing One Another's Burdens Ga 6:2

2. We Will Harvest What We Plant Ga 6:6-10

1.) The Case Of A Teaching Brother [OR] Be Generous And Do Good [OR] The Church Must Support Its Teachers Ga 6:6

A.) The New Life As A Husbandry Ga 6:7

1.) And Be Tireless In Doing Good Ga 6:9

B.) The New Life As A Beneficence Ga 6:10

E. Conclusion Ga 6:11-18

1. Paul Summarizes His Teachings About Circumcision Ga 6:11-18

A.) The New Life In Sacrificial Love [OR] Glory Only In The Cross [OR] Not Circumcision, But A New Creation [OR] Final Admonitions And Benediction Ga 6:11

1.) Paul Shows The Purpose Of Those Who Preached Circumcision Ga 6:12

B.) The New Exultation Of The New Life [OR] And Glories In Nothing Except The Cross Of Christ Ga 6:14

C.) The Peace Of The New Life [OR] Blessing And A Plea Ga 6:16

D.) The New Fellowship Of Suffering Ga 6:17