2 Corinthians


A. Paul's Explanation 2Co 1:1-7:16

I.) Paul's principles of action 2Co 1:1

A.) The Explanation [OR] Greeting [OR] Introduction [OR] Salutation [OR] Paul Comforts The Corinthians In Their Affliction, Citing His Own Experiences Of God's Help 2Co 1:1

1. God Comforts Paul and the Corinthians 2Co 1:3-7

1.) Comfort In Suffering [OR] The God Of All Comfort [OR] Paul's Thanksgiving After Affliction 2Co 1:3

2. God Rescued Paul When He Was Suffering 2Co 1:8-11

1.) Delivered From Suffering [OR] Particularly In His Recent Peril In Asia 2Co 1:8

3. Paul's Reason for Being Proud 2Co 1:12-14

1.) Paul's Sincerity [OR] Paul's Change Of Plans [OR] Paul's Integrity [OR] The Postponement Of Paul's Visit [OR] Their Witness To The Sincerity Of His Preaching 2Co 1:12

4. Why Paul Changed His Plans 2Co 1:15-2:4

1.) Sparing The Church [OR] He Gives His Excuse For Failing To Visit Them Again 2Co 1:15

2.) Reaffirm Your Love [OR] After Showing Why He Did Not Come 2Co 2:1

3.) Forgive The Offender 2Co 2:3

5. Forgive the Person Who Sinned 2Co 2:5-11

1.) Forgiveness For The Sinner [OR] Forgiveness For The Offender [OR] He Counsels Them To Forgive And Comfort The Excommunicated Person 2Co 2:5

2.) Following The Apostle's Example 2Co 2:10

6. Paul's Mission as Christ's Spokesman 2Co 2:12-17

1.) Triumph In Christ [OR] Ministers Of The New Covenant [OR] Paul's Anxiety In Troas [OR] He Tells Them Why He Left Troas For Macedonia 2Co 2:12

A.) The Ministry 2Co 2:14

1.) Triumphant [OR] God Has Given Success To His Preaching In All Places 2Co 2:14

7. The Ministry That Comes From Christ Is Greater Than Moses' Ministry 2Co 3:1-18

1.) Accredited [OR] Christ's Epistle [OR] Ministers Of A New Covenant [OR] Ministers Of The New Covenant [OR] Paul Tells The Corinthian Christians That They Themselves Are The Best Proof Of His Ministry's Success 2Co 3:1

(I.) The Spirit, Not The Letter 2Co 3:4

2.) Spiritual And Glorious--Not Legal [OR] Comparing The Old Covenant With The New 2Co 3:6

(I.) Glory Of The New Covenant [OR] The Glory Of The New Covenant 2Co 3:7

(II.) Paul Demonstrates That The New Has Supplanted The Old 2Co 3:12

8. Paul Is Never Discouraged 2Co 4:1-18

1.) Honest [OR] The Light Of Christ's Gospel [OR] Treasures In Jars Of Clay [OR] Paul's Apostolic Ministry [OR] Treasure In Clay Jars [OR] Paul Disavows Deceit In His Preaching 2Co 4:1

(I.) Because The Truth Taught Is Commended By The Life 2Co 4:2

(II.) Because Not Self But Christ Jesus As Lord Is Preached [OR] But Worldly Men May Fail To Understand 2Co 4:3

(III.) Because The Power Is Of God Alone [OR] Cast Down But Unconquered [OR] Paul's Trials For The Sake Of The Lord 2Co 4:7

2.) Suffering 2Co 4:8

(I.) Faith In The Living Christ Sustains Him 2Co 4:13

(II.) Seeing The Invisible [OR] Living By Faith [OR] And Brings Eternal Blessedness Out Of Momentary Troubles 2Co 4:16

9. Faith Guides Our Lives 2Co 5:1-10

(I.) Why Death Itself Has No Terrors For The Servant Of The Lord [OR] Assurance Of The Resurrection [OR] Our Heavenly Dwelling [OR] The Temporal And Eternal [OR] In Paul's Assured Hope Of Immortal Glory 2Co 5:1

(A.) The Judgment Seat of Christ [OR] he strives, wherever he is, to keep his conscience clear [OR] The Ministry of Reconciliation 2Co 5:9

10. Christ's Love Guides Us 2Co 5:11-6:2

(A.) Be Reconciled to God [OR] not for the purpose of boasting 2Co 5:12

1.) Motive And Object [OR] But Out Of Gratitude, Trying To Live As A New Creation In Christ 2Co 5:14

(I.) And, By His Ministry, Reconciling Others Through Christ To God 2Co 5:18

2.) Summary [OR] Marks Of The Ministry [OR] Their Ministry Commended [OR] As A Fellow Worker With Christ, Paul Asks Them Not To Accept God's Grace And Then Waste It 2Co 6:1

11. Our Lives Demonstrate That We Are God's Servants 2Co 6:3-13

(I.) Paul's Hardships [OR] He Points To The Integrity Of His Own Ministry 2Co 6:3

(II.) In Which He Has Patiently Endured Affliction And Apparent Disgrace For The Gospel 2Co 6:4

A.) The Appeal To Separation And Cleansing [OR] Be Holy [OR] He Can Boldly Discuss This With The Corinthians Because Of His Devotion To Them 2Co 6:11

1.) And He Expects The Same Affection From Them 2Co 6:13

12. Christians and Their Relationships With Unbelievers 2Co 6:14-7:1

1.) Do Not Be Yoked With Unbelievers [OR] The Temple Of The Living God [OR] He Warns Them To Shun Idol-Worshipers, For Christians Are Temples Of God 2Co 6:14

2.) Paul Reveals His Heart [OR] Paul Exhorts The Corinthians To Purity Of Life 2Co 7:1

13. Paul Was Comforted by What the Corinthians Did 2Co 7:2-16

A.) The Heart Of Paul [OR] The Corinthians' Repentance [OR] Paul's Joy [OR] Paul's Joy At The Church's Repentance [OR] And To The Same Affection For Him As He Has For Them 2Co 7:2

1.) He Tells Of His Joy At Titus' Report On Their Repentance, As A Result Of His Earlier Letter 2Co 7:3

2.) The Joy Of Titus [OR] He Appreciates Their Kindness And Obedience To Titus 2Co 7:13

B. The Collection for Jerusalem 2Co 8:1-9:15

I.) The collection for the poor 2Co 8:1

A.) The Example Of Macedonia [OR] Excel In Giving [OR] Generosity Encouraged [OR] Great Generosity [OR] Encouragement To Be Generous [OR] He Seeks Funds For Relief Of The Poor In The Church At Jerusalem, And Reminds The People Of The Macedonians' Generosity 2Co 8:1

B.) The Exhortation [OR] He Urges The Corinthians To Be Liberal 2Co 8:7

1.) Christ Our Pattern 2Co 8:8

2.) He Urges Them To Complete With Enthusiasm What They Began So Enthusiastically A Year Ago 2Co 8:10

C.) The Messengers [OR] Collection For The Judean Saints [OR] Titus Sent To Corinth [OR] Commendation Of Titus [OR] He Commends Titus And Other Brethren To Them 2Co 8:16

1. The Reason to Give to the Christians in Jerusalem 2Co 9:1-15

1.) Administering The Gift [OR] God Gives Most [OR] The Collection For Christians At Jerusalem [OR] Paul Has Sent Titus And The Other Brethren In Advance To Arrange For Their Gift 2Co 9:1

A.) The Encouragement: God Loves A Cheerful Giver; If We Give, He Will Give [OR] The Cheerful Giver [OR] Sowing Generously [OR] Which, If Made Generously And Cheerfully 2Co 9:6

1.) Will Multiply Their Material Rewards 2Co 9:10

2.) And Cause Their Spiritual Blessings To Overflow 2Co 9:12

C. Paul's Authority to Speak Forcefully [OR] Paul's Authority 2Co 10:1-13:14

I.) The vindication of Paul's apostleship 2Co 10:1

A.) The Divine Authentication [OR] The Spiritual War [OR] Paul's Defense Of His Ministry [OR] Paul Describes Himself [OR] Paul Defends His Ministry [OR] Paul Describes The Spiritual Might And Authority With Which He Is Armed Against All Enemies 2Co 10:1

1.) Reality Of Paul's Authority [OR] He Assures The Corinthians That They Will Find His Personal Actions As Mighty As His Pen 2Co 10:7

1. Paul's Reason for Bragging 2Co 10:12-18

1.) Limits Of Paul's Authority [OR] Unlike His Critics, Paul Stays In His Own Field Of Service 2Co 10:12

2. Paul Contrasts Himself With False Apostles 2Co 11:1-15

A.) The Godly Jealousy [OR] Concern For Their Faithfulness [OR] Paul And The False Apostles [OR] Paul Defends His Apostleship [OR] Paul's Love And Concern For The Corinthians Forces Him To Tell Of His Own Accomplishments 2Co 11:1

1.) Paul And False Apostles [OR] He Serves As An Equal With The Chief Apostles 2Co 11:5

2.) He Has Preached The Gospel To Them Without Charge 2Co 11:7

B.) The Warning Against False Teachers [OR] He Shows That He Is Not Inferior To His Critics 2Co 11:13

3. More Reasons for Paul to Brag 2Co 11:16-33

A.) The Enforced Boasting [OR] Reluctant Boasting [OR] Paul Boasts About His Sufferings [OR] Paul's Sufferings As An Apostle 2Co 11:16

1.) Suffering For Christ 2Co 11:22

2.) But Rather, In The Service Of Christ With Its Sufferings, That His Labors Have Been Greater 2Co 11:23

4. Paul's Visions and Revelations From the Lord 2Co 12:1-10

1.) The Vision Of Paradise [OR] Paul's Vision And His Thorn [OR] Paul's Vision [OR] Paul's Visions And Revelations [OR] Paul Could Boast Of Wonderful Visions And Revelation 2Co 12:1

2.) The Thorn In The Flesh [OR] A Thorn In The Flesh [OR] But A Thorn In The Flesh Keeps Him Humble And Boasting Instead Of His Infirmities 2Co 12:7

5. Paul Was Not a Burden to the Corinthians 2Co 12:11-19

1.) Signs Of An Apostle [OR] Paul's Concern For The Corinthians [OR] Paul's Concern For The Corinthian Church 2Co 12:11

2.) Love For The Church [OR] He Promises To Visit Them Again, With A Father's Affection 2Co 12:14

A.) The Warning 2Co 12:19

6. Paul's Concern About the Corinthians' Way of Life 2Co 12:20-21

1.) The Apostle Is Afraid He Will Find Many Unrepentant Sinners Among Them 2Co 12:20

7. Paul Tells the Corinthians to Prepare for His Visit 2Co 13:1-10

1.) Coming With Authority [OR] Final Warnings [OR] Examine Yourselves [OR] Further Warning [OR] Paul Threatens To Exercise His Authority As An Apostle In Dealing With The Obstinate 2Co 13:1

2.) He Advises Them To Examine Themselves 2Co 13:5

3.) Paul Prefers Gentleness [OR] And To Escape His Severity By Reforming Now 2Co 13:7

8. Farewell 2Co 13:11-14

A.) Conclusion [OR] Greetings And Benediction [OR] Final Greetings [OR] Final Greetings And Benediction 2Co 13:11

1.) Paul Closes The Letter With A Benediction 2Co 13:14