2 Timothy


A. Salutation [OR] Greeting 2Ti 1:1-2

I.) The apostolic greeting [OR] Greetings [OR] Timothy Charged to Guard His Trust [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul's love for Timothy and his family 2Ti 1:1

B. Thanksgiving 2Ti 1:3-7

1. Paul's Prayer for Timothy 2Ti 1:3-5

A.) Timothy's Faith And Heritage [OR] Encouragement To Be Faithful [OR] Thanksgiving And Encouragement 2Ti 1:3

2. Paul's Advice for Timothy 2Ti 1:6-14

A.) He Asks Timothy To Stir Up The Gift Of God In Him 2Ti 1:6

C. Patient Endurance 2Ti 1:8-4:18

A.) Not Ashamed Of The Gospel [OR] To Be Steadfast And Patient In Persecution 2Ti 1:8

B.) Be Loyal To The Faith [OR] And To Hold Fast To The Truth Of Paul's Teachings 2Ti 1:13

1. News About Paul's Coworkers 2Ti 1:15-18

A.) Phygellus And Hermogenes Are Mentioned And Onesiphorus Is Highly Commended 2Ti 1:15

2. Remain Focused on Christ 2Ti 2:1-26

I.) The path of a "good soldier" in the time of apostasy [OR] Be Strong in Grace [OR] Be Strong [OR] A Good Soldier of Christ Jesus [OR] An exhortation to constancy and perseverance 2Ti 2:1

A.) Approved And Disapproved Workers [OR] A Workman Approved By God [OR] An Unashamed Workman [OR] A Worker Approved By God 2Ti 2:14

B.) Hymenaeus And Philetus 2Ti 2:17

C.) The Foundation Of The Lord's Work Is Firm 2Ti 2:19

D.) Things To Shun And Things To Seek: Instructions For The Guidance Of God's Ministers 2Ti 2:22

3. Watch Out for Sinful People 2Ti 3:1-9

I.) The apostasy predicted: the believer's resource--the Scriptures [OR] Perilous Times and Perilous Men [OR] Godlessness in the Last Days [OR] Difficult Times Will Come [OR] Godlessness in the Last Days [OR] Paul warns Timothy of times of stress 2Ti 3:1

A.) And Describes The Enemies Of The Truth 2Ti 3:6

4. Teach the Truth 2Ti 3:10-17

A.) The Man Of God And The Word Of God [OR] Paul's Charge To Timothy [OR] He Offers Himself As An Example Worthy Of Imitation 2Ti 3:10

B.) And Recommends The Scriptures For Guidance [OR] Preach The Word [OR] The Duties Of A Minister 2Ti 3:14

5. Continue to Do Your Work 2Ti 4:1-8

I.) A faithful servant and his faithful Lord 2Ti 4:1

A.) Paul's Valedictory [OR] Paul Urges Timothy To Come Quickly 2Ti 4:6

6. Paul's Final Instructions to Timothy 2Ti 4:9-18

A.) The Abandoned Apostle [OR] Personal Remarks [OR] Personal Concerns [OR] Personal Instructions 2Ti 4:9

B.) The Lord Is Faithful 2Ti 4:17

D. Conclusion [OR] Final Greetings 2Ti 4:19-22

A.) Come Before Winter [OR] Final Greetings [OR] Final Greetings And Benediction [OR] Paul's Last Written Blessing 2Ti 4:19

B.) Farewell 2Ti 4:22