A. Introduction Col 1:1-14

I.) Greeting Col 1:1

II.) Introduction: the apostolic greeting [OR] Greeting [OR] Thankfulness for Spiritual Attainments [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul thanks God for the faith of the Colossians Col 1:1

1. Paul's Prayer for the Colossians Col 1:3-12

A.) Their Faith In Christ [OR] Thanksgiving And Prayer [OR] Paul Thanks God For The Colossians Col 1:3

(I.) Confirms The Teachings Of Epaphras Col 1:7

I.) The apostle's sevenfold prayer [OR] Preeminence of Christ [OR] prays again for their growth in grace Col 1:9

2. What God Has Done Through Christ Col 1:13-23

A.) The Incomparable Christ Col 1:13

(I.) Describes The True Christ [OR] The Supremacy Of Christ Col 1:14

B. The Supremacy of Christ Col 1:15-23

I.) The exaltation of Christ Col 1:15

A.) The Seven Superiorities Of Christ Col 1:15

1.) Reconciled In Christ Col 1:19

B.) The Reconciling Work Of Christ Col 1:20

1.) Encourages Them To Receive Jesus Christ Col 1:21

C. Paul's Ministry [OR] Paul Describes His Work Col 1:24-2:7

A.) The Mystery Of The Indwelling Christ [OR] Sacrificial Service For Christ [OR] Paul's Labor For The Church [OR] Paul's Interest In The Colossians Col 1:24

1.) And Commends His Own Ministry Col 1:25

I.) The Godhead incarnate in Christ, in whom the believer is complete [OR] Not Philosophy but Christ [OR] You Are Built Up in Christ [OR] He exhorts them to stand firm in the Christian faith Col 2:1

A.) The Danger From Enticing Words Col 2:4

1.) Freedom From Human Regulations Through Life With Christ [OR] Fullness Of Life In Christ Col 2:6

D. Warning Against Error [OR] Beware of Requirements Invented by HumansCol 2:8-23

A.) The Twofold Warning Against (A) Philosophy, (B) Legality [OR] To Beware Of Philosophy And Human Traditions Col 2:8

B.) Nothing Can Be Added To Completeness Col 2:9

1.) Not Legalism But Christ Col 2:11

C.) Law Observances Were Abolished In Christ Col 2:14

D.) Warning Against False Mysticism [OR] The Worship Of Angels Col 2:18

E.) Warning Against Asceticism [OR] Warnings Against False Teachers [OR] And Legal Ceremonies, Which Christ Ended Col 2:20

E. Appeal for Christian Living Col 3:1-4:6

     1. Live as God's People Col 3:1-17

I.) The believer's union with Christ, now and hereafter [OR] Not Carnality but Christ [OR] Rules for Holy Living [OR] Put On the New Self [OR] The New Life in Christ [OR] He shows why we should seek Christ Col 3:1

II.) Christian living, the fruit of union with Christ [OR] He exhorts them to subdue their own desires Col 3:5

A.) To Put Off The Old Man, And To Put On Christ Col 3:9

(I.) Character Of The New Man [OR] Encouraging Them To Humility, Love, And Other Duties Col 3:12

2. Advice for Wives and Husbands, Parents and Children, Slaves and Masters Col 3:18-4:1

(I.) The Christian Home [OR] Rules For Christian Households [OR] Family Relations Col 3:18

(II.) Fellow Workers [OR] He Exhorts Them To Be Fervent In Prayer Col 4:1

3. Advice for All Christians Col 4:2-6

(I.) Christian Graces [OR] Further Instructions Col 4:2

(II.) To Walk Wisely Toward Those Who Have Not Yet Come To The True Knowledge Of Christ [OR] Final Greetings [OR] Final Greetings And Benediction Col 4:5

F. Conclusion [OR] Greetings From Paul and His Coworkers Col 4:7-18

I.) Christian fellowship Col 4:7

A.) He Salutes Them, And Asks Their Prayers Col 4:10

B.) Closing Exhortations And Blessing Col 4:16