A. Introduction [OR] Greeting Eph 1:1-2

I.) The apostolic salutation [OR] Greeting [OR] The Blessings of Redemption [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul salutes the Ephesians Eph 1:1

B. Relationship with God Eph 1:3-2:22

1. God Chose Us Through Christ Eph 1:3-14

I.) The believer's position in grace Eph 1:3

A.) The Seven Elements Of The Believer's Position [OR] Redemption In Christ [OR] Spiritual Blessings In Christ [OR] And Gives Thanks For Spiritual Blessings Eph 1:3

1.) He Deals With The Christians' Election Eph 1:4

2.) And Adoption By Grace Eph 1:6

3.) The Holy Spirit Is The Guarantee Of Christians' Inheritance Eph 1:13

2. Paul's Prayer for the Ephesians Eph 1:15-23

A.) The Prayer For Knowledge And Power [OR] Prayer For Spiritual Wisdom [OR] Thanksgiving And Prayer [OR] Paul's Prayer Eph 1:15

1.) He Prays That The Ephesians May Come Eph 1:16

2.) Into Full Knowledge Of Their Inheritance Eph 1:18

3.) And Possession Of It Through Christ Eph 1:20

B.) Christ Exalted To Be The Head Of His Body, The Church Eph 1:22

3. God Saved Us Because of His Great Love for Us Eph 2:1-10

A.) The Method Of Gentile Salvation [OR] By Grace Through Faith [OR] Made Alive In Christ [OR] From Death To Life [OR] By Comparing What We Were By Nature Eph 2:1

1.) With What We Are By Grace Eph 2:5

2.) He Declares That We Are Created For Good Works Eph 2:10

4. God Has United Jewish and Non-Jewish People Eph 2:11-22

A.) The Gentile Position By Nature [OR] Brought Near By His Blood [OR] One In Christ Eph 2:11

1.) And, Being Brought Near By Christ, Should Live Eph 2:13

B.) Jew And Gentile One Body In Christ [OR] Christ Our Peace Eph 2:14

1.) Reconciled To God By The Cross Eph 2:16

C.) The Church A Temple For The Habitation Of God Through The Spirit [OR] Christ Our Cornerstone [OR] As Fellow-Citizens With The Saints And The Family Of God Eph 2:19

C. Paul Eph 3:1-21

1. Paul's Work of Spreading the Good News Eph 3:1-13

1.) The Church A Mystery Hidden From Past Ages [OR] The Mystery Revealed [OR] Paul The Preacher To The Gentiles [OR] Paul's Stewardship [OR] Paul's Ministry To The Gentiles [OR] By Revelation, Paul Learned Eph 3:1

(I.) The Hidden Mystery Eph 3:5

(II.) That The Gentiles Should Be Saved Eph 3:6

(III.) Purpose Of The Mystery [OR] And Grace Was Given Him Eph 3:8

(IV.) That He Should Preach It Eph 3:9

2.) Parenthetic: The Prayer For Inner Fullness And Knowledge [OR] He Does Not Want Them To Lose Heart Over His Troubles Eph 3:13

2. Paul Prays That God Would Strengthen Christians Eph 3:14-21

(I.) Appreciation Of The Mystery [OR] A Prayer For The Ephesians [OR] Prayer For The Readers [OR] And Prays Eph 3:14

(II.) That They May Understand The Great Love Christ Has For Them Eph 3:19

D. Relationship With People Eph 4:1-6:20

1. Christ's Gifts to the Church Eph 4:1-16

I.) The walk and service of the believer as in Christ, and as having the Spirit Eph 4:1

A.) The Walk To Be Worthy The Position [OR] Walk In Unity [OR] Unity In The Body Of Christ [OR] Unity Of The Spirit [OR] He Pleads For Unity Of The Spirit Eph 4:1

B.) The Seven Unities To Be Kept Eph 4:4

C.) The Ministry Gifts Of Christ To His Body [OR] Spiritual Gifts [OR] And Declares That God Gives Varied Gifts To Men Eph 4:7

D.) The Purpose Of The Ministry Gifts Eph 4:12

1.) That His Church May Be Built Up Eph 4:13

2.) And Become Mature In Christ Eph 4:16

2. Live as God's People Eph 4:17-32

A.) The Walk Of The Believer As A New Man In Christ Jesus [OR] The New Man [OR] Living As Children Of Light [OR] The Christian's Walk [OR] The Old Life And The New Eph 4:17

1.) He Calls Them Away From The Licentious Living Of The Gentiles Eph 4:18

2.) They Are To Take On A New Nature Eph 4:23

3.) Do Not Grieve The Spirit [OR] Rules For The New Life [OR] To Be Truthful And Constructive In Their Speech Eph 4:25

B.) The Walk Of The Believer As Indwelt By The Spirit Eph 4:30

3. Imitate God Eph 5:1-20

A.) The Walk Of The Believer As God's Dear Child [OR] Walk In Love [OR] Be Imitators Of God [OR] After Specific Pleas, To Love Eph 5:1

1.) Renounce Pagan Ways [OR] To Flee Fornication Eph 5:3

2.) And All Other Uncleanness Eph 5:4

3.) Not To Associate With The Wicked Eph 5:7

4.) Walk In Light Eph 5:8

5.) Walk In Wisdom [OR] To Walk Discreetly Eph 5:15

I.) The walk and warfare of the believer as filled with the Spirit [OR] and to be filled with the Spirit Eph 5:18

A.) The Inner Life Of The Spirit-Filled Believer Eph 5:19

4. Advice to Wives and Husbands Eph 5:21-33

A.) The Married Life Of Spirit-Filled Believers As Illustrating Christ And The Church [OR] The Christian Household Eph 5:21

1.) Marriage - Christ And The Church [OR] Wives And Husbands [OR] Marriage Like Christ And The Church [OR] Paul Comes To Other Particular Duties: That Wives Should Obey Their Husbands Eph 5:22

2.) And Husbands Should Love Their Wives Eph 5:28

3.) Even As Christ Loves His Church [OR] Children And Parents [OR] Family Relationships [OR] The Duty Of Children To Their Parents Eph 5:32

5. Advice to Children and Parents Eph 6:1-4

A.) The Domestic Life Of Spirit-Filled Believers As Children And Servants Eph 6:1

6. Advice to Slaves and Masters Eph 6:5-9

1.) Bondservants And Masters [OR] Slaves And Masters [OR] Of Servants To Their Masters Eph 6:5

7. Put On All the Armor That God Supplies Eph 6:10-20

A.) The Warfare Of Spirit-Filled Believers Eph 6:10

1.) The Warrior's Power [OR] The Whole Armor Of God [OR] The Armor Of God Eph 6:10

2.) The Warrior's Armour Eph 6:11

3.) The Warrior's Foes [OR] Our Life Is A Warfare, Not Only Against Flesh And Blood, But Also Spiritual Enemies Eph 6:12

(I.) The Complete Armor Of A Christian Eph 6:13

4.) The Warrior's Resource [OR] And How It Should Be Used Eph 6:18

E. Conclusion Eph 6:21-24

1. Greetings From Paul Eph 6:21-24

(I.) A Gracious Greeting [OR] Final Greetings [OR] Personal Matters And Benediction [OR] Tychicus Is Commended Eph 6:21