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Bible Outline Compendium

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An Exhaustive Compendium Of Bible Events In Outline Form





A. The Selection and Preparation of God's Servants Da 1:1-21

1. Daniel and His Friends Remain Faithful to God Da 1:1-21

I.) Introduction: the personal history of Daniel from the conquest of Jerusalem to the second year of Nebuchadnezzar [OR] Daniel and His Friends Obey God [OR] Daniel's Training in Babylon [OR] The Choice Young Men [OR] Four Young Israelites at the Babylonian Court [OR] Jehoiakim's captivity Da 1:1

A.) Ashpenaz Brings The Four Hebrew Youths To The Palace School Da 1:3

B.) Daniel's Resolve [OR] Refusing The King's Portion They Thrive On Vegetables And Water Da 1:8

C.) Their Wisdom [OR] Nebuchadnezzar's Dream [OR] The King's Forgotten Dream [OR] Nebuchadnezzar Forgets His Dream, Yet Demands Its Interpretation Under Penalty Of Death Da 1:17

B. Nebuchadnezzar's First Dream [OR] Nebuchadnezzar's Dream About a Statue Made of Four Metals Da 2:1-49

I.) The visions of Nebuchadnezzar and their results Da 2:1

A.) The Forgotten Dream: Failure Of The Magi Da 2:1

1.) The Chaldeans Are Unable Even To Tell The Dream, And Are Sentenced Da 2:10

B.) The Prayer For Wisdom [OR] God Reveals Nebuchadnezzar's Dream [OR] The Dream Is Revealed To Daniel In A Vision Da 2:14

1.) God Reveals Nebuchadnezzar's Dream Da 2:17

C.) The Secret Revealed To Daniel [OR] The Secret Is Revealed To Daniel [OR] He Blesses God Da 2:19

1.) Daniel Explains The Dream [OR] Daniel Interprets The Dream [OR] He Is Brought To The King, After Asking Mercy For The Wise Men Da 2:24

D.) The Forgotten Dream Recovered [OR] The King's Dream [OR] The Dream Da 2:31

E.) The Interpretation [OR] The Interpretation--Babylon The First Kingdom Da 2:36

1.) The First World-Empire: Babylon Under Nebuchadnezzar Da 2:37

2.) The Second World-Empire: Media-Persia. The Third World-Empire: Greece [OR] Medo-Persia And Greece Da 2:39

3.) The Fourth World-Empire: Rome [OR] Rome Da 2:40

4.) The Final World-Empire: The Kingdom Of Heaven [OR] The Divine Kingdom Da 2:44

F.) The Promotion Of Daniel [OR] Daniel And His Friends Promoted [OR] Daniel Promoted [OR] Daniel's Advancement Da 2:46

C. The Golden Image Da 3:1-30

1. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Refuse to Worship an Idol Da 3:1-30

A.) The Pride Of Nebuchadnezzar And His Punishment Da 3:1

1.) The Image Of Gold [OR] The Image Of Gold And The Fiery Furnace [OR] The King's Golden Image [OR] The Golden Image [OR] Nebuchadnezzar Dedicates A Golden Image Da 3:1

2.) The Three Jews Refuse To Worship The Image [OR] Daniel's Friends Disobey The King [OR] Worship Of The Image Refused [OR] Shadrach, Meshach, And Abed-Nego Are Accused Da 3:8

(I.) They Refuse To Worship The Image, And Are Cast Into A Furnace Da 3:13

3.) The Harmless Furnace [OR] Saved In Fiery Trial [OR] Daniel's Friends Protected [OR] The Fiery Furnace Da 3:19

(I.) God Delivers Them Da 3:24

4.) The Convinced King [OR] Nebuchadnezzar Praises God [OR] Nebuchadnezzar, Seeing The Miracle, Blesses God Da 3:26

5.) The Decree Of Nebuchadnezzar Da 3:29

D. Nebuchadnezzar's Second Dream  [OR] A Letter From Nebuchadnezzar About His Insanity Da 4:1-37

1.) The King's Proclamation [OR] Nebuchadnezzar's Second Dream [OR] Nebuchadnezzar's Dream Of A Tree [OR] The King Acknowledges God [OR] Nebuchadnezzar Praises God's Kingdom Da 4:1

2.) The Tree Vision Of Nebuchadnezzar [OR] The Vision Of A Great Tree [OR] He Relates His Dream, Which The Magicians Cannot Interpret Da 4:4

(I.) Daniel Hears The Dream Da 4:8

3.) The Tree Vision Interpreted [OR] Daniel Explains The Second Dream [OR] Daniel Interprets The Dream [OR] Daniel Interprets The Vision [OR] Daniel Interprets The Second Dream [OR] He Interprets It Da 4:19

4.) The Tree Vision Fulfilled: Restoration Of Nebuchadnezzar [OR] Nebuchadnezzar's Humiliation [OR] The Dream Is Fulfilled [OR] The Vision Fulfilled [OR] Nebuchadnezzar Loses His Mind And Kingdom Because Of Pride [OR] Nebuchadnezzar Praises God [OR] But Regains His Reason And His Throne On Turning To God Da 4:28

E. Belshazzar's Feast [OR] The Handwriting on the Wall Da 5:1-31

I.) The personal history of Daniel under Belshazzar and Darius Da 5:1

A.) The Pride Of Belshazzar And His Downfall [OR] Belshazzar's Feast [OR] The Writing On The Wall [OR] Belshazzar's Impious Feast Da 5:1

1.) The Writing On The Wall [OR] The Handwriting On The Wall Da 5:5

(I.) Daniel Is Brought Before The King Da 5:10

(II.) The Writing On The Wall Explained [OR] Daniel Interprets Handwriting On The Wall [OR] The Writing On The Wall Interpreted Da 5:13

2.) The Writing Interpreted [OR] He Reproves The King For Pride And Idolatry Da 5:17

(I.) Then Reads And Interprets The Writing Da 5:25

(II.) Belshazzar's Fall [OR] The End Of Belshazzar's Kingdom Da 5:30

F. Daniel in the Lion's Den Da 6:1-28

A.) History Of Daniel To The Accession Of Cyrus [OR] The Plot Against Daniel [OR] Daniel In The Den Of Lions [OR] Daniel Serves Darius [OR] Daniel Is Made Chief Of The Presidents Da 6:1

1.) The Decree Of Darius [OR] Who Conspire Against Him And Obtain A Decree From The King Da 6:4

2.) The Steadfastness Of Daniel [OR] Daniel In The Lion's Den [OR] Daniel In The Lions' Den [OR] Daniel Accused Of Breaking This Law, Is Cast Into The Lion's Den Da 6:10

3.) Daniel Cast Into The Lions' Den [OR] Daniel In The Lions' Den Da 6:16

4.) The Delivering God [OR] Daniel Saved From The Lions [OR] Daniel Is Saved Da 6:18

(I.) Daniel Saved From The Lions Da 6:19

(II.) Darius Honors God [OR] His Adversaries Devoured Da 6:24

5.) The Decree Of Darius [OR] And God Magnified By A Decree Of Darius Da 6:25

G. Visions Da 7:1-12:13

1. Daniel's Vision About Four Animals Da 7:1-28

I.) The visions of Daniel Da 7:1

A.) The Beast Vision Of Daniel [OR] Vision Of The Four Beasts [OR] Daniel's Dream Of Four Beasts [OR] Visions Of The Four Beasts [OR] Daniel's Vision Of Four Beasts Da 7:1

1.) The World-Empire Of Nebuchadnezzar Da 7:4

2.) The World-Empire Of Media-Persia Da 7:5

3.) The World-Empire Of Greece Under Alexander Da 7:6

4.) The Roman World-Empire Da 7:7

5.) The Ten Kings And The "Little Horn" Da 7:8

6.) The Vision Of The Coming Of The Son Of Man In Glory [OR] Vision Of The Ancient Of Days [OR] The Ancient Of Days Reigns [OR] Judgment Before The Ancient One [OR] And Of God's Kingdom Da 7:9

(I.) Scene In Heaven Before The Coming Of The Son Of Man [OR] The Son Of Man Presented Da 7:13

7.) The Interpretation Of The Beast Vision [OR] Daniel's Vision Interpreted [OR] The Interpretation Of The Dream [OR] The Vision Interpreted [OR] Daniel's Visions Interpreted [OR] The Interpretation Of The Vision Da 7:15

2. Daniel's Vision About the Ram and the Goat Da 8:1-27

A.) The Ram And Rough Goat Vision Da 8:1

1.) The Vision [OR] Vision Of A Ram And A Goat [OR] Daniel's Vision Of A Ram And A Goat [OR] Vision Of The Ram And Goat [OR] Daniel's Vision Of The Ram And The He-Goat Da 8:1

(I.) The Little Horn Da 8:9

(II.) The 2,300 Days Of Sacrifice Da 8:13

2.) The Vision Interpreted [OR] Gabriel Interprets The Vision [OR] The Interpretation Of The Vision [OR] Interpretation Of The Vision [OR] Gabriel Comforts Daniel And Interprets The Vision Da 8:15

(I.) The Ram's Identity Da 8:20

(II.) The Goat Da 8:21

3. Daniel's Prayer About Jerusalem Is Answered Da 9:1-27

A.) Vision Of The Seventy Weeks [OR] Daniel's Prayer For The People [OR] Daniel's Prayer [OR] Daniel's Prayer For His People [OR] Daniel, Considering The Time Of The Captivity Da 9:1

1.) Daniel's Prayer And Confession [OR] Makes Confession Of Sins Da 9:3

(I.) And Prays For The Restoration Of Jerusalem Da 9:16

2.) The Seventy Weeks Of Years [OR] The Seventy-Weeks Prophecy [OR] The Seventy "Sevens" [OR] Gabriel Brings An Answer [OR] The Seventy Weeks [OR] Gabriel Informs Him Of The Seventy Weeks Da 9:20

(I.) Seventy Weeks And The Messiah Da 9:24

4. An Angel Comes to Daniel With a Message Da 10:1-11:1

A.) The Vision Of The Glory Of God [OR] Vision Of The Glorious Man [OR] Daniel's Vision Of A Man [OR] Daniel Is Terrified By A Vision [OR] Conflict Of Nations And Heavenly Powers [OR] Daniel, Having Humbled Himself, Sees A Vision Da 10:1

1.) Prophecies Concerning Persia And Greece [OR] Daniel Comforted [OR] Being Troubled And Fearful, He Is Comforted By The Angel Da 10:10

B.) From Darius To The Man Of Sin [OR] Conflicts To Come [OR] He Predicts The Overthrow Of Persia By The King Of Grecia (Greece) Da 11:1

5. Greece Will Conquer Persia Da 11:2-4

1.) The Kings Of The South And The North Da 11:2

6. The Northern and Southern Kings Da 11:5-12:4

1.) Warring Kings Of North And South [OR] Leagues And Conflicts Between The Kings Of The South And Of The North Da 11:5

A.) The "Little Horn" Of Daniel 8: Antiochus Epiphanes Da 11:21

1.) The Northern King's Blasphemies Da 11:29

2.) The Invasion And Tyranny Of The Romans Da 11:30

B.) The End-Time. The "Little Horn" Of Daniel 7 [OR] The King Who Exalts Himself Da 11:36

1.) The Northern King's Conquests [OR] The Time Of The End Da 11:40

C.) The Great Tribulation [OR] Prophecy Of The End Time [OR] The End Times [OR] The Time Of The End [OR] The Resurrection Of The Dead [OR] Michael Shall Deliver Israel From Trouble Da 12:1

D.) The Resurrections Da 12:2

E.) The Last Message To Daniel Da 12:4

7. The Words Are Sealed Up Da 12:5-13

1.) Daniel Is Informed Of The Times Da 12:8

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The work herein is a compendium of the work of anonymous Bible scholars who summarized Bible passages. The [OR] operators indicate differences in how different Bible scholars summarized given Bible passages. Standard outline form is not always followed due to overlapping events or overlapping times in which events took place.

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