A. Messages of Doom Eze 1:1-24:27

1. Ezekiel Sees the LORD'S Throne Eze 1:1-28

I.) Ezekiel's preparation and commission Eze 1:1

A.) Introduction Eze 1:1

B.) The Vision Of The Glory Eze 1:2

1.) His Vision Of Four Living Creatures Eze 1:4

2.) Of The Four Wheels Eze 1:15

3.) Vision Of Divine Glory Eze 1:22

4.) And Of The Glory Of God Eze 1:26

5.) Ezekiel Sent To Rebellious Israel Eze 1:28

2. Ezekiel's Vision of a Scroll Eze 2:1-3:15

1.) The Filling With The Spirit [OR] Ezekiel's Call [OR] The Prophet's Call [OR] The Vision Of The Scroll [OR] Ezekiel's Commission Eze 2:1

2.) The Prophet Commissioned Eze 2:3

(I.) His Instruction Eze 2:6

(II.) The Roll Of His Severe Prophecy Eze 2:9

(III.) Ezekiel's Commission [OR] Ezekiel Eats The Roll Eze 3:1

(IV.) God Encourages Him Eze 3:4

I.) The prophet's commission as watchman Eze 3:10

A.) Ezekiel At The River Chebar Eze 3:12

B.) And Shows Him The Rule Of Prophecy Eze 3:15

3. Ezekiel Is Appointed to Be a Watchman Eze 3:16-21

A.) Ezekiel Is A Watchman [OR] Warning To Israel Eze 3:16

4. The LORD Gives Ezekiel Directions to Follow Eze 3:22-27

I.) Ezekiel's second vision of the glory, and the result in service [OR] Ezekiel Isolated and Silenced [OR] God shuts and opens the prophet's mouth Eze 3:22

A.) Ezekiel Again Filled With The Spirit: His Dumbness Eze 3:24

5. Ezekiel Plays Out the Blockade of Jerusalem Eze 4:1-17

A.) The Sign Of The Tile: Symbolic Actions [OR] The Siege Of Jerusalem Portrayed [OR] Siege Of Jerusalem Symbolized [OR] Siege Of Jerusalem Predicted [OR] The Figure Of A Siege Foretells The Number Of Years From Jeroboam's Defection To The Captivity Eze 4:1

1.) Defiled Bread [OR] By The Provisions Needed For The Siege Is Shown The Hardness Of The Famine Eze 4:9

6. The LORD Tells Ezekiel About the Fall of Jerusalem Eze 5:1-17

A.) The Sign Of The Sharp Knife: I.E. Famine, Pestilence, The Sword [OR] A Sword Against Jerusalem [OR] Jerusalem's Desolation Foretold [OR] By The Figure Of Hair Eze 5:1

1.) Is Shown The Judgment Of Jerusalem For Its Rebellion Eze 5:5

2.) By Famine, Sword And Dispersion Eze 5:12

7. A Prophecy Against the Mountains of Israel Eze 6:1-14

A.) The Message Against The Mountains Of Israel [OR] Judgment On Idolatrous Israel [OR] A Prophecy Against The Mountains Of Israel [OR] Idolatrous Worship Denounced [OR] The Judgment Of Israel For Idolatry Eze 6:1

B.) A Remnant To Be Spared [OR] A Remnant Shall Be Blessed Eze 6:8

C.) Desolation Upon The Land [OR] The Faithful Are Exhorted To Lament Their Calamities Eze 6:11

8. The LORD'S Judgment on Israel Eze 7:1-27

1.) Judgment On Israel Is Near [OR] The End Has Come [OR] Punishment For Wickedness Foretold [OR] Impending Disaster [OR] The Final Desolation Of Israel Eze 7:1

2.) The Repentance Of Those Who Escape Eze 7:16

3.) The Temple Profaned [OR] The Enemies Defile The Sanctuary Because Of The Israelites' Abominations Eze 7:20

4.) The Figure Of A Chain Foretells Their Miserable Captivity Eze 7:23

9. Idolatry in Jerusalem Eze 8:1-18

I.) General theme: Jehovah justified in sending his people into captivity [OR] Abominations in the Temple [OR] Idolatry in the Temple [OR] Vision of Abominations in Jerusalem [OR] Abominations in the Temple [OR] Ezekiel, in a vision of God at Jerusalem Eze 8:1

A.) Third Vision Of The Glory Eze 8:2

1.) Former Profanations Of The Temple [OR] Is Shown The Image Of Jealousy Eze 8:5

(I.) The Chambers Of Idolatry Eze 8:7

(II.) The Mourners For The God, Tammuz Eze 8:13

(III.) The Sun Worshipers Eze 8:15

(IV.) God's Wrath For Their Idolatry Eze 8:18

10. The LORD Orders the Destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem Eze 9:1-11

1.) The Vision Of The Slaying In Jerusalem [OR] The Wicked Are Slain [OR] Idolaters Killed [OR] The Vision Of Slaughter [OR] The Slaughter Of The Idolaters [OR] A Vision Wherein The Preservation Of Some Is Shown Eze 9:1

(I.) With The Destruction Of The Rest Eze 9:5

(II.) God Cannot Be Entreated For Them [OR] The Glory Departs From The Temple [OR] Vision Of God's Glory Departing From The Temple [OR] God's Glory Leaves Jerusalem [OR] The Vision Of The Coals Of Fire, To Be Scattered Over The City Eze 9:8

11. The Glory of the LORD Leaves His Temple Eze 10:1-22

1.) The Vision Of Altar Fire Scattered Over Jerusalem Eze 10:1

2.) Description Of The Cherubim [OR] The Vision Of The Cherubims Eze 10:8

12. Judgment on the Rulers of Israel Eze 11:1-13

1.) Vision Of Wrath Against The Lying Princes [OR] Judgment On Wicked Counselors [OR] Judgment On Israel's Leaders [OR] Evil Rulers To Be Judged [OR] The Presumption Of The Princes Eze 11:1

(I.) Their Sin And Judgment Eze 11:4

(II.) When Ezekiel Complains, God Shows His Purpose In Saving A Remnant Eze 11:13

13. The LORD'S Promise to Gather Israel From the Nations Eze 11:14-21

1.) The Promise To Spare The Remnant [OR] God Will Restore Israel [OR] Promise Of Restoration Eze 11:14

(I.) Promised Return Of Israel Eze 11:16

2.) Israel To Be Restored To The Land And Converted Eze 11:17

(I.) And Punishing The Wicked Eze 11:21

14. The Glory of the LORD Leaves Jerusalem Eze 11:22-25

1.) Vision Of The Departure Of The Glory From Jerusalem [OR] The Glory Of God Leaves The City Eze 11:22

(I.) Ezekiel Is Returned To Captivity Eze 11:24

15. Ezekiel Plays Out Israel's Exile Eze 12:1-28

A.) Vision Of The Prophet As A Sign [OR] Judah's Captivity Portrayed [OR] The Exile Symbolized [OR] Ezekiel Prepares For Exile [OR] The Figure Of Ezekiel's Removal Eze 12:1

1.) It Shows The Captivity Of Zedekiah [OR] Judgment Not Postponed [OR] Ezekiel's Trembling Shows The Jews' Desolation Eze 12:8

B.) The Full Captivity Near At Hand Eze 12:17

1.) The Jews' Presumptuous Proverb Is Reproved Eze 12:21

2.) The Imminent Fulfillment Of The Vision Eze 12:26

16. False Prophets Condemned Eze 13:1-23

A.) The Message Against The Lying Prophets [OR] Woe To Foolish Prophets [OR] False Prophets Condemned [OR] The Reproof Of Lying Prophets Eze 13:1

1.) And Their False Visions Eze 13:10

2.) Of Prophetesses And Their Magic Bands Eze 13:17

3.) The Lord Promises Deliverance Eze 13:22

17. Idolaters Condemned Eze 14:1-23

A.) The Vision Of The Elders Of Israel [OR] Idolatry Will Be Punished [OR] Idolaters Condemned [OR] Idolatrous Elders Condemned [OR] God's Judgments Justified [OR] God Answers Idolaters According To Their Own Heart Eze 14:1

1.) They Are Exhorted To Repent, For Fear Of Judgments Eze 14:6

B.) Jerusalem On No Account To Be Spared [OR] Judgment On Persistent Unfaithfulness [OR] Judgment Inescapable [OR] The City Will Not Be Spared [OR] God's Irrevocable Sentence Of Famine Eze 14:12

1.) Of Noisome Beasts Eze 14:15

2.) Of The Sword Eze 14:17

3.) And Of Pestilence Eze 14:19

4.) A Remnant Shall Be Preserved As An Example To Others Eze 14:22

18. Jerusalem Is Compared to Wood From a Wild Vine Eze 15:1-8

A.) The Vision Of The Burning Vine [OR] The Outcast Vine [OR] Jerusalem, A Useless Vine [OR] Jerusalem Like A Useless Vine [OR] The Useless Vine [OR] By The Unfitness Of The Vine's Branch For Any Work Eze 15:1

1.) Is Shown The Rejection Of Jerusalem Eze 15:6

19. A Description of Jerusalem's Sins Eze 16:1-34

A.) The Harlotry Of Jerusalem [OR] God's Love For Jerusalem [OR] An Allegory Of Unfaithful Jerusalem [OR] God's Grace To Unfaithful Jerusalem [OR] God's Faithless Bride [OR] By The Parable Of A Wretched Infant Is Shown The Natural State Of Jerusalem Eze 16:1

1.) God's Extraordinary Love Toward Her Eze 16:6

2.) Jerusalem's Harlotry [OR] Her Monstrous Lewdness Eze 16:15

3.) Jerusalem's Adultery Eze 16:31

20. Jerusalem's Punishment Eze 16:35-63

1.) Jerusalem's Lovers Will Abuse Her [OR] Her Grievous Judgment Eze 16:35

2.) More Wicked Than Samaria And Sodom [OR] Her Sin, Matching Her Mother's And Exceeding Those Of Her Sisters, Sodom And Samaria, Calls For Judgments Eze 16:44

3.) The Promise Of Future Blessing Under The Palestinian Covenant And The New Covenant [OR] An Everlasting Covenant [OR] The Covenant Remembered [OR] Mercy Is Promised Her In The End Eze 16:60

21. Judah Is Compared to a Tree Eze 17:1-24

A.) The Parable Of The Great Eagle [OR] The Eagle And The Vine [OR] Two Eagles And A Vine [OR] Parable Of Two Eagles And A Vine [OR] The Two Eagles And The Vine [OR] By The Parable Of Two Eagles And A Vine Eze 17:1

1.) The Rebellion Of Zedekiah And Its Results [OR] Zedekiah's Rebellion [OR] Is Shown God's Judgment Upon Jerusalem For Seeking Help From Egypt [OR] Israel Exalted At Last [OR] God Promises To Plant The Cedar Of The Gospel Eze 17:11

22. Everyone Will Suffer for His Own Sins Eze 18:1-32

A.) Ethical Instructions For Israel In Captivity [OR] A False Proverb Refuted [OR] The Soul Who Sins Will Die [OR] God Deals Justly With Individuals [OR] Individual Retribution [OR] God Reproves Use Of The Parable Of Sour Grapes Eze 18:1

1.) He Shows How He Deals With A Just Father Eze 18:5

2.) With A Wicked Son Of A Just Father Eze 18:10

3.) With A Just Son Of A Wicked Father Eze 18:14

4.) Turn And Live [OR] With A Wicked Man Repenting Eze 18:19

5.) With A Just Man Rebelling Eze 18:24

6.) He Defends His Justice Eze 18:25

7.) And Exhorts The People To Repent Eze 18:31

23. Funeral Songs for Israel's Princes Eze 19:1-14

A.) Lamentation For The Princes Of Israel [OR] Israel Degraded [OR] A Lament For Israel's Princes [OR] Lament For The Princes Of Israel [OR] A Lamentation For The Princes Of Israel, By The Parable Of Lions' Whelps Eze 19:1

1.) And For Jerusalem, By The Parable Of A Wasted Vine Eze 19:10

24. Israel's Past and Present Sins Eze 20:1-38

A.) Jehovah Vindicated In The Chastisement Of Israel [OR] The Rebellions Of Israel [OR] Rebellious Israel [OR] God's Dealings With Israel Rehearsed [OR] Israel's Continuing Rebellion [OR] God Refuses To Be Consulted By The Elders Of Israel Eze 20:1

1.) He Relates The Story Of Their Rebellions In Egypt Eze 20:5

2.) And In The Wilderness Eze 20:10

3.) With His Judgments Recounted Eze 20:21

4.) Their Rebellion In The Land Of Promise Eze 20:27

5.) Judgment And Restoration Eze 20:30

6.) The Future Judgment Of Israel [OR] God Will Restore Israel [OR] God Will Restore Israel To Her Land [OR] He Promises To Gather Them By The Gospel Eze 20:33

25. Israel's Future Eze 20:39-44

26. The Burning Forest Eze 20:45-49

1.) The Parable Of The Forest Of The South Field [OR] Fire In The Forest [OR] Prophecy Against The South [OR] A Prophecy Against The Negeb [OR] By The Parable Of A Forest God Shows The Destruction Of Jerusalem Eze 20:45

27. The Sword of the LORD Eze 21:1-17

A.) The Parable Of The Sighing Prophet [OR] Babylon, The Sword Of God [OR] Babylon, God's Sword Of Judgment [OR] Parable Of The Sword Of The Lord [OR] The Drawn Sword Of God [OR] Ezekiel Prophesies Against Jerusalem, With A Sign Of Sighing Eze 21:1

B.) The Parable Of The Sword Of God [OR] The Sharp And Bright Sword Eze 21:8

1.) The Prophet Is Commanded To Proclaim Eze 21:14

28. The Sword of the King of Babylon Eze 21:18-32

A.) No King Till Messiah Comes To Reign [OR] The Instrument Of God's Judgment [OR] Is Against Jerusalem Eze 21:18

1.) Against The Kingdom Eze 21:25

2.) A Sword Against The Ammonites [OR] And Against The Ammonites Eze 21:28

29. Jerusalem Is Judged Because of Its Murderous History Eze 22:1-31

A.) The Sins Of Israel Enumerated [OR] Sins Of Jerusalem [OR] Jerusalem's Sins [OR] The Sins Of Israel [OR] The Bloody City [OR] A Catalogue Of Sins In Jerusalem Eze 22:1

1.) God Will Burn Israel As Dross In His Furnace Eze 22:13

B.) The Parable Of The Dross In The Furnace [OR] Israel In The Furnace Eze 22:17

C.) Sins Of The Priest, Princes, Prophets, And People [OR] Israel's Wicked Leaders [OR] The General Corruption Of Prophets, Priests, Princes, And People Eze 22:23

30. Samaria and Jerusalem Acted Like Prostitutes Eze 23:1-49

A.) The Parable Of Aholah And Aholibah [OR] Two Harlot Sisters [OR] Two Adulterous Sisters [OR] Oholah And Oholibah's Sin And Its Consequences [OR] Oholah And Oholibah [OR] The Lewdness Of Aholah And Aholibah Eze 23:1

1.) The Older Sister, Samaria Eze 23:5

2.) The Younger Sister, Jerusalem Eze 23:11

3.) Judgment On Jerusalem [OR] Aholibah Is To Be Plagued By Her Lovers Eze 23:22

4.) Both Sisters Judged [OR] The Prophet Reproves The Adulteries Of Both Vile Sisters Eze 23:36

5.) And Shows Their Judgments Eze 23:45

31. Judah Is Compared to a Boiling Pot Eze 24:1-14

A.) The Parable Of The Boiling Pot [OR] Symbol Of The Cooking Pot [OR] The Cooking Pot [OR] Parable Of The Boiling Pot [OR] The Boiling Pot [OR] By The Parable Of A Boiling Pot Eze 24:1

1.) The Destruction Of Jerusalem Eze 24:6

2.) Is Foretold As Irrevocable Eze 24:11

32. Ezekiel's Silent Sorrow Over the Destruction of Jerusalem Eze 24:15-27

A.) Ezekiel Again Made A Sign To Israel [OR] The Prophet's Wife Dies [OR] Ezekiel's Wife Dies [OR] Death Of Ezekiel's Wife Is A Sign [OR] Ezekiel's Bereavement [OR] By The Sign Of Ezekiel Not Mourning For The Death Of His Wife Eze 24:15

1.) He Shows The Calamity Of The Jews To Be Beyond All Sorrow Eze 24:19

B. Messages Against Foreign Nations Eze 25:1-32:32

1. Judgment on Ammon Eze 25:1-7

A.) Prophecies Against The Nations Eze 25:1

1.) The Prophecy Against The Ammonites [OR] Proclamation Against Ammon [OR] A Prophecy Against Ammon [OR] Judgment On Gentile Nations--Ammon [OR] God's Vengeance, For Their Insolence Against The Jews, Upon The Ammonites Eze 25:1

2. Judgment on Moab Eze 25:8-11

1.) The Coming Judgment Upon Moab [OR] Proclamation Against Moab [OR] A Prophecy Against Moab [OR] Moab [OR] Upon Moab And Seir Eze 25:8

3. Judgment on Edom Eze 25:12-14

1.) The Coming Judgment Upon Edom [OR] Proclamation Against Edom [OR] A Prophecy Against Edom [OR] Edom [OR] Upon Edom Eze 25:12

4. Judgment on the Philistines Eze 25:15-17

1.) The Coming Judgment Upon Philistia [OR] Proclamation Against Philistia [OR] A Prophecy Against Philistia [OR] Philistia [OR] And Upon The Philistines Eze 25:15

5. Judgment on Tyre Eze 26:1-21

1.) The Coming Judgment Upon Tyre [OR] Proclamation Against Tyre [OR] A Prophecy Against Tyre [OR] Judgment On Tyre [OR] For Insults To Jerusalem, Tyrus (Tyre) Is Threatened Eze 26:1

(I.) The Power Of Nebuchadrezzar (nebuchadnezzar) Against Her Eze 26:7

(II.) At The Fall Of Tyrus Eze 26:15

(III.) The Princes Of The Sea Will Mourn Eze 26:17

6. A Funeral Song About Tyre Eze 27:1-36

(I.) The Lamentation For Tyre [OR] Lamentation For Tyre [OR] A Lament For Tyre [OR] Lament Over Tyre [OR] Lamentation Over Tyre [OR] The Rich Trade Of Tyrus Eze 27:1

(A.) comes from many lands Eze 27:5

(B.) The fall of Tyrus Eze 27:26

(C.) will be lamented by all who go to sea Eze 27:29

7. Judgment on the King of Tyre Eze 28:1-19

(I.) The Rebuke Of The King Of Tyre [OR] Proclamation Against The King Of Tyre [OR] A Prophecy Against The King Of Tyre [OR] Tyre's King Overthrown [OR] God's Judgment Upon The Prince Of Tyrus For His Sacrilegious Pride Eze 28:1

(A.) Lamentation for the King of Tyre [OR] Lamentation over the King of Tyre [OR] A lamentation for his great glory, corrupted by sin Eze 28:11

8. Judgment on Sidon Means Hope for Israel Eze 28:20-26

1.) The Judgment Of Zidon [OR] Proclamation Against Sidon [OR] A Prophecy Against Sidon [OR] Judgment Of Sidon [OR] The Judgment Of Zidon (Sidon) Eze 28:20

(I.) The Restoration Of Israel Eze 28:24

2.) The Future Regathering Of Israel [OR] Israel's Future Blessing [OR] Israel Regathered [OR] Future Blessing For Israel Eze 28:25

9. Judgment on Egypt Eze 29:1-21

1.) Egypt Eze 29:1

(I.) The Prophecy Against Egypt [OR] Proclamation Against Egypt [OR] A Prophecy Against Egypt [OR] Judgment Of Egypt [OR] Judgment On Pharaoh For His Treachery To Israel Eze 29:1

(A.) The desolation of Egypt Eze 29:8

(B.) The restoration of Egypt, after forty years [OR] Babylonia Will Plunder Egypt [OR] Egypt, the reward of Nebuchadrezzar Eze 29:13

(C.) Israel shall be restored Eze 29:21

10. Nebuchadnezzar Will Conquer Egypt Eze 30:1-26

(I.) Egypt In The Day Of Jehovah [OR] Egypt And Her Allies Will Fall [OR] A Lament For Egypt [OR] Lament Over Egypt [OR] Lamentation For Egypt [OR] The Desolation Of Egypt And Her Helpers Eze 30:1

(II.) Jehovah Against Pharaoh In The War With Babylon [OR] Proclamation Against Pharaoh [OR] Victory For Babylon [OR] The Arm Of Babylon Shall Be Strengthened To Break The Arm Of Egypt Eze 30:20

11. Egypt Will Be Conquered as Assyria Was Conquered Eze 31:1-18

(I.) The Prophecy Against Pharaoh [OR] Egypt Cut Down Like A Great Tree [OR] A Cedar In Lebanon [OR] Pharaoh Warned Of Assyria's Fate [OR] The Lofty Cedar [OR] The Narration To Pharaoh Eze 31:1

(A.) of the glory of Assyria Eze 31:3

(B.) whose fall was caused by pride Eze 31:10

(C.) Similar destruction of Egypt is foretold Eze 31:18

12. A Funeral Song About Pharaoh Eze 32:1-16

(I.) The Lamentation For Pharaoh [OR] Lamentation For Pharaoh And Egypt [OR] A Lament For Pharaoh [OR] Lament Over Pharaoh And Egypt [OR] Lamentation Over Pharaoh And Egypt [OR] A Lamentation For The Fall Of Egypt Eze 32:1

(A.) The sword of Babylon shall destroy it Eze 32:11

13. The Egyptians Will Join the Other Nations in the Grave Eze 32:17-32

(I.) Lamentation For Egypt [OR] Egypt And Others Consigned To The Pit [OR] Dirge Over Egypt [OR] It Shall Be Brought Down To Sheol, Among All The Uncircumcised Nations Eze 32:17

(A.) Fear of the Lord shall prevail Eze 32:32

C. Messages Of Hope Eze 33:1-48:35

1a. Ezekiel Is Called to Be a Watchman Eze 33:1-33

A.) Ethical Instructions For The Captivity [OR] The Watchman And His Message [OR] Ezekiel A Watchman [OR] The Watchman's Duty [OR] Ezekiel Israel's Sentry [OR] A Watchman's Duty Is To Warn The People Eze 33:1

1.) Ezekiel Is Appointed Watchman Over Israel Eze 33:7

2.) God's Justice And Mercy [OR] God Shows The Justice Of His Ways Toward The Penitent, And Toward Revolters Eze 33:10

3.) The Fairness Of God's Judgment Eze 33:12

4.) God Maintains His Justice Eze 33:17

I.) General theme: the future kingdom of the son of David [OR] The Fall of Jerusalem [OR] Jerusalem's Fall Explained [OR] Word of Jerusalem's Capture [OR] The Fall of Jerusalem [OR] Ezekiel receives news of Jerusalem's fall, and he foretells its desolation Eze 33:21

A.) Hearers Of The Word, But Not Doers [OR] The Cause Of Judah's Ruin [OR] The Survivors In Judah Eze 33:23

1.) Hearing And Not Doing [OR] God's Judgment On The Mockers Of The Prophets Eze 33:30

1. The Promise of a New Shepherd for the LORD'S Sheep Eze 34:1-31

A.) Message To The Faithless Shepherds Of Israel [OR] Irresponsible Shepherds [OR] Shepherds And Sheep [OR] Prophecy Against The Shepherds Of Israel [OR] Israel's False Shepherds [OR] A Reproof Of The Shepherds Eze 34:1

1.) For Selfishness And Harshness Eze 34:3

2.) God's Judgment Against Them Eze 34:7

B.) Israel To Be Restored: The Davidic Kingdom To Be Set Up [OR] God, The True Shepherd [OR] The Restoration Of Israel [OR] His Providence For His Flock Eze 34:11

1.) The Kingdom Of Christ Eze 34:20

2. Judgment on Edom Eze 35:1-15

A.) The Prophecy Against Mount Seir [OR] Judgment On Mount Seir [OR] A Prophecy Against Edom [OR] Prophecy Against Mount Seir [OR] The Judgment Of Mount Seir, For Hatred Of Israel [OR] Blessing On Israel [OR] A Prophecy To The Mountains Of Israel [OR] The Mountains Of Israel To Be Blessed [OR] The Land Of Israel If Comforted, Both By Destruction Of The Heathen Eze 35:1

3. Blessings for the Mountains of Israel Eze 36:1-38

A.) Message To The Mountains Of Israel: The Restoration Predicted Eze 36:1

1.) And By God's Promised Blessings [OR] The Renewal Of Israel [OR] Israel Was Rejected Because Of Sin Eze 36:8

B.) The Past Sins Of Israel: Her Future Restoration And Conversion Eze 36:16

1.) But Will Be Restored Eze 36:21

2.) Israel To Be Renewed For His Name's Sake Eze 36:22

3.) The Blessings Of Christ's Kingdom Eze 36:25

4. The Valley of Dry Bones Eze 37:1-28

I.) General Theme: restoration of Israel; the Davidic kingdom; judgment on the nations Eze 37:1

A.) The Vision Of The Valley Of Dry Bones [OR] The Dry Bones Live [OR] The Valley Of Dry Bones [OR] Vision Of The Valley Of Dry Bones [OR] By The Resurrection Of Dry Bones Eze 37:1

B.) The Vision Explained [OR] The Dead Hope Of Israel Is Revived Eze 37:11

C.) The Sign Of The Two Sticks [OR] One Kingdom, One King [OR] One Nation Under One King [OR] Reunion Of Judah And Israel [OR] The Two Sticks [OR] By The Uniting Of Two Sticks Eze 37:15

1.) Is Shown The Incorporation Of Israel Into Judah Eze 37:18

2.) The Promises Of Christ's Kingdom Eze 37:20

3.) The Davidic Kingdom Eze 37:24

5. The Destruction of Gog and Its Army Eze 38:1-39:29

A.) The Prophecy Against Gog [OR] Gog And Allies Attack Israel [OR] A Prophecy Against Gog [OR] Prophecy About Gog And Future Invasion Of Israel [OR] Invasion By Gog [OR] Ezekiel Is Directed To Prophesy Against The Army Of Gog Eze 38:1

1.) The Malice Of Gog Is Described In Graphic Detail Eze 38:8

2.) God's Judgment Against Him Eze 38:14

3.) Judgment On Gog Eze 38:18

4.) Gog's Armies Destroyed [OR] Prophecy Against Gog--Invaders Destroyed [OR] Gog's Armies Destroyed [OR] Gog Shall Be Destroyed Eze 39:1

5.) Israel's Victory [OR] The Burial Of Gog [OR] Gog's Burial In Hamon-Gog Eze 39:8

6.) A Triumphant Festival [OR] The Feast Of The Fowls [OR] Israel Restored To The Land Eze 39:17

7.) Israel, Plagued For Sins, Shall Be Restored With Eternal Favor Eze 39:23

B.) Vision Of Restored And Converted Israel [OR] Israel Restored Eze 39:25

6. The New Temple of God Eze 40:1-4

I.) General Theme: Israel in the land during the kingdom-age Eze 40:1

A.) Vision Of The Man With The Measuring Reed [OR] A New City, A New Temple [OR] The New Temple Area [OR] Vision Of The Man With A Measuring Rod [OR] The Vision Of The New Temple [OR] The Time, Manner And Purpose Of The Vision Eze 40:1

7. The East Gateway Eze 40:5-16

A.) Vision Of The Future Temple [OR] The East Gate To The Outer Court [OR] Measurements Relating To The Temple Eze 40:5

1.) The Eastern Gateway Of The Temple [OR] The Description And Measurements Of The East Gate [OR] The Outer Court Eze 40:6

8. The Outer Courtyard Eze 40:17-19

9. The North Gateway Eze 40:20-23

1.) The Northern Gateway [OR] The North Gate [OR] Of The North Gate Eze 40:20

10. The South Gateway Eze 40:24-27

1.) The Southern Gateway [OR] The South Gate [OR] Of The South Gate Eze 40:24

11. The Inner Courtyard Eze 40:28-37

1.) Gateways Of The Inner Court [OR] Gates To The Inner Court Eze 40:28

2.) With Added Details Of The East Gate Eze 40:32

3.) And Of The North Gate Eze 40:35

12. Special Rooms Eze 40:38-49

1.) Where Sacrifices Were Prepared [OR] The Rooms For Preparing Sacrifices Eze 40:38

2.) Eight Tables Eze 40:39

A.) The Chambers Of The Singers And Priests [OR] Chambers For Singers And Priests [OR] Rooms For The Priests [OR] The Chambers Eze 40:44

1.) Dimensions Of The Inner Court And Vestibule [OR] The Temple [OR] The Porch Of The House Eze 40:47

B.) The Porch Of The Temple Eze 40:48

13. The Holy Place in the Temple Eze 41:1-26

A.) Description Of The Temple [OR] Dimensions Of The Sanctuary [OR] The Inner Temple [OR] The Measures, Parts, Chambers And Ornaments Of The Temple Eze 41:1

1.) The Side Chambers On The Wall Eze 41:5

2.) The Building At The Western End Eze 41:12

3.) Dimensions And Design Of The Temple Area Eze 41:13

14. The Courtyards of the LORD'S New Temple Eze 42:1-20

1.) The Chambers For The Priests [OR] Rooms For The Priests [OR] Chambers Of The Temple [OR] The Holy Chambers And The Outer Wall [OR] The Chambers For The Priests Eze 42:1

2.) The Use Of These Chambers Eze 42:13

3.) Outer Dimensions Of The Temple Eze 42:15

4.) The Dimensions Of The Outer Court Eze 42:19

15. The Glory of the LORD Fills the New Temple Eze 43:1-12

1.) The Temple, The Lord's Dwelling Place [OR] The Glory Returns To The Temple [OR] Vision Of The Glory Of God Filling The Temple [OR] The Divine Glory Returns To The Temple [OR] God's Glory Again Fills The Temple Eze 43:1

A.) Vision Of The Glory Of The Lord Filling The Temple Eze 43:2

B.) The Place Of The Throne Of The Future Kingdom [OR] The Sin Of Israel Had Prevented God's Presence Eze 43:7

1.) The Prophet Exhorts The People To Repentance And Observation Of The Law Of The House Eze 43:10

16. The Altar in the New Temple Eze 43:13-27

A.) The Measure Of The Altar [OR] Dimensions Of The Altar [OR] The Altar [OR] The Altar Of Sacrifice [OR] The Dimensions Eze 43:13

1.) Consecrating The Altar [OR] The Offerings [OR] And The Ordinances Of The Altar Eze 43:18

B.) The Offerings Eze 43:19

1.) As A Sin Offering, A Young Bullock Eze 43:21

2.) And Seven Young Goats, Shall Be Sacrificed Eze 43:25

17. The East Gate Is Sealed Shut Eze 44:1-4

A.) The Gate For The Prince [OR] The East Gate And The Prince [OR] The Prince, The Levites, The Priests [OR] Gate For The Prince [OR] The Closed Gate [OR] The East Gate Assigned Only To The Prince Eze 44:1

B.) The Glory Fills The House [OR] Those Admitted To The Temple [OR] Admission To The Temple [OR] The Priests Reproved For Pollution Of The Sanctuary Eze 44:4

18. The People Serving in the New Temple Eze 44:5-31

A.) The Priests Of The Future Temple [OR] Idolaters Incapable Of The Priest's Office Eze 44:9

1.) Laws Governing Priests Eze 44:10

2.) Ordinances For The Levites [OR] The Levitical Priests [OR] The Sons Of Zadok Are Acceptable As Priests Eze 44:15

3.) Ordinances For The Priests Eze 44:17

19. Land for the Priests, Levites, and the Prince Eze 45:1-8

A.) The Lord's Portion Of The Land [OR] The Holy District [OR] Division Of The Land [OR] The Portion Of Land For The Sanctuary Eze 45:1

1.) Properties Of The City And The Prince [OR] For The City Eze 45:6

B.) The Portion For The Prince [OR] Portion For The Prince [OR] And For The Prince Eze 45:7

20. Honest Weights and Measures for the LORD'S People Eze 45:9-12

1.) Laws Governing The Prince [OR] Ordinances For The Prince Eze 45:9

2.) Weights And Measures Eze 45:10

21. Rules for Worship Eze 45:13-46:24

1.) Offerings And Holy Days [OR] Offerings Eze 45:13

2.) Keeping The Feasts [OR] Festivals Eze 45:18

A.) The Worship Of The Prince And The People [OR] The Manner Of Worship [OR] The Prince's Offerings [OR] Miscellaneous Regulations [OR] Regulations For The Prince, In His Worship Eze 46:1

1.) And For The People Eze 46:9

2.) The Prince And Inheritance Laws [OR] An Order For The Prince's Inheritance Eze 46:16

B.) The Place For Boiling The Offerings [OR] How The Offerings Were Prepared [OR] The Boiling Places [OR] The Courts For Boiling And Baking Eze 46:19

22. Water Flowing From the Temple Eze 47:1-12

A.) The River Of The Sanctuary [OR] The Healing Waters And Trees [OR] The River From The Temple [OR] Water From The Temple [OR] Water Flowing From The Temple [OR] The Vision Of The Holy Waters Eze 47:1

1.) Their Healing And Life-Giving Qualities Eze 47:6

23. Dividing the Land for the LORD'S People Eze 47:13-48:29

A.) The Borders Of The Land [OR] Borders Of The Land [OR] The Boundaries Of The Land [OR] Boundaries And Division Of The Land [OR] The New Boundaries Of The Land Eze 47:13

1.) It Is To Be Divided By Lot Eze 47:22

B.) The Division Of The Land [OR] Division Of The Land [OR] The Tribal Portions [OR] Portions Of The Tribes Eze 48:1

1.) Of The Sanctuary, Which Is Not To Be Sold Or Exchanged Eze 48:8

C.) For The Priests And Levites [OR] Portion For The Priests Eze 48:10

1.) And Of The City And Suburbs, With Their Workers Eze 48:15

D.) The Portion For The Prince [OR] Portion For The Prince [OR] The Remainder Is Set Aside For The Prince Eze 48:21

1.) Portion For Other Tribes [OR] Portions Allotted To The Rest Of The Tribes Eze 48:23

24. The New City of God Eze 48:30-35

A.) The City And Its Gates [OR] The Gates Of The City And Its Name [OR] The Gates Of The City [OR] The City Gates [OR] The Dimensions And Gates Of The City Eze 48:30