2 Thessalonians


A. Salutation [OR] Greeting 2Th 1:1-2

I.) Salutation [OR] Greeting [OR] Thanksgiving for Faith and Perseverance [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul assures the Thessalonians of his good opinion of their faith, love, and steadfastness 2Th 1:1

B. Paul's Prayer for the Thessalonians [OR] Thanksgiving 2Th 1:3-12

A.) God's Final Judgment And Glory [OR] Thanksgiving And Prayer [OR] Thanksgiving 2Th 1:3

I.) Comfort in persecution [OR] The Judgment at Christ's Coming [OR] He comforts them in their persecution, telling them of God's righteous judgment on their enemies 2Th 1:5

A.) He Prays That They May Be Found Worthy Of Christ's Name 2Th 1:11

C. The Second Coming 2Th 2:1-17

1. Don't Be Deceived About the Day of the Lord 2Th 2:1-12

I.) The day of the Lord and the man of sin [OR] The Great Apostasy [OR] The Man of Lawlessness [OR] Man of Lawlessness [OR] The Man of Lawlessness [OR] The apostle begs them to continue steadfast in the truth 2Th 2:1

A.) And Shows That There Will Be Rebellion As The Man Of Lawlessness Appears 2Th 2:3

B.) The Pretended Miracles Of This Will Deceive Only Those Who Love Error 2Th 2:9

2. Paul Encourages the Thessalonians 2Th 2:13-17

I.) Exhortation and instruction [OR] Stand Fast [OR] Stand Firm [OR] Chosen for Salvation 2Th 2:13

A.) He Repeats His Earlier Counsel To Stand Fast And Prays For Their Encouragement 2Th 2:15

D. Paul's Final Instructions for the Thessalonians [OR] Prayer Request 2Th 3:1-5

A.) Pray For Us [OR] Request For Prayer [OR] Exhortation [OR] He Asks Their Prayers For Himself 2Th 3:1

B.) And Declares His Confidence In Them [OR] Warning Against Idleness [OR] Charging Them Especially To Avoid Idleness And Bad Company 2Th 3:3

E. Warning Against Idleness 2Th 3:6-15

A.) Warning Against Idleness 2Th 3:8

F. Farewell [OR} Conclusion 2Th 3:16-18

I.) Benediction and subscription [OR] Benediction [OR] Final Greetings [OR] Final Greetings and Benediction [OR] Paul concludes his letter with prayers and a blessing 2Th 3:16