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Bible Outline Compendium

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An Exhaustive Compendium Of Bible Events In Outline Form


2 Chronicles


A. The Acts of Solomon 2Ch 1:1-9:31

     1a. God Appears to Solomon 2Ch 1:1-17

I.) Solomon 2Ch 1:1

A.) Solomon Established In His Kingdom [OR] Solomon Requests Wisdom [OR] Solomon Asks For Wisdom [OR] Solomon Worships At Gibeon [OR] The Solemn Offering Of Solomon At Gibeon 2Ch 1:1

B.) Solomon Sacrifices At Gibeon 2Ch 1:2

C.) Solomon's Vision Of God, And Prayer For Wisdom [OR] Solomon's Choice Of Wisdom Is Blessed By God 2Ch 1:7

1.) Solomon's Prayer For Wisdom 2Ch 1:8

2.) Solomon's Military And Economic Power [OR] Solomon's Strength And Wealth 2Ch 1:13

3.) Solomon's Wealth [OR] Solomon's Military And Commercial Activity 2Ch 1:14

1. Solomon Assembles the Labor and Materials for the Temple 2Ch 2:1-18

A.) Solomon Prepares To Build The Temple [OR] Preparations For Building The Temple [OR] Solomon Will Build A Temple And Palace [OR] Solomon's Laborers For The Building Of The Temple 2Ch 2:1

1.) Alliance With Huram Of Tyre [OR] His Embassy To Huram (Hiram) To Secure Workmen And Material 2Ch 2:3

2.) Huram To Assist [OR] Huram Responds [OR] Solomon Builds The Temple [OR] The Temple Construction In Jerusalem [OR] The Place And Time Of Building The Temple 2Ch 2:11

2. The Temple Built and Furnished 2Ch 3:1-5:1

A.) Solomon Begins To Build The Temple 2Ch 3:1

1.) Dimensions And Materials Of The Temple [OR] The Measure And Ornaments Of The House 2Ch 3:3

(I.) The Cherubims 2Ch 3:11

(II.) The Veil And Pillars 2Ch 3:14

(III.) Furnishings Of The Temple [OR] The Temple's Furnishings [OR] Furnishings Of The Temple [OR] The Altar Of Brass 2Ch 4:1

(IV.) The Molten Sea Upon Twelve Oxen 2Ch 4:2

(V.) The Ten Lavers, Candlesticks, And Tables 2Ch 4:6

(VI.) The Courts And The Instruments Of Brass 2Ch 4:9

(VII.) The Instruments Of Gold 2Ch 4:19

2.) The Ark Brought In: The Glory Fills The House [OR] The Ark Is Brought Into The Temple [OR] The Dedicated Treasures 2Ch 5:1

3. The LORD Comes to His Temple 2Ch 5:2-14

(I.) The Ark Brought Into The Temple [OR] The Ark Brought To The Temple [OR] The Ark Brought Into The Temple [OR] The Solemn Induction Of The Ark Into The Inner Sanctuary 2Ch 5:2

(II.) The Glory Of God Fills The Temple [OR] God Is Praised And Gives A Visible Sign Of His Favor 2Ch 5:11

4. Solomon Addresses the People 2Ch 6:1-11

1.) The Sermon Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Dedication [OR] Dedication Of The Temple [OR] Solomon, After Blessing The People, Praises God 2Ch 6:1

(I.) Solomon's Speech Upon Completion Of The Work [OR] Solomon's Prayer Of Dedication [OR] Solomon's Prayer At The Dedication Of The Temple 2Ch 6:3

5. Solomon's Prayer 2Ch 6:12-42

1.) Solomon's Prayer Of Dedication 2Ch 6:12

6. Solomon Offers Sacrifices 2Ch 7:1-10

1.) The Divine Acceptance [OR] Solomon Dedicates The Temple [OR] The Dedication Of The Temple [OR] The Shekinah Glory [OR] God Recognizes Solomon's Prayer By Fire From Heaven And Glory In The Temple 2Ch 7:1

(I.) And The People Worship Him 2Ch 7:3

2.) Sacrifice And Rejoicing [OR] Sacrifices Offered [OR] Solomon's Solemn Sacrifice 2Ch 7:4

(I.) The Feast Of Dedication [OR] Solomon Keeps The Feast Of Tabernacles And The Feast Of The Dedication Of The Altar 2Ch 7:8

7. The LORD Answers Solomon's Prayer 2Ch 7:11-22

(I.) The Lord Appears To Solomon [OR] God's Promise And Warning [OR] God's Second Appearance To Solomon [OR] God Appears To Solomon And Gives Him Some Conditional Promises 2Ch 7:11

1.) Jehovah Appears To Solomon 2Ch 7:12

8. Solomon Completes His Construction 2Ch 8:1-18

A.) The Energy And Fame Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Additional Achievements [OR] Solomon's Other Activities [OR] Solomon's Activities And Accomplishments [OR] Various Activities Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Buildings 2Ch 8:1

1.) Solomon Exacts Tribute Of The Canaanites Who Remain 2Ch 8:7

2.) Pharaoh's Daughter Is Brought To Her House 2Ch 8:11

3.) Solomon's Yearly Solemn Sacrifices 2Ch 8:12

4.) He Appoints The Priests And The Levites To Their Places 2Ch 8:14

5.) The Navy Fetches Gold From Ophir 2Ch 8:17

9. The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon 2Ch 9:1-12

A.) Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba [OR] The Queen Of Sheba's Praise Of Solomon [OR] The Queen Of Sheba Visits Solomon [OR] Visit Of The Queen Of Sheba [OR] The Queen Of Sheba Admires The Wisdom Of Solomon 2Ch 9:1

1.) Her Gifts To Solomon 2Ch 9:9

10. Solomon's Wealth 2Ch 9:13-28

A.) Solomon's Revenue And Splendor [OR] Solomon's Great Wealth [OR] Solomon's Splendor [OR] Solomon's Wealth And Power [OR] Solomon's Gold 2Ch 9:13

1.) His Shields 2Ch 9:15

2.) The Throne Of Ivory 2Ch 9:17

3.) His Vessels 2Ch 9:20

4.) His Presents 2Ch 9:23

5.) His Chariots And Horses 2Ch 9:25

6.) His Tributary Kings 2Ch 9:26

11. Solomon's Death 2Ch 9:29-31

A.) The Death Of Solomon [OR] Death Of Solomon [OR] Solomon's Death [OR] His Reign And Death 2Ch 9:29

1.) Death Of Solomon 2Ch 9:31

B. The Acts of the Kings of Judah 2Ch 10:1-36:23

1a. King Rehoboam Foolishly Rejects Israel's Request 2Ch 10:1-19

I.) Rehoboam 2Ch 10:1

A.) Accession And Folly Of Rehoboam [OR] The Revolt Against Rehoboam [OR] Israel Rebels Against Rehoboam [OR] Rehoboam's Reign Of Folly [OR] The Israelites Assemble At Shechem To Crown Rehoboam 2Ch 10:1

1.) Jeroboam Demands The People's Burdens Be Eased 2Ch 10:3

2.) Rehoboam, Against The Old Men's Counsel, Refuses To Comply 2Ch 10:6

B.) Division Of The Kingdom: Accession Of Jeroboam Over Israel 2Ch 10:12

1.) Ten Tribes Revolt, So Rehoboam Flees 2Ch 10:16

1. Israel's Priests Come to Judah 2Ch 11:1-17

A.) Rehoboam Returns To Jerusalem [OR] Rehoboam Reigns Over Judah And Builds Cities [OR] Judah And Benjamin Fortified [OR] Rehoboam, Raising An Army To Subdue Israel, Is Dissuaded By Shemaiah 2Ch 11:1

B.) Rehoboam Fortifies His Kingdom [OR] Rehoboam Fortifies The Cities [OR] Rehoboam Fortifies Judah [OR] He Strengthens His Kingdom With Forts And Provisions 2Ch 11:5

1.) Priests And Levites Move To Judah [OR] Priests And Levites Support Rehoboam [OR] The Priests And Levites Rally To Rehoboam 2Ch 11:13

C.) Jeroboam Rejects The Worship Of Jehovah [OR] Jeroboam Appoints False Priests 2Ch 11:14

2. Rehoboam's Family 2Ch 11:18-23

A.) Rehoboam's Family [OR] The Family Of Rehoboam [OR] Rehoboam's Marriages [OR] The Wives And Children Of Rehoboam 2Ch 11:18

3. King Shishak Takes the Temple Treasures 2Ch 12:1-16

A.) Rehoboam's Apostasy [OR] Egypt Attacks Judah [OR] Shishak Attacks Jerusalem [OR] Shishak Of Egypt Invades Judah [OR] Rehoboam, Forsaking The Lord, Is Punished By Shishak 2Ch 12:1

B.) Invasion Of Shishak 2Ch 12:2

1.) He And The Princes Repent At Shemaiah's Preaching And Are Delivered From Destruction But Not From Spoil 2Ch 12:5

2.) Plunder Impoverishes Judah 2Ch 12:9

C.) Death Of Rehoboam [OR] The End Of Rehoboam's Reign [OR] The Reign And Death Of Rehoboam 2Ch 12:13

4. King Abijah's War With King Jeroboam 2Ch 13:1-14:1

I.) Abijah 2Ch 13:1

A.) Accession Of Abijah Over Judah [OR] Abijah Reigns In Judah [OR] Abijah King Of Judah [OR] Abijah Succeeds Rehoboam [OR] Abijah Reigns Over Judah [OR] Abijah, Succeeding Rehoboam, Makes War Against Jeroboam 2Ch 13:1

B.) The War Between Abijah And Jeroboam 2Ch 13:3

1.) Civil War [OR] He Declares The Justice Of His Cause 2Ch 13:4

2.) Trusting In God, He Overcomes Jeroboam 2Ch 13:13

C.) Death Of Jeroboam 2Ch 13:20

D.) The Family Of Abijah [OR] The Wives And Children Of Abijah 2Ch 13:21

II.) Asa 2Ch 14:1

A.) Death Of Abijah. Accession Of Asa [OR] Asa Succeeds Abijah In Judah [OR] Asa Reigns [OR] Asa, Succeeding Him, Destroys Idolatry 2Ch 14:1

5. King Asa of Judah 2Ch 14:2-15:18

1.) Asa Reigns In Judah [OR] Asa King Of Judah 2Ch 14:2

2.) Asa Strengthens His Kingdom With Forts And Armies 2Ch 14:6

A.) Asa's Victory Over Zerah [OR] Ethiopian Invasion Repulsed [OR] Calling On God, He Overthrows Zerah, And Plunders The Ethiopians 2Ch 14:9

B.) The Warning Of The Prophet Azariah [OR] The Reforms Of Asa [OR] Asa's Reform [OR] The Prophet Azariah Warns Asa [OR] Asa, Judah, And Many Of Israel, Moved By Azariah's Prophecy, Make A Solemn Covenant With God 2Ch 15:1

C.) The Reform Under Asa [OR] Asa's Reforms 2Ch 15:8

1.) Asa Removes Maachah, His Mother, From Serving As Queen, Because Of Her Idolatry 2Ch 15:16

2.) He Brings Dedicated Things Into The House Of God, And Enjoys A Long Peace 2Ch 15:18

6. King Asa's War With King Baasha 2Ch 15:19-16:14

A.) War Between Asa And Baasha [OR] Asa's Treaty With Syria [OR] Asa's Last Years [OR] Asa Wars Against Baasha [OR] Alliance With Aram Condemned [OR] Asa, In League With Syria, Diverts Baasha From Building Ramah 2Ch 16:1

B.) Asa Rebuked By Hanani [OR] Hanani's Message To Asa [OR] Asa Imprisons The Prophet [OR] Being Reproved For This By Hanani, Asa Imprisons Him 2Ch 16:7

C.) Asa Imprisons Hanani 2Ch 16:10

1.) Illness And Death Of Asa [OR] Asa's Disease And Death [OR] Asa Is Diseased But Seeks Physicians Rather Than God 2Ch 16:11

D.) Asa's Illness And Death 2Ch 16:12

1.) His Death And Burial 2Ch 16:13

7. King Jehoshaphat of Judah 2Ch 17:1-19

I.) Jehoshaphat 2Ch 17:1

A.) Accession Of Jehoshaphat [OR] Jehoshaphat Reigns In Judah [OR] Jehoshaphat King Of Judah [OR] Jehoshaphat Succeeds Asa [OR] Jehoshaphat's Reign [OR] Jehoshaphat, Succeeding Asa, Reigns Well And Prospers 2Ch 17:1

1.) His Good Reign 2Ch 17:3

B.) The Revival Under Jehoshaphat 2Ch 17:6

1.) He Sends Levites, With The Princes, To Teach Judah 2Ch 17:7

C.) Jehoshaphat's Growing Power [OR] Some Of His Enemies, Being Afraid Of God, Bring Him Presents And Tribute 2Ch 17:10

1.) His Greatness, His Captains And Armies 2Ch 17:12

8. Micaiah Prophesies Against King Ahab 2Ch 18:1-34

A.) Jehoshaphat's Alliance With Ahab [OR] Micaiah Warns Ahab [OR] Micaiah Prophesies Against Ahab [OR] Jehoshaphat Allies With Ahab [OR] Micaiah Predicts Failure [OR] Jehoshaphat, Allied With Ahab, Is Persuaded To Go Against Ramoth-Gilead 2Ch 18:1

1.) The Lying Prophets Of Ahab [OR] Ahab Is Slain There, According To The Word Of Micaiah 2Ch 18:4

(I.) Ahab's False Prophets Assure Victory 2Ch 18:8

2.) Micaiah's True Prophecy [OR] Micaiah Brings Word From God 2Ch 18:12

3.) Battle Of Ramoth-Gilead: Defeat And Death Of Ahab [OR] Ahab Dies In Battle [OR] Ahab Killed At Ramoth Gilead [OR] Ahab's Defeat And Death [OR] Defeat And Death Of Ahab 2Ch 18:28

9. King Jehoshaphat's Religious Reforms 2Ch 19:1-11

1.) Jehu Rebukes Jehoshaphat's Alliance With Ahab [OR] Jehu Rebukes Jehoshaphat [OR] Jehoshaphat, Reproved By Jehu, Visits His Kingdom 2Ch 19:1

A.) Jehoshaphat Restores Order In Worship [OR] The Reforms Of Jehoshaphat [OR] Jehoshaphat Appoints Judges 2Ch 19:4

1.) Reforms Instituted [OR] His Instructions To The Judges 2Ch 19:5

2.) To The Priests And Levites 2Ch 19:8

10. King Jehoshaphat Defeats Judah's Enemies 2Ch 20:1-30

A.) Judah Invaded By Moab [OR] Ammon, Moab, And Mount Seir [OR] Jehoshaphat Defeats Moab And Ammon [OR] Judah Invaded [OR] Invasion From The East [OR] Jehoshaphat, In His Fear, Proclaims A Fast 2Ch 20:1

1.) Jehoshaphat's Prayer 2Ch 20:3

(I.) Jehoshaphat's Prayer [OR] Jehoshaphat's Prayer And Victory [OR] His Prayer 2Ch 20:5

2.) Jehovah Answers Through Jahaziel [OR] Jahaziel Answers The Prayer [OR] The Prophecy Of Jahaziel 2Ch 20:14

3.) The Invading Armies Stricken With Death [OR] Enemies Destroy Themselves [OR] Jehoshaphat Exhorts The People, And Appoints Singers To Praise The Lord 2Ch 20:20

(I.) The Overthrow Of His Enemies 2Ch 20:22

(II.) He And The People Gather The Spoil 2Ch 20:25

4.) The Triumphant Return To Jerusalem [OR] Triumphant Return To Jerusalem [OR] After Praising God At Berachah, The People Return In Triumph [OR] The End Of Jehoshaphat's Reign [OR] Jehoshaphat's Reign 2Ch 20:26

11. Summary of Jehoshaphat's Reign 2Ch 20:31-37

A.) Jehoshaphat's Trading Venture With Ahaziah, King Of Israel [OR] Alliance Displeases God [OR] His Battleships Are Destroyed, As Prophesied By Eliezer 2Ch 20:35

12. King Jehoram of Judah 2Ch 21:1-7

I.) Jehoram 2Ch 21:1

A.) Jehoram's Reign Over Judah After His Father's Death [OR] Jehoram Reigns In Judah [OR] Jehoram Succeeds Jehoshaphat In Judah [OR] Jehoram's Reign [OR] Jehoram Succeeds Jehoshaphat And Slays His Brothers 2Ch 21:1

1.) Jehoram King Of Judah 2Ch 21:4

2.) His Wicked Reign 2Ch 21:5

13. Edom Wins Independence From Judah 2Ch 21:8-20

A.) Revolt Of Edom [OR] Revolt Against Judah [OR] Edom And Libnah Revolt 2Ch 21:8

B.) Revolt Of Libnah 2Ch 21:10

1.) Elijah's Letter 2Ch 21:11

C.) The Message Of Elijah, Written Before His Death [OR] Elijah's Prophecy Against Him 2Ch 21:12

D.) Invasion Of Judah By Arabians And Philistines [OR] The Philistines And Arabians Oppress Him 2Ch 21:16

E.) Jehoram's Incurable Disease [OR] Disease And Death Of Jehoram [OR] His Incurable Disease, Infamous Death, And Burial Without Honor 2Ch 21:18

14. King Ahaziah of Judah 2Ch 22:1-9

I.) Ahaziah 2Ch 22:1

A.) Accession Of Ahaziah Over Judah [OR] Ahaziah Reigns In Judah [OR] Ahaziah King Of Judah [OR] Ahaziah Succeeds Jehoram In Judah [OR] Ahaziah's Reign [OR] Ahaziah (Jehoahaz) Succeeds Him And Reigns Wickedly 2Ch 22:1

B.) Ahaziah Assists Jehoram In The Battle Of Ramoth-Gilead [OR] Ahaziah Allies With Jehoram Of Israel [OR] In His Confederacy With Joram (Jehoram), The Son Of Ahab, He Is Slain By Jehu 2Ch 22:5

1.) Ahaziah Visits Jehoram At Jezreel 2Ch 22:6

2.) The Princes Of Judah Slain [OR] Jehu Murders Princes Of Judah 2Ch 22:8

3.) Ahaziah Slain 2Ch 22:9

15. The Priest Jehoiada Opposes Queen Athaliah 2Ch 22:10-23:21

I.) Joash 2Ch 22:10

A.) The Seed Royal Of Judah Destroyed, Save Joash [OR] Athaliah Reigns In Judah [OR] Athaliah And Joash [OR] Athaliah Seizes The Throne [OR] Athaliah Usurps The Kingdom After Slaying All Ahaziah's Sons Except Joash 2Ch 22:10

B.) Joash Becomes King Over Judah [OR] Joash Crowned King Of Judah [OR] Jehoiada Sets Joash On The Throne Of Judah [OR] Jehoiada, Having Set Things In Order, Makes Joash King 2Ch 23:1

1.) Joash Crowned King 2Ch 23:8

C.) Execution Of Athaliah [OR] Death Of Athaliah [OR] Athaliah Murdered [OR] Athaliah Is Slain 2Ch 23:12

D.) The Revival Through Jehoiada [OR] Reforms Carried Out [OR] Jehoiada Restores The Worship Of God [OR] Joash Repairs The Temple [OR] Young Joash Influenced By Jehoiada [OR] Joash Reigns Well, All The Days Of Jehoiada 2Ch 23:16

16. King Joash of Judah 2Ch 24:1-14

A.) Reign Of Joash (Jehoash) 2Ch 24:1

B.) The Faithless Priests [OR] Faithless Priests [OR] He Gives Orders For The Repair Of The Temple 2Ch 24:4

C.) The Temple Repaired [OR] Temple Repaired [OR] Apostasy Of Joash [OR] Jehoiada's Death And Honorable Burial 2Ch 24:8

17. Joash's Sin Leads to His Assassination 2Ch 24:15-27

A.) Death Of Jehoiada The Good Priest 2Ch 24:15

B.) The Apostasy Of The Princes [OR] The Wickedness Of Joash [OR] Joash Falls Into Idolatry 2Ch 24:17

C.) Zechariah Stoned [OR] Joash Murders Son Of Jehoiada 2Ch 24:20

1.) And Slays Zechariah, The Son Of Jehoiada 2Ch 24:21

D.) A Syrian Invasion: Judah Defeated [OR] Death Of Joash [OR] Aram Invades And Defeats Judah [OR] Joash Is Pillaged By The Syrians, And Slain By Zabad And Jehozabad 2Ch 24:23

E.) Death Of Joash 2Ch 24:25

1.) Amaziah Succeeds Him 2Ch 24:27

18. King Amaziah of Judah 2Ch 25:1-13

I.) Amaziah 2Ch 25:1

A.) The Reign Of Amaziah Over Judah [OR] Amaziah Reigns In Judah [OR] Amaziah King Of Judah [OR] Amaziah Succeeds Joash In Judah [OR] Reign Of Amaziah [OR] Amaziah Begins To Reign Well 2Ch 25:1

1.) He Executes Justice On The Traitors 2Ch 25:3

B.) The Expedition Against Edom [OR] The War Against Edom [OR] Amaziah Defeats Edomites [OR] Slaughter Of The Edomites [OR] Amaziah Hires An Army Of Israelites 2Ch 25:5

1.) A Prophet Persuades Him To Discharge Them 2Ch 25:7

2.) He Overthrows The Edomites 2Ch 25:11

3.) The Israelites, Discontented At Being Dismissed, Loot As They Return Home 2Ch 25:13

19. King Amaziah's Sin Leads to His Defeat 2Ch 25:14-28

1.) Amaziah Rebuked For Idolatry [OR] Amaziah, Proud Of His Victory, Serves The Gods Of Edom, Scoffing At Advice From The Prophet 2Ch 25:14

A.) War Between Judah And Israel [OR] Israel Defeats Judah [OR] Amaziah Defeated By Joash Of Israel [OR] He Provokes Joash, Causing His Own Overthrow [OR] Death Of Amaziah [OR] The Reign Of Amaziah 2Ch 25:17

B.) Death Of Amaziah 2Ch 25:26

1.) He Is Slain By Conspiracy 2Ch 25:27

20. King Uzziah of Judah [26:1-15a] 2Ch 26:1-15

I.) Uzziah 2Ch 26:1

A.) Accession Of Uzziah [OR] Uzziah Reigns In Judah [OR] Uzziah King Of Judah [OR] Uzziah Succeeds Amaziah In Judah [OR] Reign Of Uzziah [OR] Uzziah Succeeds Him, Reigns Well, And Prospers 2Ch 26:1

1.) During The Days Of Zechariah 2Ch 26:5

B.) Uzziah Successful In War: His Works And Fame [OR] Uzziah Succeeds In War 2Ch 26:6

21. King Uzziah Is Cursed With a Skin Disease [26:15b-23] 2Ch 26:16-23

A.) Uzziah's Intrusion Into The Priest's Office: His Punishment [OR] The Penalty For Uzziah's Pride [OR] Pride Is Uzziah's Undoing [OR] Pride And Apostasy [OR] Growing Proud, He Usurps The Priest's Duty And Is Smitten With Leprosy 2Ch 26:16

B.) Death Of Uzziah [OR] He Dies, And Jotham Succeeds Him 2Ch 26:22

22. King Jotham of Judah 2Ch 27:1-9

I.) Jotham 2Ch 27:1

A.) Reign Of Jotham Over Judah [OR] Jotham Reigns In Judah [OR] Jotham King Of Judah [OR] Jotham Succeeds Uzziah In Judah [OR] Reign Of Jotham [OR] Jotham, Reigning Well, Prospers 2Ch 27:1

1.) He Subdues The Ammonites 2Ch 27:5

B.) Death Of Jotham King Of Judah [OR] His Reign 2Ch 27:7

1.) Ahaz Succeeds Him 2Ch 27:9

23. King Ahaz of Judah 2Ch 28:1-27

I.) Ahaz 2Ch 28:1

A.) Reign Of Ahaz [OR] Ahaz Reigns In Judah [OR] Ahaz King Of Judah [OR] Ahaz Succeeds Jotham In Judah [OR] Ahaz Reigns Wickedly And Is Afflicted By Syria 2Ch 28:1

B.) War Between Ahaz And Pekah [OR] Syria And Israel Defeat Judah [OR] Judah Is Invaded [OR] Aram And Israel Defeat Judah 2Ch 28:5

1.) Oded The Prophet Brings About Release Of The Children Of Judah 2Ch 28:6

2.) Intervention Of Oded 2Ch 28:8

C.) The Intercession Of Obed [OR] Israel Returns The Captives 2Ch 28:9

D.) Edomite And Philistine Invasions Of Judah [OR] Assyria Refuses To Help Judah [OR] Compromise With Assyria [OR] Ahaz Sends To Assyria For Aid But To No Avail [OR] Apostasy And Death Of Ahaz [OR] In His Distress He Grows More Idolatrous 2Ch 28:16

E.) Death Of Ahaz [OR] At His Death Hezekiah Succeeds Him 2Ch 28:26

24. King Hezekiah Rededicates the Temple 2Ch 29:1-36

I.) Hezekiah 2Ch 29:1

A.) Reign Of Hezekiah Over Judah [OR] Hezekiah Reigns In Judah [OR] Hezekiah Purifies The Temple [OR] Hezekiah Succeeds Ahaz In Judah [OR] Reign Of Hezekiah [OR] Hezekiah's Good Reign 2Ch 29:1

B.) The Revival Under Hezekiah [OR] Hezekiah Cleanses The Temple [OR] The Temple Cleansed [OR] He Restores Religion 2Ch 29:3

1.) Reforms Begun [OR] He Exhorts The Levites 2Ch 29:5

2.) They Sanctify Themselves And Cleanse The House Of God [OR] Hezekiah Restores Temple Worship [OR] Temple Worship Restored [OR] Hezekiah Offers Solemn Sacrifices 2Ch 29:12

C.) The Temple Worship Restored 2Ch 29:20

25. Hezekiah Celebrates the Passover 2Ch 30:1-27

A.) Preparations For The Passover [OR] Hezekiah Keeps The Passover [OR] Hezekiah Celebrates The Passover [OR] All Israel Invited To The Passover [OR] The Great Passover [OR] Hezekiah Proclaims A Solemn Passover, On The Second Month, For Judah And Israel 2Ch 30:1

1.) Letters Are Sent 2Ch 30:6

2.) Passover Reinstituted [OR] The Assembly, Having Destroyed The Altars Of Idolatry, Keep The Feast Fourteen Days 2Ch 30:13

B.) The Passover Kept 2Ch 30:15

C.) Other Seven Days Kept 2Ch 30:23

1.) The Priests And Levites Bless The People 2Ch 30:27

26. Hezekiah Reforms Judah's Worship 2Ch 31:1-21

A.) Idols Destroyed [OR] The Reforms Of Hezekiah [OR] Idols Are Destroyed [OR] Pagan Shrines Destroyed [OR] The People Work Eagerly In Destroying Idolatry 2Ch 31:1

B.) Hezekiah's Further Religious Reforms [OR] Contributions For Worship [OR] Hezekiah Orders The Courses Of The Priest And Levites, And Provides For Their Work And Maintenance 2Ch 31:2

1.) Reforms Continued 2Ch 31:3

2.) The People's Generosity In Offerings And Tithes 2Ch 31:5

3.) Reorganization Of Priests And Levites [OR] Hezekiah Appoints Officers To Dispose Of The Tithes 2Ch 31:11

4.) The Sincerity Of Hezekiah 2Ch 31:20

27. God Saves Judah From the Assyrians 2Ch 32:1-23

A.) Sennacherib Invades Judah [OR] Sennacherib Boasts Against The Lord [OR] Sennacherib Threatens Jerusalem [OR] Sennacherib's Invasion [OR] As Sennacherib Invades Judah, Hezekiah Builds Fortifications And Encourages His People 2Ch 32:1

1.) Sennacherib Seeks To Terrify The Inhabitants Of Jerusalem [OR] Sennacherib Undermines Hezekiah [OR] Sennacherib's Blasphemous Messages And Letters 2Ch 32:9

2.) Sennacherib Defies The God Of Hezekiah 2Ch 32:17

3.) Hezekiah's Prayer [OR] Sennacherib's Defeat And Death [OR] Hezekiah's Prayer Is Answered 2Ch 32:20

4.) Jehovah Destroys The Assyrian Army [OR] An Angel Destroys The Assyrian Host, To The Glory Of Hezekiah 2Ch 32:21

5.) Hezekiah Again Prosperous 2Ch 32:22

28. Other Events in Hezekiah's Life 2Ch 32:24-33

A.) Hezekiah's Illness And Recovery [OR] Hezekiah Humbles Himself [OR] Hezekiah's Pride, Success, And Death [OR] Hezekiah's Sickness [OR] Hezekiah Prays In His Sickness And God Gives Him A Sign Of Recovery 2Ch 32:24

1.) Growing Proud, He Is Humbled By God 2Ch 32:25

B.) Hezekiah's Wealth [OR] Hezekiah's Wealth And Honor [OR] Hezekiah's Prosperity And Achievements [OR] His Wealth And Works 2Ch 32:27

C.) Hezekiah Receives An Embassy From Babylon [OR] The Embassy From Babylon 2Ch 32:31

D.) Death Of Hezekiah [OR] At His Death Manasseh Succeeds Him 2Ch 32:32

29. King Manasseh of Judah 2Ch 33:1-20

I.) Manasseh 2Ch 33:1

A.) Accession Of Manasseh: His Evil Ways [OR] Manasseh Reigns In Judah [OR] Manasseh King Of Judah [OR] Manasseh Succeeds Hezekiah In Judah [OR] Reign Of Manasseh [OR] At The Start Of His Wicked Reign, Manasseh Leads The People Into Idolatry 2Ch 33:1

1.) Manasseh Restored After Repentance [OR] Manasseh's Idolatry Rebuked [OR] Manasseh Restored After Repentance 2Ch 33:10

B.) Manasseh's Captivity And Restoration [OR] He Is Carried Into Babylon 2Ch 33:11

1.) Upon His Prayer To God, He Is Released And Stamps Out Idolatry [OR] Death Of Manasseh [OR] His Acts 2Ch 33:12

C.) Manasseh's Continued Reign, And Death 2Ch 33:14

1.) At His Death Amon Succeeds Him 2Ch 33:20

30. King Amon of Judah 2Ch 33:21-25

I.) Amon 2Ch 33:21

A.) Reign Of Amon [OR] Amon's Reign And Death [OR] Amon King Of Judah [OR] Amon Becomes King In Judah [OR] Amon Reigns Wickedly And Is Slain By His Servants 2Ch 33:21

B.) Death Of Amon 2Ch 33:24

1.) The Murderers Being Slain, Josiah Succeeds Him 2Ch 33:25

31. King Josiah Reforms Judah's Worship 2Ch 34:1-7

I.) Josiah 2Ch 34:1

A.) Reign Of Josiah [OR] Josiah Reigns In Judah [OR] Josiah's Reform [OR] Josiah Succeeds Amon In Judah [OR] Josiah's Good Reign 2Ch 34:1

B.) Josiah's Early Reformation [OR] He Destroys Idolatry 2Ch 34:3

32. King Josiah Rededicates Judah to God's Promise 2Ch 34:8-33

A.) The Repairing Of The Temple [OR] Hilkiah Finds The Book Of The Law [OR] Josiah Repairs The Temple [OR] Discovery Of The Book Of The Law [OR] He Takes Steps For The Repair Of The Temple 2Ch 34:8

1.) The Law Of Moses Discovered [OR] The Book Of The Law Found [OR] Hilkiah Discovers Lost Book Of The Law 2Ch 34:14

(I.) When Hilkiah Finds A Book Of The Law, Josiah Sends To Huldah To Inquire Of The Lord 2Ch 34:15

2.) By The Law Is The Knowledge Of Sin 2Ch 34:18

3.) The Words Of Huldah The Prophetess [OR] Huldah, The Prophetess, Speaks [OR] The Prophet Huldah Consulted 2Ch 34:22

(I.) Huldah Prophesies Destruction Of Jerusalem, But Not During Josiah's Life 2Ch 34:23

4.) The Law Read To The People [OR] Josiah Restores True Worship [OR] The Covenant Renewed [OR] Josiah, Causing The Book To Be Read In A Solemn Assembly, Renews The Covenant With God 2Ch 34:29

5.) The King's Covenant [OR] Josiah's Good Reign 2Ch 34:31

B.) The Further Reforms Of Josiah 2Ch 34:33

33. King Josiah Celebrates the Passover 2Ch 35:1-19

A.) The Passover Kept [OR] Josiah Keeps The Passover [OR] Josiah Celebrates The Passover [OR] The Passover Observed Again [OR] Celebration Of The Passover [OR] Josiah Keeps A Most Solemn Passover 2Ch 35:1

34. Josiah's Sin Leads to His Death 2Ch 35:20-27

A.) Death Of Josiah [OR] Josiah Dies In Battle [OR] The Death Of Josiah [OR] Defeat By Pharaoh Neco And Death Of Josiah [OR] Josiah Provokes Pharaoh-Nechoh, And Is Slain At Megiddo 2Ch 35:20

1.) Lamentations For Josiah 2Ch 35:25

35. King Jehoahaz of Judah 2Ch 36:1-4

I.) Reign and dethronement of Jehoahaz [OR] The Reign and Captivity of Jehoahaz [OR] Jehoahaz, Jehoiakim, then Jehoiachin Rule [OR] Reign of Jehoahaz [OR] Jehoahaz, succeeding him, is deposed by Pharaoh and carried into Egypt 2Ch 36:1

A.) Jehoahaz King Of Judah 2Ch 36:2

36. King Jehoiakim of Judah 2Ch 36:5-8

A.) The Reign And Captivity Of Jehoiakim [OR] Jehoiakim King Of Judah [OR] Reign And Captivity Of Jehoiakim [OR] Jehoiakim, Reigning Badly, Is Carried Bound Into Babylon 2Ch 36:5

I.) Accession and reign of Jehoiachin 2Ch 36:8

37. King Jehoiakin of Judah 2Ch 36:9-10

A.) The Reign And Captivity Of Jehoiachin [OR] Jehoiachin King Of Judah [OR] Reign And Captivity Of Jehoiachin [OR] Jehoiachin Succeeds Him, Reigns Evilly, And Is Brought Into Babylon 2Ch 36:9

B.) Captivity In Babylon Begun 2Ch 36:10

38. King Zedekiah of Judah 2Ch 36:11-21

I.) Zedekiah made king [OR] Zedekiah Reigns in Judah [OR] Zedekiah King of Judah [OR] Zedekiah Rules in Judah [OR] Reign of Zedekiah [OR] Zedekiah, his successor, despises the prophets, and rebels against Nebuchadnezzar 2Ch 36:11

A.) Because Of The Sins Of The Priests And The People, Jerusalem Is Destroyed [OR] The Fall Of Jerusalem 2Ch 36:14

II.) Final deportation: the captivity of Judah in Babylon 2Ch 36:15

39. King Cyrus Allows the Jews to Return From Babylon 2Ch 36:22-23

I.) Decree of Cyrus for rebuilding the temple [OR] The Proclamation at Cyrus [OR] Cyrus Permits Return [OR] Cyrus Proclaims Liberty for the Exiles [OR] The proclamation of Cyrus 2Ch 36:22

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The work herein is a compendium of the work of anonymous Bible scholars who summarized Bible passages. The [OR] operators indicate differences in how different Bible scholars summarized given Bible passages. Standard outline form is not always followed due to overlapping events or overlapping times in which events took place.

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