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Overview, Part 3 Of 3


2 Samuel


A1. David And The Death Of Saul 2Sa 1:1-16

1. The Report of Saul's Death 2Sa 1:1-16

I.) From the death of Saul to the anointing of David over Judah, in Hebron 2Sa 1:1

A.) David Hears Of Saul's Death [OR] The Report Of Saul's Death [OR] David Learns Of Saul's Death [OR] David Mourns For Saul And Jonathan [OR] News Of Saul's Overthrow Is Brought To David 2Sa 1:1

1.) The Messenger Accuses Himself Of Saul's Death 2Sa 1:7

A2. David Triumphant 2Sa 1-10

1.) And Is Slain By The Command Of David 2Sa 1:15

1. David's Lament 2Sa 1:17-27

A.) David Mourns The Death Of Saul And Jonathan [OR] The Song Of The Bow [OR] David's Lament For Saul And Jonathan [OR] David's Dirge For Saul And Jonathan [OR] David Laments Saul And Jonathan With A Song 2Sa 1:17

2. David Becomes King of Judah 2Sa 2:1-7

I.) From the anointing in Hebron to the establishment of David over united Israel 2Sa 2:1

A.) David Received As King By Judah [OR] David Anointed King Of Judah [OR] David Anointed King Over Judah [OR] David Made King Over Judah [OR] At God's Direction, David And His Company Go Up To Hebron, Where He Is Made King Of Judah 2Sa 2:1

B.) David's Message To The Men Of Jabesh-Gilead [OR] He Commends The People Of Jabesh-Gilead For Their Kindness To Saul 2Sa 2:5

3. Abner Makes Ishbosheth King of Israel 2Sa 2:8-11

A.) Abner Makes Ish-Bosheth King Over Eleven Tribes [OR] Ishbosheth Made King Of Israel [OR] War Between The Houses Of David And Saul [OR] Ish-Bosheth Made King Over Israel [OR] Ishbaal King Of Israel [OR] Abner Makes Ish-Bosheth King Of Israel 2Sa 2:8

4. Conflicts Between Abner and Joab 2Sa 2:12-3:1

A.) The Second Civil War [OR] Israel And Judah At War [OR] Civil War [OR] The Battle Of Gibeon [OR] A Mortal Skirmish Between Twelve Of Abner's And Twelve Of Joab's Men 2Sa 2:12

1.) Asahel Is Slain 2Sa 2:18

2.) At Abner's Motion Joab Sounds A Retreat 2Sa 2:25

3.) Asahel's Burial 2Sa 2:32

4.) The House Of David Strengthened [OR] Abner Defects To David [OR] During The War David Still Waxes Stronger 2Sa 3:1

5. David's Sons 2Sa 3:2-5

A.) David's Family In Hebron [OR] Sons Of David [OR] Six Sons Are Born To Him In Hebron 2Sa 3:2

6. Abner's Death 2Sa 3:6-39

1.) Abner Joins Forces With David [OR] Abner Goes Over To David [OR] Abner Joins David [OR] Abner, Displeased With Ish-Bosheth 2Sa 3:6

A.) Abner Deserts To David 2Sa 3:7

1.) Transfers His Allegiance To David 2Sa 3:12

2.) David Requires As A Condition Of The Alliance That His Wife Michal Be Brought To Him 2Sa 3:13

3.) Abner, Having Communed With The Israelites, Is Feasted By David And Dismissed [OR] Joab Murders Abner [OR] Abner Is Killed By Joab [OR] Joab, Returning From Battle, Is Displeased With The King, And Kills Abner 2Sa 3:17

4.) Joab Murders Abner 2Sa 3:26

B.) Joab's Murder Of Abner 2Sa 3:27

1.) David Curses Joab 2Sa 3:28

2.) David's Mourning For Abner [OR] David Mourns Abner [OR] And Mourns For Abner 2Sa 3:31

7. Ishbosheth Is Murdered 2Sa 4:1-12

A.) The Murder Of Ish-Bosheth [OR] Ishbosheth Is Murdered [OR] Ish-Bosheth Murdered [OR] Ishbaal Assassinated [OR] The Israelites Being Troubled At The Death Of Abner 2Sa 4:1

1.) Baanah And Rechab Slay Ish-Bosheth, And Bring His Head To Hebron 2Sa 4:2

2.) David Commands Their Death And The Burial Of Ish-Bosheth's Head 2Sa 4:9

8. David Anointed King of Israel 2Sa 5:1-5

A.) David Becomes King Over Israel [OR] David Reigns Over All Israel [OR] David King Over All Israel [OR] David Anointed King Of All Israel [OR] The Tribes Come To Hebron To Anoint David King Over Israel 2Sa 5:1

1.) David's Age 2Sa 5:4

9. David Captures Jerusalem 2Sa 5:6-10

A.) Jerusalem Made The Capital Of The United Kingdom [OR] The Conquest Of Jerusalem [OR] David Conquers Jerusalem [OR] Jerusalem Made Capital Of The United Kingdom [OR] Taking Zion From The Jebusites, He Dwells There 2Sa 5:6

10. David's Palace, Wives, and Children in Jerusalem 2Sa 5:11-16

1.) Hiram Sends To David 2Sa 5:11

A.) Children Of David Born In Jerusalem [OR] Eleven Sons Are Born To Him In Jerusalem 2Sa 5:13

11. David Defeats the Philistines 2Sa 5:17-25

A.) War With The Philistines [OR] The Philistines Defeated [OR] David Defeats The Philistines [OR] Philistine Attack Repulsed [OR] David, Directed By God, Smites The Philistines At Baal-Perazim 2Sa 5:17

1.) And Again At The Mulberry Trees [OR] The Ark Brought To Jerusalem [OR] Peril In Moving The Ark [OR] David Brings The Ark To Jerusalem [OR] David Fetches The Ark From Kirjath-Jearim On A New Cart 2Sa 5:22

12. David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem 2Sa 6:1-23

I.) From the conquest of Jerusalem to the rebellion of Absalom 2Sa 6:1

A.) David Seeks To Bring The Ark To Jerusalem 2Sa 6:1

1.) Uzzah Is Smitten A Perez-Uzzah 2Sa 6:6

2.) God Blesses Obed-Edom For The Ark 2Sa 6:9

B.) David Brings Up The Ark [OR] The Ark Is Brought To Jerusalem [OR] David, Bringing The Ark Into Zion With Sacrifices, Dances Before It, For Which Michal Despises Him 2Sa 6:12

1.) He Places It In A Tabernacle With Great Joy And Feasting 2Sa 6:17

2.) Michal, Reproving David For His Religious Joy, Is Childless To Her Death 2Sa 6:20

13. David's Wish to Build a House for God 2Sa 7:1-29

A.) David's Desire To Build The Lord's House [OR] God's Covenant With David [OR] God's Promise To David [OR] David Plans To Build A Temple [OR] Nathan, First Approving The Purpose Of David To Build God A House, Later, By The Word Of God, Forbids Him 2Sa 7:1

B.) The Seventh Or Davidic Covenant 2Sa 7:4

1.) God's Covenant With David 2Sa 7:8

2.) He Promises David Blessings In His Seed 2Sa 7:12

C.) David's Worship And Prayer [OR] David's Thanksgiving To God [OR] David's Prayer [OR] David's Prayer And Thanksgiving 2Sa 7:18

14. David's Successes 2Sa 8:1-18

A.) The Full Establishment Of David's Kingdom [OR] David's Further Conquests [OR] David's Victories [OR] David's Triumphs [OR] David's Wars [OR] David Subdues The Philistines And The Moabites 2Sa 8:1

1.) He Smites Hadadezer And The Syrians 2Sa 8:3

2.) Toi Sends Joram With Presents To Bless Him 2Sa 8:9

3.) David Puts Garrisons In Edom 2Sa 8:14

4.) David's Administration [OR] David's Officials 2Sa 8:15

5.) David's Officers 2Sa 8:16

15. David Keeps His Promise to Jonathan 2Sa 9:1-13

A.) David And Mephibosheth [OR] David's Kindness To Mephibosheth [OR] David, By Ziba, Sends For Mephibosheth 2Sa 9:1

1.) For Jonathan's Sake He Entertains Him At His Table And Restores Him All That Was Saul's 2Sa 9:7

2.) He Makes Ziba His Farmer 2Sa 9:9

16. David Defeats Ammon and Aram 2Sa 10:1-19

A.) The Ammonite-Syrian War [OR] The Ammonites And Syrians Defeated [OR] David Defeats The Ammonites [OR] Ammon And Aram Defeated [OR] The Ammonites And Arameans Are Defeated [OR] David's Messengers, Sent To Comfort Hanun The Son Of Nahash, Are Shamefully Treated 2Sa 10:1

1.) The Ammonites Are Overcome By Joab And Abishai 2Sa 10:6

2.) Shobach, Rallying The Syrians At Helam, Is Slain By David 2Sa 10:15

17. David Takes Bathsheba 2Sa 11:1-27

A.) David's Great Sin [OR] David, Bathsheba, And Uriah [OR] David And Bathsheba [OR] Bathsheba, David's Great Sin [OR] David Commits Adultery With Bathsheba [OR] While Joab Besieges Rabbah, David Commits Adultery With Bath-Sheba 2Sa 11:1

1.) Uriah, Sent For By David To Cover The Adultery, Will Not Go Home Either Sober Or Drunk 2Sa 11:6

2.) David Has Uriah Killed [OR] He Brings To Joab A Letter Which Assures His Death 2Sa 11:14

3.) Joab Sends The News Thereof To David 2Sa 11:18

B. David Recovering 2Sa 11-24

1.) David Takes Bath-Sheba As His Wife 2Sa 11:26

1. Nathan Confronts David 2Sa 12:1-25

A.) David's Repentance [OR] Nathan's Parable And David's Confession [OR] Nathan Rebukes David [OR] Nathan Condemns David [OR] Nathan's Parable Of The Ewe Lamb Causes David To Be His Own Judge 2Sa 12:1

1.) David, Reproved By Nathan, Confesses His Sin 2Sa 12:7

2.) The Death Of David's Son [OR] Loss Of A Child [OR] Bathsheba's Child Dies [OR] David Mourns And Prays For The Child 2Sa 12:15

B.) The Birth Of Solomon [OR] Solomon Is Born [OR] Solomon Born [OR] Solomon Is Born And Named Jedidiah 2Sa 12:24

2. David Defeats the Ammonites 2Sa 12:26-31

A.) David And Joab Take Rabbah [OR] Rabbah Is Captured [OR] War Again [OR] The Ammonites Crushed [OR] David Takes Rabbah And Sets Its People To Labor [OR] Amnon And Tamar [OR] Ammon Defiles Tamar 2Sa 12:26

3. The Rape of Tamar 2Sa 13:1-22

A.) Amnon's Crime 2Sa 13:1

1.) He Hates Her And Shamefully Turns Her Away 2Sa 13:15

2.) Absalom Comforts Her And Conceals His Purpose To Avenge Her 2Sa 13:19

4. The Murder of Amnon 2Sa 13:23-39

A.) Absalom's Vengeance For Tamar's Wrong [OR] Absalom Murders Amnon [OR] Absalom Kills Amnon [OR] Absalom Avenges The Violation Of His Sister [OR] At A Sheepshearing, Among All The King's Sons, He Kills Ammon 2Sa 13:23

1.) Absalom Avenges Tamar 2Sa 13:24

2.) David, Grieving At The News, Is Comforted By Jonadab 2Sa 13:30

3.) Absalom Flees To Geshur 2Sa 13:34

B.) Absalom's Flight To Geshur [OR] Absalom Flees To Talmai At Geshur [OR] Absalom Returns To Jerusalem [OR] The Woman Of Tekoa [OR] David Is Induced To Permit Absalom's Return 2Sa 13:37

5. Absalom Returns to Jerusalem 2Sa 14:1-33

A.) The Recall Of Absalom 2Sa 14:1

1.) Joab's Craft 2Sa 14:1

2.) David's Half-Hearted Forgiveness Of Absalom [OR] Absalom Is Recalled 2Sa 14:21

(I.) Absalom Is Brought Back To Jerusalem [OR] David Forgives Absalom [OR] Absalom's Beauty, Hair, And Children 2Sa 14:23

3.) David Forgives Absalom 2Sa 14:25

(I.) After Two Years, Absalom Is Brought By Joab Into The King's Presence 2Sa 14:28

6. David Overthrown 2Sa 15:1-13

I.) From the rebellion of Absalom to the purchase of the temple-site 2Sa 15:1

A.) Absalom Steals The Love Of The Ten Tribes ("Israel") [OR] Absalom's Treason [OR] Absalom's Conspiracy [OR] Absalom Usurps The Throne [OR] Absalom Wins The Affection Of Israel 2Sa 15:1

B.) Outbreak Of Absalom's Rebellion [OR] He Obtains Leave To Go To Hebron, Where He Instigates A Conspiracy 2Sa 15:7

C.) Flight Of David From Jerusalem [OR] David Escapes From Jerusalem [OR] David Flees [OR] David Flees Jerusalem [OR] David Flees From Jerusalem 2Sa 15:13

7. David Flees Jerusalem 2Sa 15:14-16:14

1.) Ittai The Gittite Will Not Leave Him 2Sa 15:19

2.) Zadok And Abiathar Are Sent Back With The Ark 2Sa 15:24

3.) David And His Company Go Up Mount Olivet Weeping 2Sa 15:30

4.) He Curses Ahithophel's Counsel 2Sa 15:31

5.) Hushai Becomes David's Spy [OR] Hushai Is Sent Back With Instructions 2Sa 15:32

A.) The False Servant Of Mephibosheth [OR] Mephibosheth's Servant [OR] David And Ziba [OR] Ziba, A False Servant [OR] David's Adversaries [OR] Ziba, By Presents And False Suggestions, Obtains His Master's Inheritance 2Sa 16:1

B.) Shimei Curses David [OR] Shimel Curses David [OR] David Is Cursed [OR] At Bahurim, Shimei Curses David 2Sa 16:5

1.) David With Patience Abstains, And Restrains Others, From Revenge 2Sa 16:9

8. Absalom Enters Jerusalem 2Sa 16:15-23

A.) Absalom Enters Jerusalem [OR] The Advice Of Ahithophel [OR] The Advice Of Hushai And Ahithophel [OR] The Counsel Of Ahithophel [OR] Hushai Insinuates Himself Into Absalom's Counsel 2Sa 16:15

1.) Ahithophel's Counsel 2Sa 16:20

9. Absalom Pursues David 2Sa 17:1-29

A.) The Diverse Counsel Of Ahithophel And Hushai [OR] Hushai's Counsel [OR] Ahithophel's Counsel Is Overthrown By Hushai's, According To God's Plan 2Sa 17:1

1.) The Advice Of Hushai [OR] The Counsel Of Hushai 2Sa 17:5

2.) Hushai Warns David To Escape [OR] Hushai's Warning Saves David [OR] Hushai Warns David To Escape [OR] Secret Intelligence Is Sent Unto David 2Sa 17:15

3.) Ahithophel Hangs Himself 2Sa 17:23

4.) Amasa Is Made Captain 2Sa 17:25

5.) David Is Furnished With Provisions 2Sa 17:27

10. David Defeats Absalom 2Sa 18:1-33

A.) The Battle Of Mount Ephraim [OR] Absalom's Defeat And Death [OR] Absalom's Death [OR] Absalom Slain [OR] The Defeat And Death Of Absalom [OR] David, Viewing His Armies In Their March, Charges Them To Deal Kindly With Absalom 2Sa 18:1

1.) David's Enemies Are Defeated In The Wood Of Ephraim 2Sa 18:6

B.) The Slaying Of Absalom [OR] Absalom, Hanging In An Oak, Is Slain By Joab 2Sa 18:9

1.) Absalom's Monument 2Sa 18:18

C.) David Is Told Of Absalom's Death [OR] David Hears Of Absalom's Death [OR] David Mourns [OR] David Is Grief-Stricken [OR] Ahimaaz And The Cushite Bring Tidings To David 2Sa 18:19

D.) The Touching Grief Of King David [OR] David's Mourning For Absalom [OR] David Mourns For Absalom 2Sa 18:33

11. David Restored to the Throne 2Sa 19:1-43

A.) Joab Reproaches David [OR] Joab Reproves David's Lament [OR] Joab Causes The King To Cease His Mourning 2Sa 19:1

1.) David Returns To Jerusalem [OR] David Restored As King [OR] David Recalled To Jerusalem 2Sa 19:8

B.) David's Return To Jerusalem [OR] David Returns To Jerusalem [OR] The Israelites Desire To Bring The King Back 2Sa 19:9

1.) David Sends To The Priests To Stir Up The People Of Judah [OR] David's Mercy To Shimei [OR] Shimei Is Pardoned 2Sa 19:11

2.) David And Mephibosheth [OR] David And Mephibosheth Meet [OR] Mephibosheth Excused [OR] David's Kindness To Barzillai 2Sa 19:24

3.) Barzillai Is Retired And Chimham, His Son, Is Taken Into The King's Family 2Sa 19:32

4.) The Quarrel About The King 2Sa 19:40

C.) The Old Strife Beings Anew [OR] The Israelites Expostulate With Judah For Bringing Home The King Without Them 2Sa 19:41

12. Sheba's Rebellion 2Sa 20:1-22

1.) The Rebellion At Sheba [OR] Sheba Rebels Against David [OR] Sheba's Revolt [OR] The Rebellion Of Sheba [OR] Because Of The Quarrel, Sheba Makes A Division In Israel 2Sa 20:1

2.) David's Ten Concubines Are Shut Up In Perpetual Prison 2Sa 20:3

A.) Joab Murders Amasa [OR] Amasa, Made Captain Over Judah, Is Slain By Joab 2Sa 20:4

1.) Amasa Murdered 2Sa 20:10

B.) Suppression Of Sheba's Revolt [OR] Revolt Put Down 2Sa 20:13

1.) Joab Pursues Sheba The Son Of Bichri Unto Abel 2Sa 20:14

2.) A Wise Woman Saves The City 2Sa 20:16

13. David's Officials 2Sa 20:23-26

1.) David's Government Officers [OR] David's Officers 2Sa 20:23

14. David and the People of Gibeon 2Sa 21:1-14

A.) The Three Years' Famine [OR] David Avenges The Gibeonites [OR] The Gibeonites Avenged [OR] Gibeonite Revenge [OR] Three Years Of Famine Cease When Seven Of Saul's Descendants Are Hanged 2Sa 21:1

1.) Rizpah's Kindness To The Dead 2Sa 21:10

2.) David Buries The Bones Of Saul And Jonathan 2Sa 21:12

15. The Giants of the Philistines Defeated 2Sa 21:15-22

A.) A War With The Philistines [OR] Philistine Giants Destroyed [OR] Wars Against The Philistines [OR] Exploits Of David's Men [OR] Four Battles Against The Philistines, Wherein Four Valiants Of David Slay Four Giants 2Sa 21:15

16. David's Song of Deliverance 2Sa 22:1-51

A.) David's Song Of Deliverance [OR] Praise For God's Deliverance [OR] David's Song Of Praise [OR] David's Psalm Of Deliverance [OR] David's Song Of Thanksgiving [OR] A Psalm Of Thanksgiving [OR] David's Last Words [OR] The Last Words Of David [OR] David's Last Song [OR] David Professes His Faith In God's Promises To Be Beyond Sense Or Experience 2Sa 22:1

17. David's Last Words 2Sa 23:1-7

A.) The Last Words Of David 2Sa 23:1

1.) The Different State Of The Wicked [OR] David's Mighty Men [OR] His Mighty Men [OR] A Catalogue Of David's Mighty Men 2Sa 23:6

18. David's Three Fighting Men 2Sa 23:8-17

A.) David's Mighty Men 2Sa 23:8

19. David's Thirty Fighting Men 2Sa 23:18-39

20. David's Sin-He Takes a Census 2Sa 24:1-25

A.) David's Sin In Numbering The People [OR] David's Census Of Israel And Judah [OR] David Counts The Fighting Men [OR] The Census Taken [OR] David Forces Joab To Number The People 2Sa 24:1

1.) The Captains Complete The Numbering In Nine Months And Twenty Days 2Sa 24:5

2.) David's Choice Of Punishment [OR] The Judgment On David's Sin [OR] Judgment On David's Sin [OR] David, Having Three Plagues Proposed By Gad, Chooses The Three Days' Pestilence 2Sa 24:10

(I.) Pestilence Sent [OR] After The Death Of Seventy Thousand, David Prevents The Destruction Of Jerusalem By Repenting 2Sa 24:15

3.) David Buys Araunah's Threshingfloor; Erects An Altar [OR] The Altar On The Threshing Floor [OR] David Builds An Altar [OR] David's Altar On The Threshing Floor [OR] David Purchases Araunah's Threshing Floor, Where The Plague Is Stayed 2Sa 24:18