Overview, Part 1 Of 2

Overview, Part 2 Of 2




A. Introduction Ac 1:1-2:47

I.) Peter and ministry primarily to Jews Ac 1:1

A.) Introduction [OR] Prologue [OR] Jesus Taken Up Into Heaven [OR] The Promise Of The Holy Spirit [OR] Christ Prepares The Apostles For His Ascension And The Coming Of The Holy Spirit Ac 1:1

1. Christ Ascends to Heaven Ac 1:3-11

A.) The Resurrection-Ministry Of Christ Ac 1:3

1.) The Holy Spirit Promised Ac 1:4

2.) The Ascension Of Jesus Ac 1:6

3.) The Apostolic Commission Ac 1:8

(I.) Jesus Ascends To Heaven [OR] The Ascension [OR] He Ascends, And Two Angels Tell Of His Coming Again Ac 1:9

4.) The Promise Of The Return Of Jesus To The Earth Ac 1:10

2. A New Apostle Takes Judas' Place Ac 1:12-26

A.) The Ten Days' Waiting For The Spirit [OR] The Upper Room Prayer Meeting [OR] Matthias Chosen To Replace Judas [OR] The Upper Room [OR] The Apostles Devote Themselves To Prayer Ac 1:12

1.) The Choice Of Matthias [OR] Matthias Chosen [OR] They Choose Matthias In The Place Of Judas Ac 1:15

3. The Believers Are Filled With the Holy Spirit Ac 2:1-13

A.) Pentecost Ac 2:1

1.) Peter's First Use Of The Keys; The Gospel Given To The Jews [OR] Coming Of The Holy Spirit [OR] The Holy Spirit Comes At Pentecost [OR] The Day Of Pentecost [OR] The Coming Of The Holy Spirit [OR] The Apostles Are Filled With The Holy Spirit And Witness In Many Languages Ac 2:1

(I.) The Crowd's Response Ac 2:5

(II.) Their Hearers Are Amazed Ac 2:7

4. Peter Talks to the Crowd Ac 2:14-41

1.) Peter's Sermon. Theme: Jesus Is Lord And Christ [OR] Peter's Sermon [OR] Peter Addresses The Crowd [OR] Peter Preaches The Messiah Crucified, Risen, The Worker Of Miracles Ac 2:14

(I.) Introductory. Joel's Prophecy Fulfilled Ac 2:15

(II.) The Works Of Jesus Prove That He Is Lord And Christ Ac 2:22

(III.) David Foretold Messiah's Kingship After Resurrection Ac 2:25

(IV.) His Resurrection Proves That He Is Lord And Christ Ac 2:32

(V.) What Israel Must Do [OR] The Ingathering [OR] The First Converts [OR] He Baptizes Three Thousand Converts Ac 2:37

(A.) A Vital Church Grows Ac 2:40

5. Life as a Christian Ac 2:42-47

A.) The First Church [OR] The Fellowship Of The Believers [OR] The Apostles Work Miracles Ac 2:42

1.) Life Among The Believers Ac 2:43

2.) The Converts Share All Their Possessions Ac 2:44

3.) And God Adds Daily To His Church Ac 2:47

B. Jerusalem Ac 3:1-8:3

1. A Lame Man Is Healed Ac 3:1-26

A.) The First Apostolic Miracle: The Lame Man Healed [OR] A Lame Man Healed [OR] Peter Heals The Crippled Beggar [OR] Healing The Lame Beggar [OR] Peter Heals A Crippled Beggar [OR] A Man Lame From Birth Is Healed Ac 3:1

1.) Preaching In Solomon's Portico [OR] Peter Speaks To The Onlookers [OR] Peter's Second Sermon [OR] Peter Speaks In Solomon's Portico Ac 3:11

B.) Peter's Second Sermon. Theme: The Covenants Will Be Fulfilled [OR] Peter Rebukes Them For Crucifying Jesus Christ Ac 3:12

1.) And Tells The Throng How The Miracle Was Performed Ac 3:16

2.) Because They Sinned Through Ignorance Ac 3:17

3.) He Exhorts Them To Repent And Seek Salvation In The Same Jesus Christ Ac 3:19

2. Peter and John's Trial in Front of the Jewish Council Ac 4:1-22

A.) The First Persecution [OR] Peter And John Arrested [OR] Peter And John Before The Sanhedrin [OR] Peter And John Before The Council [OR] The Rulers Of The Jews, Offended By Peter's Sermon Ac 4:1

1.) Imprison Him And John Ac 4:3

2.) Peter's Address To The Sanhedrin [OR] Addressing The Sanhedrin [OR] After Peter's Bold Declaration At The Hearing Ac 4:5

3.) Preaching In The Name Of Jesus Forbidden [OR] The Name Of Jesus Forbidden [OR] Threat And Release [OR] They Warn Him And John To Preach No More In The Name Of Jesus Christ Ac 4:13

3. The Apostles Pray for God's Help Ac 4:23-31

A.) The Christians Again Filled With The Spirit [OR] Prayer For Boldness [OR] The Believers' Prayer [OR] The Believers Pray For Boldness [OR] The Church Prays For God's Help Ac 4:23

1.) God Shows That He Has Heard Their Prayer Ac 4:31

4. The Believers Share Their Property Ac 4:32-37

A.) State Of The Church At Jerusalem [OR] Sharing In All Things [OR] The Believers Share Their Possessions [OR] Sharing Among Believers Ac 4:32

5. Ananias and Sapphira Ac 5:1-11

A.) The Sin And Death Of Ananias And Sapphira [OR] Lying To The Holy Spirit [OR] Ananias And Sapphira [OR] Fate Of Ananias And Sapphira [OR] Ananias And Sapphira, His Wife, Fall Dead At Peter's Rebuke Of Their Hypocrisy Ac 5:1

6. The Apostles Perform Many Miracles Ac 5:12-16

A.) The Power Of A Holy Church [OR] Continuing Power In The Church [OR] The Apostles Heal Many [OR] The Rest Of The Apostles Work Many Miracles Ac 5:12

1.) And More Believers Are Added To The Church Ac 5:14

7. The Apostles' Trial in Front of the Jewish Council Ac 5:17-42

A.) The Second Persecution [OR] Imprisoned Apostles Freed [OR] The Apostles Persecuted [OR] Imprisonment And Release [OR] The Apostles Are Persecuted [OR] The Apostles Are Again Imprisoned Ac 5:17

1.) But Are Delivered By An Angel Who Bids Them To Preach Openly Ac 5:19

2.) After They Teach, Accordingly, In The Temple Ac 5:21

3.) Apostles On Trial Again Ac 5:22

4.) And Before The Council Ac 5:27

5.) The Answer Of The Apostles Ac 5:29

(I.) Gamaliel's Advice [OR] Gamaliel's Counsel [OR] They Are In Danger Of Being Killed, But By The Advice Of Gamaliel They Are Kept Alive Ac 5:33

6.) The Warning Of Gamaliel Ac 5:34

7.) The Apostles Beaten [OR] And Being But Beaten, They Glorify God And Preach Without Ceasing Ac 5:40

8. The Disciples Choose Seven Men to Help the Apostles Ac 6:1-7

A.) The First Deacons [OR] Seven Chosen To Serve [OR] The Choosing Of The Seven [OR] Choosing Of The Seven [OR] The Apostles, Determined To Neglect Neither Physical Needs Nor Ministry If The Word Ac 6:1

1.) Appoint Seven Chosen Men As Deacons Ac 6:3

2.) Stephen, A Man Full Of Faith And Of The Holy Spirit, Is One Of Them Ac 6:5

9. Stephen Is Arrested Ac 6:8-15

A.) The Third Persecution: Stephen Brought Before The Council [OR] Stephen Accused Of Blasphemy [OR] Stephen Seized [OR] The Arrest Of Stephen Ac 6:8

1.) Who Is Taken By Those Whom He Has Confounded In Debate Ac 6:12

2.) And Is Falsely Accused Of Blasphemy Against The Law And The Temple Ac 6:13

10. Stephen Speaks in His Own Defense Ac 7:1-53

1.) Stephen's Address: The Call Of Abraham [OR] Stephen's Speech To The Sanhedrin [OR] Stephen's Defense [OR] Stephen's Speech To The Council [OR] Stephen, Permitted To Answer The Accusation Of Blasphemy Ac 7:1

2.) Address Of Stephen Before The Council. Theme: The Unbelief Of Israel Ac 7:2

(I.) Shows That Abraham Worshipped God Rightly Ac 7:3

(II.) And Tells How God Chose The Fathers Ac 7:8

(III.) The Patriarchs In Egypt Ac 7:9

(IV.) God Delivers Israel By Moses Ac 7:17

(V.) Before Moses Was Born, And Before The Tabernacle And Temple Were Built Ac 7:20

(VI.) Israel Rebels Against God [OR] He Declares That Moses Himself Witnessed To Christ Ac 7:37

(VII.) God's True Tabernacle [OR] Stephen Continues His Defense, Declaring With Isaiah That God Does Not Dwell In Temples Made By Hands Ac 7:44

(VIII.) Israel Resists The Holy Spirit [OR] He Rebukes The Jews' Rebellion And Murder Of Christ, Whose Coming The Prophets Foretold Ac 7:51

11. Stephen Is Executed Ac 7:54-8:3

1.) The First Martyr: First Mention Of Paul [OR] Stephen The Martyr [OR] The Stoning Of Stephen [OR] Stephen Put To Death [OR] At This They Stone Him To Death, As He Commends His Soul To Jesus And Humbly Prays For Them Ac 7:54

A.) The Fourth Persecution: Saul Chief Persecutor [OR] Saul Persecutes The Church [OR] The Church Persecuted And Scattered [OR] Because Of Persecution By Saul And Others In Jerusalem, The Church Is Planted In Samaria Ac 8:1

C. Judea and Samaria Ac 8:4-12:24

1a.  Some Samaritans Become Believers Ac 8:4-25

A.) The First Missionaries [OR] Christ Is Preached In Samaria [OR] Philip In Samaria [OR] Philip Preaches In Samaria Ac 8:4

B.) The Ministry Of Philip [OR] By Philip, The Deacon, Who Preaches And Baptizes Many, Among Whom Is Simon The Magician Ac 8:5

1.) The Case Of Simon The Sorcerer [OR] The Sorcerer's Profession Of Faith [OR] Simon The Sorcerer Ac 8:9

(I.) The Sorcerer's Sin [OR] Peter And John Come To Confirm And Enlarge The Church, Where By Prayer And Laying On Of Hands The Holy Spirit Is Given Ac 8:14

(II.) When Simon Seeks To Buy This Power From Them Ac 8:18

(III.) Peter Sharply Reproves His Hypocrisy And Covetousness, And Exhorts Him To Repent Ac 8:20

(IV.) An Ethiopian Receives Christ [OR] Peter And John Preach In Samaria And Return To Jerusalem Ac 8:25

1. Philip Tells an Ethiopian About Christ Ac 8:26-40

1.) Philip And The Ethiopian [OR] Christ Is Preached To An Ethiopian [OR] Philip And The Ethiopian Eunuch [OR] The Angel Of God Sends Philip To Teach And Baptize The Ethiopian Eunuch Ac 8:26

2. Saul Becomes a Follower of Christ Ac 9:1-31

A.) The Conversion Of Saul [OR] The Damascus Road: Saul Converted [OR] Saul's Conversion [OR] Saul, Going Toward Damascus Ac 9:1

1.) Is Stricken Down To The Earth Ac 9:4

2.) Ananias Baptizes Saul [OR] Is Called By Christ To Be And Apostle Ac 9:10

3.) Paul Filled With The Spirit [OR] And Is Baptized By Ananias Ac 9:17

4.) Paul Baptized Ac 9:18

(I.) Saul In Damascus And Jerusalem [OR] Saul Begins To Preach Christ [OR] Saul Preaches In Damascus Ac 9:19

B.) Paul Preaches [OR] Saul Preaches Christ [OR] He Preaches Christ Boldly Ac 9:20

1.) Saul Escapes Death [OR] Saul Escapes From The Jews [OR] The Jews Lay Wait To Kill Him Ac 9:23

C.) Paul Visits Jerusalem [OR] Saul At Jerusalem [OR] Saul In Jerusalem Ac 9:26

1.) As Also Do The Grecians, But He Escapes Both Ac 9:29

D.) Paul Returns To Tarsus Ac 9:30

1.) The Church Prospers [OR] The Church Is Free From Persecution Ac 9:31

3. Peter Heals Aeneas Ac 9:32-35

A.) The Healing Of Aeneas [OR] Aeneas Healed [OR] Aeneas And Dorcas [OR] Peter's Ministry Ac 9:32

1.) Peter Heals Aeneas Of The Palsy Ac 9:33

4. Peter Brings Tabitha Back to Life Ac 9:36-43

A.) Tabitha Raised From The Dead [OR] Dorcas Restored To Life [OR] Peter In Lydda And Joppa [OR] And Restores Dorcas To Life Ac 9:36

5. Cornelius Has a Vision Ac 10:1-8

I.) Paul and ministry primarily to Gentiles Ac 10:1

A.) Peter's Second Use Of The Keys: The Gospel Given To Gentiles Ac 10:1

1.) Cornelius' Vision [OR] Comelius Sends A Delegation [OR] Cornelius Calls For Peter [OR] Peter And Cornelius [OR] Cornelius, A Devout Man Ac 10:1

(I.) At The Command Of An Angel Sends For Peter [OR] Peter's Vision [OR] Who, By A Vision Ac 10:5

2.) Cornelius Sends For Peter Ac 10:7

6. Peter Has a Vision [10:9-23a] Ac 10:9-23

1.) Peter's Vision Of The Great Sheet Ac 10:9

(I.) Is Taught Not To Despise The Gentiles Ac 10:15

2.) Peter And The Messengers Of Cornelius [OR] Summoned To Caesarea Ac 10:17

3.) Peter Goes To Caesarea [OR] Peter At Cornelius' House [OR] Peter At Caesarea Ac 10:23

7. Peter Speaks With Cornelius [10:24b-48] Ac 10:24-48

(I.) Peter Meets Cornelius Ac 10:24

1.) Peter's Sermon To Gentiles In The House Of Cornelius. Theme: Salvation Through Faith [OR] Preaching To Cornelius' Household [OR] Gentiles Hear Good News [OR] Gentiles Hear The Good News [OR] As He Preaches Christ To Cornelius And His Company Ac 10:34

2.) The Holy Spirit Given To Gentile Believers [OR] The Holy Spirit Falls On The Gentiles [OR] Gentiles Receive The Holy Spirit [OR] The Holy Ghost Descends On Them Ac 10:44

(I.) And They Are Baptized Ac 10:48

8. Peter Reports That Non-Jewish People Can Belong to the Church Ac 11:1-18

1.) Peter Vindicates His Ministry To Gentiles [OR] Peter Defends God's Grace [OR] Peter Explains His Actions [OR] Peter Reports At Jerusalem [OR] Peter's Report To The Church At Jerusalem [OR] Peter, Being Accused Of Eating With Gentiles Ac 11:1

(I.) Makes His Defense Ac 11:4

(II.) Which Is Accepted Ac 11:18

9. The New Church in Antioch Ac 11:19-30

A.) The Church At Antioch: The New Name [OR] Barnabas And Saul At Antioch [OR] The Church In Antioch [OR] The Church At Antioch [OR] As The Gospel Spreads To Phenice (Phoenicia), Cyprus, And Antioch, Barnabas Is Sent To Confirm The Converts Ac 11:19

1.) The Disciples Are Called Christians For The First Time Ac 11:26

B.) The Church At Antioch Sends Relief To Jerusalem [OR] Relief To Judea [OR] They Send Relief To Their Judaean Brethren In Time Of Famine Ac 11:27

10. An Angel Frees Peter From Prison [12:1-19a] Ac 12:1-19

A.) The Fifth Persecution Ac 12:1

1.) Arrest Of Peter [OR] Herod's Violence To The Church [OR] Peter's Miraculous Escape From Prison [OR] Peter's Arrest And Deliverance [OR] James Killed And Peter Imprisoned [OR] Herod Persecutes The Christians Ac 12:1

(I.) Kills James Ac 12:2

(II.) Imprisons Peter Ac 12:3

2.) Prayer For Peter's Deliverance: An Angel Sent [OR] Peter Freed From Prison Ac 12:5

(I.) Peter Delivered From Prison Ac 12:6

(II.) Whom An Angel Delivers, As The Church Prays Ac 12:7

(III.) Herod's Death Ac 12:19

11. Herod's Death [12:19b-24] Ac 12:20-24

A.) Death Of Herod [OR] Herod's Violent Death [OR] The Death Of Herod [OR] In His Pride, Herod Takes To Himself The Honor Due God, Is Stricken By An Angel, And Dies Miserably Ac 12:20

1.) After His Death, The Word Of God Prospers Ac 12:24

D. Barnabas and Saul Travel to Cyprus Ac 12:25-13:12

1. Uttermost Part of the Earth Ac 12:25-28:31

1.) Barnabas And Saul Appointed Ac 12:25

A.) Paul And Barnabas Called By The Holy Spirit [OR] Barnabas And Saul Sent Off [OR] First Missionary Journey [OR] Barnabas And Saul Commissioned [OR] Paul And Barnabas Are Chosen For Ministry To The Gentiles Ac 13:1

B.) Paul's First Missionary Journey Ac 13:3

1.) Preaching In Cyprus [OR] On Cyprus [OR] The Apostles Preach In Cyprus Ac 13:4

2.) Opposition From Satan [OR] Of Sergius Paulus And Elymas, The Sorcerer Ac 13:6

2. Paul and Barnabas Go to Antioch Near Pisidia Ac 13:13-52

(I.) At Antioch In Pisidia [OR] In Pisidian Antioch [OR] Paul And Barnabas In Antioch Of Pisidia Ac 13:13

1.) Paul's Sermon In The Synagogue At Antioch In Pisidia. Theme: Justification By Faith [OR] Paul, At Antioch, Preaches Jesus As Christ Ac 13:14

(I.) Blessing And Conflict At Antioch [OR] The Gentiles Beg Paul To Preach To Them Ac 13:42

2.) Opposition From The Jews [OR] Paul Turns To The Gentiles Ac 13:44

(I.) But The Jews Oppose And Blaspheme Ac 13:45

3.) Paul And Barnabas Turn To The Gentiles [OR] Whereupon Paul And Barnabas Turn To The Gentiles Ac 13:46

(I.) Of Whom Many Believe Ac 13:48

4.) Opposition From Devout And Honorable Women, And Chief Citizens Ac 13:50

3. Paul and Barnabas in Iconium Ac 14:1-7

1.) The Work In Iconium [OR] At Iconium [OR] In Iconium [OR] Acceptance And Opposition [OR] Paul And Barnabas In Iconium [OR] Paul And Barnabas Are Driven By Persecution From Iconium Ac 14:1

2.) The Work In Derbe And Lystra Ac 14:6

4. Paul and Barnabas in Lystra [14:8-20a] Ac 14:8-20

1.) The Impotent Man At Lystra Healed [OR] Idolatry At Lystra [OR] In Lystra And Derbe [OR] Paul And Barnabas In Lystra And Derbe [OR] At Lystra Paul Heals A Cripple, Whereupon The Apostles Are Reputed To Be Gods Ac 14:8

2.) Paul Stoned At Lystra [OR] Stoning, Escape To Derbe Ac 14:19

3.) Further Ministry Of The First Missionary Journey Ac 14:20

5. Paul and Barnabas Return to Antioch in Syria [14:20b-28] Ac 14:21-28

(I.) Strengthening The Converts [OR] The Return To Antioch In Syria [OR] Paul And Barnabas Visit Many Churches, Confirming The Disciples In Faith And Patience Ac 14:21

1.) Elders Appointed In Every Church: The Return To Antioch Ac 14:23

(I.) Returning To Antioch, They Report What God Has Done Through Them Ac 14:26

6. Controversy About Moses' Teachings Ac 15:1-35

A.) Council At Jerusalem: The Question Of Circumcision Ac 15:1

1.) The Legalizers From Judea [OR] Conflict Over Circumcision [OR] The Council At Jerusalem [OR] Great Dissension Arises Over Circumcision Ac 15:1

2.) Paul, Barnabas, And Others Go To Jerusalem Ac 15:2

3.) The Questions At Issue Ac 15:5

(I.) The Jerusalem Council [OR] The Apostles Consult About It Ac 15:6

4.) Peter's Argument For Christian Liberty: Why Put Under Law Those To Whom God Has Given The Spirit? Ac 15:7

5.) Paul And Barnabas Testify Ac 15:12

6.) James Declares The Result Ac 15:13

(I.) The Outcalling Of The Gentiles Agrees With The Promises To Israel [OR] James' Judgment Ac 15:13

(II.) The Gentiles Are Not Under The Law Ac 15:19

(A.) The Jerusalem Decree [OR] The Council's Letter to Gentile Believers [OR] and send their decision, by letters, to the churches Ac 15:22

7.) But Gentile Believers Must Not Give Offense To Godly Jews Ac 15:28

(I.) Continuing Ministry In Syria Ac 15:30

7. Paul and Barnabas Disagree Ac 15:36-41

A.) Paul's Second Missionary Journey Ac 15:36

1.) Silas Chosen [OR] Division Over John Mark [OR] Disagreement Between Paul And Barnabas [OR] Second Missionary Journey [OR] Paul And Barnabas Separate [OR] Paul And Barnabas, Planning Again To Visit The Brethren Together, Have A Dispute And Depart Separately [OR] Timothy Joins Paul And Silas [OR] The Macedonian Vision [OR] Paul Circumcises Timothy Ac 15:36

8. Timothy Joins Paul in Lystra Ac 16:1-5

1.) Paul Finds Timothy Ac 16:1

9. Paul Has a Vision Ac 16:6-10

1.) The Spirit Guides: The Macedonian Vision [OR] The Macedonian Call [OR] Paul's Vision Of The Man Of Macedonia Ac 16:6

(I.) And Is Called By The Spirit To Macedonia Ac 16:7

10. Paul and Silas in Philippi Ac 16:11-40

(I.) Lydia Baptized At Philippi [OR] Lydia's Conversion In Philippi [OR] The Conversion Of Lydia Ac 16:11

1.) Paul And Silas At Philippi Ac 16:12

2.) The First Convert In Europe [OR] First Convert In Europe [OR] He Converts Lydia Ac 16:14

3.) A Demon Cast Out: Paul And Silas Beaten [OR] Paul And Silas Imprisoned [OR] Paul And Silas In Prison [OR] And Frees A Girl Of An Evil Spirit Ac 16:16

(I.) For Which Cause He And Silas Are Whipped And Imprisoned Ac 16:19

(II.) Paul And Silas Imprisoned Ac 16:22

4.) Conversion Of The Philippian Jailor [OR] The Philippian Jailer Saved Ac 16:25

(I.) The Prison Doors Are Opened Ac 16:26

5.) The Only Condition Of Salvation Ac 16:30

(I.) The Jailer Converted [OR] The Jailer Is Converted Ac 16:31

6.) Paul Refuses To Depart Privily [OR] Paul Refuses To Depart Secretly Ac 16:35

(I.) And They Are Freed Ac 16:37

11. Paul and Silas in Thessalonica [17:1-10a] Ac 17:1-10

1.) Founding Of The Church At Thessalonica [OR] Preaching Christ At Thessalonica [OR] In Thessalonica [OR] Paul At Thessalonica [OR] The Uproar In Thessalonica [OR] Paul Preaches At Thessalonica Ac 17:1

(I.) Where Some Believe, And Others Persecute Him Ac 17:4

2.) Jewish Opposition At Thessalonica [OR] Assault On Jason's House Ac 17:5

3.) Paul And Silas At Berea [OR] Ministering At Berea [OR] In Berea [OR] Paul At Berea [OR] Paul And Silas In Beroea [OR] He Is Sent To Berea, And Preaches There Ac 17:10

12. Paul and Silas in Berea [17:10b-14] Ac 17:11-14

(I.) Being Persecuted At Thessalonica Ac 17:13

13. Paul in Athens Ac 17:15-34

1.) Paul At Athens [OR] He Comes To Athens, Debates, And Preaches The Living God Who Is Unknown To Them Ac 17:15

(I.) The Philosophers Of Athens [OR] In Athens [OR] Paul At Athens [OR] Paul In Athens Ac 17:16

2.) The Sermon From Mars' Hill. Theme: God Will Judge The World By Jesus Christ [OR] Addressing The Areopagus [OR] Sermon On Mars Hill Ac 17:22

(I.) At Which Some Are Converted To Christ Ac 17:34

14. Paul in Corinth Ac 18:1-17

1.) Paul At Corinth [OR] Ministering At Corinth [OR] In Corinth [OR] Paul In Corinth [OR] Paul Labors With His Hands, And Preaches At Corinth To The Gentiles Ac 18:1

2.) Founding Of The Church At Corinth Ac 18:4

(I.) The Lord Encourages Him In A Vision Ac 18:9

3.) The Careless Gallio [OR] He Is Accused Before Gallio, The Deputy, But Is Dismissed Ac 18:12

15. Paul's Return Trip to Antioch Ac 18:18-23

1.) The Author Of Rom. 6:14; 2 Cor. 3:7-14; And Gal. 3:23-28 Takes A Jewish Vow [OR] Paul Returns To Antioch [OR] Priscilla, Aquila And Apollos [OR] Paul's Return To Antioch [OR] Afterwards, Passing From City To City, He Strengthens The Disciples Ac 18:18

(I.) Third Missionary Journey [OR] Ministry Of Apollos [OR] Apollos, Being More Fully Instructed By Aquila And Priscilla Ac 18:23

16. Apollos Tells Others About Christ Ac 18:24-28

1.) Apollos At Ephesus Ac 18:24

(I.) Preaches Christ With Great Grace And Power Ac 18:28

17. Paul in Ephesus Ac 19:1-22

1.) Paul At Ephesus Ac 19:1

(I.) The Disciples Of John Become Christians [OR] Paul Of Ephesus [OR] Paul In Ephesus [OR] Paul At Ephesus [OR] The Holy Spirit Is Given By Paul's Hands Ac 19:1

(II.) Paul In The Synagogue At Ephesus; And In The School Of Tyrannus [OR] The Jews Bitterly Reject His Teachings, Which Are Confirmed By Miracles Ac 19:8

2.) Miracles By Paul [OR] Miracles Glorify Christ [OR] Miracles At Ephesus [OR] The Sons Of Sceva Ac 19:11

(I.) The Jewish Exorcists Ac 19:13

(II.) Are Beaten By The Evil Spirit Ac 19:16

(III.) Books On Magic Are Burned Ac 19:19

(IV.) The Riot At Ephesus Ac 19:21

18. A Riot in Ephesus [19:23-20:3a] Ac 19:23-20:3

1.) The Uproar Of The Silversmiths At Ephesus [OR] The Riot In Ephesus Ac 19:23

(I.) Demetrius, For Love Of Profits, Raises An Uproar Against Paul Ac 19:24

(II.) But Is Quieted By The Town Clerk Ac 19:35

A.) Paul's Last Visit To Jerusalem Ac 20:1

1.) He Goes Into Macedonia And Greece [OR] Journeys In Greece [OR] Through Macedonia And Greece [OR] Paul In Macedonia And Greece [OR] Paul Goes To Macedonia And Greece [OR] Paul Goes To Macedonia Ac 20:1

19. Paul in Troas [20:3b-12] Ac 20:4-12

1.) Paul At Troas Ac 20:6

(I.) Ministering At Troas [OR] Eutychus Raised From The Dead At Troas [OR] Paul's Farewell Visit To Troas [OR] He Celebrates The Lord's Supper, And Preaches Ac 20:7

(II.) Eutychus Falls From The Third Story Ac 20:9

(III.) But Is Restored To Life Ac 20:10

20. Paul's Trip to Miletus Ac 20:13-16

1.) From Troas To Miletus [OR] Paul's Farewell To The Ephesian Elders [OR] Troas To Miletus [OR] The Voyage From Troas To Miletus Ac 20:13

21. Paul Meets With the Spiritual Leaders From Ephesus Ac 20:17-38

1.) Paul And The Ephesian Elders [OR] The Ephesian Elders Exhorted [OR] Farewell To Ephesus [OR] Paul Speaks To The Ephesian Elders [OR] At Miletus Paul Calls The Elders Together, Tells Them What Shall Befall Him Ac 20:17

(I.) Commits God's Flock To Them Ac 20:28

(II.) Warns Them Of False Teachers Ac 20:29

(III.) Commends Them To God Ac 20:32

(IV.) Prays With Them And Goes His Way Ac 20:36

22. Paul in Tyre Ac 21:1-6

1.) From Miletus To Tyre [OR] Warnings On The Journey To Jerusalem [OR] On To Jerusalem [OR] Paul Sails From Miletus [OR] Paul's Journey To Jerusalem [OR] Paul Cannot Be Deterred From Going To Jerusalem Ac 21:1

2.) The Holy Spirit Forbids Paul To Go To Jerusalem Ac 21:4

23. Paul in Caesarea Ac 21:7-14

(I.) Philip's Daughters Are Prophetesses Ac 21:8

1.) The Holy Spirit Again Warns Paul Ac 21:10

A.) Paul At Jerusalem Ac 21:14

24. Paul in Jerusalem Ac 21:15-36

1.) Paul Urged To Make Peace [OR] Paul At Jerusalem Ac 21:15

2.) Paul's Arrival At Jerusalem [OR] Paul Visits James At Jerusalem [OR] Paul Comes To Jerusalem Ac 21:17

3.) Paul Takes A Jewish Vow Involving A Jewish Sacrifice Ac 21:18

(I.) Arrested In The Temple Ac 21:26

4.) Paul Seized In The Temple By The Jews [OR] Paul Arrested [OR] Paul Seized In The Temple [OR] Paul Arrested In The Temple [OR] Where He Is Seized, And In Great Danger Ac 21:27

(I.) But Is Rescued By The Chief Captain Ac 21:31

5.) Paul Bound With Chains Ac 21:33

25. Paul Speaks in His Own Defense Ac 21:37-22:29

(I.) Addressing The Jerusalem Mob [OR] Paul Speaks To The Crowd [OR] Paul Defends Himself Ac 21:37

1.) Paul's Defense Before The Multitude: Recounts His Conversion [OR] Paul's Defense Before The Jews [OR] Paul Declares In Public How He Was Converted Ac 22:1

(I.) Paul Tells Of His Conversion Ac 22:6

(II.) Received By Ananias Ac 22:12

2.) The Lord Had Warned Paul To Keep Away From Jerusalem [OR] Paul Sent To The Gentiles [OR] And Called To The Apostleship Ac 22:17

(I.) Paul's Roman Citizenship [OR] Paul The Roman Citizen [OR] Paul And The Roman Tribune [OR] When He Mentions The Gentiles, The Jews Denounce Him Ac 22:22

(II.) He Is About To Be Scourged Ac 22:24

3.) Paul A Roman Citizen [OR] But Claims His Privilege As A Roman Citizen Ac 22:25

26. Paul in Front of the Jewish Council Ac 22:30-23:11

(I.) The Sanhedrin Divided [OR] Before The Sanhedrin Ac 22:30

1.) Paul Before The Sanhedrin [OR] Paul Before The Council [OR] As Paul Pleads His Cause Ac 23:1

(I.) Ananias, The High Priest, Commands His Followers To Strike Him Ac 23:2

2.) Paul Appeals To The Pharisees Ac 23:6

(I.) Dissension Among Paul's Accusers Ac 23:7

3.) The Lord's Grace To Paul [OR] The Plot Against Paul [OR] God Encourages Him Ac 23:11

27. Some Jews Plot to Kill Paul Ac 23:12-35

1.) The Conspiracy To Kill Paul [OR] The Plot To Kill Paul [OR] A Conspiracy To Kill Paul Ac 23:12

(I.) The Jews, Lying In Wait For Paul Ac 23:14

(II.) Are Reported To The Chief Captain Ac 23:18

A.) Paul Sent To Felix At Caesarea [OR] Sent To Felix [OR] Paul Transferred To Caesarea [OR] Paul Moved To Caesarea [OR] Paul Sent To Felix The Governor Ac 23:23

1.) He Sends The Apostle To Felix, The Governor Ac 23:24

28. Paul Presents His Case to Felix Ac 24:1-27

1.) Paul Before Felix [OR] Accused Of Sedition [OR] The Trial Before Felix [OR] Paul Before Felix At Caesarea [OR] Paul, Being Accused By Tertullus, The Orator Ac 24:1

(I.) The Accusation Ac 24:2

(II.) Paul's Defense Before Felix [OR] The Defense Before Felix [OR] Answers For His Life And Teachings Ac 24:10

(A.) Felix Procrastinates Ac 24:22

(III.) Paul Before Felix The Second Time [OR] Paul Held In Custody [OR] He Preaches Christ To Felix, The Governor, And His Wife Ac 24:24

(A.) The governor hopes in vain for a bribe Ac 24:26

2.) The Silent Two Years At Caesarea [OR] Retiring From His Office After Two Years, Felix Leaves Paul In Prison Ac 24:27

29. Paul Makes an Appeal Ac 25:1-12

1.) Paul Before Festus [OR] Paul Appeals To Caesar [OR] The Trial Before Fetus [OR] Paul Appeals To The Emperor [OR] The Jews Accuse Paul Before Festus Ac 25:1

(I.) Paul Answers For Himself Ac 25:8

(II.) Paul Appeals To Caesar Ac 25:10

(A.) and appeals to Caesar Ac 25:11

30. King Agrippa Meets Paul Ac 25:13-26:32

(A.) Paul Before Agrippa [OR] Festus Consults King Agrippa Ac 25:13

(B.) Afterwards, Festus opens Paul's case before King Agrippa [OR] Paul before Agrippa [OR] Paul Brought before Agrippa [OR] and he is brought forth Ac 25:14

(C.) Festus clears him, as having done nothing worthy of death Ac 25:25

1.) Paul's Defense Before Agrippa [OR] Paul's Early Life [OR] Paul Defends Himself Before Agrippa [OR] Paul, In The Presence Of Agrippa, Describes His Life From His Childhood Ac 26:1

(I.) Paul Recounts His Conversion [OR] Paul Tells Of His Conversion [OR] And How He Was Miraculously Converted, And Called To Be An Apostle Ac 26:12

(II.) Paul's Post-conversion Life [OR] Paul Tells Of His Preaching Ac 26:19

(III.) Agrippa Parries Paul's Challenge [OR] Paul Appeals To Agrippa To Believe [OR] Festus Charges Him With Insanity, To Which He Answers Quietly Ac 26:24

(IV.) The Whole Company Pronounces Him Innocent Ac 26:28

31. Paul Sails for Rome Ac 27:1-26

A.) Paul Is Sent To Rome [OR] The Voyage To Rome Begins [OR] Paul Sails For Rome [OR] Paul, On A Ship Bound For Rome Ac 27:1

1.) Paul's Warning Ignored Ac 27:9

2.) Foretells The Danger Of The Voyage Ac 27:10

3.) But His Prophecy Is Doubted By The Centurion And The Ship's Owner Ac 27:11

4.) In The Tempest [OR] The Storm [OR] The Storm At Sea Ac 27:13

5.) The Storm [OR] Shipwreck [OR] They Are Tossed By Tempest Ac 27:14

6.) The Moral Ascendency Of Paul Ac 27:21

32. The Shipwreck Ac 27:27-44

(I.) The Shipwreck Ac 27:27

(II.) Shipwrecked On Malta [OR] The Shipwreck Ac 27:39

(III.) And Suffer Shipwreck Ac 27:41

(IV.) Yet All Come Safely To Land Ac 27:44

33. Paul on the Island of Malta Ac 28:1-10

1.) The Landing On Melita Ac 28:1

(I.) Miracle Of The Viper's Bite [OR] Paul's Ministry On Malta [OR] Ashore On Malta [OR] Safe At Malta [OR] Paul On The Island Of Malta [OR] Paul, After His Shipwreck, Is Kindly Treated By The Barbarians Ac 28:1

(A.) The viper on his hand does not hurt him Ac 28:3

(II.) Miracle Of The Healing Of Publius' Father [OR] He Heals Many Diseases In The Island [OR] Arrival At Rome [OR] Paul Arrives At Rome [OR] Paul's Company Departs For Rome Ac 28:7

34. Paul Sails From Malta to Rome Ac 28:11-16

1.) Paul Arrives At Rome Ac 28:16

35. Paul in Rome Ac 28:17-31

A.) Paul In Rome Ac 28:17

1.) Paul's Ministry There To The Jews [OR] Paul's Ministry At Rome [OR] Paul Preaches At Rome Under Guard [OR] Paul And Jewish Leaders In Rome [OR] He States Openly To The Jews In Rome The Cause Of His Coming Ac 28:17

(I.) Paul Preaches In Rome Ac 28:23

(II.) After His Preaching, Some Are Converted And Some Do Not Believe Ac 28:24

2.) Paul Turns To The Gentiles Ac 28:25

(I.) Yet He Preaches There Two Years Ac 28:30