A. Introduction Ec 1:1-11

1. Introducing the Spokesman Ec 1:1

a. Prologue Ec 1:1-2

I.) The theme: All is vanity [OR] The Vanity of Life [OR] Everything Is Meaningless [OR] The Futility of All Endeavor [OR] Reflections of a Royal Philosopher [OR] The preacher shows that all human courses are vain: Ec 1:1

2. The Theme Ec 1:2

3. Life Is an Endless Circle [OR] Nothing New Ec 1:3-11

I.) The theme proved Ec 1:4

A.) By The Transitoriness Of All Things [OR] Because The Whole Creation Is Restless Ec 1:4

1.) Nothing New Is Brought Forth, And All Old Things Are Forgotten Ec 1:9

B. Experiments Ec 1:12-2:26

(a. Wisdom Ec 1:12-18

1. The Spokesman Begins to Study Everything Under Heaven [1:12-13a] Ec 1:12-13

A.) Evil Remains Despite Power, Wisdom, And Knowledge [OR] Wisdom Is Meaningless [OR] The Futility Of Wisdom [OR] The Futility Of Seeking Wisdom [OR] And Because He Has Found The Same In Making Studies Of Wisdom Ec 1:12

2. The Spokesman's General Conclusion [1:13b-15] Ec 1:14-15

3. The Spokesman Begins to Study Life Ec 1:16-18

(a. Expansion of the Search for Meaning Ec 2:1-16

4. The Spokesman Studies Laughter Ec 2:1-2

A.) Pleasure Ends In Emptiness [OR] The Vanity Of Pleasure [OR] Pleasures Are Meaningless [OR] The Futility Of Pleasure And Possessions [OR] The Futility Of Self-Indulgence [OR] The Vanity Of Human Courses In The Works Of Pleasure Ec 2:1

5. The Spokesman Studies Wine Ec 2:3

6. The Spokesman Studies Personal Achievements Ec 2:4-11

A.) Riches And Great Works Give No Enduring Satisfaction Ec 2:4

7. Death Is the Common Destiny of All Life Ec 2:12-15

A.) Wisdom Is Better Than Folly, But Both Have An End [OR] The End Of The Wise And The Fool [OR] Wisdom And Folly Are Meaningless [OR] Wisdom Excels Folly [OR] Wisdom And Joy Given To One Who Pleases God [OR] Though The Wise Be Better Than The Fool, Yet Life For Both Has One Final Event Ec 2:12

8. Without God Everything Is Pointless Ec 2:16-23

(a. Conclusion of the Experiments Ec 2:17-26

1.) Toil Is Meaningless Ec 2:17

2.) The Futility Of Labor [OR] The Vanity Of Human Labor, In Leaving Its Fruits To Someone Whose Course Is Unknown Ec 2:18

9. With God Even the Simplest Things Have a Point Ec 2:24-26

1.) Nothing Is Better Than Joy In Our Labor, But The Capacity For That Is God's Gift Ec 2:24

C. A Time for Everything [OR] Times and Seasons Ec 3:1-12:8

1a. Everything in God's Own Time Ec 3:1-8

A.) The Weary Round Of Life [OR] Everything Has Its Time [OR] A Time For Everything [OR] By The Necessary Change Of Times, Vanity Is Added To Human Toil [OR] The God-Given Task Ec 3:1

1. God Gives Mortals a Sense of Eternity Ec 3:9-15

1.) God Set Eternity In The Heart Of Man [OR] There Is An Excellency In God's Works Ec 3:11

2. Humans and Animals Meet the Same End Ec 3:16-22

1.) Injustice Seems To Prevail [OR] Judgment And The Future Belong To God [OR] God Shall Judge The Righteous And The Wicked Ec 3:16

3. Better Not to Have Been Born Ec 4:1-3

I.) The theme unfolded Ec 4:1

A.) In View Of The Oppressions And Iniquities Of Life [OR] Oppression, Toil, Friendlessness [OR] The Evils Of Oppression [OR] Vanity Is Increased By Oppression Ec 4:1

4. Hard Work Versus Laziness Ec 4:4-6

1.) The Vanity Of Selfish Toll [OR] By Envy, By Idleness Ec 4:4

5. Those Who Are All Alone Ec 4:7-8

1.) By Covetousness [OR] The Value Of A Friend [OR] By Lonss Ec 4:7

6. Two Are Better Than One Ec 4:9-12

7. Rulers and Fickle Citizens Ec 4:13-16

1.) Popularity Passes Away [OR] Advancement Is Meaningless [OR] By Willfulness Ec 4:13

8. Don't Daydream or Speak Carelessly When You Worship Ec 5:1-7

A.) In View Of Riches And Poverty [OR] Fear God, Keep Your Vows [OR] Stand In Awe Of God [OR] Your Attitude Toward God [OR] Reverence, Humility, And Contentment [OR] Vanities In Divine Service Ec 5:1

9. Corrupt Officials Have Corrupt Officials Over Them Ec 5:8-9

1.) The Vanity Of Gain And Honor [OR] Riches Are Meaningless [OR] In Murmuring Against Oppression Ec 5:8

2.) And In Riches Ec 5:9

10. The Value of Money Ec 5:10-12

1.) The Folly Of Riches Ec 5:10

11. Economic Ruin Ec 5:13-17

12. Conclusion: God Alone Gives Contentment Ec 5:18-20

1.) Joy In Riches Is The Gift Of God Ec 5:18

13. The Rich Person and the Stillborn Baby Ec 6:1-6

A.) In View Of Man's Inevitable End [OR] The Futility Of Life [OR] The Frustration Of Desires [OR] The Vanity Of Riches Without Use Ec 6:1

1.) Of Children Ec 6:3

2.) And Old Age Without Riches Ec 6:6

14. More Pointless Challenges Ec 6:7-12

1.) The Vanity Of Sight And Wandering Desires Ec 6:9

2.) The Conclusion Of Vanities Ec 6:11

15. Proverbs About Life Ec 7:1-10

D. Times and Seasons, Part 2 Ec 7:1-12:8

A.) In View Of The Incurable Evil Of Man [OR] The Value Of Practical Wisdom [OR] Wisdom [OR] Wisdom And Folly Contrasted [OR] A Disillusioned View Of Life [OR] Remedies Against Vanity Are A Good Name Ec 7:1

1.) Humility Ec 7:2

2.) Patience Ec 7:7

1. Wisdom Gives Life Ec 7:11-13

1.) Wisdom Ec 7:11

2. A Truth for Every Situation Ec 7:14

3. Mortals Don't Get What They Deserve Ec 7:15-18

1.) The Riddles Of Life Ec 7:15

4. The Advantages of Wisdom Ec 7:19-8:1

1.) The Difficulty Of Getting Wisdom Ec 7:23

A.) In View Of The Mystery Of The Divine Providences [OR] Obey Rulers [OR] Obey The King And Enjoy Yourself [OR] Kings Are Greatly To Be Respected Ec 8:1

5. The Power of Kings Versus the Power of Death Ec 8:2-8

1.) Obey Authorities For God's Sake [OR] Obey The King Ec 8:2

2.) The Divine Providence Is To Be Observed Ec 8:6

6. Life Is Unfair Ec 8:9-10

1.) Death Comes To All [OR] God's Ways Are Inscrutable Ec 8:10

7. The Need for Swift Justice Ec 8:11-13

1.) It Is Better With The Godly In Adversity, Than With The Wicked In Prosperity Ec 8:12

8. Enjoy Life Ec 8:14-17

1.) The Work Of God Is Unsearchable Ec 8:16

9. Everything Is in the Hands of God Ec 9:1-2

A.) In View Of The World's Wrong Standard Of Values [OR] A Common Destiny For All [OR] Men Are In The Hand Of God [OR] Take Life As It Comes [OR] Similar Things Happen To The Good And Bad Ec 9:1

10. Where There's Life, There's Hope Ec 9:3-6

1.) There Is A Necessity For Death To Men Ec 9:4

11. Enjoy Life With Your Wife Ec 9:7-9

1.) Comfort Is All Their Portion In This Life Ec 9:7

12. Work With All Your Might Ec 9:10

1.) Whatever Your Hand Finds To Do Ec 9:10

13. Time and Unpredictable Events Ec 9:11-12

1.) God's Providence Rules Over All Ec 9:11

14. Wisdom Is Despised Ec 9:13-10:1

1.) Wisdom Superior To Folly [OR] Wisdom Better Than Folly [OR] Wisdom Superior To Folly [OR] Wisdom Is Better Than Strength Ec 9:13

A.) In View Of The Anarchy Of The World [OR] A Little Foolishness [OR] Miscellaneous Observations [OR] Observations Of Wisdom And Folly Ec 10:1

15. Proverbs About Life in General Ec 10:2-20

1.) Of Riot, Slothfulness, And Money Ec 10:16

2.) Men's Thoughts Of Kings Ought To Be Reverent Ec 10:20

16. Live Boldly Ec 11:1-8

I.) The best thing possible to the natural man apart from God [OR] The Value of Diligence [OR] Bread Upon the Waters [OR] Cast Your Bread on the Waters [OR] The Value of Diligence [OR] Directions for charity Ec 11:1

A.) Remember Your Creator While Young [OR] Youth And Old Age [OR] Death In Life Ec 11:7

17. Remember Your Creator While You're Young Ec 11:9-12:8

A.) Seek God In Early Life [OR] And, In The Days Of Youth, The Day Of Judgment Are To Be Considered Ec 11:9

B.) Remember God In Your Youth [OR] The Creator Is To Be Remembered In Youth Ec 12:1

C.) The Preacher's Concern Is To Edify The People Ec 12:8

E. Conclusion [OR] Lifelong Duty - Fear God and Keep His Commands Ec 12:9-14

A.) The Whole Duty Of Man [OR] The Conclusion Of The Matter [OR] Purpose Of The Preacher [OR] Epilogue Ec 12:9

I.) The best thing possible to man under the law [OR] The fear of God is the chief antidote of vanity Ec 12:13