A. The General Judgments on the Nations Am 1:1-2:16

I.) Judgments on surrounding peoples [OR] Judgment on Neighbor Nations [OR] Judgment on Israel's Neighbors [OR] Amos foretells God's judgment upon Syria Am 1:1

1. Damascus Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 1:3-5

A.) Judgment On The Nations [OR] Judgment On Israel's Neighbors Am 1:3

2. Gaza Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 1:6-8

A.) Upon The Philistines Am 1:6

3. Tyre Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 1:9-10

A.) Upon Tyrus (Tyre) Am 1:9

4. Edom Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 1:11-12

A.) Upon Edom Am 1:11

5. Ammon Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 1:13-15

A.) Upon Ammon Am 1:13

6. Moab Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 2:1-3

A.) Judgment On Judah And Israel [OR] God's Wrath Against Moab [OR] Judgment On Judah [OR] Against Judah Am 2:1

7. Judah Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 2:4-5

I.) Judgments on Judah and Israel Am 2:4

8. Israel Will Be Judged for Its Crimes Am 2:6-16

A.) Judgment Of Israel [OR] Judgment On Israel [OR] And Against Israel Am 2:6

B.) God Complains Of Their Unthankfulness Am 2:9

B. The Specific Judgments on Israel Am 3:1-6:14

1. The LORD Will Punish Israel for Its Immoral Behavior Am 3:1-15

I.) Jehovah's controversy with "the whole family" of Jacob [OR] Authority of the Prophet's Message [OR] Witnesses Summoned Against Israel [OR] All the Tribes Are Guilty [OR] Israel's Guilt and Punishment [OR] The necessity of God's judgment against Israel Am 3:1

A.) Punishment Of Israel's Sins [OR] Its Proclamation Am 3:9

2. The LORD Will Punish the Women of Samaria Am 4:1-13

A.) The Very Sacrifices At Beth-El Were The Scorn Of Jehovah [OR] Israel Has Not Returned To God [OR] Yet You Have Not Returned To Me [OR] He Reproves Israel For Oppression Am 4:1

1.) For Idolatry Am 4:4

B.) Israel Reminded Of Jehovah's Chastenings [OR] Israel Did Not Accept Correction [OR] Israel Rejects Correction [OR] And For Faithlessness Am 4:6

3. A Funeral Song About Israel Am 5:1-3

A.) Jehovah's Lamentation Over Israel [OR] A Lament For Israel [OR] A Lament And Call To Repentance [OR] Seek Me That You May Live [OR] A Lament For Israel's Sin [OR] A Lamentation For Israel Am 5:1

4. A Threefold Call to Turn Away From Sin Am 5:4-17

1.) A Call To Repentance [OR] An Exhortation To Repentance Am 5:4

A.) The Day Of The Lord Am 5:16

5. The Terrifying Day of the LORD Am 5:18-20

1.) The Day Of The Lord [OR] The Day Of The Lord: A Dark Day Am 5:18

6. The LORD Rejects Israel's Worship Am 5:21-27

A.) Worship Without Righteousness Jehovah's Abomination [OR] God Rejects Their Hypocritical Service Am 5:21

7. The Fall of Samaria Am 6:1-14

A.) Woe To Those At Ease In A Day Of Unrighteousness [OR] Warnings To Zion And Samaria [OR] Woe To The Complacent [OR] Those At Ease In Zion [OR] Complacent Self-Indulgence Will Be Punished [OR] The Wantonness Of Israel Am 6:1

1.) Shall Be Plagued With Desolation Am 6:7

2.) The Lord Abhors The Pride Of Israel Am 6:8

3.) And Faithlessness Punished Am 6:12

C. The symbolic judgment on Israel Am 7:1-9:10

1. The LORD Threatens to Bring a Famine by Locusts Am 7:1-3

A.) The Prophet's Intercession To Prevail No Longer [OR] Vision Of The Locusts [OR] Locusts, Fire And A Plumb Line [OR] Warning Through Visions [OR] Locusts, Fire, And A Plumb Line [OR] The Judgments Of The Grasshoppers Am 7:1

2. The LORD Threatens to Bring a Drought by Fire Am 7:4-6

1.) Vision Of The Fire [OR] And Of The Fire, Are Averted By The Prayer Of Amos Am 7:4

3. The LORD Refuses to Overlook Israel's Sin Am 7:7-9

1.) Vision Of The Plumb Line [OR] The Rejection Of Israel Is Signified By The Plumb Line Along The Wall Am 7:7

4. Amaziah Opposes Amos Am 7:10-17

A.) The Priest Of Beth-El Charges Amos Before The King [OR] Amaziah's Complaint [OR] Amos And Amaziah [OR] Amos Accused, Answers [OR] Amaziah Complains To The King [OR] Amaziah Complains Of Amos Am 7:10

B.) The Answer Of Amos [OR] Amos Shows His Calling Am 7:14

1.) And Amaziah's Judgment Am 7:16

5. The End Has Come for Israel Am 8:1-14

A.) The Basket Of Summer Fruit: Israel Soon To Perish [OR] Vision Of The Summer Fruit [OR] A Basket Of Ripe Fruit [OR] Basket Of Fruit And Israel's Captivity [OR] The Basket Of Fruit [OR] A Basket Of Summer Fruit Shows Israel's End Is Near Am 8:1

B.) Jehovah's Full Case Against Israel [OR] Oppression Is Reproved Am 8:4

1.) Mourning Is Promised Am 8:8

2.) A Famine Of The Word Threatened Am 8:11

6. The LORD Will Sift Israel out of All the Nations Am 9:1-10

A.) The Final Prophecy Of Dispersion [OR] The Destruction Of Israel [OR] Israel To Be Destroyed [OR] God's Judgment Unavoidable [OR] The Certainty Of The Desolation Am 9:1

D. The Millennial Glory for Israel [OR] The LORD Will Restore His PeopleAm 9:11-15

I.) Future kingdom blessing Am 9:11

A.) The Lord's Return And The Re-Establishment Of The Davidic Monarchy [OR] Israel Will Be Restored [OR] Israel's Restoration [OR] The Restoration Of Israel [OR] The Restoration Of David's Kingdom [OR] Restoration Of David's Tabernacle Am 9:11

B.) Full Kingdom Blessing Of Restored Israel Am 9:13