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Bible Outline Compendium

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An Exhaustive Compendium Of Bible Events In Outline Form





A. Xerxes and Vashti [OR] Queen Vashti Disobeys King Xerxes Es 1:1-22

I.) The story of Vashti [OR] The King Dethrones Queen Vashti [OR] Queen Vashti Deposed [OR] The Banquets of the King [OR] King Ahasuerus Deposes Queen Vashti [OR] Ahasuerus makes a royal feast Es 1:1

A.) Queen Vashti's Refusal [OR] Vashti Refuses The King's Command To Appear Before Him Es 1:10

B.) Ahasuerus, By The Counsel Of Memucan, Makes The Decree Of Men's Sovereignty Es 1:13

B. Xerxes and Esther [OR] Esther Becomes Queen Es 2:1-18

I.) Esther made queen [OR] Esther Becomes Queen [OR] Esther Made Queen [OR] Vashti's Successor Sought [OR] Esther Becomes Queen [OR] From the choice virgins, a queen is to be chosen Es 2:1

A.) Mordecai, The Foster Father Of Esther Es 2:5

B.) Esther Finds Favor [OR] Esther Is Preferred By Hegai Over The Rest Es 2:8

C.) Mordecai's Concern About Esther Es 2:11

D.) The Manner Of Purification And Going In To The King Es 2:12

E.) Esther, Best Pleasing The King, Is Made Queen Es 2:15

F.) Esther Becomes Queen Es 2:17

C. Mordecai and Haman Es 2:19-3:15

1. Mordecai Saves the King's Life Es 2:19-23

A.) Mordecai Discovers A Plot [OR] Mordecai Uncovers A Conspiracy [OR] Mordecai Discovers A Plot Es 2:19

I.) Mordecai saves the king's life [OR] Mordecai Saves the King [OR] Mordecai's loyalty in discovering a treason is recorded in the chronicles Es 2:21

2. Haman's Plot Es 3:1-11

I.) The conspiracy of Haman \ Haman's Conspiracy Against the Jews \ Haman's Plot to Destroy the Jews \ Haman's Plot against the Jews \ Haman Undertakes to Destroy the Jews \ Haman, advanced by the king and despised by Mordecai, seeks revenge on all the Jews Es 3:1

A.) He Casts Lots Es 3:7

B.) He Obtains A Decree To Put The Jews To Death Es 3:8

3. Haman Prepares to Kill the Jews Es 3:12-4:3

D. Mordecai and Esther Es 4:1-17

I.) The courage of Esther brings deliverance Es 4:1

A.) Fasting Among The Jews [OR] Esther Agrees To Help The Jews [OR] Mordecai Persuades Esther To Help [OR] Esther Learns Of Haman's Plot [OR] The Great Mourning Of Mordecai And The Jews Es 4:1

1. Esther's Problem Es 4:4-17

1.) Esther Learning Of It, Sends To Mordecai, Who Advises Her To Undertake A Plea To The King Es 4:4

2.) Offering Reasons Against It, She Is Threatened By Mordecai Es 4:10

3.) Esther Plans To Intercede [OR] Appointing A Fast, She Undertakes The Plea Es 4:15

E. Esther and Xerxes [OR] Esther Brings Her Request to the King Es 5:1-8

A.) The Courage Of Esther [OR] Esther's Banquet [OR] Esther's Request To The King [OR] Esther Plans A Banquet [OR] Esther Risks The King's Disfavor, But Obtains Grace And Invites The King And Haman To A Banquet Es 5:1

1.) Being Encouraged By The King In Her Plea, She Invites Them To Another Banquet Es 5:6

F. Haman and Mordecai [OR] Meanwhile, Haman Is Disgraced Because of Mordecai Es 5:9-6:14

1.) Haman's Plot Against Mordecai [OR] Haman's Rage Against Mordecai [OR] Haman's Pride [OR] Haman Plans To Have Mordecai Hanged [OR] Haman Is Stung By The Contempt Of Mordecai Es 5:9

2.) He Builds A Gallows For Mordecai Es 5:14

A.) Haman Compelled To Exalt Mordecai [OR] The King Honors Mordecai [OR] Mordecai Honored [OR] The King Plans To Honor Mordecai [OR] Ahasuerus Reads In The Chronicles Of The Good Service Done By Mordecai And Plans His Reward Es 6:1

1.) Haman, Coming To Ask That Mordecai Might Be Hanged, Unwittingly Gives Counsel On How To Honor Him Es 6:4

2.) Haman Must Honor Mordecai Es 6:10

3.) As He Complains Of His Misfortune, Haman's Friends Tell Him Of His Final Destiny Es 6:12

4.) Haman's Downfall And Mordecai's Advancement Es 6:14

G. Esther Brings About Haman's Downfall Es 7:1-8:2

1.  Esther and Haman Es 7:1-10

A.) Esther's Banquet: Haman Hanged [OR] Haman Hanged Instead Of Mordecai [OR] Haman Hanged [OR] Esther's Plea [OR] Esther, Entertaining The King And Haman, Makes A Plea For Her Own Life And Her People's Es 7:1

1.) She Accuses Haman Es 7:5

2.) Haman Is Hanged [OR] The King Learns Of The Gallows Built For Mordecai By Haman, And Causes Him To Be Hanged Instead Es 7:7

H. Xerxes and Esther Es 8:1-6

I.) The vengeance Es 8:1

A.) The Vengeance Ordered [OR] Esther Saves The Jews [OR] The King's Edict In Behalf Of The Jews [OR] Mordecai Promoted [OR] Mordecai Is Advanced Es 8:1

1. Esther Brings Her Request to the King Es 8:3-8

1.) Esther Makes A Plea To Reverse Haman's Letters Es 8:3

I. The Jews and Their Enemies Es 8:7-9:17

1.) Ahasuerus Grants The Jews The Right To Defend Themselves Es 8:7

2.) The King's Decree Avenges The Jews Es 8:8

1. Mordecai Uses His Position to Save the Jews Es 8:9-17

1.) Mordecai's Honor And The Joy Of The Jews Es 8:15

2. The Jews Defend Themselves Es 9:1-19

A.) The Vengeance Executed [OR] The Jews Destroy Their Tormentors [OR] Triumph Of The Jews [OR] The Jews Destroy Their Enemies [OR] Destruction Of The Enemies Of The Jews [OR] The Jews Slay Their Enemies, With Ten Sons Of Haman Es 9:1

1.) Ahasuerus, At The Request Of Esther, Grants Another Day Of Slaughter And The Hanging Of Haman's Sons Es 9:12

J. Purim and Mordecai Es 9:18-10:3

1.) The Feast Of Purim [OR] Purim Celebrated [OR] The Feast Of Purim Inaugurated Es 9:18

1. The Festival of Purim Instituted by Esther and Mordecai Es 9:20-32

I.) The feast of Purim instituted [OR] The Feast of Purim Instituted [OR] The two days of Purim are made a festival Es 9:20

2. Mordecai's Greatness Es 10:1-3

I.) Epilogue: Mordecai made prime minister [OR] Mordecai's Advancement [OR] The Greatness of Mordecai [OR] Mordecai's Greatness [OR] Ahasuerus' greatness Es 10:1

A.) Mordecai's Advancement Es 10:3

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The work herein is a compendium of the work of anonymous Bible scholars who summarized Bible passages. The [OR] operators indicate differences in how different Bible scholars summarized given Bible passages. Standard outline form is not always followed due to overlapping events or overlapping times in which events took place.

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