Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2




A. Preamble De 1:1-5

1. Moses Speaks to the People 40 Years After Leaving Egypt [1:1-5a] De 1:1-5

I.) Summary of the history of Israel in the wilderness De 1:1

A.) The Failure At Kadesh-Barnea [OR] The Previous Command To Enter Canaan [OR] The Command To Leave Horeb [OR] Israel's History After The Exodus [OR] Events At Horeb Recalled [OR] Moses' Speech, In The Fortieth Year, Briefly Reviewing The Story De 1:1

B. Historical Prologue De 1:6-4

1. Moses Reminds Israel of the Events at Mount Horeb [1:5b-18] De 1:6-18

1.) Of God's Promise, And Of Giving Them Officers De 1:6

2.) Tribal Leaders Appointed [OR] The Appointment Of Leaders [OR] Appointment Of Tribal Leaders De 1:9

2. Moses Reminds Israel of the Events at Kadesh Barnea De 1:19-46

1.) Israel's Refusal To Enter The Land [OR] Spies Sent Out [OR] Israel's Refusal To Enter The Land [OR] Of Sending The Spies To Search The Land De 1:19

2.) Rebellion Against The Lord [OR] The Penalty For Israel's Rebellion [OR] Of God's Anger At Their Incredulity And Disobedience De 1:26

3. Moses Reminds Israel of the Events at Mount Seir De 2:1-15

A.) The Wanderings And Conflicts Of The Wilderness [OR] The Desert Years [OR] Wanderings In The Desert [OR] Wanderings In The Wilderness [OR] The Story Is Continued, That They Were Not To Meddle With The Edomites De 2:1

1.) Nor With The Moabites De 2:9

4. Moses Reminds Israel About Ammon De 2:16-23

1.) Nor With The Ammonites De 2:17

5. Moses Reminds Israel About King Og and King Sihon De 2:24-37

1.) But Sihon The Amorite Was Subdued By Them De 2:24

2.) King Sihon Defeated [OR] Defeat Of Sihon King Of Heshbon [OR] Defeat Of King Sihon De 2:26

6. Moses Reminds Israel of How They Defeated King Og of Bashan De 3:1-22

1.) King Og Defeated [OR] Defeat Of Og King Of Bashan [OR] Conquests Recounted [OR] Defeat Of King Og [OR] The Story Of The Conquest Of Og, King Of Bashan De 3:1

2.) The Land East Of The Jordan Divided [OR] Division Of The Land [OR] The Distribution Of His Lands To The Two Tribes And A Half De 3:12

3.) Moses Forbidden To Cross The Jordan De 3:21

7. Moses Reminds Israel Why He Will Not Enter Canaan De 3:23-29

1.) Moses Forbidden To Enter The Land [OR] Moses Views Canaan From Pisgah [OR] Moses' Prayer To Enter Into The Land De 3:23

2.) He Is Permitted To See It De 3:26

8. Moses Reminds Israel to Be Loyal to the LORD De 4:1-40

I.) A restatement of the Law, with warnings and exhortations De 4:1

A.) The New Generation Taught The Lessons Of Sinai [OR] Moses Commands Obedience [OR] Obedience Commanded [OR] Israel Urged To Obey God's Law [OR] An Exhortation To Obedience De 4:1

1.) Beware Of Idolatry [OR] Idolatry Forbidden De 4:15

2.) The Lord Is God (De 4:32

9. Three Cities of Refuge East of the Jordan River De 4:41-43

A.) Three Of The Cities Of Refuge Designated [OR] Cities Of Refuge East Of The Jordan [OR] Cities Of Refuge [OR] Moses Appoints The Three Cities Of Refuge Beyond Jordan De 4:41

10. Introduction to Moses' Teachings De 4:44-49

1.) Introduction To God's Law [OR] Introduction To The Law [OR] Transition To The Second Address De 4:44

C. General Stipulations De 5:1-11

1. The Ten Commandments De 5:1-33

A.) The New Generation Taught The Mosaic Covenant [OR] The Ten Commandments Reviewed [OR] The Ten Commandments [OR] The Ten Commandments Repeated [OR] The Covenant In Horeb De 5:1

1.) The Ten Commandments De 5:6

2.) Moses Interceded [OR] Moses The Mediator Of God's Will [OR] At The People's Request Moses Receives The Law From God De 5:22

3.) The People Afraid Of God's Presence De 5:23

2. Love the LORD De 6:1-25

1.) The Greatest Commandment [OR] Love The Lord Your God [OR] Obey God And Prosper [OR] The Great Commandment [OR] The Purpose Of The Law And An Exhortation To Obey It [OR] Caution Against Disobedience De 6:1

A.) The "Great Commandment" De 6:4

B.) Instruction And Warning De 6:6

3. Israel Is Commanded to Destroy the Caananites and Their Idols De 7:1-26

A.) The Command To Be Separate [OR] A Chosen People [OR] Driving Out The Nations [OR] Warnings [OR] All Communion With Other Nations Is Forbidden De 7:1

1.) For Fear Of Idolatry De 7:4

2.) For The Hss Of The People De 7:6

3.) For The Nature Of God In His Mercy And Justice De 7:9

B.) The Promise Of Victory [OR] Blessings Of Obedience [OR] Promises Of God [OR] Blessings For Obedience De 7:12

1.) For The Assuredness Of Victory De 7:17

4. Israel Told Never to Forget God De 8:1-20

A.) Warnings And Exhortations [OR] Remember The Lord Your God [OR] Do Not Forget The Lord [OR] God's Gracious Dealings [OR] A Warning Not To Forget God In Prosperity [OR] An Exhortation To Obedience And Remembrance [OR] Israel's Rebellions Reviewed [OR] Not Because Of Israel's Righteousness [OR] Israel Provoked God [OR] The Consequences Of Rebelling Against God [OR] Moses Changes Their Opinion Of Their Own Righteousness By Recalling Their Numerous Rebellions De 8:1

5. Israel Has Been Given Canaan Because of God's Mercy De 9:1-10

1.) The Golden Calf De 9:7

2.) The Second Pair Of Tablets [OR] Tablets Like The First Ones [OR] The Tablets Rewritten [OR] The Second Pair Of Tablets [OR] God's Mercy In Restoring The Two Tables De 10:1

3.) In Continuing The Priesthood De 10:6

4.) In Separating The Tribe Of Levi De 10:8

5.) In Hearing Moses' Plea For The People De 10:10

6. Israel Encouraged to Follow God's Guidance De 10:12-11

1.) The Essence Of The Law [OR] Fear The Lord [OR] The Essence Of The Law De 10:12

2.) Love And Obedience Rewarded [OR] Love And Obey The Lord [OR] Rewards Of Obedience [OR] Rewards For Obedience [OR] An Exhortation To Obey The Commandments De 11:1

3.) By Their Own Experience Of God's Great Works De 11:2

4.) By Promise Of God's Great Blessings De 11:8

5.) And By Threatenings De 11:16

6.) A Careful Study Of God's Words Is Required De 11:18

7. Choose the Blessing or the Curse De 11:26-32

1.) A Blessing And A Curse Are Set Before Them De 11:26

D. Specific Stipulations De 12:1-26

1. The Proper Place to Worship De 12:1-32

I.) Instructions, warnings, and predictions De 12:1

A.) Conditions Of Blessing In The Land [OR] A Prescribed Place Of Worship [OR] The One Place Of Worship [OR] Laws Of The Sanctuary [OR] Pagan Shrines To Be Destroyed [OR] Monuments Of Idolatry Are To Be Destroyed De 12:1

1.) The Place Of God's Service Is To Be Kept De 12:5

2.) A Prescribed Place Of Worship De 12:13

3.) Blood Is Forbidden De 12:15

4.) Holy Things Must Be Eaten In The Holy Place De 12:17

5.) The Levite Is Not To Be Forsaken De 12:19

6.) Beware Of False Gods [OR] Warning Against Idolatry [OR] Idolatry Is Not To Be Practiced De 12:29

2. How Israel Is to Deal With False Prophets De 13:1-18

A.) The Test Of False Prophets [OR] Punishment Of Apostates [OR] Worshipping Other Gods [OR] Shun Idolatry [OR] Enticers To Idolatry De 13:1

1.) However Near De 13:6

2.) Are To Be Stoned To Death De 13:9

3.) Idolatrous Cities Are Not To Be Spared De 13:12

3. Religious Practices De 14:1-21

1.) Improper Mourning [OR] Clean And Unclean Food [OR] Clean And Unclean Animals [OR] Pagan Practices Forbidden [OR] God's Children Are Not To Disfigure Themselves In Mourning De 14:1

A.) The Dietary Laws [OR] Clean And Unclean Meat [OR] Clean And Unclean Foods [OR] What May, And What May Not Be Eaten De 14:3

1.) Of Beasts De 14:4

2.) Of Fishes De 14:9

3.) Of Fowls De 14:11

4.) That Which Dies Of Itself May Not Be Eaten De 14:21

4. Giving God One-Tenth of Everything De 14:22-29

1.) Tithing Principles [OR] Tithes [OR] Regulations Concerning Tithes [OR] Tithes Of Divine Service De 14:22

2.) Tithes And Firstlings Eaten Before The Lord De 14:23

3.) In The Third Year Tithe Of Alms De 14:28

5. The Seventh-Year Celebration De 15:1-18

A.) The Sabbatic Year [OR] Debts Canceled Every Seven Years [OR] The Year For Canceling Debts [OR] Laws Concerning The Sabbatical Year [OR] In The Seventh Year Release For The Poor De 15:1

1.) Generosity To The Poor [OR] Sending Or Giving To The Needy Must Continue De 15:7

2.) The Law Concerning Bondservants [OR] Freeing Servants [OR] A Hebrew Slave De 15:12

3.) Unless He Will Not Leave, Must In The Seventh Year Go Forth Free And Well Provisioned De 15:13

B.) The Perpetual Servant De 15:16

6. Setting Aside Firstborn Males for God De 15:19-23

1.) The Law Concerning Firstborn Animals [OR] The Firstborn Animals [OR] The Firstborn Of Livestock De 15:19

7. Three Major Festivals De 16:1-17

A.) The Passover [OR] The Passover Reviewed [OR] Passover [OR] The Feasts Of Passover, Of Weeks, And Of Booths [OR] The Feast Of The Passover De 16:1

B.) The Feast Of Weeks [OR] The Feast Of Weeks Reviewed [OR] Feast Of Weeks [OR] The Festival Of Weeks Reviewed [OR] Of Weeks De 16:9

C.) The Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] The Feast Of Tabernacles Reviewed [OR] Feast Of Tabernacles [OR] The Festival Of Booths Reviewed [OR] Of Tabernacles De 16:13

D.) The Gifts Of The Males [OR] Every Male Must Offer At These Three Feasts, According To His Blessing From The Lord De 16:16

8. Administering Justice De 16:18-17

A.) Judges In The Gates [OR] Justice Must Be Administered [OR] Judges [OR] Municipal Judges And Officers [OR] Of Judges And Justice De 16:18

1.) Worshipping Other Gods [OR] Forbidden Forms Of Worship [OR] Groves And Images Are Forbidden The People De 16:21

B.) Offerings Must Be Unblemished [OR] Administration Of Justice [OR] The Things Sacrificed Must Be Sound De 17:1

C.) Idolaters To Be Stoned [OR] Idolaters Must Be Slain De 17:2

D.) Obedience To Authority [OR] Law Courts [OR] Legal Decisions By Priests And Judges [OR] Hard Controversies Are To Be Ruled Up On By The Priests And Judges De 17:8

1.) The Condemner Of Their Decision Must Die De 17:12

E.) Concerning A King [OR] Principles Governing Kings [OR] The King [OR] Limitations Of Royal Authority [OR] The Election And Duty Of A King De 17:14

1.) He Shall Be Guided By The Law Of The Lord De 17:18

9. Laws for the Levites De 18:1-8

A.) The Tribe Of Levi [OR] The Portion Of The Priests And Levites [OR] Offerings For Priests And Levites [OR] Portion Of The Levites [OR] Privileges Of Priests And Levites [OR] The Rightful Dues Of The Priests And Levites Are The Offerings To The Lord De 18:1

B.) The Priest's Due [OR] The Priest's Due And The Levite's Portion De 18:3

10. Laws About Prophets De 18:9-22

A.) Idolatrous Practices Forbidden [OR] Avoid Wicked Customs [OR] Detestable Practices [OR] Spiritism Forbidden [OR] Child-Sacrifice, Divination, And Magic Prohibited [OR] The Abominations Of The Nations Are To Be Avoided De 18:9

1.) The Prophet [OR] A New Prophet Like Moses [OR] Christ The Prophet Is Foretold. The People Are To Hearken Unto Him De 18:14

B.) The Great Prophecy Of Messiah The Prophet De 18:15

C.) The Test Of The Prophets [OR] God Commands That The Presumptuous Prophet Is To Die De 18:20

11. Criminal Laws De 19:1-21

A.) Cities Of Refuge [OR] Three Cities Of Refuge [OR] Laws Concerning The Cities Of Refuge [OR] The Cities Of Refuge De 19:1

1.) These Are Provided For The Man Who Kills Another Unintentionally De 19:4

B.) The Sacred Landmark [OR] Property Boundaries [OR] Laws Of Landmark And Testimony [OR] The Neighbor's Landmark Is Not To Be Removed De 19:14

C.) The Terror Of The Law [OR] The Law Concerning Witnesses [OR] Witnesses [OR] Law Concerning Witnesses [OR] Two Witnesses, At Least, Required De 19:15

1.) The Punishment Of A False Witness De 19:16

12. Laws for Warfare De 20:1-20

A.) The Law Of Warfare [OR] Principles Governing Warfare [OR] Going To War [OR] Laws Of Warfare [OR] Rules Of Warfare [OR] The Priest's Exhortation To Encourage The People To Battle De 20:1

1.) Men Who Are To Be Dismissed From The War De 20:5

2.) What To Do To The Cities That Accept Or Refuse The Proclamation Of Peace De 20:10

3.) What Cities Must Be Dedicated De 20:16

4.) Man's Food Trees Must Not Be Destroyed De 20:19

13. When a Murder Is Committed, but the Murderer Can't Be Found De 21:1-9

A.) Inquest For The Slain [OR] The Law Concerning Unsolved Murder [OR] Atonement For An Unsolved Murder [OR] Expiation Of A Crime [OR] Law Concerning Murder By Persons Unknown [OR] The Expiation Of An Uncertain Murder De 21:1

14. Laws About Marriage and Family De 21:10-21

A.) Domestic Regulations [OR] Female Captives [OR] Marrying A Captive Woman [OR] Domestic Relations [OR] The Treatment Of A Captive Taken For A Wife De 21:10

1.) Firstborn Inheritance Rights [OR] The Right Of The Firstborn [OR] The Firstborn Is Not To Be Disinherited On Private Preference De 21:15

B.) A Prodigal Son Under Law [OR] The Rebellious Son [OR] A Rebellious Son [OR] Rebellious Children [OR] A Stubborn Son Shall Be Stoned To Death De 21:18

15. Various Laws De 21:22-22

1.) Miscellaneous Laws [OR] Various Laws [OR] Miscellaneous Laws [OR] The Malefactor Must Not Hang All Night On A Tree De 21:22

A.) The Law Of Brotherhood [OR] Sundry Laws [OR] Of Humanity Toward Brethren De 22:1

1.) The Sex Is To Be Distinguished By Apparel De 22:5

2.) The Dam Is Not To Be Taken With Her Young Ones De 22:6

3.) The House Must Have Battlements De 22:8

B.) The Law Of Separation [OR] Confusion Is To Be Avoided De 22:9

1.) Fringes Upon The Vesture De 22:12

16. Laws About Sex and Marriage De 22:13-30

A.) The Innocent Wife Protected [OR] Laws Of Sexual Morality [OR] Marriage Violations [OR] Laws On Morality [OR] Laws Concerning Sexual Relations [OR] The Punishment Of The One Who Slanders His Wife De 22:13

B.) The Guilty Wife To Be Stoned [OR] Of Adultery De 22:20

1.) Of Rape De 22:25

2.) And Of Fornication De 22:28

3.) Incest De 22:30

17. Various Laws De 23:1-25

A.) Divers Regulations [OR] Those Excluded From The Congregation [OR] Exclusion From The Assembly [OR] Persons Excluded From The Assembly [OR] Those Excluded From The Assembly [OR] Who May Or May Not Enter Into The Congregation De 23:1

1.) Cleass Of The Camp Site [OR] Uncleanness In The Camp [OR] Sanitary, Ritual, And Humanitarian Precepts [OR] Uncleanness To Be Avoided In The Host De 23:9

2.) Of Filthiness [OR] Miscellaneous Laws [OR] Of The Fugitive Servant De 23:11

3.) Of Abominable Sacrifices De 23:18

4.) Of Usury De 23:19

5.) Of Vows De 23:21

6.) Of Trespasses De 23:24

18. Various Laws De 24:1-22

A.) The Mosaic Law Of Divorce [OR] Law Concerning Divorce [OR] Law Of Divorce [OR] Laws Concerning Marriage And Divorce [OR] Of Divorce [OR] Miscellaneous Laws [OR] A Newly Married Man Goes Not To War De 24:1

B.) Divers Regulations De 24:5

1.) Sundry Laws [OR] Of Pledges De 24:6

2.) Of Manstealers De 24:7

3.) Of Leprosy De 24:8

4.) Wages Are To Be Given To The Hired Servant De 24:14

5.) Of Justice De 24:16

6.) Of Charity Toward The Stranger, The Fatherless, And The Widow De 24:19

19. Various Laws De 25:1-19

1.) Sundry Laws [OR] A Condemned Man Must Not Be Beaten With More Than Forty Stripes De 25:1

2.) The Ox Is Not To Be Muzzled De 25:4

3.) Marriage Duty Of The Surviving Brother [OR] Levirate Marriage [OR] Of Raising Seed Unto A Brother De 25:5

4.) Miscellaneous Laws [OR] Various Commands [OR] Of The Immodest Woman De 25:11

5.) Of Unjust Weights De 25:13

6.) Destroy The Amalekites [OR] The Memory Of Amalek Is To Be Blotted Out De 25:17

20. A Reminder to Keep God's Laws De 26:1-19

A.) The Law Of The Offering Of First-Fruits [OR] Offerings Of Firstfruits And Tithes [OR] Firstfruits And Tithes [OR] Offering First Fruits [OR] First Fruits And Tithes [OR] The Confession Of Him That Offers The Basket Of Firstfruits De 26:1

1.) The Prayer Of Him That Gives His Third Year Tithes De 26:12

2.) A Special People Of God [OR] Follow The Lord's Commands [OR] Concluding Exhortation [OR] The Covenant Between God And The People De 26:16

E. Blessings and Cursings De 27:1-30

1. Write the Law on Stones De 27:1-10

A.) The Stones Of The Law In Mount Ebal [OR] The Law Inscribed On Stones [OR] The Altar On Mount Ebal [OR] The Curses Of Mount Ebal [OR] The Inscribed Stones And Altar On Mount Ebal [OR] The People Are Commanded To Write The Law Upon Stones De 27:1

1.) And To Build An Altar Of Whole Stones De 27:5

B.) Blessings And Curses From Ebal And Gerizim [OR] Curses From Mount Ebal De 27:9

2. Curses Which Are to Be Recited De 27:11-26

1.) Curses Pronounced From Mount Ebal [OR] Twelve Curses [OR] The Tribes Divided On Gerizim And Ebal De 27:11

2.) The Curses Pronounced On Mount Ebal De 27:14

3. Blessings From the LORD De 28:1-14

I.) The great closing prophecies summarizing the history of Israel to the second coming of Christ, and containing the Palestinian Covenant De 28:1

A.) Conditions Of Blessing In The Land [OR] Blessings On Obedience [OR] Blessings For Obedience [OR] Blessings At Gerizim [OR] The Blessings For Obedience De 28:1

4. Curses From the LORD De 28:15-68

A.) Conditions Which Will Bring Chastisement In The Land [OR] Curses On Disobedience [OR] Curses For Disobedience [OR] Consequences Of Disobedience [OR] Warnings Against Disobedience [OR] The Curses For Disobedience De 28:15

B.) Continued Disobedience To Be Punished By A World-Wide Dispersion De 28:63

5. Israel's Past, Present, and Future De 29:1-30

A.) The Sixth, Or Palestinian Covenant De 29:1

1.) Introductory Words [OR] The Covenant Renewed In Moab [OR] Renewal Of The Covenant [OR] The Covenant In Moab [OR] Moses Exhorts Them To Obedience De 29:1

(I.) The Covenant Renewed In Moab De 29:2

(II.) All Are Presented Before The Lord To Enter Into His Covenant De 29:10

(III.) The Great Wrath On Him Who Prides Himself In His Wickedness De 29:18

(IV.) Secret Things Belong Unto God De 29:29

2.) The Covenant Declared [OR] The Blessings Of Returning To God [OR] Prosperity After Turning To The Lord [OR] Restoration Promised [OR] God's Fidelity Assured [OR] Great Mercies Promised To The Repentant De 30:1

B.) The Final Warning [OR] The Choice Of Life And Death [OR] The Offer Of Life Or Death [OR] Exhortation To Choose Life [OR] The Commandment Is Not Hard De 30:11

6. Choose Between Life and Death De 30:15-20

F. Witnesses De 30:19-20

1.) Choose Life [OR] Death And Life Are Set Before Them De 30:15

G. Moses Concluding His Work De 31:1-33

1. Joshua Becomes Israel's Leader to Replace Moses De 31:1-29

I.) Moses' last counsels to the priests, Levites, and Joshua [OR] Joshua the New Leader of Israel [OR] Joshua to Succeed Moses [OR] Moses' Last Counsel [OR] Joshua Becomes Moses' Successor [OR] Moses encourages the people De 31:1

A.) He Encourages Joshua De 31:7

B.) The Law To Be Read Every Seven Years [OR] The Reading Of The Law [OR] The Law To Be Read Every Seventh Year [OR] He Delivers The Law Unto The Priests De 31:9

C.) Jehovah Warns Moses Of The Apostasy Of Israel [OR] Prediction Of Israel's Rebellion [OR] Israel's Rebellion Predicted [OR] Israel Will Fall Away [OR] Moses And Joshua Receive God's Charge [OR] God Gives A Charge To Joshua De 31:14

1.) And A Song To Testify Against The People De 31:19

2.) Joshua Is Commissioned De 31:23

D.) Moses Instructs The Levites [OR] Moses Delivers The Book Of The Law To The Levites, And Makes A Declaration To The Elders De 31:24

2. The Song of Moses De 31:30-32

I.) The Song of Moses and his parting blessings De 32:1

A.) The Song Of Moses [OR] Moses' Song Which Sets Forth God's Mercy And Vengeance De 32:1

3. Moses Is Allowed to See Canaan De 32:44-52

A.) The Exhortation De 32:45

1.) He Exhorts Them To Set Their Hearts Upon It [OR] Moses To Die On Mount Nebo [OR] Moses' Death Foretold [OR] God Sends Him Up To Mount Nebo, To See The Land, And Die De 32:46

4. Moses Blesses the Twelve Tribes De 33:1-29

A.) The Blessing Of The Tribes [OR] Moses' Final Blessing On Israel [OR] Moses Blesses The Tribes [OR] The Blessing Of Moses [OR] The Blessings Of The Twelve Tribes De 33:1

1.) The Everlasting Arms Of The Eternal God De 33:26

H. The Death of Moses De 34:1-12

1. Moses' Death and Burial De 34:1-12

I.) The death of Moses De 34:1

A.) The Vision And Death Of Moses [OR] Moses Dies On Mount Nebo [OR] The Death Of Moses [OR] Moses Dies And Is Buried In The Land Of Moab [OR] Moses Views The Land From Mount Nebo De 34:1

1.) He Dies In The Land Of Moab De 34:5

2.) His Burial De 34:6

3.) His Age De 34:7

4.) Thirty Days' Mourning For Him De 34:8

B.) After Moses, Joshua [OR] Joshua Succeeds Him De 34:9

1.) The Praise Of Moses De 34:10