3 John


A. Salutation [OR] Greeting 3Jo 1:1

I.) Personal greetings [OR] Greeting to Gaius [OR] You Walk in the Truth [OR] Salutation [OR] The apostle commends Gaius for his piety 3Jo 1:1

B. Encouragement for Gaius [OR] About Gaius 3Jo 1:2-8

A.) Gaius Commended For His Hospitality 3Jo 1:2

I.) Concerning ministering brethren [OR] Gaius Commended for Generosity [OR] for his hospitality to the brethren 3Jo 1:5

A.) And For His Support Of True Preachers [OR] Diotrephes And Demetrius [OR] He Complains Of The Malicious Words And Deeds Of Ambitious Diotrephes 3Jo 1:7

C. Criticism of Diotrephes [OR] About Diotrephes 3Jo 1:9-10

I.) The domineering Diotrephes 3Jo 1:9

D. Praise for Demetrius [OR] About Demetrius 3Jo 1:11-12

A.) And Warns Against Following And Evil Example 3Jo 1:11

B.) The Good Demetrius [OR] He Gives Special Testimony To The Good Character Of Demetrius 3Jo 1:12

E. Conclusion [OR] Farewell 3Jo 1:13-15

1.) Farewell Greeting [OR] Final Greetings 3Jo 1:13