A. Cyrus Permits the Jews to Return Ezr 1:1-11

1. Cyrus Allows the Jews to Return From Babylon Ezr 1:1-4

I.) From the decree of Cyrus to the dedication of the restored temple Ezr 1:1

A.) Decree Of Cyrus For The Restoration Of The Temple [OR] End Of The Babylonian Captivity [OR] Cyrus Helps The Exiles To Return [OR] Cyrus' Proclamation [OR] The Proclamation Of Cyrus For The Building Of The Temple Ezr 1:1

2. Sheshbazzar Returns With the Temple Furnishings Ezr 1:5-11

A.) Preparation For The Return Of The Remnant [OR] Holy Vessels Restored [OR] The People Provide For The Return Ezr 1:5

1.) Cyrus Restores The Vessels Of The Temple To Sheshbazzar Ezr 1:7

3. Those Who Returned With Zerubbabel [2:1-2a] Ezr 2:1-2

B. The List of Those Who Returned Ezr 2:1-70

A.) The Returning Remnant Ezr 2:1

1.) The People [OR] The Captives Who Returned To Jerusalem [OR] The List Of The Exiles Who Returned [OR] Number Of Those Returning [OR] List Of The Returned Exiles [OR] The Number Who Return: Of The People Ezr 2:1

1. Families Listed by Ancestor [2:2b-20] Ezr 2:3-20

2. Families Listed by Cities Ezr 2:21-35

3. Priests Ezr 2:36-39

1.) The Priests [OR] Priests Returning [OR] Of The Priests, And Of The Levites Ezr 2:36

4. Levites Ezr 2:40-42

1.) The Levites [OR] Levites Returning Ezr 2:40

5. Temple Servants Ezr 2:43-54

(I.) Of The Temple Servants Ezr 2:43

6. Descendants of Solomon's Servants Ezr 2:55-58

1.) Descendants Of Solomon's Servants [OR] Of Solomon's Servants Ezr 2:55

7. Those of Unknown Origin Ezr 2:59-63

1.) Priests Whose Pedigrees Were Lost [OR] Priests Removed Ezr 2:61

(I.) Of The Priests Who Could Not Show Their Pedigree Ezr 2:62

8. The Total of the People and Animals Returning From Exile Ezr 2:64-67

1.) The Total Number [OR] The Total Number, With Their Substance Ezr 2:64

2.) Their Substance And Gifts Ezr 2:66

9. Gifts Given for the Temple Ezr 2:68-70

(I.) Their Oblations Ezr 2:68

C. Altar and Temple Foundations Established Ezr 3:1-13

1. Worship at the Temple Site Begins Again Ezr 3:1-6

A.) The Altar Is Set Up [OR] Worship Restored At Jerusalem [OR] Rebuilding The Altar [OR] Altar And Sacrifices Restored Ezr 3:1

B.) The Ancient Worship Established [OR] Offerings Scheduled Regularly Ezr 3:4

2. Work on the Temple Begins Ezr 3:7-9

1.) Rebuilding The Temple Ezr 3:7

A.) Temple Foundations Laid In Mingled Joy And Mourning [OR] Restoration Of The Temple Begins [OR] Temple Restoration Begun [OR] Foundation Laid For The Temple [OR] The Foundations Of The Temple Are Laid, In Both Joy And Mourning Ezr 3:8

3. A Celebration After the Laying of the Temple's Foundation Ezr 3:10-13

4. The Samaritans Stop the Work Ezr 4:1-24

D. Opposition Ezr 4:1-24

A.) Adversaries Seek To Hinder The Work [OR] Resistance To Rebuilding The Temple [OR] Opposition In The Rebuilding [OR] Adversaries Hinder The Work [OR] Their Adversaries, Not Permitted To Help The Jews Build The Temple, Try To Hinder Them Ezr 4:1

1.) Rebuilding Of Jerusalem Opposed [OR] Later Opposition Under Artaxerxes [OR] Rebuilding Of Jerusalem Opposed Ezr 4:6

2.) Their Letter To Artaxerxes Ezr 4:7

3.) The Letter To King Artaxerxes Ezr 4:8

4.) The Adversaries' Letter To Artaxerxes Ezr 4:11

5.) Decree Of Artaxerxes [OR] The King Replies And Work Stops [OR] The Decree Of Artaxerxes Ezr 4:17

6.) The Work Suspended [OR] The Building Is Stopped Ezr 4:23

E. Work Resumed on the Temple [OR] Renewal of Construction Work on the Temple Ezr 5:1-6:22

A.) The Prophets Encourage The Prince And The Priest: Work Begun Again [OR] Restoration Of The Temple Resumed [OR] Tattenai's Letter To Darius [OR] Temple Work Resumed [OR] Zerubbabel And Jeshua, Spurred On By Haggai And Zechariah, Advance The Building Of The Temple Ezr 5:1

1.) Tatnai And Shethar-Boznai Are Unable To Stop The Jews Ezr 5:3

1. Permission Requested From Darius Ezr 5:6-17

1.) Adversaries Write To Darius [OR] Their Letter To Darius Against The Jews [OR] The Decree Of Darius [OR] Darius Finds Cyrus' Decree [OR] Darius, Finding The Decree Of Cyrus, Makes A New Decree For Advancing The Building Ezr 5:6

2.) The Adversaries' Letter To Darius Ezr 5:7

2. King Darius Finds King Cyrus' Memorandum Ezr 6:1-15

1.) Darius Confirms The Decree Of Cyrus Ezr 6:1

(I.) The Temple Completed And Dedicated [OR] Completion And Dedication Of The Temple [OR] The Temple Completed And Dedicated [OR] By Help From The Enemies And The Directions Of The Prophets, The Temple Is Finished Ezr 6:13

A.) The Restoration Temple Finished And Dedicated Ezr 6:15

3. The Temple Is Completed and Dedicated Ezr 6:16-18

1.) The Feast Of The Dedication Is Kept Ezr 6:16

4. The Passover Is Celebrated Ezr 6:19-22

A.) The Passover Restored [OR] The Passover Celebrated [OR] The Passover [OR] The Passover Observed [OR] And Also The Feast Of The Passover Ezr 6:19

F. Ezra is Sent to Enforce the Law Ezr 7:1-8:36

1. Ezra's Family Background Ezr 7:1-10

I.) The ministry of Ezra Ezr 7:1

A.) The Expedition Of Ezra: His Descent And Companions [OR] The Arrival Of Ezra [OR] Ezra Comes To Jerusalem [OR] Ezra Journeys From Babylon To Jerusalem [OR] The Coming And Work Of Ezra [OR] Ezra Goes Up To Jerusalem Ezr 7:1

2. King Artaxerxes' Letter to Ezra Ezr 7:11-28

A.) Decree Of Artaxerxes In Ezra's Behalf [OR] The Letter Of Artaxerxes To Ezra [OR] King Artaxerxes' Letter To Ezra [OR] King's Decree On Behalf Of Ezra [OR] The Gracious Commission Of Artaxerxes To Ezra Ezr 7:11

1.) Ezra's Thanksgiving [OR] The King's Kindness [OR] Ezra Praises God For His Favor Ezr 7:27

3. The List of Those Returning From Babylon Ezr 8:1-14

A.) List Of Ezra's Companions [OR] Heads Of Families Who Returned With Ezra [OR] List Of The Family Heads Returning With Ezra [OR] People Who Went With Ezra [OR] The Companions Of Ezra Who Returned From Babylon Ezr 8:1

4. The People Prepare for Their Journey Ezr 8:15-30

A.) Ezra Sends For Levites And Nethinims [OR] Servants For The Temple [OR] The Return To Jerusalem [OR] Ezra Sends For Levites [OR] He Sends To Iddo For Ministers For The Temple Ezr 8:15

1.) The Fast At The River Ahava [OR] Fasting And Prayer For Protection [OR] Protection Of God Invoked [OR] Gifts For The Temple [OR] He Commits The Treasury To The Custody Of The Priests [OR] The Return To Jerusalem [OR] They Leave Ahava And Come To Jerusalem Ezr 8:21

B.) The Treasure Committed To Twelve Priests Ezr 8:24

5. The People Arrive in Jerusalem Ezr 8:31-36

A.) The Arrival Of Ezra At Jerusalem Ezr 8:31

B.) The Treasure Is Brought Into The Temple [OR] Treasure Placed In The Temple [OR] The Treasure Is Weighed In The Temple Ezr 8:33

C.) The King's Decree Delivered To The Governors [OR] The Commission Is Delivered Ezr 8:36

G. The Problem of Mixed Marriages Ezr 9:1-10:44

1. Ezra Leads the People in Prayer Ezr 9:1-15

A.) The Remnant Loses Its Separated Position [OR] Intermarriage With Pagans [OR] Ezra's Prayer About Intermarriage [OR] Mixed Marriages [OR] Denunciation Of Mixed Marriages [OR] Ezra Mourns Because Of Israel's Connection With Foreigners Of Various Lands Ezr 9:1

1.) Prayer Of Confession [OR] Ezra's Prayer [OR] He Prays Ezr 9:5

2. The People Take Action Ezr 10:1-19

1.) Separation Restored [OR] Confession Of Improper Marriages [OR] The People's Confession Of Sin [OR] Reconciliation With God [OR] The People's Response [OR] Shechaniah Encourages Ezra To Reform The Foreign Marriages Ezr 10:1

(I.) Foreign Wives And Their Children Rejected [OR] Ezra, Mourning, Assembles The People Ezr 10:6

(II.) The People, At The Exhortation Of Ezra, Repent And Promise To Put Away Foreign Wives Ezr 10:9

(III.) Their Diligence To Fulfill This Promise Ezr 10:15

(IV.) Pagan Wives Put Away [OR] Those Guilty Of Intermarriage [OR] List Of Offenders [OR] The Names Of Those Who Had Married Foreign Women Ezr 10:18

3. Those Who Were Guilty of Marrying Foreign Women Ezr 10:20-44