2 Kings


1. Elijah and King Ahaziah of Israel 2Ki 1:1-18

I.) The last ministry and translation of Elijah 2Ki 1:1

A.) Rebellion Of Moab: Illness Of Ahaziah, King Of Israel [OR] God Judges Ahaziah [OR] The Lord's Judgment On Ahaziah [OR] Ahaziah's Messengers Meet Elijah [OR] Elijah Denounces Ahaziah [OR] Moab Rebels Against Israel 2Ki 1:1

B.) Elijah's Message To Ahaziah: Elijah's Deliverance 2Ki 1:3

1.) Elijah Twice Brings Down Fire From Heaven Upon Those Sent To Apprehend Him 2Ki 1:5

2.) He Pities The Third Captain And, Encouraged By An Angel, Tells The King Of His Death 2Ki 1:13

C.) Death Of Ahaziah: Accession Of Jehoram King Over Israel [OR] Jehoram Reigns Over Israel [OR] Death Of Ahaziah [OR] Jehoram Succeeds Ahaziah 2Ki 1:17

2. Elijah Taken to Heaven 2Ki 2:1-18

(a. Joram 2Ki 2:1-8:15 (2Ki Israel))

A.) The Translation Of Elijah [OR] Elijah Ascends To Heaven [OR] Elijah Taken Up To Heaven [OR] Elijah Taken To Heaven [OR] Elijah Taking Leave Of Elisha, Divides Jordan With His Mantle 2Ki 2:1

1.) And Granting Elisha His Request, Is Taken Up By A Fiery Chariot Into Heaven 2Ki 2:9

I.) The ministry of Elisha from the translation of Elijah to the anointing of Jeru 2Ki 2:12

A.) The Spirit Who Was Upon Elijah Comes Upon Elisha [OR] Elisha, Dividing Jordan With Elijah's Mantle, Is Acknowledged His Successor 2Ki 2:12

B.) Elisha's Faith To Use The Power 2Ki 2:14

1.) Elisha Succeeds Elijah 2Ki 2:15

C.) The Knowledge Of The Theological Students, And Their Total Lack Of Faith [OR] Three Days The Young Prophets Seek Elijah, But Fail To Find Him 2Ki 2:16

3. Elisha Purifies Jericho's Water 2Ki 2:19-25

A.) Elisha's Second Miracle [OR] Elisha Performs Miracles [OR] Healing Of The Water [OR] Elijah Heals The Unwholesome Waters With Salt 2Ki 2:19

B.) Irreverence Cursed [OR] Elisha Is Jeered [OR] Bears Destroy The Children Who Mock Elisha 2Ki 2:23

4. King Joram of Israel 2Ki 3:1-3

A.) Accession Of Jehoram Over Israel [OR] Moab Rebels Against Israel [OR] Moab Revolts [OR] Jehoram Meets Moab Rebellion [OR] Jehoram Reigns Over Israel [OR] Jehoram's Reign 2Ki 3:1

5. King Mesha of Moab Defeated 2Ki 3:4-27

A.) Moab Rebels Against Israel [OR] War With Moab [OR] Mesha Rebels 2Ki 3:4

1.) Elisha Obtains Water And The Promise Of Victory For Jehoram And His Host 2Ki 3:6

B.) Elisha Reproves The Alliance Of Jehoshaphat With Jehoram 2Ki 3:10

C.) Elisha's Promise Of Water And Victory 2Ki 3:16

D.) Defeat Of The Moabites [OR] The Moabites, Coming To Spoil, Are Deceived By The Color Of The Water And Overcome 2Ki 3:21

1.) The King Of Moab, By Sacrificing His Own Son, Raises The Siege 2Ki 3:26

6. Elisha and the Widow's Olive Oil 2Ki 4:1-7

A.) The Increase Of The Widow's Oil [OR] Elisha And The Widow's Oil [OR] The Widow's Oil [OR] Elisha Multiplies The Widow's Oil 2Ki 4:1

7. Elisha Brings a Shunem Woman's Son Back to Life 2Ki 4:8-37

A.) The "Great Woman" Of Shunem And Her Reward [OR] Elisha Raises The Shunammite's Son [OR] The Shunammite's Son Restored To Life [OR] The Shunammite Woman [OR] He Gives A Son To The Good Shunammite 2Ki 4:8

B.) Elisha Restores Life To The Son Of The Shunammite [OR] The Shunammite's Son [OR] He Raises Again Her Dead Son 2Ki 4:18

8. Elisha and the Poisoned Food 2Ki 4:38-41

A.) Elisha Heals The Noxious Pottage [OR] Elisha Purifies The Pot Of Stew [OR] Death In The Pot [OR] The Poisonous Stew [OR] At Gilgal He Renders The Poison Pottage Harmless 2Ki 4:38

9. Elisha Feeds a Hundred People 2Ki 4:42-44

A.) Elisha Feeds A Hundred Men Miraculously [OR] Elisha Feeds One Hundred Men [OR] Feeding Of A Hundred [OR] He Satisfies A Hundred Men With Twenty Loaves 2Ki 4:42

10. Elisha Heals Naaman 2Ki 5:1-27

A.) The Healing Of Naaman [OR] Naaman's Leprosy Healed [OR] Naaman Healed Of Leprosy [OR] Naaman Is Healed [OR] Naaman Goes To Samaria To Be Cured Of His Leprosy 2Ki 5:1

1.) Elisha, Sending Him To Jordan, Cures Him 2Ki 5:8

2.) Gehazi's Greed [OR] Elisha Des Naaman's Gifts, And Grants Him Some Of The Earth 2Ki 5:15

B.) Gehazi's Sin And Its Penalty [OR] Gehazi's Greed [OR] Gehazi, Lying To Naaman In His Master's Name, Is Smitten With Leprosy 2Ki 5:20

11. Elisha and the Floating Ax Head 2Ki 6:1-7

A.) Elisha Recovers The Lost Axe [OR] The Floating Ax Head [OR] An Axhead Floats [OR] The Axe Head Recovered [OR] The Miracle Of The Ax Head [OR] Elisha Grants The Young Prophets' Request 2Ki 6:1

1.) He Causes Iron To Swim 2Ki 6:5

12. The Aramean Army Is Struck With Blindness 2Ki 6:8-23

A.) Elisha Reveals Ben-Hadad's Plans [OR] The Blinded Syrians Captured [OR] Elisha Traps Blinded Arameans [OR] The Arameans Plot To Capture Elisha [OR] The Aramean Attack Is Thwarted [OR] He Discloses Syria's Plans To The King Of Israel 2Ki 6:8

B.) Elisha At Dothan [OR] The Army Is Sent To Dothan To Seize Elisha, And Is Smitten With Blindness 2Ki 6:13

C.) Elisha Leads The Blinded Syrians To Samaria 2Ki 6:18

1.) The Syrians Are Brought Into Samaria, Then Dismissed In Peace 2Ki 6:19

13. The Aramean Army Blockades Samaria 2Ki 6:24-7:2

A.) The Syrian Siege Of Samaria [OR] Syria Besieges Samaria In Famine [OR] Famine In Besieged Samaria [OR] The Siege Of Samaria--Cannibalism [OR] Ben-Hadad's Siege Of Samaria [OR] The Famine In Samaria Causes Women To Eat Their Own Children 2Ki 6:24

1.) The King Sends A Man To Slay Elisha 2Ki 6:30

B.) The King's Messenger Of Vengeance And The Untroubled Prophet 2Ki 6:32

C.) Elisha's Promise Of Food And Jehovah's Terror Upon The Syrians [OR] Elisha Promises Food [OR] Elisha Prophesies Plenty In Samaria 2Ki 7:1

14. The Aramean Army Flees 2Ki 7:3-20

1.) The Syrians Flee [OR] The Siege Lifted [OR] Four Lepers Relate Arameans' Flight [OR] The Arameans Flee [OR] Four Lepers Discover The Syrians Have Fled 2Ki 7:3

2.) They Return With The Tidings 2Ki 7:9

3.) The King Spoils The Tents Of The Syrians 2Ki 7:12

4.) The Promise Fulfilled 2Ki 7:15

A.) Elisha's Promise Fulfilled 2Ki 7:16

1.) The Lord Who Would Not Believe The Prophecy Of Plenty Is Trodden To Death In The Press 2Ki 7:17

15. Elisha Helps a Shunem Woman Get Her Land Back 2Ki 8:1-6

A.) Elisha Predicts The Seven Years' Famine [OR] The King Restores The Shunammite's Land [OR] The Shunammite's Land Restored [OR] Jehoram Restores The Shunammite's Land [OR] The Shunammite Woman's Land Restored [OR] The Shunammite's Land Is Restored By The King Because Of Elisha's Miracle 2Ki 8:1

B.) Jehoram Restores The Shunammite's Land 2Ki 8:3

16. Elisha Prophesies to Hazael 2Ki 8:7-15

A.) Elisha Visits Ben-Hadad; Meets Hazael [OR] Death Of Ben-Hadad [OR] Hazael Murders Ben-Hadad [OR] Elisha Predicts Evil From Hazael [OR] Ben-Hadad Sends Hazael To Elisha To Learn If He Will Recover 2Ki 8:7

1.) Learning That His Master Will Die, Hazael Kills And Succeeds Him 2Ki 8:10

17. King Jehoram of Judah 2Ki 8:16-24

(a. Jehoram 2Ki 8:16-24

A.) Jehoram Co-King With His Father Jehoshaphat Over Judah [OR] Jehoram Reigns In Judah [OR] Jehoram King Of Judah [OR] Another Jehoram Reigns In Judah [OR] Jehoram Reigns Over Judah [OR] Jehoram's Wicked Reign In Judah 2Ki 8:16

B.) The Revolt Of Edom [OR] Edom And Libnah Revolt 2Ki 8:20

C.) The Revolt Of Libnah 2Ki 8:22

D.) Death Of Jehoram [OR] Ahaziah Succeeds Jehoram In Judah [OR] Ahaziah Succeeds Jehoram 2Ki 8:24

18. King Ahaziah of Judah 2Ki 8:25-29

A.) Accession Of Ahaziah Over Judah [OR] Ahaziah Reigns In Judah [OR] Ahaziah King Of Judah [OR] Ahaziah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Ahaziah's Wicked Reign 2Ki 8:25

B.) Ahaziah Joins Jehoram In Defense Of Ramoth-Gilead [OR] He Visits The Wounded Joram At Jezreel [OR] Jehu Anointed King Of Israel [OR] Jehu Reigns Over Israel [OR] Anointing Of Jehu [OR] Elisha Sends A Young Prophet With Instructions To Anoint Jehu At Ramoth-Gilead 2Ki 8:28

C.) Ahaziah Visits Jehoram At Jezreel 2Ki 8:29

19. Jehu Is Anointed King of Israel 2Ki 9:1-13

A.) Jehu Anointed King Over Israel At Ramoth-Gilead 2Ki 9:1

1.) The Prophet Delivers His Message And Flees 2Ki 9:4

I.) The reign of Jehu over Israel 2Ki 9:11

A.) Jehu Proclaimed King By The Army Of Israel [OR] Jehu, Made King By The Soldiers, Kills Joram In The Field Of Naboth 2Ki 9:11

20. Jehu Kills King Joram, King Ahaziah, and Queen Jezebel 2Ki 9:14-37

A.) Jehu Slays Jehoram [OR] Joram Of Israel Killed [OR] Jehu Kills Joram And Ahaziah [OR] Jehoram (Joram) Is Assassinated 2Ki 9:14

B.) Ahaziah Slain [OR] Ahaziah Of Judah Killed [OR] Jehu Assassinates Ahaziah [OR] Ahaziah Is Slain At Gur And Buried At Jerusalem 2Ki 9:27

C.) The Slaying Of Jezebel [OR] Jezebel's Violent Death [OR] Jezebel Killed [OR] Jezebel Is Thrown Down Out Of A Window And Eaten By Dogs 2Ki 9:30

1.) Jezebel Is Slain 2Ki 9:33

21. Jehu Kills King Ahab's and King Ahaziah's Heirs 2Ki 10:1-17

A.) Judgment On The House Of Ahab [OR] Ahab's Seventy Sons Killed [OR] Ahab's Family Killed [OR] Judgment Upon Ahab's House [OR] Massacre Of Ahab's Descendants [OR] Jehu Sends Out Letters And Causes Seventy Of Ahab's Children To Be Beheaded 2Ki 10:1

1.) He Excuses His Act By Elijah's Prophecy 2Ki 10:8

2.) Ahaziah's Forty-Two Brothers Killed [OR] He Slays Forty-Two Of Ahaziah's Brethren 2Ki 10:12

B.) The Princes Of Judah Slain 2Ki 10:13

C.) Jehu Spares Johonadab [OR] The Rest Of Ahab's Family Killed [OR] He Takes Jehonadab Into His Company 2Ki 10:15

22. Jehu Kills Baal's Prophets 2Ki 10:18-36

1.) Worshipers Of Baal Killed [OR] Ministers Of Baal Killed [OR] Jehu Destroys Baal Worshipers [OR] Slaughter Of Worshipers Of Baal [OR] He Destroys All The Worshipers Of Baal 2Ki 10:18

A.) Jehu Exterminates Baal Worship In Israel 2Ki 10:19

1.) Jehu Follows In Jeroboam's Sinful Path [OR] Death Of Jehu [OR] Hazael Oppresses Israel 2Ki 10:29

B.) Four Generations Promised To Jehu 2Ki 10:30

C.) Power Of Israel Diminished 2Ki 10:32

D.) Death Of Jehu: Accession Of Jehoahaz Over Israel 2Ki 10:34

1.) Jehoahaz Succeeds Jehu (2Ki 10:35)

23. The Priest Jehoiada Opposes Queen Athaliah 2Ki 11:1-20

I.) The reigns of Athaliah and Jehoash over Judah 2Ki 11:1

A.) The Seed Royal Of Judah Destroyed, Save Joash [OR] Athaliah Reigns In Judah [OR] Athaliah And Joash [OR] Athaliah Queen Of Judah [OR] Athaliah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Jehoash (Joash) Is Saved From Athaliah's Purge Of The King's Sons And Is Hidden Six Years In The House Of God 2Ki 11:1

B.) Joash Becomes King Over Judah [OR] Joash Crowned King Of Judah [OR] Jehoiada Anoints The Child Joash [OR] Jehoiada Commands The Captains Concerning Jehoash's Safety And Anoints Him King [OR] Death Of Athaliah [OR] Athaliah Is Slain 2Ki 11:4

C.) Execution Of Athaliah 2Ki 11:13

D.) The Revival Through Jehoiada [OR] Jehoiada Restores The Worship Of God 2Ki 11:17

24. King Joash of Judah 2Ki 11:21-12:18

A.) The Reign Of Jehoash (Joash) [OR] Jehoash Repairs The Temple [OR] Joash Repairs The Temple [OR] Joash (Jehoash) Reigns Over Judah [OR] The Temple Repaired [OR] Jehoash Gives Orders For The Repair Of The Temple 2Ki 12:1

B.) The Faithless Priests [OR] The Temple To Be Repaired [OR] Hazael Threatens Jerusalem [OR] Hazael Is Diverted From Jerusalem By A Present Of The Hallowed Treasures 2Ki 12:4

C.) The Temple Repaired 2Ki 12:9

D.) The Syrians Take Gath: Jehoash Ransoms Jerusalem By Despoiling The Temple 2Ki 12:17

25. King Joash Is Assassinated 2Ki 12:19-21

A.) Death Of Joash: Accession Of Amaziah [OR] Death Of Joash [OR] Joash (Jehoash) Succeeded By Amaziah In Judah [OR] Jehoash Is Slain By His Servants, And Amaziah Succeeds Him 2Ki 12:19

26. King Jehoahaz of Israel 2Ki 13:1-9

I.) The reigns of Jehoahaz and Joash over Israel, and the last ministry of Elisha 2Ki 13:1

A.) The Reign Of Jehoahaz Over Israel [OR] Jehoahaz Reigns In Israel [OR] Jehoahaz King Of Israel [OR] Kings Of Israel: Jehoahaz And Jehoash [OR] Jehoahaz Reigns Over Israel [OR] Jehoahaz And His Wicked Reign 2Ki 13:1

1.) Jehoahaz Is Oppressed By Hazael But Finds Relief In Prayer 2Ki 13:3

2.) Jehoahaz Repents, But Suffers The Grove In Samaria 2Ki 13:4

3.) Death Of Jehoahaz [OR] Joash Succeeds Him 2Ki 13:8

27. King Jehoash of Israel 2Ki 13:10-13

A.) Accession Of Jehoash Over Israel [OR] Jehoash Reigns In Israel [OR] Jehoash King Of Israel [OR] Jehoash Reigns Over Israel [OR] His Wicked Reign 2Ki 13:10

B.) Death Of Jehoash [OR] Jeroboam Succeeds Him [OR] Death Of Elisha [OR] Elisha, On His Deathbed, Prophesies That Joash Will Win Three Victories Over The Syrians 2Ki 13:12

28. The Death of Elisha 2Ki 13:14-25

A.) Illness Of Elisha: Visit Of Joash 2Ki 13:14

B.) The Scant Faith Of Joash 2Ki 13:18

C.) Death Of Elisha: The Miracle At His Tomb [OR] When The Moabites Invade The Land, Elisha's Bones Raise Up A Dead Man 2Ki 13:20

1.) Israel Recaptures Cities From Syria [OR] Israel Recaptures Cities From Aram [OR] After Hazael's Death, Joash Wins Three Victories Over Ben-Hadad 2Ki 13:22

29. King Amaziah of Judah 2Ki 14:1-7

I.) From the death of Elisha to the captivity of Israel 2Ki 14:1

A.) The Reign Of Amaziah Over Judah [OR] Amaziah Reigns In Judah [OR] Amaziah King Of Judah [OR] Amaziah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Amaziah's Good Reign 2Ki 14:1

1.) He Kills The Murderers Of His Father 2Ki 14:5

30. King Amaziah's Defeat and Death 2Ki 14:8-22

1.) War Between Israel And Judah [OR] Amaziah Provokes Jehoash And Is Overcome And Spoiled 2Ki 14:8

(I.) Jeroboam Ii Succeeds Jehoash In Israel [OR] Jeroboam Succeeds Jehoash 2Ki 14:15

2.) Jeroboam Succeeds Jehoash As King Of Israel 2Ki 14:16

3.) Death Of Amaziah [OR] Azariah (Uzziah) Succeeds Amaziah In Judah [OR] Amaziah Is Slain By A Conspiracy 2Ki 14:17

A.) Azariah Succeeds Amaziah As King Of Judah [OR] Azariah Succeeds Him 2Ki 14:21

A. King Jeroboam II of Israel 2Ki 14:23-29

1.) Reign Of Jeroboam II Over Israel [OR] Jeroboam II Reigns In Israel [OR] Jeroboam II King Of Israel [OR] Jeroboam II Reigns Over Israel [OR] Jeroboam's Wicked Reign 2Ki 14:23

2.) Death Of Jeroboam II: Accession Of Zachariah King Over Israel [OR] Zechariah Reigns Over Israel [OR] Zachariah Succeeds Him 2Ki 14:28

1. King Azariah of Judah 2Ki 15:1-4

1.) Reign Of Azariah (Uzziah) Over Judah [OR] Azariah Reigns In Judah [OR] Azariah King Of Judah [OR] Series Of Kings: Azariah (Uzziah) Over Judah [OR] Azariah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Azariah's Good Reign 2Ki 15:1

2. Azariah's Skin Disease 2Ki 15:5-7

(I.) On His Death As A Leper, Jotham Succeeds Him 2Ki 15:5

1.) Death Of Azariah (Uzziah): Accession Of Jotham 2Ki 15:6

3. King Zechariah of Israel Rules for Six Months 2Ki 15:8-12

A.) Reign Of Zachariah Over Israel [OR] Zechariah Reigns In Israel [OR] Zechariah King Of Israel [OR] Zechariah Over Israel [OR] Zechariah Reigns Over Israel [OR] Zachariah, The Last Of Jehu's Descendants, Is Slain By Shallum After An Evil Reign 2Ki 15:8

B.) Death Of Zachariah: Accession Of Shallum Over Israel 2Ki 15:10

4. King Shallum of Israel Rules for One Month 2Ki 15:13-16

A.) Reign Of Shallum: His Death [OR] Shallum Reigns In Israel [OR] Shallum King Of Israel [OR] Shallum Reigns Over Israel [OR] Shallum Reigns A Month And Is Slain By Menahem 2Ki 15:13

B.) Reign Of Menahem Over Israel [OR] Menahem Strengthens Himself By Gifts To Pul 2Ki 15:16

5. King Menahem of Israel 2Ki 15:17-22

1.) Menahem Reigns In Israel [OR] Menahem King Of Israel [OR] Menahem Over Israel [OR] Menahem Reigns Over Israel 2Ki 15:17

2.) An Assyrian Invasion Of Israel 2Ki 15:19

3.) Death Of Menahem: Accession Of Pekahiah Over Israel [OR] Pekahiah Succeeds Him 2Ki 15:21

6. King Pekahiah of Israel 2Ki 15:23-26

A.) Death Of Pekahiah: Accession Of Pekah Over Israel [OR] Pekahiah Reigns In Israel [OR] Pekahiah King Of Israel [OR] Pekahiah Over Israel [OR] Pekahiah Reigns Over Israel [OR] Pekahiah Is Slain By Pekah 2Ki 15:23

7. King Pekah of Israel 2Ki 15:27-31

A.) Reign Of Pekah Over Israel: His Death [OR] Pekah Reigns In Israel [OR] Pekah King Of Israel [OR] Pekah Over Israel [OR] Pekah Reigns Over Israel [OR] Pekah Is Oppressed By Tiglath-Pileser, And Is Slain By Hoshea 2Ki 15:27

8. King Jotham of Judah 2Ki 15:32-38

A.) Reign Of Jotham Over Judah [OR] Jotham Reigns In Judah [OR] Jotham King Of Judah [OR] Jotham Over Judah [OR] Jotham Reigns Over Judah [OR] Jotham's Good Reign 2Ki 15:32

1.) Ahaz Succeeds Him 2Ki 15:36

9. King Ahaz of Judah 2Ki 16:1-20

A.) Reign Of Ahaz Over Judah [OR] Ahaz Reigns In Judah [OR] Ahaz King Of Judah [OR] Ahaz Reigns Over Judah [OR] The Wicked Reign Of Ahaz 2Ki 16:1

1.) Invasion Of Judah By Syria And Israel [OR] Ahaz Is Assailed By Rezin And Pekah, And Hires Tiglath-Pileser To Fight Against Them 2Ki 16:5

2.) Ahaz Seeks The Assistance Of Assyria [OR] Ahaz Seeks Help Of Aram 2Ki 16:7

3.) The Assyrians Take Damascus 2Ki 16:9

(I.) Damascus Falls [OR] Ahaz Sends The Pattern And Specifications Of An Altar From Damascus To Urijah 2Ki 16:10

(II.) He Diverts The Brazen Altar To His Own Use 2Ki 16:14

(III.) He Spoils The Temple 2Ki 16:17

4.) Death Of Ahaz: Accession Of Hezekiah [OR] Hezekiah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Hezekiah Succeeds Him 2Ki 16:19

B. The Kingdoms Fall 2Ki 17:1-25:30

1a. King Hoshea of Israel 2Ki 17:1-2

A.) Reign Of Hoshea Over Israel [OR] Hoshea Reigns In Israel [OR] Hoshea Last King Of Israel [OR] Hoshea Reigns Over Israel [OR] Hoshea's Wicked Reign 2Ki 17:1

1. The Fall of Samaria 2Ki 17:3-23

1.) Israel Becomes Tributary To Assyria [OR] After Subjection By Shalmaneser, He Conspires Against Him With So, King Of Egypt [OR] Israel Carried Captive To Assyria [OR] Samaria, For Her Sins, Is Made Captive 2Ki 17:3

A.) Israel (The Ten Tribes) Carried Away Into Assyria 2Ki 17:4

1.) Israel Captive (2Ki 17:6)

2.) The Sins For Which Israel Was Carried Into Captivity [OR] Israel Exiled Because Of Sin [OR] Why Israel Fell 2Ki 17:7

2. Assyria Brings Foreign People to Settle in Israel 2Ki 17:24-41

1.) The King Of Assyria Repeoples The Cities Of Israel [OR] Assyria Resettles Samaria [OR] Samaria Resettled [OR] Cities Of Israel Filled With Strangers [OR] The Foreign Nations, Which Were Transplanted In Samaria, Make A Mixture Of Religions 2Ki 17:24

3. King Hezekiah of Judah 2Ki 18:1-8

I.) From the accession of Hezekiah to the captivity of Judah 2Ki 18:1

A.) Reign Of Hezekiah Over Judah [OR] Hezekiah Reigns In Judah [OR] Hezekiah King Of Judah [OR] Hezekiah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Hezekiah's Reign Over Judah [OR] Hezekiah's Good Reign 2Ki 18:1

1.) Revival Under Hezekiah [OR] He Destroys Idolatry, And Prospers 2Ki 18:4

(I.) Hezekiah Victorious 2Ki 18:7

2.) Hezekiah Victorious Over The Philistines 2Ki 18:8

4. The Fall of Samaria 2Ki 18:9-12

(I.) Samaria Is Carried Away Captive For Her Sins 2Ki 18:9

5. The LORD Rescues Judah From the Assyrians 2Ki 18:13-19:19

1.) Sennacherib Invades Judah [OR] Invasion Of Judah [OR] Sennacherib Invades Judah But Is Pacified By Heavy Tribute 2Ki 18:13

2.) Sennacherib Seeks To Terrify The Defenders Of Jerusalem [OR] Sennacherib Boasts Against The Lord [OR] Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem [OR] Rab-Shaken, Sennacherib's Messenger, Reviles Hezekiah, And By Blasphemous Persuasion Incites Revolt 2Ki 18:17

3.) The Jewish Answer To Rab-Shakeh's Threats 2Ki 18:26

4.) Rab-Shakeh's Further Insolence 2Ki 18:27

5.) Hezekiah's Message To Isaiah [OR] Isaiah Assures Deliverance [OR] Jerusalem's Deliverance Foretold [OR] Isaiah Encourages Hezekiah [OR] Hezekiah Consults Isaiah [OR] Hezekiah, In Deep Mourning, Asks Isaiah To Pray For Them 2Ki 19:1

6.) Isaiah's Answer [OR] Isaiah Comforts Them 2Ki 19:6

7.) Sennacherib Defies The God Of Hezekiah [OR] Sennacherib's Threat And Hezekiah's Prayer [OR] Sennacherib Defies God [OR] Sennacherib's Threat [OR] Sennacherib, On The Way To An Encounter With Tirhakah, Sends A Blasphemous Letter To Hezekiah [OR] Hezekiah's Prayer 2Ki 19:8

8.) Hezekiah's Prayer 2Ki 19:14

6. Isaiah's Prophecy Against King Sennacherib of Assyria 2Ki 19:20-37

1.) Jehovah's Answer Through Isaiah [OR] The Word Of The Lord Concerning Sennacherib [OR] Isaiah Prophesies Sennacherib's Fall [OR] God's Answer Through Isaiah [OR] Isaiah Prophesies The Destruction Of Sennacherib And Zion's Good [OR] Sennacherib's Defeat And Death [OR] An Angel Slays The Assyrians 2Ki 19:20

2.) Jehovah Destroys The Assyrian Army 2Ki 19:35

3.) Death Of Sennacherib 2Ki 19:36

(I.) Sennacherib Is Slain At Nineveh By His Own Sons 2Ki 19:37

7. Hezekiah's Illness 2Ki 20:1-11

1.) Hezekiah's Illness And Recovery [OR] Hezekiah's Life Extended [OR] Hezekiah's Illness [OR] Hezekiah Receives Warning Of His Death, But His Life Is Lengthened Through Prayer 2Ki 20:1

(I.) The Sun Goes Ten Degrees Backward, As A Sign Of That Promise 2Ki 20:8

8. Hezekiah Shows the Babylonians His Treasures 2Ki 20:12-21

1.) Hezekiah Imprudently Exposes His Treasures To Men Of Babylon [OR] The Babylonian Envoys [OR] Envoys From Babylon [OR] Hezekiah Shows Babylon His Treasures [OR] Berodach-Baladan Sends Men To Visit Hezekiah And Takes Note Of His Wonderful Treasures 2Ki 20:12

(I.) Isaiah, Learning Of It, Foretells The Babylonian Captivity [OR] Death Of Hezekiah [OR] Manasseh Succeeds Hezekiah 2Ki 20:14

2.) Death Of Hezekiah 2Ki 20:20

9. King Manasseh of Judah 2Ki 21:1-18

A.) Accession And Reign Of Manasseh: His Evil Ways [OR] Manasseh Reigns In Judah [OR] Manasseh King Of Judah [OR] Manasseh Succeeds Hezekiah [OR] Manasseh Reigns Over Judah [OR] Manasseh's Reign 2Ki 21:1

1.) His Great Idolatry 2Ki 21:3

2.) Jehovah's Message Concerning Manasseh's Idolatries [OR] The King's Idolatries Rebuked [OR] His Wickedness Causes Prophecies Against Judah 2Ki 21:10

3.) Manasseh's Continued Reign And Death 2Ki 21:16

(I.) Amon Succeeds Him 2Ki 21:17

10. King Amon of Judah 2Ki 21:19-26

A.) Amon 2Ki 21:19

1.) Reign Of Amon Over Judah [OR] Amon's Reign And Death [OR] Amon King Of Judah [OR] Amon Succeeds Manasseh [OR] Amon Reigns Over Judah [OR] Amon's Wicked Reign 2Ki 21:19

2.) Death Of Amon: Accession Of Josiah [OR] After Amon Is Killed By His Servants, And They Are Slain By The People, Josiah Is Made King 2Ki 21:23

11. King Josiah of Judah 2Ki 22:1-2

A.) Reign Of Josiah [OR] Josiah Reigns In Judah [OR] The Book Of The Law Found [OR] Josiah Succeeds Amon [OR] Josiah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Josiah's Good Reign [OR] Hilkiah Finds The Book Of The Law [OR] His Steps To Repair The Temple 2Ki 22:1

12. The Book of the LORD'S Teachings Found in the Temple 2Ki 22:3-20

1.) The Repairing Of The Temple 2Ki 22:3

2.) The Law Of Moses Discovered [OR] The Lost Book [OR] After Hilkiah Finds A Book Of The Law, Josiah Sends To Huldah To Inquire Of The Lord 2Ki 22:8

3.) By The Law Is The Knowledge Of Sin 2Ki 22:11

(I.) Huldah Predicts 2Ki 22:14

4.) The Words Of Huldah The Prophetess [OR] Huldah Prophesies Jerusalem's Destruction, To Be Delayed Throughout Josiah's Life 2Ki 22:15

13. King Josiah's Religious Reforms [23:1-30a] 2Ki 23:1-30

1.) The Law Read To The People [OR] Josiah Restores True Worship [OR] Josiah Renews The Covenant [OR] Josiah's Covenant [OR] Josiah's Reformation [OR] Josiah Causes The Book To Be Read In A Solemn Assembly 2Ki 23:1

2.) The King's Covenant [OR] He Renews The Covenant Of The Lord 2Ki 23:3

3.) Josiah's Further Reformations [OR] Reforms Under Josiah [OR] He Destroys Idolatry 2Ki 23:4

(I.) He Burns Dead Men's Bones Upon The Altar Of Beth-el, As Was Prophesied 2Ki 23:15

4.) The Passover Kept [OR] Passover Reinstituted [OR] The Passover Celebrated [OR] He Keeps A Most Solemn Passover 2Ki 23:21

(I.) He Puts Away Mediums, Wizards And All Abominations 2Ki 23:24

(II.) Impending Judgment On Judah [OR] God's Great Wrath Against Judah 2Ki 23:26

5.) Death Of Josiah [OR] Josiah Dies In Battle [OR] Jehoahaz Succeeds Josiah 2Ki 23:28

(I.) Josiah Provokes Pharaoh-nechoh And Is Slain At Megiddo 2Ki 23:29

14. King Jehoahaz of Judah [23:30b-35] 2Ki 23:31-35

A.) Reign And Dethronement Of Jehoahaz [OR] The Reign And Captivity Of Jehoahaz [OR] Jehoahaz King Of Judah [OR] Reign And Captivity Of Jehoahaz [OR] Jehoahaz Succeeds Him And Is Imprisoned By Pharaoh-Nechoh, Who Makes Jehoiakim King 2Ki 23:31

B.) Jehoiakim Made King [OR] Jehoiakim Made King By Pharaoh 2Ki 23:34

1.) Jehoiakim Reigns In Judah 2Ki 23:35

15. King Jehoiakim of Judah 2Ki 23:36-24:7

1.) Jehoiakim King Of Judah [OR] Jehoiakim Reigns Over Judah [OR] Jehoiakim's Wicked Reign 2Ki 23:36

2.) Jehoiakim Tributary To Nebuchadnezzar [OR] Judah Overrun By Enemies [OR] Babylon Controls Jehoiakim [OR] Jehoiakim Is Subdued By Nebuchadnezzar, Then Rebels Against Him And Causes His Own Ruin 2Ki 24:1

(I.) Jehoiachin Succeeds Him 2Ki 24:5

A.) Reign Of Jehoiachin; (Death Of Jehoiakim) [OR] Jehoiachin Reigns 2Ki 24:6

1.) The King Of Judah Is Vanquished By The King Of Babylon 2Ki 24:7

16. King Jehoiakin of Judah 2Ki 24:8-16

1.) The Reign And Captivity Of Jehoiachin [OR] Jehoiachin King Of Judah [OR] Reign And Captivity Of Jehoiachin [OR] Jehoiachin's Evil Reign 2Ki 24:8

2.) Deportation To Babylon [OR] Jerusalem Is Taken And The People Carried Captive Into Babylon 2Ki 24:10

3.) The First Deportation To Babylon 2Ki 24:11

(I.) The Captivity Of Jerusalem [OR] Capture Of Jerusalem 2Ki 24:13

17. King Zedekiah of Judah 2Ki 24:17-20

1.) Zedekiah Made King [OR] Zedekiah Reigns In Judah [OR] Zedekiah Is Made King, And Reigns Badly 2Ki 24:17

(I.) Zedekiah King Of Judah [OR] Zedekiah Reigns Over Judah 2Ki 24:18

2.) Zedekiah Rebels Against Nebuchadnezzar [OR] The Fall Of Jerusalem 2Ki 24:20

18. The Fall of Jerusalem 2Ki 25:1-26

1.) Siege Of Jerusalem And Final Deportation [OR] The Fall And Captivity Of Judah [OR] Nebuchadnezzar Besieges Jerusalem [OR] Jerusalem Is Again Besieged 2Ki 25:1

(I.) Zedekiah Is Taken, His Sons Slain, And His Eyes Put Out 2Ki 25:4

(II.) Jerusalem Burned And Plundered [OR] Nebuzar-adan Defaces The City, And Carries Into Captivity All Who Are Left 2Ki 25:8

(III.) Except Poor Laborers 2Ki 25:12

(IV.) He Carries Away The Treasures 2Ki 25:13

(V.) The Nobles Are Slain At Riblah 2Ki 25:18

2.) Gedaliah Made Governor Of Palestine [OR] Gedaliah Made Governor Of Judah [OR] Gedaliah Made Governor [OR] Gedaliah, Who Was Set Over Those Remaining, Is Slain, And The Rest Flee Into Egypt 2Ki 25:22

3.) Murder Of Gedaliah And Flight Of The People To Egypt 2Ki 25:25

19. King Jehoiakin Released From Prison 2Ki 25:27-30

1.) Jehoiachin Released [OR] Jehoiachin Released From Prison [OR] Evil-Merodach Promotes Jehoiachin In His Court 2Ki 25:27