A. Salvation Ex 1:1-18:27

1. Israel Comes to Egypt Ex 1:1-7

I.) Israel in Egypt [OR] Israel's Suffering in Egypt [OR] The Israelites Oppressed [OR] Israel Multiplies in Egypt [OR] After Joseph's death, the children of Israel increase in numbers Ex 1:1

A.) The Egyptian Bondage Ex 1:7

2. The Israelites Become Slaves Ex 1:8-14

1.) The Israelites Are Oppressed [OR] A New King, Who Knew Not Joseph, Arises Ex 1:8

2.) The More The Children Of Israel Are Oppressed, The More They Multiply Ex 1:11

3. Pharaoh Tells the Midwives to Kill All Hebrew Baby Boys Ex 1:15-22

1.) The Midwives Save The Male Children Ex 1:15

2.) Pharaoh Commands The Male Children To Be Cast Into The River Ex 1:22

4. Pharaoh's Daughter Adopts Moses Ex 2:1-10

A.) The Preparation Of The Deliverer Ex 2:1

1.) The Birth Of Moses [OR] Moses Is Born [OR] Birth And Youth Of Moses [OR] Moses Is Born, And Set Afloat In A Basket Of Bulrushes Ex 2:1

(I.) He Is Found, And Brought Up By Pharaoh's Daughter [OR] Moses Flees To Midian [OR] He Slays An Egyptian Ex 2:5

5. Moses Commits Murder and Flees to Midian [2:11-15a] Ex 2:11-15

1.) Moses Identifies Himself With Israel Ex 2:11

(I.) He Reproves A Hebrew Ex 2:13

(II.) Moses Escapes To Midian [OR] He Flees Into Midian Ex 2:15

6. Moses Marries Zipporah [2:15b-22] Ex 2:16-22

1.) Moses, Rejected By His Brethren, Takes A Gentile Bride [OR] He Marries Zipporah Ex 2:21

(I.) Gershom Is Born Ex 2:22

7. The Israelites Pray to God During Their Suffering Ex 2:23-25

(I.) God Hears The Complaints Of The Israelites Ex 2:23

8. Moses at the Burning Bush Ex 3:1-4:17

1.) The Call Of Moses Ex 3:1

(I.) The Burning Bush [OR] Moses At The Burning Bush [OR] Moses And The Burning Bush [OR] Moses Keeps Jethro's Flock Ex 3:1

(A.) God appears to Moses in a burning bush Ex 3:2

(B.) He sends him to deliver Israel Ex 3:9

(C.) The Mission of Moses Ex 3:10

(II.) The Revelation Of The Name Jehovah [OR] The Divine Name Revealed Ex 3:13

(A.) The name of God Ex 3:14

(III.) The Commission Of Moses [OR] His Message To Israel Ex 3:15

(IV.) Moses' Two Objections Ex 4:1

(A.) The unbelief of the people [OR] Miraculous Signs for Pharaoh [OR] Signs for Moses [OR] Moses Given Powers [OR] Moses' Miraculous Power [OR] Moses' rod is turned into a serpent as a sign Ex 4:1

(1.) His hand is miraculously leprous Ex 4:6

(B.) His lack of eloquence [OR] He is reluctant to be sent, and Aaron is appointed to assist him Ex 4:10

(V.) Aaron Joined With Moses [OR] Aaron To Be Moses' Mouthpiece Ex 4:14

9. Moses Returns to Egypt Ex 4:18-26

(A.) Moses Goes to Egypt [OR] Moses Returns to Egypt [OR] Moses departs from Jethro Ex 4:18

1.) The Return Of Moses To Egypt Ex 4:19

(I.) God's Message To Pharaoh Ex 4:21

(II.) Zipporah Circumcises Her Son Ex 4:24

10. Moses and Aaron Tell the People What the LORD Said Ex 4:27-31

(I.) Aaron Is Sent To Meet Moses Ex 4:27

A.) Deliverance Announced To The Elders Of Israel Ex 4:29

1.) The People Believe Them Ex 4:31

11. Moses and Aaron Confront Pharaoh Ex 5:1-5

A.) The Contest With Pharaoh Ex 5:1

1.) The First Demand; The Increased Burdens [OR] First Encounter With Pharaoh [OR] Bricks Without Straw [OR] Israel's Labor Increased [OR] Pharaoh Chides Moses And Aaron For Their Message Ex 5:1

(I.) He Increases The Tasks Of The Israelites Ex 5:5

12. Pharaoh Increases the Israelites' Labor Ex 5:6-6:1

(I.) He Opposes Their Complaints Ex 5:15

(II.) They Cry Out To Moses And Aaron Ex 5:19

(III.) Israel's Deliverance Assured [OR] God Promises Deliverance [OR] Moses Complains To God Ex 5:22

(IV.) The Answer Of Jehovah To Moses' First Prayer [OR] God Promises Action [OR] Israel's Deliverance Assured [OR] God Renews His Promise By His Name Jehovah Ex 6:1

13. The LORD Tells Moses to Speak to Pharaoh Again Ex 6:2-13

(A.) Family Record of Moses and Aaron Ex 6:13

14. Aaron and Moses' Ancestry Ex 6:14-27

(I.) The Families Of Israel [OR] The Family Of Moses And Aaron [OR] The Heads Of Israel [OR] The Genealogy Of Moses And Aaron [OR] The Genealogy Of Reuben Ex 6:14

(A.) of Simeon Ex 6:15

(B.) of Levi, ancestor of Moses and Aaron Ex 6:16

15. Aaron's Staff Becomes a Snake Ex 6:28-7:13

(I.) The Renewed Commission [OR] Aaron Is Moses' Spokesman [OR] Aaron To Speak For Moses [OR] Moses And Aaron Obey God's Commands Ex 6:28

(A.) I Will Stretch Out My Hand [OR] Moses is encouraged to go to Pharaoh Ex 7:1

(B.) Moses' Staff Becomes a Snake Ex 7:6

(C.) His age Ex 7:7

(D.) Aaron's Miraculous Rod [OR] Aaron's Rod Becomes a Serpent [OR] Aaron's Miraculous Rod [OR] His rod is turned into a serpent Ex 7:8

1.) The Second Demand; The First Miracle Ex 7:10

(I.) The Sorcerers Do The Same Ex 7:11

(II.) Pharaoh's Heart Is Hardened Against The Israelites Ex 7:13

16. The First Plague-The Nile River Turns Into Blood Ex 7:14-25

1.) The Third Demand [OR] The First Plague: Waters Become Blood [OR] The Plague Of Blood [OR] Water Is Turned To Blood [OR] The First Plague: Water Turned To Blood [OR] God's Message To Pharaoh Ex 7:14

(I.) The River Is Turned Into Blood Ex 7:19

(II.) The Second Miracle; The First Judgment Ex 7:20

(A.) The Plague of Frogs Ex 7:25

17. The Second Plague-Frogs Ex 8:1-15

1.) The Fourth Demand [OR] The Second Plague: Frogs [OR] Frogs Over The Land [OR] Frogs Are Sent Ex 8:1

(I.) The Third Miracle; The Second Judgment Ex 8:6

(A.) Pharaoh calls for Moses, who removes them through prayer Ex 8:8

(II.) The Fourth Miracle Ex 8:12

18. The Third Plague-Gnats Ex 8:16-19

(I.) The Fifth Miracle; The Third Judgment [OR] The Third Plague: Lice [OR] The Plague Of Gnats [OR] The Plague Of Insects [OR] The Third Plague: Gnats [OR] The Dust Is Turned Into Lice Ex 8:16

19. The Fourth Plague-Flies Ex 8:20-32

1.) The Fifth Demand [OR] The Fourth Plague: Flies [OR] The Plague Of Flies [OR] Swarms Of Flies Are Sent Upon The Egyptians Ex 8:20

(I.) The Sixth Miracle; The Fourth Judgment Ex 8:24

(II.) The First Compromise Refused [OR] Pharaoh Is Ind To Let The People Go, But His Heart Is Hardened Ex 8:25

(III.) The Second Compromise Refused Ex 8:28

(IV.) The Seventh Miracle Ex 8:30

20. The Fifth Plague-Death of Livestock Ex 9:1-7

1.) The Sixth Demand; The Eighth Miracle; The Fifth Judgment [OR] The Fifth Plague: Livestock Diseased [OR] The Plague On Livestock [OR] Egyptian Cattle Die [OR] The Murrain Of Beasts Ex 9:1

21. The Sixth Plague-Boils Ex 9:8-12

(I.) The Ninth Miracle; The Sixth Judgment [OR] The Sixth Plague: Boils [OR] The Plague Of Boils [OR] The Plague Of Boils And Blisters Is Sent Ex 9:8

22. The Seventh Plague-Hail Ex 9:13-35

1.) The Seventh Demand [OR] The Seventh Plague: Hail [OR] The Plague Of Hail [OR] The Seventh Plague: Thunder And Hail [OR] His Message About The Hail Ex 9:13

(I.) The Tenth Miracle; The Seventh Judgment [OR] The Plague Of Hail Ex 9:22

(A.) Pharaoh pleads with Moses Ex 9:27

(B.) but his heart is still hardened Ex 9:35

23. The Eighth Plague-Locusts Ex 10:1-20

1.) The Eighth Demand [OR] The Eighth Plague: Locusts [OR] The Plague Of Locusts [OR] God Threatens To Send Locusts Ex 10:1

(I.) Pharaoh, Urged By His Servants, Is Disposed To Let The Israelites Go Ex 10:7

(II.) The Third Compromise Refused Ex 10:8

(III.) The Eleventh Miracle; The Eighth Judgment [OR] The Plague Of The Locusts Ex 10:12

(A.) Pharaoh pleads with Moses Ex 10:16

24. The Ninth Plague-Darkness Ex 10:21-29

(I.) The Twelfth Miracle; The Ninth Judgment [OR] The Ninth Plague: Darkness [OR] The Plague Of Darkness [OR] Darkness Over The Land Ex 10:21

(II.) The Fourth Compromise Refused [OR] Pharaoh Entreats Moses, But His Heart Still Is Hardened Ex 10:24

(III.) The King Abandoned To Judgment Ex 10:28

25. The Tenth Plague-The Death of the Firstborn Ex 11:1-10

1.) The Judgment Upon The Firstborn Foretold [OR] Death Of The Firstborn Announced [OR] The Plague On The Firstborn [OR] The Last Plague [OR] Warning Of The Final Plague [OR] God's Message To The Israelites To Borrow Jewels Of Their Neighbors Ex 11:1

(I.) Moses Threatens Pharaoh With The Death Of The Firstborn Ex 11:4

26. Passover Ex 12:1-30

1.) Parenthesis--The Passover [OR] The Passover Instituted [OR] The Passover [OR] The Passover Lamb [OR] The First Passover Instituted [OR] The Beginning Of The Year Is Changed, And The Passover Is Instituted Ex 12:1

(I.) The Rite Of The Passover Ex 12:11

I.) Redemption typical Ex 12:12

A.) By Blood Ex 12:12

1.) The Memorial Of Redemption By Blood [OR] Feast Of Unleavened Bread Ex 12:14

(I.) Unleavened Bread Ex 12:15

(II.) A Memorial Of Redemption [OR] The Tenth Plague: Death Of The Firstborn [OR] The Firstborn Are Slain [OR] The Exodus [OR] The Israelites Are Sent Out Of Egypt Ex 12:23

2.) The Tenth Judgment; Death Of The Firstborn Ex 12:29

27. Pharaoh Allows the Israelites to Leave Egypt Ex 12:31-36

(I.) Exodus Of Israel [OR] The Exodus: From Rameses To Succoth Ex 12:33

28. The Israelites Leave Egypt Ex 12:37-42

A.) By Power Ex 12:37

1.) The First Stage Of The Journey Ex 12:37

(I.) Ordinance Of The Passover Ex 12:42

29. Rules for the Passover Ex 12:43-13:10

(I.) Passover Regulations [OR] Passover Restrictions [OR] Directions For The Passover [OR] The Ordinance Of The Passover Ex 12:43

1.) Parenthetical: The Firstborn Set Apart For Jehovah [OR] The Firstborn Consecrated [OR] Consecration Of The Firstborn [OR] Consecration Of The First-Born [OR] The Firstborn Are Sanctified To God Ex 13:1

(I.) The Feast Of Unleavened Bread [OR] The Festival Of Unleavened Bread Ex 13:3

30. Rules Concerning the Firstborn Child Ex 13:11-16

(I.) The Law Of The Firstborn [OR] The Consecration Of The Firstborn [OR] The Firstborn Of Beasts Are Set Apart Ex 13:11

31. God Leads the People out of Egypt Ex 13:17-22

(I.) The Wilderness Way [OR] Crossing The Sea [OR] God Leads The People [OR] The Pillars Of Cloud And Fire [OR] The Israelites Go Out Of Egypt, And Carry Joseph's Bones With Them Ex 13:17

1.) The Second Stage Of The Journey [OR] They Come To Etham Ex 13:20

2.) The Divine Presence And Guidance [OR] God Guides Them By A Pillar Of A Cloud, And A Pillar Of Fire Ex 13:21

32. Pharaoh Pursues Israel Ex 14:1-12

1.) The Third Stage Of The Journey [OR] The Red Sea Crossing [OR] Pharaoh In Pursuit [OR] Crossing The Red Sea [OR] God Instructs The Israelites In Their Journey Ex 14:1

(I.) Pharaoh Pursues Them Ex 14:5

(II.) The Israelites Murmur Ex 14:10

33. The LORD Divides the Red Sea Ex 14:13-31

1.) Jehovah's Victory Over Pursuing Egypt [OR] The Sea Is Divided [OR] Moses Comforts Them Ex 14:13

(I.) God Instructs Moses Ex 14:15

(II.) The Cloud Moves To A Position Behind The Camp Ex 14:19

(III.) The Israelites Pass Through The Red Sea Ex 14:21

(IV.) Which Drowns The Egyptians Ex 14:23

(V.) The Pursuers Drowned [OR] The Song Of Moses [OR] The Song Of Moses And Israel [OR] Moses' Song [OR] The Song Of Miriam Ex 14:26

2.) The Fourth Stage Of The Journey Ex 14:29

34. The Song of Moses Ex 15:1-19

A.) Complete (1) By Blood; (2) By Power. The Song Of The Redeemed Ex 15:1

35. The Song of Miriam Ex 15:20-21

36. God Provides Water for the Israelites Ex 15:22-27

A.) Experience Ex 15:22

1.) Fifth Stage Of The Journey [OR] Bitter Waters Made Sweet [OR] The Waters Of Marah And Elim [OR] The Lord Provides Water [OR] Bitter Water Made Sweet [OR] The People Want Water, But The Waters At Marah Are Bitter Ex 15:22

2.) Sixth Stage Of The Journey--How Bitter Becomes Sweet Ex 15:23

(I.) A Tree Sweetens Them Ex 15:25

3.) Rest After Trial [OR] At Elim Are Twelve Wells And Seventy Palm Trees Ex 15:27

37. The LORD Provides Manna and Quails for the Israelites to Eat Ex 16:1-36

1.) Seventh Stage Of The Journey; Hunger [OR] Bread From Heaven [OR] Manna And Quail [OR] The Lord Provides Manna [OR] The Israelites Come To Sin Ex 16:1

(I.) They Murmur For Want Of Bread Ex 16:2

(II.) God Promises Them Bread From Heaven Ex 16:4

(III.) The Lord Provides Meat Ex 16:8

(IV.) Quails And Manna Are Sent Ex 16:11

(V.) The Manna: Type Of Christ The Giver And Sustainer Of Life Ex 16:14

(A.) Regulations concerning manna Ex 16:16

(B.) The Sabbath Observed Ex 16:22

(VI.) The Sabbath Given To Israel; Type Of Israel's Kingdom Ex 16:23

(A.) It will not be given on the sabbath Ex 16:25

(B.) An omer of it is preserved [OR] Water From the Rock [OR] Water in the Rock [OR] The people murmur for water at Rephidim Ex 16:32

38. The LORD Provides Water for the Israelites From a Rock Ex 17:1-7

1.) Eighth Stage Of The Journey; Thirst Ex 17:1

(I.) Water From The Rock; Type Of Christ, The Giver Of The Spirit [OR] God Sends Them To The Rock In Horeb For Water Ex 17:5

39. God Defeats the Amalekites Ex 17:8-16

1.) The Conflict With Amalek [OR] Victory Over The Amalekites [OR] The Amalekites Defeated [OR] Amalek Fought [OR] Amalek Attacks Israel And Is Defeated [OR] Amalek Is Overcome When The Rod Of God Is Held Up In Moses' Hands Ex 17:8

(I.) Moses Builds The Altar Jehovah-nissi Ex 17:15

40. Moses' Father-in-law Visits Israel's Camp Ex 18:1-27

1.) Leaning On The Arm Of Flesh [OR] Jethro's Advice [OR] Jethro Visits Moses [OR] Jethro, Moses' Father-In-Law [OR] Jethro Brings Moses His Wife And Two Sons Ex 18:1

(I.) Moses Entertains Him Ex 18:7

(II.) Moses Judges The People Ex 18:13

(III.) Jethro Counsels Moses Ex 18:17

(IV.) Jethro's Counsel Is Accepted And Judges Are Appointed Ex 18:24

(V.) Jethro Departs (Ex 18:27

B. Covenant: The Result of Salvation Ex 19:1-40:38

1. Israel at Mount Sinai Ex 19:1-25

1.) Ninth Stage Of The Journey; Israel At Sinai [OR] Israel At Mount Sinai [OR] At Mount Sinai [OR] Moses On Sinai [OR] The Israelites Reach Mount Sinai [OR] The People Come To Sinai Ex 19:1

2.) Grace Given Up For Law [OR] God, Speaking Out Of The Mount, Sends His Message To The Israelites Ex 19:3

(I.) The Fifth Dispensation, Law (extends To The Cross) [OR] The People's Answer Is Given To God Ex 19:8

3.) To A People Under Law, God Is "In A Thick Cloud," And Unapproachable [OR] The People Consecrated Ex 19:9

(I.) The People Are Prepared For The Third Day Ex 19:10

(II.) The Mountain Must Not Be Touched Ex 19:12

(III.) The Awe-inspiring Presence Of God On The Mount Ex 19:16

(IV.) The Lord Visits Sinai [OR] The Ten Commandments Ex 19:18

2. The Ten Commandments Ex 20:1-17

1.) Self Known Through The Revelation Of God's Holy Law Ex 20:1

(I.) The Commandments; The Fifth, Or Mosaic, Covenant Ex 20:1

3. The People's Reaction Ex 20:18-21

(A.) The People Afraid of God's Presence [OR] The people are afraid and stand far away Ex 20:18

(B.) Moses comforts them Ex 20:20

4. General Rules for Worship Ex 20:22-26

a. Expansion of the Theme of the Ten Commandments Ex 20:22-40:38

(A.) The Law of the Altar [OR] Idols and Altars [OR] The Law concerning the Altar [OR] The people are forbidden to make images Ex 20:22

(B.) What kind of altar they should have Ex 20:24

5. Laws Concerning the Treatment of Slaves Ex 21:1-11

(I.) The "judgments" Ex 21:1

(A.) Master and servant [OR] The Law Concerning Servants [OR] Ordinances for the People [OR] The Law concerning Slaves [OR] Laws for men servants, women servants, and servants whose ear is bored Ex 21:1

(1.) Hebrew Servants (Ex 21:2

6. Laws Concerning Injury to People Ex 21:12-32

(A.) Injuries to the person [OR] The Law Concerning Violence [OR] Personal Injuries [OR] For manslaughter Ex 21:12

(1.) For stealers of men Ex 21:16

(2.) For cursers of parents Ex 21:17

(3.) For smiters Ex 21:18

(4.) For one hurt by chance Ex 21:22

(5.) Animal Control Laws [OR] Laws concerning Property [OR] For an ox that gores Ex 21:28

7. Laws Concerning Property Ex 21:33-22:15

(1.) For the man who causes harm to an ox or an ass Ex 21:33

(A.) Rights of property [OR] Responsibility for Property [OR] Protection of Property [OR] Property Rights [OR] Laws of Restitution [OR] Of theft Ex 22:1

(1.) Of damage Ex 22:5

(2.) Of borrowing Ex 22:14

8. Laws for Living as God's Holy People Ex 22:16-23:13

(A.) Crimes against humanity [OR] Moral and Ceremonial Principles [OR] Social Responsibility [OR] Sundry Laws [OR] Social and Religious Laws [OR] Of fornication Ex 22:16

(1.) Of witchcraft Ex 22:18

(2.) Of bestiality Ex 22:19

(3.) Of idolatry Ex 22:20

(4.) Of strangers, widows, and fatherless Ex 22:21

(5.) Of usury Ex 22:25

(6.) Of pledges Ex 22:26

(7.) Of reverence to magistrates Ex 22:28

(8.) Of the first fruits Ex 22:29

(9.) Justice for All [OR] Laws of Justice and Mercy [OR] Sundry Laws [OR] Justice for All [OR] Of slander and false witness Ex 23:1

(10.) Of justice and charity Ex 23:3

(B.) The land and the Sabbath [OR] The Law of Sabbaths [OR] Sabbath Laws [OR] The Sabbath and Land [OR] Sabbatical Year and Sabbath [OR] Of the year of rest Ex 23:10

(1.) Of the sabbath Ex 23:12

(2.) Of idolatry Ex 23:13

9. Laws for Three Festivals Ex 23:14-19

(I.) The Three National Feasts: Unleavened Bread; Firstfruits; Ingathering [OR] Three Annual Feasts [OR] The Three Annual Festivals [OR] Three National Feasts [OR] The Annual Festivals [OR] Of The Three Feasts Ex 23:14

(A.) Of the blood and the fat of the sacrifice Ex 23:18

10. Laws About God's Messenger, Who Will Bring Israel to the Promised Land Ex 23:20-33

(I.) Instructions And Promises Concerning The Conquest Of The Land [OR] The Angel And The Promise [OR] God's Angel To Prepare The Way [OR] Conquest Of The Land [OR] The Conquest Of Canaan Promised [OR] An Angel Is Promised Ex 23:20

11. The Promise Sealed With Blood Ex 24:1-11

(I.) The Order Of Worship Pending The Building Of The Tabernacle [OR] Israel Affirms The Covenant [OR] The Covenant Confirmed [OR] People Affirm Their Covenant With God [OR] The Blood Of The Covenant [OR] Moses Is Called Up Into The Mountain Ex 24:1

(II.) The People Accept The Covenant: The Worship Of The People [OR] The People Promise Obedience Ex 24:3

(A.) Moses builds an altar and twelve pillars Ex 24:4

(B.) He sprinkles the blood of the covenant upon the altar [OR] On the Mountain with God [OR] The glory of God appears Ex 24:6

(III.) The Worship Of Moses, The Priests, And The Elders Ex 24:9

12. Moses Goes up the Mountain to Receive God's Words Written on Stone Ex 24:12-18

(A.) Aaron and Hur have charge of the people Ex 24:14

(B.) Moses goes up into the mountain, where he stays forty days and forty nights Ex 24:15

13. Gifts for Use in the Tent of Meeting Ex 25:1-9

(I.) Moses In The Mount Ex 25:1

(A.) The tabernacle (Ex 25:1

(1.) The materials [OR] Offerings for the Sanctuary [OR] Offerings for the Tabernacle [OR] What the Israelites must offer for the making of the tabernacle Ex 25:1

14. The Ark Ex 25:10-22

(1.) The ark [OR] The Ark of the Testimony [OR] Ark of the Covenant [OR] The Ark of the Covenant [OR] The form of the ark Ex 25:10

15. The Table Ex 25:23-30

(1.) The table of shewbread [OR] The Table for the Showbread [OR] The Table [OR] The Table of Showbread [OR] The Table for the Bread of the Presence [OR] The table and its furniture Ex 25:23

16. The Lamp Stand Ex 25:31-40

(1.) The golden candlestick [OR] The Gold Lampstand [OR] The Lampstand [OR] The Golden Lampstand [OR] The candlestick and its instruments Ex 25:31

17. The Tent Ex 26:1-37

(1.) The curtains of linen [OR] Tabernacle [OR] The Tabernacle [OR] Curtains of Linen [OR] The ten curtains of the tabernacle Ex 26:1

(2.) The curtains of goats' hair [OR] Curtains of Goats' Hair [OR] The eleven curtains of goats' hair Ex 26:7

(3.) The covering of rams' skins [OR] The coverings of rams' skins and badgers' skins Ex 26:14

(4.) The boards and sockets [OR] Boards and Sockets [OR] The Framework [OR] The boards of the tabernacle, with their sockets and bars Ex 26:15

(5.) The outside bars Ex 26:26

(6.) The bar in the midst Ex 26:28

(7.) The overlay of gold Ex 26:29

(8.) The inner vail [OR] The Veil and Screen [OR] The Curtain [OR] The veil for the ark Ex 26:31

(9.) The outer vail [OR] The hanging for the door [OR] The Altar of Burnt Offering [OR] The Bronze Altar [OR] The altar of burnt offering with its vessels Ex 26:36

18. The Altar Ex 27:1-8

(1.) The brazen altar Ex 27:1

19. The Courtyard Ex 27:9-19

(1.) The court [OR] The Court of the Tabernacle [OR] The Courtyard [OR] Court of the Tabernacle [OR] The Court and Its Hangings Ex 27:9

(2.) The hanging for the gate of the court Ex 27:16

20. Lamps in the Tent Ex 27:20-21

(1.) The oil for the light [OR] The Care of the Lampstand [OR] Oil for the Lampstand [OR] The oil for the lamp Ex 27:20

21. The Holy Clothes (Ex 28:1-5

(1.) The priesthood Ex 28:1

22A. Holy garments are appointed [OR] The ephod [OR] The Breastplate [OR] The breastplate, with twelve precious stones Ex 28:2

22. The Ephod Ex 28:6-14

23. The Breastplate Ex 28:15-30

24. Other Clothes for Aaron and His Sons Ex 28:31-43

24B The garments for Aaron's sons Ex 28:40

25. Make Aaron and His Sons Priests Ex 29:1-46

25B. Food of the Priests [OR] The Daily Offerings [OR] The continual burnt offering Ex 29:31

25C. God's promise to dwell among the children of Israel [OR] The Altar of Incense [OR] Directions for making the altar of incense Ex 29:45

26. The Altar for Incense Ex 30:1-10

(1.) The altar of incense Ex 30:1

27. Counting the Israelites Ex 30:11-16

(1.) Worship Ex 30:11

28. The Bronze Basin (Ex 30:17-21

29. The Oil for Anointing Ex 30:22-33

30. The Incense for Use in the Tent Ex 30:34-38

31. The Craftsmen for the Tent Ex 31:1-11

(1.) The workmen [OR] Artisans for Building the Tabernacle [OR] Bezalel and Oholiab [OR] The Skilled Craftsmen [OR] Bezaleel and Aholiab are called for the work of the tabernacle Ex 31:1

32. The Sign Between the LORD and His People Ex 31:12-18

(A.) The Sabbath a sign between Jehovah and Israel [OR] The Sabbath Law [OR] The Sabbath [OR] The Sign of the Sabbath [OR] The observation of the sabbath is commanded again Ex 31:12

(1.) The Two Tablets of the Covenant [OR] Moses receives the two tables Ex 31:18

33. The Gold Calf Ex 32:1-29

1.) Parenthetical Ex 32:1

(I.) The Broken Law [OR] The Gold Calf [OR] The Golden Calf [OR] The People, In The Absence Of Moses Cause Aaron To Make A Calf Ex 32:1

(II.) The Condemnation Of Jehovah [OR] God Is Angered Ex 32:7

(III.) The Advocacy Of Moses [OR] Moses' Entreaty [OR] At The Entreaty Of Moses, He Is Appeased Ex 32:11

(IV.) Disciplinary Judgment [OR] Moses Comes Down With The Tables Ex 32:15

(A.) Moses' Anger [OR] He breaks them Ex 32:19

(B.) He destroys the calf Ex 32:20

(C.) Aaron's excuse for himself Ex 32:22

(D.) Moses causes the idol worshippers to be slain Ex 32:25

(V.) The Missed Blessing Ex 32:29

34. Moses Begs the LORD to Spare the People Ex 32:30-35

(I.) The Confession And Intercession Of Moses [OR] He Prays For The People Ex 32:30

35. The LORD Assures Moses That He Will Have Mercy on Israel Ex 33:1-23

1.) The Journey To Be Resumed [OR] The Command To Leave Sinai [OR] The Journey Resumed [OR] The Lord Refuses To Go With The People Ex 33:1

(I.) The People Murmur Ex 33:4

2.) The "Tent Of Meeting" Outside The Camp [OR] Moses Meets With The Lord [OR] The Tent Of Meeting [OR] The Tent Outside The Camp [OR] The Tabernacle Is Removed Out Of The Camp Ex 33:7

(I.) The Lord Talks Familiarly With Moses Ex 33:9

3.) Moses' Prayer; Jehovah's Answer [OR] The Promise Of God's Presence [OR] Moses And The Glory Of The Lord [OR] Moses Intercedes [OR] Moses' Intercession [OR] Moses Desires To See The Glory Of God Ex 33:12

4.) Moses Seeks A New Vision For The New Task Ex 33:18

36. The LORD Meets With Moses on the Mountain Ex 34:1-9

1.) The Second Tables Of The Law [OR] Moses Makes New Tablets [OR] The New Stone Tablets [OR] The Two Tablets Replaced [OR] The Tables Are Renewed Ex 34:1

2.) The New Vision Ex 34:5

(I.) Moses Entreats God To Go With Them [OR] The Covenant Renewed [OR] God Makes A Covenant With Them Ex 34:8

37. The LORD Makes His Promise With Israel Again Ex 34:10-28

1.) The Renewed Commission Ex 34:10

2.) The Feasts And The Sabbaths Again Enjoined Ex 34:18

(I.) Moses, After Forty Days In The Mount, Comes Down With The Tables Ex 34:28

38. Moses Returns to the People Ex 34:29-35

(I.) The Shining Face Of Moses [OR] The Radiant Face Of Moses [OR] Moses' Face Shines [OR] The Shining Face Of Moses [OR] His Face Shines, And He Covers It With A Veil [OR] Sabbath Regulations [OR] The Sabbath Emphasized [OR] The Sabbath Ex 34:29

39. Rules About the Day of Worship Ex 35:1-3

1.) The Sabbath In Israel Ex 35:1

40. The People Contribute Their Wealth Ex 35:4-9

1.) The Tabernacle Ex 35:4

(I.) Moses Instructs The People [OR] Offerings For The Tabernacle [OR] Materials For The Tabernacle [OR] Preparations For Making The Tabernacle [OR] The Free Gifts For The Tabernacle Ex 35:4

(II.) The Gifts Of The People Ex 35:6

41. The Craftsmen for the Tent Ex 35:10-36:2

(A.) Articles of the Tabernacle [OR] Tabernacle Workmen Ex 35:10

(B.) The Tabernacle Offerings Presented [OR] Gifts Received [OR] Offerings for the Tabernacle [OR] The readiness of the people to make offerings Ex 35:20

(I.) Bezaleel And Aholiab To Devise And Teach [OR] The Artisans Called By God [OR] Bezalel And Oholiab [OR] Bezaleel And Aholiab Are Called To The Work Ex 35:30

(II.) More Than Enough: The Work Begun [OR] The Tabernacle Underwritten [OR] The Offerings Are Delivered To The Workmen Ex 36:1

(A.) The People Give More than Enough Ex 36:2

42. Excess Contributions Ex 36:3-7

(A.) The liberality of the people is restrained Ex 36:5

43. The Tent Ex 36:8-38

(I.) The Linen Curtains [OR] Building The Tabernacle [OR] The Tabernacle [OR] Construction Proceeds [OR] Construction Of The Tabernacle [OR] The Curtains Of The Cherubim Ex 36:8

(II.) The Curtains Of Goat's Hair [OR] The Curtains Of Goats' Hair Ex 36:14

(III.) The Covering Of Rams' Skins Ex 36:19

(IV.) The Boards And Sockets [OR] The Boards With Their Sockets Ex 36:20

(V.) The Sockets Of Silver Ex 36:24

(VI.) The Bars Ex 36:31

(VII.) The Gold Overlay Ex 36:34

(VIII.) The Inner Vail [OR] The Veil Ex 36:35

(IX.) The Outer Vail [OR] The Hanging For The Door Ex 36:37

44. The Ark Ex 37:1-9

(I.) The Ark [OR] Making The Ark Of The Testimony [OR] Construction Continues [OR] Making The Ark Of The Covenant Ex 37:1

(II.) The Mercy Seat [OR] The Mercy Seat With The Cherubim Ex 37:6

45. The Table Ex 37:10-16

(I.) The Table Of Shewbread [OR] Making The Table For The Showbread [OR] The Table [OR] Making The Table For The Bread Of The Presence [OR] The Table With Its Vessels Ex 37:10

46. The Lamp Stand Ex 37:17-24

(I.) The Golden Candlestick [OR] Making The Gold Lampstand [OR] The Lampstand [OR] Making The Lampstand [OR] The Candlestick With Its Lamps And Instruments Ex 37:17

47. The Altar for Incense Ex 37:25-29

(I.) The Incense Altar [OR] Making The Altar Of Incense [OR] The Altar Of Incense [OR] Making The Anointing Oil And The Incense [OR] The Anointing Oil And Sweet Incense Ex 37:25

(II.) The Holy Anointing Oil Ex 37:29

48. The Altar for Burnt Offerings Ex 38:1-7

(I.) The Altar Of Burnt-offering [OR] Making The Altar Of Burnt Offering [OR] The Altar Of Burnt Offering [OR] The Tabernacle Completed Ex 38:1

49. The Bronze Basin Ex 38:8-

(I.) The Laver Of Brass [OR] Making The Bronze Laver Ex 38:8

50. The Courtyard Ex 38:9-20

(I.) The Court [OR] Making The Court Of The Tabernacle [OR] The Courtyard Ex 38:9

(II.) The Gate Of The Court Ex 38:18

51. The Amount of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Used Ex 38:21-31

(A.) Materials of the Tabernacle [OR] The Materials Used [OR] The Cost of the Tabernacle [OR] Materials of the Tabernacle [OR] The people's offering Ex 38:21

52. The Holy Clothes Ex 39:1

(I.) The Holy Garments For Aaron [OR] Making The Garments Of The Priesthood [OR] The Priestly Garments [OR] Making The Vestments For The Priesthood [OR] The Cloths Of Service And Holy Garments Ex 39:1

53. The Ephod Ex 39:2-7

(A.) Making the Ephod [OR] The ephod Ex 39:2

54. The Breastplate Ex 39:8-21

(A.) Making the Breastplate [OR] The Breastpiece [OR] The breastplate Ex 39:8

55. Other Clothes for Aaron and His Sons Ex 39:22-31

(A.) Making the Other Priestly Garments [OR] Other Priestly Garments [OR] The robe of the ephod with pomegranates and bells Ex 39:22

(B.) The coats, mitre and girdle of fine linen Ex 39:27

(C.) The plate of the holy crown Ex 39:30

56. The Tent Is Brought to Moses Ex 39:32-43

(A.) The Work Completed [OR] Moses Inspects the Tabernacle [OR] The Work Completed [OR] All is viewed and approved by Moses Ex 39:32

57. Instructions for Setting Up the Tent Ex 40:1-15

(I.) The Tabernacle Set Up [OR] The Tabernacle Erected And Arranged [OR] Setting Up The Tabernacle [OR] The Tabernacle Erected [OR] The Tabernacle Erected And Its Equipment Installed [OR] The Erection Of The Tabernacle, With Its Anointing, Is Commanded Ex 40:1

(A.) Aaron and his sons are to be sanctified Ex 40:13

58. Moses Sets Up the Tent Ex 40:16-33

59. The LORD Comes to the Tent Ex 40:34-38

(A.) The Cloud and the Glory [OR] The Glory of the Lord [OR] The Cloud and the Glory [OR] A cloud covers the tabernacle [OR] The Burnt Offering [OR] The Law of Burnt Offerings [OR] The burnt offerings Ex 40:34