2 Peter


A. Salutation [OR] Greeting 2Pe 1:1-2

I.) The great Christian virtues [OR] Greeting the Faithful [OR] Growth in Christian Virtue [OR] Salutation [OR] Growth promised by God's grace 2Pe 1:1

B. God's Power Gives Us the Ability to Live Godly Lives [OR] Growth 2Pe 1:3-11

A.) Making One's Calling And Election Sure [OR] The Christian's Call And Election 2Pe 1:3

B.) Fruitful Growth In The Faith [OR] Peter Exhorts His Readers To Make Their Calling Certain, By Faith And Other Virtues 2Pe 1:5

C. Prophets 2Pe 1:12-21

A.) Peter's Approaching Death [OR] Prophecy Of Scripture [OR] Of Which He Takes Special Care To Remind Them, Knowing That His Own Death Is At Hand 2Pe 1:12

I.) The Scriptures exalted 2Pe 1:15

1. Pay Attention to God's Words 2Pe 1:16-21

A.) The Trustworthy Prophetic Word [OR] Eyewitnesses [OR] Eyewitnesses Of Christ's Glory [OR] He Warns Them To Be Constant In The Faith Of Christ, The True Son Of God 2Pe 1:16

D.  Warnings About False Teachers [OR] False Prophets 2Pe 2:1-22

I.) Warnings concerning apostate teachers 2Pe 2:1

A.) They Will Deny Redemption By Blood: Many Will Follow Them [OR] Destructive Doctrines [OR] False Teachers And Their Destruction [OR] The Rise Of False Prophets [OR] False Prophets And Their Punishment [OR] He Foretells The Coming Of False Teachers And The Punishment To Be Given Them And Their Followers 2Pe 2:1

1.) Doom Of False Teachers 2Pe 2:4

2.) The Godly Shall Be Spared This Punishment, As Lot Was Delivered Out Of Sodom 2Pe 2:7

3.) Depravity Of False Teachers 2Pe 2:12

B.) The Marks Of The False Teachers 2Pe 2:15

1.) They Are Like Balaam 2Pe 2:15

2.) They Are Destitute Of The Spirit 2Pe 2:17

3.) Their Words Are Learned And Pretentious [OR] Deceptions Of False Teachers [OR] He Describes More Fully The Habits Of Profane And Blasphemous Seducers 2Pe 2:18

4.) They Affect Liberality 2Pe 2:19

5.) Unsaved Professors Run After Them 2Pe 2:22

E. Be Ready for the Day of the Lord [OR] The Second Coming 2Pe 3:1-18

I.) The return of the Lord and the day of the Lord [OR] God's Promise is Not Slack [OR] The Day of the Lord [OR] Purpose of This Letter [OR] The Promise of the Lord's Coming [OR] Peter assures them that Christ will return 2Pe 3:1

A.) The Coming Day Of The Lord 2Pe 3:3

B.) The Return Of The Lord To Be Generally Disbelieved 2Pe 3:4

1.) He Tells The Godly That God's Long Patience Will Hasten Their Repentance 2Pe 3:8

C.) The Day Of The Lord [OR] A New Heaven And Earth [OR] He Describes The Manner In Which The World Will Be Destroyed 2Pe 3:10

1.) And Exhorts Them To Hss Of Life 2Pe 3:11

2.) Be Steadfast [OR] Final Exhortation And Doxology 2Pe 3:14

3.) And To Consideration Of God's Patience In Providing Their Salvation 2Pe 3:15