2 John


A. Introduction [OR] Greeting 2Jo 1:1-3

I.) The truth and love inseparable in the Christian life [OR] Greeting the Elect Lady [OR] Walk According to His Commandments [OR] Salutation [OR] John exhorts an honorable matron and her children to persevere in Christian love and belief 2Jo 1:1

B. Living in the Truth [OR] Love 2Jo 1:4-6

A.) Walk In Christ's Commandments [OR] Truth And Love 2Jo 1:4

C. Deceivers [OR] Reject Teachers Who Don't Teach What Christ Taught  2Jo 1:7-11

I.) Doctrine the final test of reality [OR] Beware of Antichrist Decievers 2Jo 1:7

A.) Lest They Lose The Reward Of Their Profession Of Faith 2Jo 1:8

B.) They Are To Shun Those Non-Believers Who Teach False Doctrines 2Jo 1:10

D. Conclusion [OR] Farewell 2Jo 1:12-13

I.) Superscription [OR] John's Farewell Greeting [OR] Final Greetings 2Jo 1:12